Jinja Senior Secondary School

Jinja Senior Secondary School


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Hon Wanzala Richard Ssalongo is now on CBS FM 89.2 talking about challenges faced by young people after dropping out of school and how different stakeholders can support them
Salutations, Hon Wanzala Richard is the man we should all rally behind for MP Njeru Municipality.

His vision is to make Njeru Municipality a model Constituency or Municipality in Uganda.

We all support him and vote for him.

God richly bless you all.

I humbly ask for your support collegues from the might school this is ours.
#KCCA. 2021-2026
Hello there. Permit me use this page to reach S3 and S4 students who are home schooling.
On my YouTube channel are free video tutorials to enable them excel in UCE. Please help me share.
Also, inform them not to miss Bukedde TV 2 lessons at 8:00 am, Urban TV Uganda lessons at 9:00 am and TV west lessons at 12:00 noon everyday. I teach physics every Tuesday.
Thanks. For God and my Country
We wish success to all the students of Jinja Senior Secondary School and mainly to our very owns Litton Godwin Bains, Okurut Shadrack and Erastus Stachys and to all the other candidates in Uganda may u pass and work hard to promote #STEAM in Uganda.
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At Jinja Senior Secondary school, you will find resources and support to far exceed your academic goals. Our tradition of excellence means that we start you off on solid life lessons like self discipline and ethics.

Therefore what sets us apart is the genuine student centred nature of the classes and staff . Any student will find it easy to fit in and find their place in our community.


Let me hear you say 'The Mighty School'


"Work like you don't need the money, love like your heart has never been broken, and dance like no one is watching"


"Without music, life would be a mistake.... I would only believe in a God who knew how to dance."

SCHOOL 25/11/2010






General information

Jinja Senior Secondary School was originally called Government Indian Secondary School. It was started around 1946 by the Indian Community of Jinja with a goal of providing secondary education which was urban oriented. It was for parents who were not keen on sending their children to the boarding schools, most of which were managed by the Christian missionaries. Besides, the Boarding schools were full and could not meet the demand for education then. By the 1960s, Jinja Senior Secondary School had a student population of about 480, all at '0' level. Of these, less than fifty were black Ugandans. The rest were Indians. Up to the early 70's the bulk of the teachers were Asians. The government policy encouraged African stu¬dents to join the school. When the Asian community resisted, a strike by African students was staged and many Asian students and teachers were injured. The intro¬duction of African students in this school was not, by any means, an easy task. In class, the female students were separated from the boys. But as the number of black, male students increased, the female students; most of whom were Indians were allegedly interfering in the system of "apartheid" in the classrooms. This caused an uproar among the Indian Community. Thereafter, the Madhvani family set up a separate girls' wing now known as PMM or former Jinja Girls Secondary School. It was controlled by the Headmaster of Jinja SSS, though it had a deputy of its own. Later the girls' wing acquired its own autonomy. The thirst for education soon prompted Jinja SSS to acquire an advanced level status (HSC). In line with this acquisition, was structural expansion. The School incorporated the current HSC block. This originally was an independent primary school which later became a secondary school. It was relocated in the present site of St Peters. On the academic side, Jinja SSS had a broad curriculum. In the past, this included the teaching of Gujarati, Agriculture the sciences, the humanities, languages, among others. That is why the schools was popular. Furthermore, the school prided herself for a good academic atmosphere. The laboratories were spacious and well stocked. Books were abundant in the library and the Departments. The teachers were motivated. Those and other conditions accounted for the academic glory of the school for a long time. However, the regime of Idi Amin 1971 - 1979, ushered in a period of decline. This affected the performance. The Asians community departed, and the Ugandans joined the school in larger numbers. This overwhelmed the facilities. Economic collapse demoralized the teachers. The books became inadequate. At its largest, the school was a double session with one of the higher enrollments in East africa, with over 4000 students. But, the school inspite of the above, went on to become a centre for academic excellence. There poured forth many successful students who came to live up to the schools motto: BY QUESTIONING, BY REVERENCE, BY SERVICE.
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Czar WOMEN & CHILD Hospital. Czar WOMEN & CHILD Hospital.
Jinja, 0000

Save The Life's Of Women And Children.

African Community Based Initiative - Acobi African Community Based Initiative - Acobi
Jinja, 256

The mission of AFRICAN COMMUNITY BASED INITIATIVE shall be to achieve transformation through self -help Initiatives in rural communities of Uganda, and empowering the youth to achieve their full potential

Matuumu senior secondary school Matuumu senior secondary school

Matuumu secondary school


Deals in internet, net working, scanning, printing and photocopying

Nissi Project Uganda Children"s Ministry Nissi Project Uganda Children"s Ministry
Walukuba /Masese Division, Along Nsajja Road Plot 14 Jinja District, Uganda

We are a Community Based Organization whose goal is to embrace an affordable and sustainable social - economic welfare of the orphans and vulnerable children , youths and poor women of Jinja district.

National Schools Debates Championships National Schools Debates Championships
Jinja, 256

promote development thru debates competitions

Treasure Learning Centres Treasure Learning Centres
P.O. BOX 1159, Jinja
Jinja, +256

Treasure Learning Centres has no discrimination. And after the construction of the main hall we shall foster orphans at the Centre.

Creation Africa Creation Africa
Jinja, P.O. BOX 326

Empowerment to develop www.creationafrica.org

Nyenga Minor  Seminary Nyenga Minor Seminary

A profound school of great men who seek to serve the Lord for what matters is how carefully one does what their soul tells them!!!

Mountain of Olives Nursery and Primary School- Kirugu Mountain of Olives Nursery and Primary School- Kirugu
Kayunga Road Buikwe Municipality
Jinja, 256

EXCEL Computer Solutions - E.C.S EXCEL Computer Solutions - E.C.S
Clive Road,west.Opposite Excel Net Cafe.
Jinja, JINJA

The page was generated for services like; Website designing, Mobile computer training,software installation and distribution, ETC..

Akinoomu Research and Education Services Uganda (ARESU) Akinoomu Research and Education Services Uganda (ARESU)
Nalufenya Road. Plot 9. Opposite YMCA Conference Hall/MUBS Jinja Campus
Jinja, P.O.BOX 1686, JINJA.

AKINOOMU RESEARCH AND EDUCATION SERVICES UGANDA is a community based organisation doing research, management training and education consultancy based in Jinja.