Rapid Learn Thai Language

Rapid Learn Thai Language

The fastest, easiest and most fun way to learn a language.

The Rapid Method is a minimalist, drip-feed approach using quirky pictures and obscene (!) stories and mnemonics to learn Thai easily without the need to memorize.

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Rapid Read Thai Workshops 28/03/2024

Learn to read (& pronounce) Thai

15 ½-days webinar starting on Monday April 1st (10am-1pm)

By the end of the course, you will be able to remember all the letters and recognize and sound out any Thai word accurately, with the correct tone.

You can then build up your vocabulary directly from your environment, by reading the menus, street signs and notices.

Don't jump into trying to speak Thai with transliterations or "listening" hard. It doesn't work. It's a dead end and can ingrain bad habits that you cannot undo later on.

Rapid Read Thai Workshops You will learn to read – recognize & remember the letters and their sounds, and pronounce Thai words accurately with the correct tone – by the end of the second week.

Can you help support Suphanni? 24/01/2024

Just some random donation to a group of Thai chicken farmers (Suphanni in Chiang Rai, managed by Kiva).

Anyone want to pitch in (around $25)?

Can you help support Suphanni? Kiva is a loan, not a donation. With Kiva you can lend as little as $25 and make a big change in someone's life.

Erin & Joe Everyday Thai for Beginners - Rapid Method 09/12/2023

Are you too old to learn Thai?

I don't think so.

Joe is in his 70s and is learning Thai with Erin after numerous unsuccessful attempts over the past 30-40 years! 😳

And he became literate just two years ago with the Rapid Method.


Erin & Joe Everyday Thai for Beginners - Rapid Method Joe learnt to read by attending an online Rapid Read Thai webinar.He's since been working through Everyday Thai with Erin.Here's the progress he's made over ...


Rapid Read Thai Webinar (JUNE 12-30, Mon-Fri, 10am-1pm)

An intensive, yet relaxed live online course to learn how to read Thai, sound out words accurately with the correct tones and be able to read whole sentences that have no spaces!

If you're illiterate, you will struggle to learn Thai and, even if you do, hardly anyone will be able to make out what you're saying!

Avoid transliterations - they're Kryptonite!

The other huge advantage of being literate is that you can pick up vocabulary continuously from your environment, just by reading the menus, street signs and notices.

It's the most enjoyable way to learn Thai with minimal study time and effort.

(See details about the course in the comments.)

We meet every day (Mon-Fri) on Zoom from 10am-1pm. If you're working then you should be able to arrange your day so that you get a few things done beforehand, learn Thai (with your coffee and croissants) until lunchtime - and then the rest of the day is free to get on with your work.

• ฿15,000 for the online webinar + ฿10,000 for the self-study Rapid Read Thai app if you haven't already purchased it.

น้องอุนซู | sideline-th 10/06/2023

Towards the end of the course (about day 10 in the webinar, or day 4 in the six-day boot camp), we'll be reading one or two profiles from the "sideline" websites.

Guys, expand your horizons!

Girls, find out what your fellow might be up to "on the side" - or just learn some great s*x talk when you're with your man!


Click on this link to see the lesson in the Beginner's Read Thai page: https://t.ly/vAqc

น้องอุนซู | sideline-th เว็บไซต์รวมน้องๆ Sideline ไซด์ไลน์ ของคนไทย สาวรับงาน นักศึกษารับงาน สาวไซด์ไลน์ นวด พริ้ตตี้สปา ทั้งกรุงเทพ และ...

A clear and minimalist learning path for learning Thai using accelerated learning techniques. 02/08/2022

Amazing! Check out the latest version of our Rapid Learn Thai "web app".

Learn to read Thai words and pronounce them accurately with the correct tones.

And review the words you can read as you work through the course to build up an essential vocabulary of over 1,200 words.


A clear and minimalist learning path for learning Thai using accelerated learning techniques. The Rapid Method for learning Thai is simplified, logical and consistent process for gaining conversational fluency through reading and muscle memory.


Erin - a native English speaker - is our star Thai tutor!


She learnt Thai with the Rapid Method, so knows what you are struggling with. She will be your study buddy to help you work through the learning material in an effective and enjoyable way.

No need to study alone. Call Erin!


Rapid Read Thai: https://youtu.be/NItfW4-s7Q8


Many people look for cheap language courses at Thai Language Schools.

Don't fool yourself into thinking about trying to save money, it'll work out more expensive in the end.

LEARN TO READ THAI FIRST with the Rapid Method (฿10,000) and THEN engage a private Thai tutor at a language school or online (around ฿500/hr) to work through a "proper" Thai course - like Everyday Thai for Beginners (฿7,000)...

- and eventually reading (romance) novels, the scripts from Note Udom's standup shows or possibly from a TV series like Hormones.

And some popular Thai songs.


Better to master a colloquial text - to the point that you know it more or less by heart (then you can simply "recite" the sentences and phrases in your own conversations) - rather than push on relentlessly with new and overwhelming material.

DON'T ever study anything that's written in phonetic transliteration.

You will learn the incorrect pronunciation, stunt your future development, lose the opportunity to build vocabulary from your surroundings and learn bad habits that are almost impossible to undo later on!


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