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School of English in São Tomé und Príncipe.

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Timeline Photos 22/05/2021

Timeline Photos

Für den April geht unser Dank an den OT598 Düsseldorf! #schoolofenglish #saotome #roundtable #oldtable #duesseldorf #weilwirdasmachen #lebensfreunde #saotomeprincipe #rt44schoolofenglish #education

Timeline Photos 21/05/2021


Für den Mai 2021 geht unser Dank an die Jungs vom RT195 Aalen!

Schon während des Vortrages stand für unsere Feunde aus dem schönen Schwanbenland fest: "Wir wollen untzerstützen und übernehmen den Monat Mai".

Super! Und herzlichen Dank für die Spontanität!

Zwei Wochen nach dem Votrag, haben wir nach unseren Tischabendenden uns auch noch auf ein gemeinsames After-Show-Bier getroffen und Tischübergreifenden Austausch betrieben.
Wenn ihr auch einen Eindruck vom sehr aktiven Tisch RT195 bekommen wollt schaut gern mal auf der Webseite vorbei: https://rt195.round-table.de/

Wir sind Begeistert wie viele tolle Aktionen ihr durchführt und freuen uns auf einen Post-Corona Besuch in Aalen!

#schoolofenglish #saotome #roundtable #roundtable195 #aalen #weilwirdasmachen #lebensfreunde #saotomeprincipe #rt44schoolofenglish #education

Timeline Photos 17/02/2021

Yes, great news!

Herzlichen Dank @lc102schwerin für die Übernahme der 1. Monats Patenschaft in 2021 für unser Service Projekt @stpschoolofenglish 🙏🏻 Dank eurer Unterstützung kann in @sao_tome_principe Englisch Unterricht stattfinden und können die Menschen vor Ort Englisch lernen. #lc102schwerin #saotomeeprincipe #learnenglish #education #roundtable #weilwirdasmachen #rt44berlin #serviceproject


Who initiate the project together with Nilton Paquete?

The initiator: Philippe Held-Meisterjahn

"In the year 2018 I visited São Tomé & Príncipe and fell in love with the country. I met highly motivated people and felt that they need support for self-help. So I started this project in 2019 and hope that it is going to be successful!"

Thanks for your support!

#stpschoolofenglish #languageschool #saotome #saotomeandprincipe



Only three month left! \o/

Yesterday, Philipp presented our School of English Project to our (old) brothers from Old Tablers 1 Berlin. Yes... virtual, yes ... via Zoom meeting. 10 Minutes later they wrote us their decision: "Great project we love to support!"

Thanks for covering the September, great to have you at our side!


#roundtable #oldtabler #saotomeeducation #schoolofenglish #saotome #berlin #sidebyside


The start into this week is fantastic!

Our brothers from ROUND TABLE 178 Berlin will support the School of English and take over the August 2020!

We are very impressed by the Berlin-wide support of our project so far.

Thanks from ROUND TABLE 44 BERLIN and the São Tomé and Príncipe School of English.

#roundtable178 #schoolofenglish #saotome #education #roundtable44 #sidebyside



Even friends from Belgium will support our project. A big hug to our brothers from Table Ronde 44 Neufchâteau, Belgium, for the sponsorship of July 2020. Special thanks to Olivier Laurent for having arrange this.

We hope to see you as soon as possible in real life!

Regards from Berlin! ROUND TABLE 44 BERLIN

#schoolofenglish #saotome #saotomeprincipe #education #berlin #neufchateau #roundtablebelgium #roundtable


Great news! We found our second Table ... not.

Its a Ladies Circle!

We are proud to announce, that Ladies Circle 5 Berlin will take care of June 2020 and we are very thankful!

Side by Side lived in Berlin! Yours, ROUND TABLE 44 BERLIN

#ladiescircle5 #ladiescircle #ladiescicledeutschland #roundtable #roundtable44 #schoolofenglish #saotome #saotomeandpricipe


The first mover from the middle of Germany is Round Table 150 Höxter-Holzminden!

Thanks for the fast support and the patent for may, Yours in Table ROUND TABLE 44 BERLIN.


#roundtable #schoolodenglish #saotome #saotomeandprincipe #rt44 #roundtable150 #roundtable44berlin #saotomeeducation


Who is the organizer in São Tomé und Príncipe?

The Organizer: Nilton Paquete

"I met Philipp with his wife Lisa 2018 and support them during their travel through São Tomé & Príncipe. We decided to stay in contact and try to implement a new social project in my country."

Thanks for your support!

#stpschoolofenglish #languageschool #saotome #saotomeandprincipe


sao-tome-education.com 20/04/2020

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Yeah, we started!

In January 2020, we from ROUND TABLE 44 BERLIN , started our newest project:


An english language school in one of the nicest country around the globe: São Tomé and Príncipe.

Please follow, like and support us from now on and stay tuned for the newest updates on this wonderful project!

#saotomeeducation #stpschoolofenglish #saotome #saotomeandprincipe

sao-tome-education.com Round Table 44 Berlin, together with the Dr. Knabe Foundation, opened an english school on São Tomé & Príncipe, to provide young adults with the opportunity to improve their english language skillls and education.


São Tomé and Príncipe School of English


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São Tomé and Príncipe School of English




English language school.

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São Tomé
Outra Escola em São Tomé (mostrar todos)
Saotomean English School Saotomean English School
Budo Budo
São Tomé

Escola do Professor Beto Melo

Universidade de São Tomé e Príncipe Universidade de São Tomé e Príncipe
Rua Da Caixa, Nº 194
São Tomé, 546

A USTP é um estabelecimento público de ensino superior que integra a Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologias (FCT), Instituto Superior de Educação e Comunicação (ISEC) e o Instituto Superior de Ciências da Saúde Dr. Victor Sá Machado.

Instituto Diocesano de Formação João Paulo II Instituto Diocesano de Formação João Paulo II
Campo De Milho, São Tomé
São Tomé

Página oficial do Instituto Diocesano de Formação João Paulo II - São Tomé e Príncipe