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Remember this picture below, they called it then, "The Vulture and the little girl".

This photo of a vulture waiting for a starving South Sudanese girl to die in Bor 1991 was taken by Kevin Carter who later won the Pulitzer for this picture, but he lived just few months to enjoy his supposed achievement because he later got depressed and took his own life.

He was actually savouring his feat and being celebrated on major news channels and networks world wide.

His depression started when during one of such interviews (phone in program) someone phoned on and asked him what happened to the child.

He replied, "I didn't wait to find out after this shot as I had a plane to catch."...

And the person replied, "I put it to you that there were two vultures on that day. One had a camera".

His constant thought of that statement, led to depression and his ultimate suicide.

Portions of Carter's suicide note read:

I'm really, really sorry. The pain of life overrides the joy to the point that joy does not exist. ...depressed ... without phone ... money for rent ... money for child support ... money for debts ... money!!! ... I am haunted by the vivid memories of killings & corpses & anger & pain ... of starving or wounded children, of trigger-happy madmen, often police, of killer executioners ... I have gone to join Ken if I am that lucky.

In whatsoever we do, let humanity come first before what we can gain out of the situation.

Kevin Carter could have been alive today if he just picked that little girl up and taken her to the United Nation's feeding Center where she was attempting to reach.

We sit down and condemn Govt and everything but the ones we can do to help even our fellow man, we form hard man, u are equally a vulture

U have enough to spend on frivolities, fun, adventures etc but ordinary 200ssp becomes difficult to give to a beggar u pass on the road, who is clearly disabled, hungry and pathetically disfigured, u walk pass, and form blind, u are a vulture!

You go to church and give donations, pay tithe, become Chief launcher, but at the church entrance lies a beggar, someone is calling u always to help to complete his children's school fees, someone is calling u to help him in many ways to survive, u form hard, cut lines and pretend u don't receive calls, become busy, but quick to rush out with ur girlfriend to have a good time, u are equally a vulture

U see someone oppressing the poor, u remain silent becos he is ur friend. The poor suffers and goes thru depression, u are a vulture

Someone helps u and stood by u, u rise and turn into a terrible fellow against the same person becos class has changed. The person goes into depression and dies inside, ur a vulture, ur an ingrate. Ur a betrayer

Ur in a position to speak out against evil and misrule, u stay silence because u benefit from the same system. U watch people die due to the misrule and intimidation. U watch people go through serious hunger and u live large and throw money around, u are a vulture

They elect u to lead them, u turn around an floor the money meant for their wellbeing, u turn around and arrange security around urself while they fight and kill themselves. U bring in divide and Rule using ur money to buy their conscience and divide them, u are papa vulture

Ur in a relationship or marriage, instead of supporting ur parner who stood by u in thick and thin, u mock him and treat him like dirt just because u have outside influence in good life or material things etc, even when ur partner is faithful when the going was good.baby yita vulture.

There are many vultures around us today. Don't attack Kevin, for he rushed to enjoy fame and win prizes but a single call brought him back to reality

Most of us are vultures, greed, pride, arrogance, quest for new things, evil mind, jealousy etc breeds the vultures in us

Before u attack this man, ask urself, am I, in any way, a vulture??

Today, make a firm decision, either to be a vulture or not.

It's our choice!


Akuot Aquila


What you missed at the launch of Kikaaya college stadium

Kikaaya dancers at the launch of the new stadium

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We are so grateful to the Almighty God that our old girl of Kikaaya College School Namukasa Hamidah has been appointed as a magistrate Grade I.

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Portsmouth Grammar School - Performing Imbalu Dance at Kikaaya College School

Excellent performance

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[03/13/11]   KOSA meeting on 9th October 2011 remember to attend and inform all the oldstudents of kikaaya College School and Kikaaya Vocational School


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Welcome to Kikaaya:: The official website of Kikaaya College

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Welcome to Kikaaya:: The official website of Kikaaya College







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