GraphoGame Tanzania

GraphoGame Tanzania

Increase awareness of GraphoGame, a game based, child friendly learning methodology helping children learn to read more effectively in Tanzania.

Operating as usual


For the past 2 years and 2 months, through the support of more than 40 Teachers who were willing to embrace change and incorporate Phonic game-based teaching as among their teaching methodologies we where able to reach more than 4200 children between 6 -13 years.

Even though the Impact has been different to different children with more than 73% able to Improve their reading acquisition in the required time . One thing is for sure the GraphoGame Tanzania learning through phonic child-friendly learning game-based created a SMILE to every CHILD involved, a great step towards driving INTEREST to LEARNING at a small experience we believe every child deserves.


Game-based learning apps are & will play a key role in facilitating children's learning though driving learning curiosity,.. We believe there is space and opportunity for this type of learning methodology to reach, Impact and transform the kickoff & Education journey for every child in Africa.. Do you believe so too....? #BePartOfTheRevolution #ggtanzania


Ever wished your child to learn through GraphoGame? If yes reply yes on the comments or contact us through 0716273689..Let keep insuring our children learn in a fun and interactive way.


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Social Impact Media Awards 2013 EDU Innovation WINNER: FUTURE LEARNING

Great Video, Great incites...

Director: Eli A. Kaufman | 2012 | USA SIMA 2013 JURY PRIZE FOR EDU INNOVATION Students are the future, but what's the future for students? To arm them with t...


Primary level basic literacy and numeracy reflection by 2013.. 07/10/2014

How Tomorrow’s Tech Helps Teachers Today

..."If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow."...
....If educators are going to successfully move forward into this new era of teaching and learning, we must erase the notion that technology is something extra for them to do in addition to the curriculum. We are preparing students for their future, not our past. Technology and education do not exist in separate silos, and the sooner we embrace this new reality, the better prepared our students will be for their future. .... #greatarticle The SAMR teaching model guides educators to new teaching methods through technology.


Learning through “serious games”

"What are serious games and can they make a difference to educational outcomes? Can game-based learning be used to teach every subject?"..

What are serious games and can they make a difference to educational outcomes? Can game-based learning be used to teach every subject? All of these questions are answered in the latest edition of…


Students from Kirua Rombo Primary school, in Rombo district - Kilimanjaro, Tanzania learning and improving their reading skills though GraphoGame Swahili application.

For more information & understanding about GraphoGame please do visit


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