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The Uganda School Project - TUSP


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You are doing such wonderful work and with such enthusiasm.
β€˜bonne continuation’
Hugs from the S of F ###
Massive shout out to Olga and the team at Yogarise Peckham for helping this wonderful cause. I've been there and it's a fantastic establishment!

On behalf of the Ugandan community, i would like to say a massive thank you to all those that spared their time to come down here in bumakenya to bless the great work being done here. It was such a massive success just because u made it here!! Thanks , # Martin, , , , , , , , and above all big thanks to who encouraged others to join in.
Uganda and bumakenya are proud of you.
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We at TUSP want to support struggling schools in Uganda. The aim is simple, find those schools that are most in need and provide proper infrastructure.

We are looking for volunteers to help us teach at Makenya Primary School. The construction of the classrooms is under way but despite this lessons will still be continuing. So your support is needed and the best thing about it is its completely free! There is no charge for coming and teaching these wonderful kids. Volunteers are welcome to pursue any form of accommodation and we can help you find

Operating as usual


Please join us in saying a huge CONGRATS to our Microfinance Borrowers!

This past weekend we celebrated the graduation of 21 businesswomen from the TUSP Women's Microfinance Programme!

Between them they've received over Β£12,000 in business loans and paid back every penny. As well as using this to grow their business, they've also put away over Β£800 to make big ticket purchases that they may otherwise struggle with.

Fantastic work, and here's to a bright, prosperous future for our borrowers!


Look's like something's cooking at Bumakenya 🧐 πŸ‘€


Please welcome to the TUSP family...Masambu Bridget!

Bridget is working with us for the next 3 months as our Education and Impact Officer - meaning she's getting the Educational Development programmes back up and running, and also assessing the impact of the programmes so far.

She's a very popular addition already!

Ask a question for Bridget or give her a warm welcome in the comments below πŸ‘‡


Classroom Progress Update: We have walls Ladies and Gentlemen!

It's really moving quick πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈπŸ‘

Watch this space!


All the Friday feels at Bumakenya today! 😌


Do you want to contribute to a BRAND NEW SCHOOL?

We've got places for the Hackney Half Marathon with your name on it!

Slide in the DMs for info πŸ‘‡


Amazing progress being made on the classroom construction!

Foundations and substructure βœ…

Just as well as the β˜”οΈ is COMING!

Timeline photos 18/03/2022

The Great Restart - Schools are open!! Plus - The Hackney Half Marathon.


Photos from The Uganda School Project - TUSP's post 15/03/2022

How it it's going!

In 2018, your donations built a tap at a nearby spring, allowing fresh, clean drinking water to be piped to the school, whilst also providing access for the community living at the source.

Whilst this may look humble, it is anything but. Dehydration and illness from drinking contaminated water from the nearby was one of the biggest barriers to children attending and staying in school.

A lifeliine for Bumakenya Primary School if ever there was one - water is life!


TUSP needs YOU!

Join our amazing team running the Hackney Half Marathon on 22nd May!

21km of glory βœ…
Raising money to build schools βœ…
Lovely sunny day out guaranteed* βœ…

Link in bio to find out more!

*TUSP accepts no responsibility for non-sunny weather.β˜€οΈπŸ€·β€β™‚οΈβ˜”οΈ


Oh what a beautiful site! 😍

These piles of stones and bricks mean one thing CONSTRUCTION IS UNDERWAY on the final two classrooms at Bumakenya and we couldn't be happier!

These will be classrooms 7 and 8, providing a separate classroom for each year group, a staff room for marking, planning and relaxing, as well as a store room/library to keep textbooks and other bits.

Thank YOU for all your generous support that's allowed us to reach this wonderful step.

It means more space, it means more peace, and it means more effective lessons!

Photos from The Uganda School Project - TUSP's post 08/03/2022

Today is International Women's Day!

The strength of our organisation is built on an amazing, inspiring core of women. In celebration of that fact (although it shouldn't take IWD to celebrate this!) we wanted to highlight to you some of the amazing work being done at Bumakenya and the surrounding communities.

1) Nangheke Malisa - our project coordinator and rock! She's been with TUSP from the very beginning, knows the community inside-out and commands so much respect due to because of her attitude and work ethic.

2) Nabulwala Barbara - Headteacher at Bumakenya Primary School. Her leadership and commitment has been inspiring and a huge reason for such improved learning outcomes at the school. After turbulent times with school leadership in the early years, Barbara has been a key reason for the thriving development of school performance.

3) Nangila Eunice - Local Coordinator, TUSP Women's Microfinance Programme - Eunice has managed a programme of not-for-profit business loans to 50 women over the last 5 years - no easy task! She is a joy to be around, and always leads by example.

In Uganda we say, "wanyala navi bamayi" (thank you very much, ladies!)


Do YOU want to do something amazing?

Get fit, feel great and raise money at the same time?

Well today is your lucky day.

You can join our amazing team RUNNING the Hackney Half Marathon on 22nd May πŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ 🌬️

It'll be an amazing day out, a good excuse to get the oxygen flowing and you'll be helping us raise funds for our exciting new project - A BRAND NEW PRIMARY SCHOOL!

Mure sure you get in touch for info and to book a space!

Timeline photos 06/03/2022

Malisa and Sean recently got to sit down with Aula James, the Deputy Chief Administrative Officer of Namisindwa District, where the school is based.

His enthusiasm for improving education was infectious and we spoke in detail about the upcoming programmes we're working on together - both classroom building and teacher training. More details to follow - watch this space!



After 2 long, long years - the longest school closures in the world in fact - we were FINALLY able to open our doors to the learners at Bumakenya Primary School.

And it feels SO GOOD!

We had thought some pupils may not return after so long away, but we're seeing almost 500 children reporting every day, much more than before. A big thanks you YOU for continuing to support in what has been a challenging time for everyone - your kind messages and support means so much - now more than ever!

Right - time for the hard work to begin!

Timeline photos 28/06/2021

Due to the Covid-19 lockdown in Uganda, our two expatriate volunteers have left the country momentarily. Our Country Manager, Phillip, plans to return when the restrictions are lifted in August. Our local Project Coordinator, Malisa, will be handling all day-to-day tasks in the ground in the meantime.

Timeline photos 27/06/2021

Starting on 18 June, Uganda implemented a new Covid-19 lockdown following a rise in cases around the country. The lockdown includes measures that close all schools, shut down transportation, and a new curfew between 7:00pm-5:30am. The lockdown is expected to last throughout the end of July.

Timeline photos 30/05/2021

Meet Caroline, a young mother who started a coffee business with her first loan. She has her own coffee plantation and also buys beans from other farmers. Her profits allowed her to build this house and to buy new land. She is also able to pay on her own for home items such as shoes for her children, sugar, salt and food.


Timeline photos 29/05/2021

Measurements being made in preparation for the final classrooms to be built at Bumakenya Primary School. We expect to begin construction in July. Very excited for what's to come!


Timeline photos 27/05/2021

Sometimes you just feel like this pig πŸ–πŸ·πŸ½ here after a long week. But tomorrow is Friday and it's a long weekend ahead. Here's wishing all of our supporters a wonderful weekend.


Timeline photos 23/05/2021

Here's another one of TUSP's Microfinance borrowers, Justine! Justine runs a shop where she sells onions, maize flour, tomatoes, maize flour, silverfish (small dried fish) and beers.

In Justine's latest Microfinance survey, she revelaed that her favorite part of the programme is the friends she's made in support group meetings. She also let us know that she invested profits from her shop to buy a cow, and from the milk sales, she was able to buy a pig and four turkeys that strike the pose with her here in the picture.

Well done, Justine!


We're laying the foundations for a brighter future

Founded in 2016, we at The Uganda School Project set out to support educational development in Uganda. The aim is simple; find schools that are most in need and, in collaboration with the local community, provide proper infrastructure to allow the community to prosper self sufficiently.

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