Eco-Youths Development Tanzania

Eco-Youths Development Tanzania

Is an NGO registered in Tanzania with a national wide mandate in addressing various socio-economic and environment challenges that face the eco & youths!

Our goal as an organization is to raise environmental awareness and improving the socio-economic status of local communities especially the youths by considering the challenges facing today’s youths especially those from third world countries like illiteracy, HIV and AIDS, school drop outs and drug abuse Through ex*****on of various development projects and coordinating volunteering programs and t

Operating as usual


Follow your dreams. It's never gonna be easy though!



It doesn't matter what you believe in, Never be afraid of hard time because God will always be there to back you up! #JustDoIt


Eco-Youths Development Tanzania's cover photo 22/07/2017

Taifa la Tanzania latajwa kuwa eneo bora la Safari Afrika - BBC Swahili

#Tanzania World Best Destination!


Instagram post by Al Kabellerge • May 24, 2017 at 5:27am UTC

We learn to live. We live to learn #KabellergeDynasty

0 Likes, 1 Comments - Al Kabellerge (@kabellergelive) on Instagram: “-Learn the psychology of women.. 'they tend to reproduce every what you give them'. -Give her a…”


Eco-Youths Development Tanzania 29/04/2017

Fahamu Mafanikio Na Changamoto Katika Biashara Ya Kuchomelea (WELDING) #Ujasiliamali

#aLkabellergeShow at Maktedis TV Anaitwa Pengo. Nikijana aliyejiajiri na kutengeneza ajira kwa vijana wengine. Tazama kufahamu safari yake katika maisha ya ujasiliamali; Jiunge nasi kupitia ... 05/04/2017

Kabellerge Dynasty: A Family Of Social Enterprises & Home Of Maktedis TV. Kabellerge Dynasty: A family of social enterprises aimed at Embracing Positive Changes and  encourages communities to Create Their own Worl...


Learn How DESIRE Can Help You Achieve Your Dream : Part 1-#aLkabellergeShow

Every person who really wants to be successful knows what he/she wants in life. If you want to be rich it’s exact that you have a clue of how much money you ...

[02/06/17]   Suala la matumizi ya #mihadarati limekuwa changamoto kubwa kwa vijana hapa Tanzania, hasa wale waishio mijini. Tunaunga mkono Juhudi za Raisi Magufuli na Mh. Makonda KUPINGA #matumizi na #uuzwaji wa #dawaZAkulevya katika jamii.


We are not just helping #Education in #Africa to support #MDGoal4. We are tirelessly working to ensure that, #GirlsToo get educated. #EductionForAll #KabellergeSchoolAndLearningCenter #WorldGirlsDay #SikuYaMsichanaDuniani


Our team have been working in some development projects, helping to build children schools in rural Sengerema. WeSupportEducation. #kabellergeSchool

[10/25/15]   Tunawatakia Uchaguzi mwema.

[08/07/15]   Everyone is born with a special talent. You have to look deep within to find it, but no matter who you are, it is within.


When the wind comes across..fear not, face it and make use of the energy it produces.
#EcoYouthsTz 29/06/2015

Why Wait For The Opportunity? Create Opportunities By Yourself! There will always be opportunities for those who recognise and pursue them. The lucky people are simply those who have taken more chances than average.


Warning for the Unemployed: Wanaosema Ajira Ngumu, Wafungwe: Street Talk Ep.02

If we'd have a president like this guy..most of youths would opt to live in exile. Lets work hard and try to change the world.

Street Talk with Al Makono: Giving the ordinary people a VOICE. Meet "Dee man" who wish to imprison all lazy youths out there who ever complain without worki...

[06/12/15]   Every Good Thing You Do Counts..
Be At Peace With Your #God , Be Patient, Do What Is Right And Change The World...#You_Will_Be_Rewarded.


Be Great & Stand Your Chance :)

[02/26/15]   February is getting to an end, ready for March to pop far have you gone?
#Remember Life is like an echo, you only hear what you speak out! This means, if you shout #NO, that's what you will hear in return..(expect it), and the #reverse is true.


Timeline Photos


Timeline Photos

[01/29/15]   Wise men do say...
"Your thoughts can either
be your most valuable asset
or your most damaging deterrent.
You must find the true ‘you’.
The ‘you’ you were meant to be."
-Be who you are meant to be, change the world!


What should we do?
-We need to reinvent our INTELLIGENCES.
Hello lake zone #StukaKijnaProject is your school, college and campus. #soon.


We still have 10 days to make sure we achieve every what we planned for this year. You still are not too late to change the world.
Wishing you'all the best and blessed #countdown!
#TeamEYODETA #AdventureXposures #MaktedisCreations


Be strong and take courage..#Nothing_is_imposible


Working with youths is fun but challenging..
..trying to live his dreams!
#StukaKijana #Globalization #FunMoments #TeamEYODETA


#EYODETA we are celebrating our 1 #YEAR #Anniversary of serving the communities especially the #youths and #kids by creating awareness on the #social #economic and #environmental challenges that face our generations for sustainability.
#Eco #Youths #Opportunities #Development #Encouragement #Tanzania #Advancement


A glance on our way as we hit a YEAR of SERVING the society.

A glance on our way as we hit a YEAR of SERVING the society.


Say NO to day-dreams.."Think & Act"
Nice weekend.


Aluta Continua

[07/31/14]   "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams" Eleanor Roosevelt


Sengerema NTC

[07/19/14]   Today 19th July, #Stuka_Kijana_Team will be at Butimba Teachers Training College from 10 A.M..

[07/12/14]   "Uwezo wa mwanadamu ni zaidi ya vile tufikiliavyo. Endapo utaamua kwa kila kile unachokifanya, unaweza kufikia au kupata chochote unapohitajii" Lubango Andrea, A.



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