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Here is Busoga Bible and Vocational class on going, we are blessed to have Mr. Dan Muwuliza, Madam Lucy Janix Ajambo teaching the book Luke and Acts, and Madam Annet handling Vocational class. Pray for us as we plan to having another meeting for Busoga Churches of Christ in Kamuli District.
It was such a blessing to have BBS board members, BBS faculties, and BBS students attend the National meeting for Churches of Christ in Uganda last week from Friday to Sunday! Thanks to all Brethren for being part of the big gathering. Be blessed!
It has been beautiful to let our students go back to their home today after a busy week of training Basic & Vocational class, Thanks goes to all our brothers in States for support this school.
It was such blessing to have Brother Dan teach 1st & 2nd Corinthians at Busoga Bible & Vocational School. Thank you Brother and thanks to our Friends from America!
It was a wonderful week having Dr. Keith Huey teaching Church History at Busoga Bible School, may God bless you as you go back to meet your family in the US.
We had a successful ITI Class for leaders around Busoga Region. We thank God
Busoga Bible School is hitting the land of Busoga and beyond two weeks of students in studio on air, vocational class on fire producing fabrics of different styles and two souls received Jesus Christ. Glory to God in everything!
It was a blessing to be with Busoga Bible Students sharing on media about Easter Sunday & Easter Monday.
Piece of clothes produced by Vocational class on Friday last week by the young mothers looked amazing. Thank you all for supporting this Basoga Bible & Vocational School.
From class to celebration, one of our own Brother Godfrey Were & Harriet Were who graduated last year from Busoga Bible School had their wedding last Saturday 26th March 2022 at Bugabula Church of Christ in Luuke District. Thank you Brother Duncan for officiating the wedding and thanks to everyone involved
Our Students at Busoga Bible & Vocational School are having their second day in school ever since the reported on Sunday. We need your prayers as we spend the six intense days of studying. Thanks to everyone!
No matter how challenging the week was, we thank God for having completed the class of this month. Thank you all the supporters and teachers. Blessings to you!
2022-2023 Busoga Bible & Vocational School intake, we have began with total number of 25 students in both Basic & Vocational class and more are still coming. Pray for us as the school begins to train the students in all aspects of ministry life.
19 Basic Students, 14 Advanced Students and 11Vocational students, in total 44 Students graduated from Busoga Bible & Vocational School. This was our 10th graduation, I thank God for whoever has been part of this divine mission of training leaders, all the faculty Members and our supportive Donner's from the Church of Christ in US may God bless you all.
We are blessed to be assessed by Government of Uganda for the first time, under Directorate of Industrial Training. Our tailoring students are doing their exams 23rd & 24th November 2021, As we wait for their graduation on 11th December 2021.

BBS is here to Equip Church Leaders and Faithful Christians for the fulfillment of the Great Commiss

-To provide training for the average Church leaders in Busoga who, for one reason or another, do not have the opportunities to go away to the bigger seminaries for training.

Operating as usual

Photos from Busoga BIBLE School's post 06/12/2019

Always counting Blessings!!!! This has been yet another blessed week for us at BBS. Advanced Class has been here since December 1st and they will be leaving today evening. Brother Dan Muwuliza one of our fine theologians , Preacher and teacher has done a wonderful job teaching 1&2 Corinthians. These epistles are very challenging and remote well will the church today. We have had some interesting discussions, applying critical, spiritual and intellectual thinking. The class was also challenged to think and apply the text contextually. Challenging their rational, preconceptions and stereotypical attitudes.

Allowing the Holy Spirit to reveal what He intended for us to understand and how He wants the Church to act.

Vocational Department is also summarizing their six Months training. The four students have acquired the skills that will change their lives forever. Pray for them as they go make Disciples through the works of their hands and skills. Just like Tabitha!!!

Photos from Busoga BIBLE School's post 29/11/2019

BBS Vocational Department busy with the Tailoring training program. The skills are being imparted. This class will be doing their final tests in December 2019. We are happy to see people who came in not knowing how to operate a sewing machine -leaving knowing how to make different designs of clothes. God bless BBS and tutor.

Photos from Busoga BIBLE School's post 26/11/2019

Amazing work is being here and Busoga Bible and Vocational School. Students are being challenged to practice critical thinking, and their Rationale. Studying God’s Word intentionally require open minded people. Stereotypes and legalistic approach can’t cause any positive Impact the study.

This week 23 Basic Class students are studying “The Trinity and Spiritual Warfare”. Brother Geoffrey Oguttu is the teacher. Wonderful discussions and presentations are happening.

We are always proud of our dear donors (Rochester Hill Church of Christ) and our Directors and our Administration. God is up to something GREAT for BBS.


Photos from Busoga BIBLE School's post 04/11/2019

ITI in progress, some of the alumni and the current students are brought together for a refresher course. We have been richly blessed by this great curriculum.

Photos from Busoga BIBLE School's post 29/10/2019

Busoga Bible & Vocational School is in full gear of equipping Church Leaders with the Art and Science of Preaching (Homiletics). The Vocational Department is also very busy transforming the lives of these youths (Two of them are parents already, one of the reasons why they dropped out of school). This tailoring skill will employ them in two months period from now. In four weeks, they are able to produce what you can see in these pictures. Very neat and professional work (from no skill to skilled).

Thanks Rochester Hill Church of Christ for blessings many through BBS.

Photos from Busoga BIBLE School's post 26/09/2019

It's a beautiful morning, a week of fellowship and pouring our lives in each other.


Tailoring Skills being imparted.


Tailoring tutor doing her best to add value in these young girls' lives. This is one of many things that propel my love for BBS. "Changing lives" and restoring people's hope.

Photos from Busoga BIBLE School's post 25/09/2019

This week God has blessed us abundantly. A lot of learning, fellowship and deeply investing our lives in each other is happening. Both faculty and students are enjoying God's grace and the touch of the Holy Spirit.

Thank you Rochester Church of Christ (www.rochestercoc.org) for your prayers and support.


If it wasn't him, we could not be having the Plot 20. Source Cafe which is our home as well.


BBS Devotion

BBS Advanced class, during our devotion time this morning. God has taught us a lot this week. We are very grateful.

Photos from Busoga BIBLE School's post 28/08/2019

BBS Advanced Class reported on Sunday August 24th. We are busy studying Genesis & Exodus this week. I am enjoying teaching and learning a lot this week.

Photos from Busoga BIBLE School's post 26/07/2019

Discovery Bible Study- Disciple Makers skills being practiced at Busoga Bible School. The students loved it.

Photos from Busoga BIBLE School's post 25/07/2019

Great moments at BBS this week, class in progress, meals together, Board members meeting new students, Gorret our new convert busy learning tailoring skills-she was fished through the just concluded gospel campaign with Gospel Chariot. We are proud of what is happening.

Photos from Busoga BIBLE School's post 24/07/2019

Thanks so much for your prayers and support. This week Busoga Bible and Vocational School admitted 20 new students in Basic Class. God has blessed us abundantly, many requested to join us , but we had to limit the number due to the limited resources. It’s a blessing to have people that TRUST you and would like your school to educate and equip them.

Photos from Busoga BIBLE School's post 18/07/2019

Photos from Busoga BIBLE School's post

Photos from Busoga BIBLE School's post 08/07/2019

Busoga Bible School 9th Graduation was one of its kind. We give God all the GLORY for the success. Thanks all for supporting and praying for students and the school at large.

Photos from Busoga BIBLE School's post 28/06/2019

A lot is happening here as we all work hard to ensure that we celebrate a colorful graduation of men and women of God tomorrow.

They have worked so hard for two and others four years of intense training and studying how to serve God effectively and efficiently.

Brother Luke Hartman has just hit the last nail right on the head. Teaching the Book of Revelation, the book that scares many preachers to preach. Our students are geared up and very confiden to begin preparing lessons from this books. Glory be to God.

Photos from Busoga BIBLE School's post 26/06/2019

This is how packed up the graduation week is. We appreciate brother Luke Hartman for the commendable job being done (teaching both Basic and Advanced Classes the Book of Revelation).

Most of these students are graduating this week June 29, 2019. Pray for them and us as we tirelessly get ready.


Sister Pasis busy proving to us that she has learned a lot!! Glory be to God, from NO skill to a professional tailor.

Photos from Busoga BIBLE School's post 19/06/2019

Vocational Department getting ready for exhibition at the graduation ceremony. I am very excited for this far we have come.

Photos from Busoga BIBLE School's post 21/05/2019

Yet another blessing for Busoga Bible School - One of the founders (Preacher/ former missionary Greg Taylor) is teaching the Basic Class this week. He is teaching (1&2 Corinthians).

Thanks brother Greg for sharing wisdom and knowledge with us.

Photos from Busoga BIBLE School's post 25/04/2019

Busoga Bible School is abundantly blessed this week by the knowledge, wisdom and skillful teaching techniques of our own sister Falon Opsahl Barton. She is from the family of Dr John and Sarah Barton of Papperdine University, the founders of Busoga Bible School. Falon is unpacking all she has learned about "CHRISTOLOGY" in the past and present.

She is doing an amazing job here, we are very proud of her and all the students are enjoying her teaching experience.



Vocational skills students in action.

Photos from Busoga BIBLE School's post 28/03/2019

Busoga Bible School is blessed this week by brother Felix Rawago from Oyugis Church of Christ, Kenya. He is teaching "Marriage & Family and Christian and Money" courses. He is an amazing teacher.

Photos from Busoga BIBLE School's post 03/03/2019

Today Zechariah Schewe and I worshiped at Bulinda I Church of Christ. We went to evaluate Basoga Patrick's sermon preparation and presentation. We do this for all Busoga Bible School students.

Zechariah did a great job coaching Patrick after Church service. Sharing great insights that make great preachers. It was a wonderful educational Worship day.

Photos from Busoga BIBLE School's post 19/02/2019

Hallelujah, Thank you all for loving Busoga Bible School. This week, we are having ADVANCED CLASS- Studying about THE HOLY SPIRIT. The class is more of the rivival and self Spiritual check/ examination to see how healthy are we Spiritually. Then, right after the class, we are committed to take it back to our respective Congregations.

Office work is also at its peak, getting students files ready for June graduation, and World Bible School Director also keeping himself busy scanning and mailing lessons and distribution the other lessons from the teachers to the preachers who will take them back to the WBS Students in their respective Churches.

Our missionary Ivan also busy organizing his next lessons to be taught during Church visits in different villages.

Alot is happening and all the glory goes back to God.

Photos from Busoga BIBLE School's post 16/02/2019

It was a very reviving and uplifting moment. Church leaders from six different congregations in Jinja Cluster gathered here at Jinja Church of Christ/ Busoga Bible School for a Leadership Seminar.

We shared lots of ideas, insights and wisdom. We made commitment to lead our churches with clear INTENTIONS AND VISION.

Photos from Busoga BIBLE School's post 10/02/2019

Today we had a great worship with Sinde Church of Christ, in our efforts of village Church follow up #2019.

My wife Maximillah, Abraham and I were joined by brother Charles Wanyama from Buwembe Church of Christ to visit and encourage this congregation that has been through a lot of challenges, and still has much more to work on.

Words of wisdom and encouragement were shared, we earnestly prayed together in one Faith.

Our BBS student Ochieno John Birenge is the preacher here. He is doing a commendable job so far.

Photos from Busoga BIBLE School's post 06/02/2019

Our first Village Church visit this year was Syanyonja Church of Christ-Namayingo District. Our newly wedded couple Aivan Chris Waihe and Esther Waihe already in mission work.
Purpose of Visit:
To Teach Church Growth:
Biblical Principals for Church Growth....Early Church Patterns: Proverbs 23:23, Acts. 2:42-47.

This congregation is determined to grow and construct a bigger and strong Church Building. They have made 8000 bricks.

Photos from Busoga BIBLE School's post 16/01/2019

We are proud, our efforts are making positive impact/changes in the lives of our students.

December 22nd 2018 was a great day for our own Byakatonda James as he tied knots (married in holy matrimony). God is good.

Photos from Busoga BIBLE School's post 15/01/2019

Glory be to God!! 2019 is has kicked off very smoothly here at Busoga Bible School. The Basic Class students traveled from there respective home villages on Sunday, January, 13th 2019 after preaching in their congregations, to report at school for more training.

This week, we are having intensive class (Preaching I & Personal Evangelism). All students have hard an opportunity to discuss and make different presentations infront of their fellow students. This is one of the hardest activities for students in every level of education. But our students are brilliant and very confident:). They are doing great and learning a lot.

Your continued prayers in embraced.

Photos from Busoga BIBLE School's post 07/11/2018

ITI second class at Busoga Bible School in progress. BBS alumn and the current students have an opportunity to come together and share experience from the field and also learn more about the Bible, Character Development, Spiritual Leadership, and how to study the Bible and also pray for each other.

The Holy Spirit is at work here. Men and women of God are being equipped and refreshed. I have no doubt that God is upto something GREAT in their lives and their various congregations.
Continue praying for us and we soldier on to become Christlike.

Photos from Busoga BIBLE School's post 23/10/2018

Enjoying teaching this wonderful class..... Teaching and having an interactive class enriches the teacher with much more knowledge and wisdom. Day #2 has ended successfully with lots insights grasped. Looking forward to how the rest of days will go.

Photos from Busoga BIBLE School's post 23/10/2018

BBS OCTOBER 2018 ADVANCED CLASS studying about (PREACHING - Homiletics).. They are already confessing that they have not been doing it as it is supposed to be done. I keep on encouraging them that they are blessed to be learning some great skills to make them effective preachers.

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