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Using Alpha-Theta Frequencies in learning to speak the second or third language opens you up to FEELING the language. It is not enough to just 'know' the language if you want to be able to use it actively. You need to FEEL the language to be able to SPEAK it.


The natural Alpha-Theta Approach to learning to speak the second language
This page is for you if English is your second or third language and you would love to improve your English for Work.

Do you understand English quite well when you read or listen to someone, but it is hard for you to make powerful sentences when you speak English. You feel you get stuck when you discuss professional issues with your colleagues or business partners from abroad.

Would you like to speak English fluently for work?

Would you love to learn to speak in a fun and joyful way?

Then my revolutionary Alpha-Theta Language Learning is for you because it speeds up the process and relaxes you to lose fear of making mistakes.

I have created the following courses for you to guide you to become fluent in using English for Work:

1 Describing Companies, Jobs, Products and Services - Talking about companies, jobs, products and services

2 Describing Graphs and Charts

3 Finding a Dream Job - Writing a CV, a Letter of Application and Preparing for a Job Interview

4 Business Correspondence - Writing Business Letters, Formal Emails, CVs, Reports and Proposals

5 Giving Effective Presentations in English

6 Taking Part in Productive Meetings and Negotiations in English

7 Telephoning in English

8 Preparing for Cambridge Business English Exam B1 Preliminary

9 Preparing for Cambridge Business English Exam B2 Vantage

10 Preparing for Cambridge Business English Exam C1 Higher

All the courses will be launched by the end of August 2021.

Stay tuned 🙂

Your Business English instructor Sonja Joy Trampus PhD


Learning the language with the help of meditation is so effective because the teacher loves her or his job so much so the students fall in love with the language.
The teacher who teachers the language using alpha theta brainwaves is skilled in teaching the language in meditative states.
The teacher's passion for teaching the language and working with her students is so immense that the students learn with pleasure and joy.


Learning to speak the language with the help of alpha theta frequencies requires letting go of control and constant training.

I have noticed that many non-native speakers of English (at least in Europe) mistakenly believe that they can speak the language, even though they had English in school ten or twenty years ago and haven't practiced speaking for many years.

Alpha theta binaural beats help you to relax, enjoy and open your subconscious to let the language go deeper.

Most language learning stays on the surface because in schools they still drill grammar and do not focus on speaking at all because there may be 20 or more students in classes.

Alpha Theta Language Learning is especially effective with adults.

Alpha Theta Language Learning is designed for adults because they have the tendency to control every aspect of their lives. Having control over learning to speak blocks your brain.

The language center in your brain is like a playful child that does not want to be controlled, it is like a child who wants to play and enjoy while learning.

It is the fact that children learn to speak faster because they do not know how to control the learning process, and they do not want to control. They only want to enjoy and go with the flow.

Children learn to speak faster because their brain is constantly in alpha theta brainwaves. It is the playful energy of having fun and letting go.

Alpha Theta Language Learning relaxes adults so they open up to enjoying speaking the language.

Learning to speak requires letting go of your expectations, trusting the teacher and enjoying the process.

Becoming fluent in the language requires constant practice with the passionate alpha theta teacher who understands how important it is to support the student to relax and let go of expectations and to become responsible for practicing the language every day.

Alpha theta frequencies support the letting go of control.

Sonya Trampus Joy PhD
Specialist in Alpha Theta Language Learning


Learning to speak and write a second language is challenging for adults because they are prone to controlling every aspect of their lives. However, the language center in your brain does not want to be controlled. It is like a child who wants to be free and have fun. Children learn languages fast because they have fun and enjoy learning. Children's brain is constantly in the alpha/theta state. Using powerful alpha/theta binaural beats in learning to speak and write languages is very effective because these waves encourage adults to relax and stop controlling the learning process.

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