Thailand ASEAN Youth Camp 2016


Oh my gosh! Time goes so fast! How are u? All my campers... Let us hear your voice!
Missing u from Thailand

TAYC 18/10/2016 - National parade and opening ceremony 25/10/2016
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Hey guys!!! Can you making a fish from a coconut leaf yet? hahaha and today we will present about how to make a primary fish and secondary fish. Hope you joy!
art of Thailand 🇹🇭


Hi there!
2 days already after the camp!
How are you ?
Still tired?
Something that you may not know!
T-shirts were designed by me,
Oh no ...
Camp book cover, name tag, certificate
Logo, too
Hope you like them! And keep them with you don't throw away!!
Miss u!

TAYC2016 21Oct2016 24/10/2016
TAYC2016 20Oct2016 24/10/2016
TAYC2016 19Oct2016 24/10/2016
TAYC2016 18Oct2016 24/10/2016
TAYC2016 17Oct2016 24/10/2016
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Day 5 - 21th
Group presentation and goodbye party.

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Day 4 - October 20th
We went to Turtle conservation center. And then did activities on the Mae Rampueng beach.


The camp has come to an end...
Thank you for your participating...
We have tried our best to satisfy you as much as possible. I am sorry for any inconvenience that may caused from our false... please accept our sincere apology...
Have a safe trip home, please pass our love to your beloved family...
Thank you so much

Mr Adis

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Day 3 - October 19 th
Today we join garden tour at Nongnooch Garden and shopping at Pattaya Floating Market.

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Day 2 - October 18 th
We go to HRH Princess Sirindhorn Herb Garden and do 5 thai culture activities
- Making a fish form a coconut leaf
- Thaidance
- Walking with coconut shells
- "Boi Loy" The dessert of Thailand
- "Tomyum" "Tomkakai" Thai Food

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Welcome to TAYC . First Day - October 17 th


Hi, TAYC 2016 members !
See you tomorrow and don't forget to bring your school's flag.

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Schedule of Events (Rescheduled)


Hi greeting from the camp leader.
Hi, guys! I am Adis, the camp leader. Your safety during the camp is my responsibility. We are warned about the coming storm from the pacific ocean. Yes, of course it is going to rain during the camp. please bring your umbrella, your personal medicine or rain coat with you. If you feel unwell, please inform your teachers immediately. See u tomorrow! Have a safety and pleasant trip to Rayong.



Urgent Announcement
The Government has announced a one year period of mourning and all joyful events have to be canceled . We are sorry to inform you that we have to cancel the cultural performances on the farewell night (21 October 2016) due to the urgent command from the government. Our staff have discussed to find the appropriate solutions for the campers who have prepared to perform the cultural performances on the night that mentioned before.
We would like to inform you that all the performances have to change into the cultural presentation without background music playing . You may present by talking and demonstrating and using the same stuff that you prepare for the performances.If you would like to use the powerpoint presentation, please ask our staff for more information, we have laptop provided for you.
We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience that may caused during this time and hope you understand our situation. Thank you for your cooperations.



As Thailand is plunged in mourning by the death of His Majesty the King Bhumibol Adulyadej on last Thursday. The Government has announced a one year period of mourning. Flags are fly at half-mast for 30 days and joyful events must be cancelled.
The Tourism Ministry of Thailand made a request, noting that visitors should wear somber and respectful clothing when in public.

You are advised to wear black and respectful clothing appropriately when in public. Please bring 1-2 polite black t-shirts if possible (or white or dark colors) to the camp in order to wear in other public places during in Thailand.

Timeline photos 15/10/2016

Last 3 days until the opening ceremony for
It's time to pack up! Check out the things you should bring visithttp://webserver.rayongwit.ac.th/en/file/Thing%20to%20Bring.pdf for more information :)
See you guys very soon ;)

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