Zeze Secondary School

Zeze Secondary School


By Dgo bwax
If you fair to prepare prepare to fair best wishs for Masumbuko Masumbuko with his brother mbogo
Maisha ni magum vijana tuskimbilie madem na mapenz k**a unasoma soma kwel ili ukawakomboe wazaz waktegemeae na k**a unasaka rizick haso kweli make mapenz na madem hao wanardisha maendereo nyuma et na chamsing ""TAFAKAR UJIO WA MAISHA YA BADAE JE,UTAKUWAJE,UTAFANYA NN?? NA ISHI KWA MALENGO .Aisee tusikimbilie umaraya make tutakja kujutia maisha badae et

A rural government secondary school in a small village in western Tanzania. The school was set up in 2007 and currently has 130 students in forms 1 to 4.

Operating as usual


Tunashukuru sana uongozi wa MBONI YA VIJANA GROUP na RAINCATCHER IMPERIAL kwa kututatulia changamoto ya vyoo.
Hakika wasichana katika shule yetu wamepata Faraja sana.
Tunasema asanteni sana na Mungu awabariki


Mboni ya Vijana Group

We are working on four new boreholes in rural Kasulu. Thank you to the Big Give Campaign organized by Tanzania Development Trust!


We're here for 2 weeks teaching people how to make wind turbines at the MVG site. Come and find out how!

Our office for the next two weeks. Getting started tomorrow. Stay tuned for updates!


Mboni ya Vijana Group

Youth are three times more likely to be employed than adults but are continuously exposed to lower quality jobs, greater labour and market inequalities. Today we celebrate #WorldYouthSkillsDay. We stand for youth empowerment and skill #development. Youth are key players achieving the world’s #sustainablegoals. Let's stand for them. 💪


Well done to Benedicto Hosea and everyone at Mboni ya Vijana for this great achievement for the community!

It's been said that "a river cuts through rock, not because of its power, but because of its persistence."

The same could be said of the Zeze youths who spent six days cutting through rock, without machinery, so that this water pump could be installed.


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[02/23/16]   World is changing. Technologies are connecting people. Zeze Sec School locates at remote area but technology opens it to the globe. Raise education, open the world.


Hey! Let's leave all the negatives in 2015 and have good plans for 2016. Head of school.


We have to help kids to computer skills (those are Joseph Mabuye's daughters at home).


Kids must prepare for the forthcoming world

[12/03/15]   Technologies have great influence for education change everywhere on the globe but also education has crucial impacts for technologies development.
Zeze secondary school is now embarking to new technology in teaching, communicating and record management. It is now the school where teachers, students and visitors can enjoy the use of satellite internet, computers and projector for training and can do soil testing using litmus papers.
We encourage your material, skills, and other means of support to lead the change in remote area.


Timeline Photos


First pH tests done today. Previously we haven't had the resources to do this..

mydonate.bt.com 05/11/2015

Give the gift of light this Christmas

£6 transforms the lives of hardworking students in Zeze..

mydonate.bt.com Students in the schools we support often walk for up to three hours each way to school. When they get home they have to collect water before they can study. Their villages do not have electricity and solar lights are beyond the reach of their families who are subsistence farmers living on around £1…


Good luck to all Form 4 students starting their exams this week!


Satellite broadband arrives in Zeze!


Thanks to a generous donation from Tanzania Development Trust, we now have managed to install solar power in one classroom. We are expecting our broadband installation at the beginning of October - very exciting!

mydonate.bt.com 17/09/2015

Solar Power for Zeze School

Please support our campaign to get solar to Zeze

mydonate.bt.com We are seeking to raise this money by September 10th so that the solar can be installed in time for the satellite broadband installation to take place on September 16th.

hiaragirlpower.blogspot.com 02/09/2015

Hiara, a blog about empowering girls: Bringing broadband to Zeze School

Looking forward to getting online later this month!



Benedicto introducing the new entrepeneurship scheme. Looking forward to hearing about the new businesses the students will start.


Zeze Secondary School's cover photo





Zeze School, PO Box 372 Kasulu, Kigoma
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Sam had the vision to build a school in his hometown Kigoma, God united the people to make the vision a reality. Partner with us by giving or joining us :)