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Helping you to be a deliberate creator of your life experience

The Free Nation International Church teaches that: It is our natural state of being to Well, Happy, Healthy and Wealthy. That the purpose of all Life is the experiencing of Happiness, Joy, Bliss and Love. By coming into unity with God, we will have the ability to attain and maintain our natural state of being and we will experience his presence in every level of our Life. We will experience Heaven and Earth and our Lives become an ever evolving array of our own creation of Joyful and pleasing experiences.

Mission: To teach the people of the world how to allow God to fulfil for us the experiences that we have created, and for us to be as children and have a never ending time of our lives here on earth!

The Love Doctor

He who thinks that they have found #LOVE before finding their #Life_purpose! TROUBLE NJE!!!!😆😆😆

STOP Chasing Money, ALLOW it instead! Your quest in life should not be to chase the green stuff, but to learn and master the art of being a serial winner by being a deliberate creator of your life experience. Think about this statement…

[11/21/18]   The time has come for you to take full control of your life! TFNIN brings you the school of Well Being!

[04/06/18]   Failure to acknowledge one self; your abilities, talents and skills will result in a life of struggle! Know who you are and strive to be the best version of yourself!

Consult with us to discover your true purpose in life and put an end to all your struggle! 76383068

Success Gateway

Be careful of the Herods in your life! Not everyone who smiles with your is your friend, and not everyone who is pretending to be your friend is happy with your progess in life!

This is #observeyourmind week :

1. Be patient with yourself
2. Trust your instincts
3. Be ready to let go of things of great value
4. Always remember that there is more from where they came!
5. Have faith in what you believe in
6. Go and kick some a**

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The Art Of God

Matthew 4: 5. Then the devil took him to the holy city and had him stand on the highest point of the temple. 6. "If you are the Son of God," he said, "throw yourself yourself down. For it is written:

"He will command his angels concerning you, and they will lift you up in their hands, so that you will not strike your foot against a stone."

Just because you know God, doesn't mean that you have to show off and make others small about the matter. Knowing God is not about condemning others, but about lifting them up and being selfless witg the things that you do.

Father God, I thank you for this beautiful morning. We as your people can do things, but none like you. You are the beginning and the ending! Take away pride from my life and from anyone who reads this.


The Art Of God

Matthew 4: 1. Then Jesus was led by the spirit into the desert to be tempted by the devil. 2. After fasting forty days and forty nights, he was hungry. 3. The tempter came to him and said, "if you are the son of God, tell these stones to become bread."

4. Jesus answered, "it is written: Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God."


Heavenly father, I thank you for the person that is reading this message. As they do father, spark the fire within them and show them who they are, for by knowing who they are they will know you and by knowing you they will have wisdom.


Light of God Prayer Light of God Prayer May the light of God come forth and connect with me as I continue to create my life experience to be the way that I want it to be. May I be reminded of my true nature, that wealth; health and happiness are naturally for me. May I awaken and always…

The Art of God: The answer to your prayers (The Art of Books Book 2)

Happy New Year to you, and God Bless you in 2016.*Version*=1&*entries*=0 Have you ever found yourself wondering if God truly does exist? Have you ever wondered if God truly answers prayers and if he is really responsible for the success and well-being of people or if some people are just lucky and others just aren’t? Have you ever wondered why other people seem...

financial fre is achieved, it's not given.

for those who have been struggling to download the book using the previous link, click

[06/12/15]   It is well with my soul to be in your company oh Lord my God! This is a day made by you for me to express myself one more time for the glorification of your name once again. I thank you for this is my present from you!

[06/09/15]   Failure makes you stronger only if you learn the lessons that God is trying to teach you by putting you through that particular situation. The people around you may laugh and make jokes about you, but that to is a way that God will use to show you that you are hanging around the wrong people.

If anything at all, know that God always stands to the one who knows that he is always in the presence of the almighty.

Do have a blessed week!

The Art of Making Money, an Ebook by Ian Simelane


download it here:

The bible says that "in the beginning God created the heaven and the earth"! In my beginning God removed from me what I had made my whole life. I felt as if there was nothing worth living for so I wanted to write a book to tell my story of what went down. As I stated, God also took away the words that I had intended to write and as that happened, he gave me these words to write and they are what constitute this book.

The Art of Making Money is the story of how God saw me. Where I had missed the plot of my life and how I had landed in the position that I was in. This is a book about becoming what you are truly meant to be. This is a book about making your life better and eventually being the best at what you are capable of being.

This book will make you understand your purpose in life and allow you to begin doing exactly what you ought to be doing in order to earn the money that you know you should be earning and to live the remainder of your life in the best way possible. So here you are, reading an abstract about a book titled "The Art of Making Money and it keeps on going on about God. I'm actually laughing right now, and that is because of the realization that; it is only possible through God!

I don't know what you believe or what you don't believe, but what I know is that if you take the time to read through this book, and not just once, but constantly, your situation will get better, no matter how bad it might be. It is for that reason that I will keep this abstract short and leave you to decide what you are to do with the minutes that follow. Cheers and happy reading. I hope that you do find what you came here looking for. The bible says; "in the beginning God created the heaven and the earth"! In my beginning, God removed from me what I had built my whole life around. I felt as if there was nothing worth living for anymore. This book was intended to tell that story, but God decided to tell a different story, and it i…

[05/26/15]   If you know of anyone who is very ill, (logulako kakhulu) and you would like to help them get better. Call this number +268 7 638 3068 now, or just bring them over to Ngwenya village house No. 111. We heal, teach and inspire.
We prefer to deal with SPECIAL cases, where one has dealt with all doctors, medical and traditional and yet healing still eludes them. We have had situations where the problem isn't physical health, rather emotional, where even prayer fasting and etc have failed and we have successfully managed to fix the problem. Like I said, we prefer special cases, where one has given up hope, that's where we come in. Call us and experience freedom NOW!

[03/08/15]   Last kicks of a dying HORSE! That's what it is. Don't give up now, keep on keeping on even if it's not clear where you are heading. What's most important is that you keep on keeping on.

[02/22/15]   At times you look too hard, and we forget that God has already put in us all that we need. Look to God and find all that you think you ever wanted

[11/14/14]   Don't give up before you try our amazing formula.

[07/14/14]   The path to self discovery is always and interesting one because it always ends with finding God, and you wonder how one would spend their whole life without knowing and understanding the power that lay still within them.

[06/09/14]   Thank you God for this beautiful morning. Thank you for yet another gift of a day for me to express myself and apply myself in this beautiful thing we call life.

Thank you for health, wealth and happiness. Thank you for your presence and the opportunity for one to tap into your infinite knowledge and Wisedome.

I pray that you bless each and everyone that reads this and that you make their desires come to life by your power and grace Amen.

[05/31/14]   God is able to do, just what he says he will do;

All of a sudden you decide that you want more from your life, and in most cases its usually more money, then you aught to optimise first the way that you use your time. Pray, then do the things you get inspired to do after praying.

start spending more time doing the things that you think can lead you to getting more money. Most of the time we decide that we want more money but then we continue doing things just the way that we have been doing them before. that's insanity; "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results".

To get more, you have to optimise yourself first, your thinking, your habits, your friends then your business. ..........

[05/29/14]   Before you can get it, you first have to convince yourself that you truly want it.

Nothing comes to you by force, except having to convince yourself. That's the one thing that we ever get to struggle with in life, the rest is not for us to temper with. What ever it is that you want, just convince yourself of it, and that you truly need and want it and it will find its way to you. It truly is that simple. ............

[05/22/14]   Even when you complain that God has turned his face away from you and that nothing goodness coming your way, you forget that it is through his breath that you are able to talk and experience whatever it is that you are experiencing.

It's such a wonderful thing that God has no moods like we humans, otherwise bekatosala on the spot. Red CARD! Give praise to God because he is worthy of it........ If you don't believe me, ask Job............

[05/06/14]   You know that you are in the right church when you feel it's your church too. When you have a sense of belonging and of ownership.

Guys, do you know what the vision for your church is, if not make time to find out and adopt it or find a church with a vision you can adopt. stay blessed

[05/05/14]   Sin is a word that has been greatly misunderstood and misinterpreted. Literally translated front the ancient Greek in which the New Testament was written, to sin means to miss the Mark, as an Archer who misses the target, so to sin means to miss the point of human existence.

It means to live unskillfully, blindly, and thus to suffer and cause suffering. - Eckhart Toller - A New Earth 2005

If you need someone to pray with you, call 76576896 or send me an in box and your prayer request.

[05/02/14]   God, I am putting love into this message. Send love to the one who is reading this right now. Turn their situation to favour them. Put a smile on their face today and afford them a glimpse of your awesomeness right this moment that they may awaken to your presence in their lives.

All is possible with God, and now He has touched you in a special way. Stop doubting, stop crying, stop wondering, just go out and live your life knowing that His presence is with you at all times.

God bless you

[05/01/14]   Dynamic prayer is a wonderful expression, it is a song of the soul and the soul wants to sing, it wants to express light
all around itself, it wants to go forward and help and raise others who need the transmuting power output of a
joyous soul. You must allow your inner soul to do this; you must allow this beautiful manifestation to take place, this
great surge of energy to fill your mind and aura to such an extent that the bread you cast upon the waters is indeed
plentiful and beneficial to all. And the more effort you expend in this respect, the more sure the result must be.
This is the law. If you want an impossible thing it is this: you cannot send out dynamic prayers for mankind without
having certain results – it is impossible, it cannot be done, the results must come, sooner or later they must come!
God, if I could only get this mighty Truth over to the lazy people on this planet, we would have three and a half
billion prayers, this very morning and before this afternoon, the world would be changed completely!
So, be not deluded by that allegedly logical part of yourself, your conscious mind – but do let your soul sing. It can be
taken over by the higher part of you and the change will be such as to amaze you; and once you have mentally
tasted this you will not want to slip back again. Be all of you thus warned: I have spoken in the light of considerable
experience. Heed it, for your sakes, and for the world’s.
Dr. George King

[04/30/14]   I wish there was an easier way of doing what we have to do, of being who we are and of following God's commands. We are here on a contract basis, we made an agreement to accomplish certain things during our stay here on earth.

If you ever find yourself wondering what the purpose of life is, then you have not yet started living your life according to the conditions of your contract with God.

If you are like most people, and find yourself saying what we do on earth doesn't really matter because singabahambayo, you are simply making excuses for your faliour. You will never rest, even though you may hind behind such curtains. Why are you here.......? The answer to that will change your life........

[04/29/14]   your dreams should be bigger all the time, your plans on the other hand should always be manageable.

When you dream, you draw directly from God. God can make any dream come true, no matter the size. When you plan, you want to achieve your plans, so you plan according to your capabilities. Each time you plan anything bigger than your capabilities, you are setting yourself up for failure.

[04/27/14]   A wise man once said; " repent for the Kingdom of heaven is near " those were his first words in his ministry. .............

[04/26/14]   The mind has No limits. It is capable of conceiving the greatest ideas, and as a result can make you the greatest man to ever live.

Our life experiences are a gauge of how well, we have used our minds. If you don't like what you see when you look in the mirror, just exercise the power you already have.

Pray to God for wisdom...........

[04/24/14]   It's time for you to start getting all that you ever wanted. ............

[04/24/14]   God enjoys giving reward for great work. This makes it imperative for each one of us to figure out what we are good at and to start doing that one thing ASAP for us to receive great rewards from our maker...

What are you good at? What inspires you to bring out the best off yourself? Find out what that one thing is and start doing it like there is no tomorrow. .........

[04/23/14]   the next time, today even, or right now, whatever it is that you face, look at it and smile, and remind yourself how bad this would be if you didn't have God on your side, then say these words;

God, am I greaful that you are here with me. Since you are the one who lay the foundation for all things, I will let you tackle this one, and then show me the best way to overcome and rise above this challenge.

After that, do the first thing that comes to mind and let things be... God loves you all the time and he never leaves you. He knows your situation and is fully aware of your potential to overcome whatever you may be faced with. He will show you the way, but it is up to you to go ahead and do what must be done to conquer your situation.

[04/22/14]   How often do you find yourself saying;

I just want to be happy. Is that too much to ask for?

Well, we all want to be happy, and believe me, we want to because God wants us to be happy. That is the reason he sent us here to earth, to express ourselves and to be the best that we are capable of being.

God is the answer to everything; He is the source of everything, and no desire is too Big or too small for him. God will provide you with all you need and WANT, all you have to do is to master the art of Asking and Receiving from God. That's what I am here to teach you..........

[11/26/13]   Wait until He reveals to you what it is that He was doing for you when you thought that He was doing nothing..... Then and only then will you be surprised...! ".....your rod and your stuff they comfort me...."

Thank you Lord......

[11/25/13]   People think of God as a remedy....! Close; He makes all remedies...! How is that for a fact....

[11/07/13]   God is great, God is Good.... begin and end your day with these words and your life will be full of joy and bliss.

[05/26/13]   If you have anything bothering you in your life and you would like to have God intervene, send your prayer request to [email protected] and we shall pray for and with you until you are freed of your burdens!

[05/26/13]   Since today is a Sunday, here is something to help you get into gear....

May the light of God come forth and connect with me as I create my life experience the way that I want to be. May I be reminded at this very moment of my true nature, that wealth, health and happines are naturally for me.

May I awaken and always be conscious to the power that was put in me, by God when I made the decission to come into this time, space and feeling eviroment, for me to create with, my life experience as I so desire.

Love, Truth and Patience shall bring me into hamony with the essence of my true nature. May the light of God rid of me all that which is botherig me and multiply all that which brings me into harmony with my true nature.


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