Cardinal nsubuga sss nyenga

Cardinal nsubuga sss nyenga


Hello friends, We are currently working on a very big business project with a Phillipines based company that's expanding its operations here in Kampala and East Africa at large. We are currently looking for a few key educated and serious individuals to work with in the New projects of the company on either part-time or full-time. You can comment with your number if interested. Only serious applicants please. Don't comment if not interested. You can also contact me via my whatsapp number 0708406689
14th January, 2021 .... Vote Nanteza nakapachu woman MP Buikwe 🔑
Jimmy lwanga MP Njeru municipality ☔
Kyagulanyi Robert ssentamu ☔
I wish mi lovely obs & ogs happy new month
Don't lose hope dear obs & ogs tym will cam u retunrn back to school love u guyz
The way i miss u obs & ogs
Once museveni ideas come true
My the Lord be my destination
I love my school cardinal nsubuga sss nyenga
The highest form of love that God could ever express is found in Jesus Christ. There is a day coming when everyone will stand face to face with Jesus. The Bible says every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. Many will look for an opportunity to be saved, only to find it is too late. That is why Hell will be so tormenting. Many who refuse Christ now will come face to face with Jesus later only to find their opportunity for has passed them by! We are living in an amazing day of grace and the greatest news you can hear is that you can Repent and call on the Lord Jesus Christ. We live on the threshold of eternity every day. Bend your knee NOW. Confess Jesus as Lord NOW! Tomorrow is not promised to you. Your only friend is crying out to you.
Best wishes flowing to all Candidates Year 2018.Wish u Xuccessss all
i like it too





like ✔

How much do you love GOD?
0% √
█10% √
██ 20% √
███ 30% √
████ 40% √
█████ 50% √
██████ 60% √
███████ 70% √
████████ 80% √
█████████ 100

Operating as usual


_```In life, what's important from wherever you are is proper communication,_``` respect, kindness (sincerity), mercifulness and love. When you are like that, life will always be safe in most cases. *~Good morning~*🌞✨💫 Enjoy ur blessed Saturday🦃🦃🦃


Join me to pray
for all our children.
Please take a moment
to say this prayer
for your children:
Heavenly Father
My children
(name them)
are gifts and
testimonies and
for this, they shall
be blessed in Spirit
and Soul. Their
bodies shall be full
of vitality of the Lord,
their lives are
garnished with
wealth & abundance,
as they are experiencing
peace all around.
I shall not mourn
over my children,
because they are
satisfied with long
life, they shall live
long and take care of
me. They will eat the
good of this land and
any land they step
their feet. The Lord
will not take them
where there is no
grace. The Lord will
keep us together as a
united family and
our relationships will
be more fruitful than
ever before.


Send this declaration
to ten parents and
watch God bless your
family richly and
abundantly. You will
make 10 or more
parents to pray for
their children.

Please whether you
have kids or not,
it doesn't matter
just forward it...



I vote your mum to be the best mum in the world for a job well done in bringing such a wonderful ,caring, loving, and intelligent person like u. And nurturing u to be the kind of person everyone admires. May God grant her long life & prosperity.
Send this to every wonderful person in ur life including me if I'm one of them.
Do this to add 50 years to her life .
I couldn't ignore because i love my mom.


A million in the hospital, a billion in the grave, a million in prisons, GRACE has made it possible for u and I to see TODAY. Let's thank HIM for HIS GRACE. I will see u in the year 2018 by the GRACE of GOD. If u believe , send it to people u love including me if u love me. May GOD bless u for your sharing.


。✨ 。🎉。🌟
Happy New Year
。🍀。 🍸。🎉。
🌟。 💫。 🎶 💥


Timeline Photos


BOY : Do you have a boyfriend?
GIRL : No. I don’t want a boyfriend.
BOY : Genesis 2:18 “The Lord God
said, ‘It is
not good for the man to be alone. I
will make a
helper suitable for him’.”
GIRL : But I don’t love you.
BOY : 1 John 4:8 "Whoever does not
love, does
not know God, because God is love.”
GIRL : So how do I discern that your
words are
BOY : Matthew 12:34 “For the mouth
what the heart is full of."
GIRL : But how can I be sure that
you are
faithful and honest?
BOY : Mark 13:31 “Heaven and earth
will pass
away, but my words will never pass
GIRL : But why me? There are so
many girls
out there.
BOY : Proverbs 31:29 “Many women
do noble
things, but you surpass them all!”
GIRL : But what do you see in me,
that makes
you love me?
BOY : Song of Songs 4:7 " You are
beautiful, my darling; there is no
flaw in you."
GIRL : But really, I’m not that
beautiful …
you’re exaggerating.
BOY : Proverbs 31:30 “Charm is
deceptive, and
beauty is fleeting; but a woman who
fears the
Lord is to be praised.”
GIRL : What will happen if I say yes?
BOY : Genesis 2:24 “That is why a
man leaves
his father and mother and is united
to his
wife, and they become one flesh."
GIRL : How is it that you know so
BOY : Joshua 1:8 “Keep this Book of
the Law
always on your lips; meditate on it
day and
night, so that you may be careful to
everything written in it. Then you will
prosperous and successful. "
GIRL : Wooow, I can see you really
love God.
BOY : Psalm 34:8 “Taste and see that
the Lord
is good; blessed is the one who takes
refuge in
GIRL : Hmmm. Ok please just give
me some
time to think about this.
BOY : Philippians 4:8 "Finally,
brothers and
sisters, whatever is true, whatever is
whatever is right, whatever is pure,
whatever is
lovely, whatever is admirable if
anything is
excellent or praiseworthy think about
GIRL : Owwww I love you already
BOY : Revelations 22:21 "AMEN.".


Things change,
People change,
Places change,
Friends change,
Career change,
Economics change,
But G♡D will never
change. Type 'Yes' if agree!
# It 's Sunny Thursday In UGANDA
# I L ♥ VE Y ♥ U ALL My Dear
Family & FRiends W ♥ Rld wide!


A MOTHER'S DAY SPECIAL""M♥M your prayers and blessings are the sole reason for my existence.""Your arms are tender for your unending l♥ve and care.""You are my bestfriend,my confidant,my solace for your patience is happiness.""You are one gem of a person,who is there for me whenever I am happy or sad.""You are the first person I think of every morning.You are the last one I think of before I sleep.""Your role in this w♥rld is difficult and. . . rewarding. . .""M♥M, Thank you for taking care of me in the best ways possible.""Thank you for guiding me and making my dreams come true.""And Thank you for making me what I am today.""L♥RD G♥D, Thank you so much for my best M♥M in the w♥rld."'SHAPPYM♥THER'SDAYT♥ALLMYDEARFBFAMILY&FRIENDSW♥RLDWIDE!'TFORGETT♥GREET&HUGY♥URL♥VINGM♥M!


,%'''% .,.%'''%,
'% CARD 4 .%
'%, 2016 ,%'
The family of Mr, Joseph & Mrs, Mary of Bethlehem invite u to the resurrection party of their beloved son Jesus Christ which will be held on Sunday, 27-03-2016 y'r presence will glorify the function.
"HAPPY EASTER" 2016. Hope am de 1st person 2 invite u on dis party.


The First Letter of your name predict
❒ A = Romantic
❒ B = Proud
❒ C = Innocent
❒ D = Lovable
❒ E = Good but Hurtful
❒ F = Compassionate
❒ G = Logical Minded
❒ H = Leadership Potential
❒ I = Helpful
❒ J = Free-spirited
❒ K= Irritating
❒ L= Funny
❒ M= Emmotional
❒ N=Sensible
❒ O=Supportive
❒ P=Crazy
❒ Q=Un-predictable
❒ R=Practical
❒ S=Loving
❒ T=Fake
❒ U=Sensitive
❒ V=Genius
❒ W=Calm
❒ X=Easy going
❒ Y=Inteligent
❒ Z=Jovial


IF UGANDAN MOBILE TELECOMS COMPANIES WERE WOMEN. MTN would be that not so good looking babe but with so many boyfriends. she would hurt the bu chaps but they would never dump her. (poor guys would be locked in a cutex bottle, ki Nigeria style) she would be the expensive type.

WARID would be the pretty babe every guy talks about. she would be the babe hating on the babe called MTN. she be the babe with so much make up i hear lip pakalast, nail pakasurf, eye pessa blah blah blah.

AIRTEL would the babe who doesn't want to accept that she has grown old. she keeps changing names to attract some young boyfriends. simanyi celtel, zain and now airtel. she is the babe with old sugar Daddies and rich boyfriends.

MANGO or UTL totally confusing babe who had cancer but has refused to die. Atte don't minimize because she used to be attractive in her prime but then global warming in the name of zero Facebook kicked in


I knocked at the HEAVENS door and G♡D asked, "What is your wish of today?" I said please L♡rd G♡D Protect, l♡ve, and Bless all my FB Family and Friends reading this message!" G♡D smiled and replied, "Your wish is granted!" "Happy Wednesday To All My FB Family & Friends Across The wrld!"


"G♡D's l♡ve is the voice when you can't speak; The strength when you are weak; The hope when you are down; And the laughter when you are sad!" Stay happy! G♡D l♡ves you! " A BLESSED SUNDAY TO ALL!


***A good message to start your day with.! When somebody told me that he has failed in his exams, my question is, "Is it a law that you will pass every time?" When someone told me that my friend broke up with me, my question is, "Is it a rule that you will have successful relationships everywhere?" When somebody asked me why I am in depression, my question is, "Is it compulsory to have confidence all the time?" When someone cried to me about his huge business loss due to his wrong decision, my question is, "Is it possible that you take all right decisions?" The fact is our expectation that life has to be perfect and permanent is the biggest reason of our unhappiness. One has to understand the law of impermanent of nature. After each sunny day, there has to be a dark night, after each birth there have to be certain deaths, for the full moon to come again it has to pass through no moon. In this imperfection of nature, there is perfection. So stop taking your failures and bad part of your life s♡ personally or intensely, even G♡D does not like to give you pain but its the cycle through which you have to pass. Prepare yourself for one more fight after each fall because even failures cannot be permanent.! ***Enj♡y life... *Your breath comes to g♡... *Your thoughts come to g♡... *Your words come to g♡... *Your actions come to g♡... *Your feelings come to g♡... *Your illnesses come to g♡... *Your phases come to g♡... *Your seasons come to g♡... *You have come to g♡... *Then why do you hold on to your guilt, anger, eg♡, unforgiveness, hatred s♡ s♡ s♡ tightly, when it too has come to g♡... *Let it g♡...!!! ***A Blissful Weekend To All My FB Family & Friends Across The Wrld!***


The First Letter of your name predict
❒ A = Romantic
❒ B = Proud
❒ C = Innocent
❒ D = Lovable
❒ E = Good but Hurtful
❒ F = Compassionate
❒ G = Logical Minded
❒ H = Leadership Potential
❒ I = Helpful
❒ J = Free-spirited
❒ K= Irritating
❒ L= Funny
❒ M= Emmotional
❒ N=Sensible
❒ O=Supportive
❒ P=Crazy
❒ Q=Un-predictable
❒ R=Practical
❒ S=Loving
❒ T=Fake
❒ U=Sensitive
❒ V=Genius
❒ W=Calm
❒ X=Easy going
❒ Y=Inteligent
❒ Z=Jovial



♥Iam bad in ENGLISH but
I can tell you
that I L♥VE YOU.
I can tell you
that you LIVE in my
when i FIRST saw you.
I can tell
WHATS the REACTION of my love to you


• No Under 16's.
• No More Than 5 Posts A Day.
• Ugly Chics Upload their Pics Once in two years.
• No People Over the Age Of 30.
• I Read Your Inboxes.
• A Chic Who Gets Less than 10 Likes Will Be Banned For 3 weeks.
• No boy or Man is allowed to inbox my girlfriend.
• No Texting When You're In The Toilet or When You're Eating.
• You Wear Your Facebook Uniform Before Logging In.
• Strictly No quarelling on facebook.
• After 10:00pm We all Log Out (Closing Gates).
• You bath Before You Post.
• You haveTo Like and comment On all my posts and photos on Facebook.
• You Need To Make An Affidavit To Have An Account and A doctor's Note on Ebola.
• You can only login after church on sundays, and if you didn't go to church, you can't login.
• Wash Your Hands Before Signing In.
• Then if you mess! your facebook will automatically log you out........

Yours sincerely


todays morning prayer to you all my dear brothers and sisters

/ ______/+\

todays evangel read............................!{mark 4:35-41}
the rain of long life,blessing,love,favour,admission,good job,wife money and academic excellences. shall fall on you and your jesus's name
type to claím for this prayer!!!!!!!!

Yours in God's grace



The devil does not care how much
You know about God,
He does not care how long
You have been saved, he does not
how much of the Bible you know,
And he does not care how well you
Can preach the Word of God.
All he cares about is how to make
A fake Christian -
To be known by church but not by
To be a certified church member,
But not recognized in heaven,
To be a Christian worker or minister
But worker of iniquity,
To be a good preacher, but not
And to reach the gate of heaven
but fail to enter.
At all cost,we must refuse to be
a Satan defeated Christian.

Your reverand {lux}


Adog asks acat.

How comes that have never seen you making love in public?
¤the cat replied,

do you think am stupid like you who make love in public and humans steal our styles like you!

Humans look 4 ur own styles

your admin {lux}


When did u last do it? how did u feel ? were in bedroom,bathroom,kitchen lying down or standing? who did u do it with? was it fast or slow ? would you like to do it again?
Oh have got you ! What were you thinking.

oooh lord it was my morning prayer,

your reverand


Researchers have made aresearch and they came out with this results .

That people are getting diabetes (sukali) because of calling each other sugary names like sweetheart.honey.etc so to avoid this disease you should call each other names like dodo.mukene.jyobyo.bilinganya.

How a u ? My mukene




Racism wil never end as long as :-

♥white cars use black tyres
♥ white bread costs high than abrown bread
♥ black clothes are 4 funeral ceremonies and white 4 wedding ceremonies
♥since blacks are slaves and whites are boss

yours sincerely


The First Letter of your name predict
❒ A = Romantic
❒ B = Proud
❒ C = Innocent
❒ D = Lovable
❒ E = Good but Hurtful
❒ F = Compassionate
❒ G = Logical Minded
❒ H = Leadership Potential
❒ I = Helpful
❒ J = Free-spirited
❒ K= Irritating
❒ L= Funny
❒ M= Emmotional
❒ N=Sensible
❒ O=Supportive
❒ P=Crazy
❒ Q=Un-predictable
❒ R=Practical
❒ S=Loving
❒ T=Fake
❒ U=Sensitive
❒ V=Genius
❒ W=Calm
❒ X=Easy going
❒ Y=Inteligent
❒ Z=Jovial



The First Letter of your name predict
❒ A = Romantic
❒ B = Proud
❒ C = Innocent
❒ D = Lovable
❒ E = Good but Hurtful
❒ F = Compassionate
❒ G = Logical Minded
❒ H = Leadership Potential
❒ I = Helpful
❒ J = Free-spirited
❒ K= Irritating
❒ L= Funny
❒ M= Emmotional
❒ N=Sensible
❒ O=Supportive
❒ P=Crazy
❒ Q=Un-predictable
❒ R=Practical
❒ S=Loving
❒ T=Fake
❒ U=Sensitive
❒ V=Genius
❒ W=Calm
❒ X=Easy going
❒ Y=Inteligent
❒ Z=Jovial



LOVE is a language even the deaf can hear...
LOVE is a language even the mute can speak...
LOVE is a thing even the blind can see...
LOVE is the thing that brings the Colours of the Rainbow into our lives... and
LOVE is the language and the thing that GOD breathes into our Hearts to make it beat...
Forever! Because, For Ever... GOD is Love!!!




the following was the programe from MUNYONYO SHRINE→NAMUGONGO SHRINE


day {1}
*8am →munyonyo shrine(arrival time)
*10am → set off to kyamula
*12pm → pray on martyrdom of ponsiano ngondwe
*1pm →set of to owino market
3pm→ pray on the martyrdom of st balikudembe and st bazzekuketa
*4pm →set off to old kampala
5pm → old kampala parish {}

Nb that is the end of today's programe

2nd day

*8am → old kampala arrival {Ecumenical celebration}
*10am → pray on martyrdom st matia mulumba
*11am→ set of to lubaawo kamuli
*1pm → pray on matyrdom of st Gonzaga Gonza
*2pm → set off to Namugongo
*4pm →Namugong shrine acting the 3rd june martyrdom
*5pm → Holy mass

NB that is our movements and the way through

yours in service


Hi, Choose your birth Date and I will tell you who loves you in your inbox. So choose now, no lies please : 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 3 0, 31

yours sincerely


________ +
/________/ \

How much do you love GOD?
0% √
█10% √
██ 20% √
███ 30%√

mine is infinity what of yours?√√√√√√

yours sincerely


I have aspecial sunday 4 you
A glass of CARE.
A plate of L♡VE.
spoon of PEACE.
A fork of TRUST.
and A bowl of PRAYER.
A Pleasant good frídáy after noon T♡ you my Friend

yours sincerely


friends in ful!

F= Fight for you
R= Respect you
I= In love with you
E= Encourages U
N= Need you
D= Deserve you
S= Save you

do the friends you have do all that 4 u !. If not you have enemies sorrounding you so the little who does so for me, God reward you the best you wish

yours sincerely


Police in ful
e-explosives {teargas}

you doubt then get me the answer
yours sincerely



people where traveling in about from one side to another , and there was awoman going for labour ward in the boat unfortunately the lady produce before reaching the other side then acrocodile smelt blood and it came and ate the down part of the baby and the mum was left with the upper part, then time came 4 the burrial of the remaining part and they had to identify wheather the deceased was a boy or girl


Yours sincerely


/ ______/+\

Todays morning i was suprised in the church because last sunday was divine mercy sunday and all believers were told to bring the tools they use in there bussines or at work, which was today,
unfortunately people brought the following:-
1soldier - gun
2farmer -hoe

but i was suprised when all of them where told to leave all does with security but why when they where told to come with them to be blessed

was it good to deny there tools to be blessed by Gods blessing......?

Yours sincerely





Plot 4 Nyenga Next To Kamwenda Hill

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