Dareda Blockers foundation

Dareda Blockers foundation


Wanafunz kidato cha tano wa Dareda High school yoyote achukue namb zangu
Mimi nilihama hapo

Dareda Blockers Foundation, is non-profit organization founded dy dareda high school alumin and other friends of dareda high school,

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Dareda High school has moved from 10th position last year to 3rd position this year nationwide. Out of 10 male best students nationwide in art subjects, 8 are from Dareda. Congratulations to the teachers, supporting staff and students for this achievements.

Shule ya Dareda imepanda kutoka nafasi ya 10 mwaka jana hadi nafasi ya 3 mwaka huu kitaifa. Kati ya wanafunzi 10 bora wa kiume kitaifa katika masomo ya sanaa, 8 wametoka Dareda. Pongezi kwa walimu, wafanyakazi wengine na wanafunzi kwa mafanikio haya.


In the 2020 Form Six ACSEE Examination Results, Dareda High School has been Awarded 5 Tanzania National Academic Awards by the President’s Office Regional Administration and Local Government.

1. Award for being in the Best Top 10 Overall performance (10th Position)

2. Award for being in the Best Top 10 Government School Performance (8th Position)

3. Award for Most Improved Schools (3rd Position)

4. The Overall Best heads of schools (Headmaster Joel Laizer (10th Position)

5. The Overall Best Heads of Government Schools (Headmaster Joel Laizer (8th Position)

Katika Matokeo ya Mitihani ya kidato cha sita (ACSEE) 2020, Shule ya Sekondari Dareda imetunukiwa Tuzo 5 za ubora za Kitaifa na Ofisi ya Rais Tawala za Mikoa na Serikali za Mitaa.
1. Tuzo ya kuwa katika shule 10 bora kwa ufaulu (Nafasi ya 10)
2. Tuzo ya kuwa katika Shule za serikali 10 bora kwa Ufaulu (Nafasi ya 8)
3. Tuzo ya Shule Zilizoboreshwa Zaidi (Nafasi ya 3)
4. Wakuu Bora wa shule (Mwalimu Mkuu Joel Laizer (Nafasi ya 10)
5. Wakuu Bora wa Shule za Serikali (Mwalimu Mkuu Joel Laizer (Nafasi ya 8)

Congratulations to Headmaster Laizer, Teachers, Students and all other supporting staffs


Two Tanzania's Best Academic Performance Awards goes to Dareda Secondary School
1. Most Improved School, 1st Position
2. Top 10 Best Government & Community Schools, 10th Position

Hongereni Sana.


Pongezi kwa Dareda Secondary school kwa kushika nafasi ya 16 kitaifa katika matokeo ya kidato cha sita mwaka 2019.

Pia pongezi za kipekee kwa Anold Andrea Msuya kutoka Dareda Secondary school kwa kushika nafasi ya nne kitaifa kwa wavulana.

Pongezi kwa Walimu, wafanyakazi hususani Boss, na wanafunzi wote wa Dareda Secondary school.

Congratulations to our school for being among the top 20 best schools countrywide in the 2019 High school examinations. And special congratulations goes to Anold Andrea Msuya for being among the best 10 students in Arts Subject countrywide.

[08/23/15]   I change my mind when I change my thinking, I am a light, I am a sprit, I am wonderful capable being. And it is time for me to accept that I create my own reality with my own thought, if I want to change my reality I should change my mind first" good lucky kwa wote mnastruggle na maisha


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Dareda Blockers foundation

breathing only does not make life complete, but it merely means to exist, share what you have to help changing the world, just #find_your_true_meaning_of_life

[02/07/14]   hello people,
wishing you all the best in your University Examination as we all believe education is the only best weapon we can change the world

[12/31/13]   Unshackle yourself from the fear of past mistakes and stretch out in faith to grab hold of your awaiting success



may you all be prepared to experience
a good start for the year 2014,, all the best and be blessed,


all university students doing some test there


a mistake which you learn a lesson from it is not a mistake, a real mistake is which you learn nothing from it


breathing only does not make life complete, but it merely means to exist, share what you have to help changing the world, just #find_your_true_meaning_of_life


the essence of this organization is to bring all the productive ideas, to give them power to rise and see the right of the day, we appreciate all people who are willingly to share with us their ideas, and to see the possibility to join hands to make them happen,


Timeline Photos


Timeline Photos


please can you share with us what goals do you think we should take to help the society?

[10/01/13]   Failure is a rehearsal for success. It is the way we improve, the way we get better. Failure is on the flipside of the success coin.

Henry Ford said that every mistake is an opportunity to begin again more intelligently. Every time we do something we can expect a result, sometimes its not the result we wanted, but instead of calling it failure, look at it as a discovery of how not to do it. Learning from failed attempts turns every failure into a success.

The better we get at failing forward, as John Maxwell writes, the more we can stretch ourselves, push the limits, test our abilities and then go further. We can begin to see failure as our friend; the very reason we have succeeded so well. Without failure we cannot grow.

The more a leader fails, the more opportunity there is to learn and progress. Turn your failures into the dumbbells of success. Pick them up and grow strong.


there is the only one things which makes all people in the world differ

[10/01/13]   "better dangerous freedom more than peacefully slavery, lets fight for anything we see to be right, and desire is only begging for all new creation" #db_fight

[10/01/13]   TOGETHER WE CAN


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