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Vodenje gorniških in alpinističnih tur vseh zahtevnosti Tečaji gorništva, športnega plezanja, varstva pred snežnimi plazovi, orientacije, turnega smučanja Svetovanje o opremi Strokovna predavanja... +38640147594 [email protected]

Mission: Share and teach outdoor knowledge and experience for safety, comfort and well being of those who need them.

Pivot Firebird 29 izjava očividca

Edina reč, ki je lahko preprečila Switchbladeu ali Specovemu Enduru, da postane moja nova bergla (pred neizbežnim prestopom v Ebike sfero), je bil pojav Pivot Firebirda 29. Čeprav že Switchblade odkljuka prav vse postavke, pa FB29 uvaja še par novih, hkrati pa zagotavlja boljše zavarovanje za naravnost obupno in samemu sebi nevarno (POCarsko) kolesarjenje in kolesarske navade.
Kot lahko vsakdo ugane, gre za (še en) bicikel, ki ti odnese rit večkrat kot si si pripravljen priznati, hkrati pa njem izgledaš kot kak profi ( ali vsaj zobar) medtem ko se voziš od bara do bara v mestu in se hvališ kako "šredaš" modrozelene linije po bližnjih gozdičkih. Saj kam drugam tako ali tako ne greš. Pa še nekaj je res prima: Ne glede nato kako dober (misliš da) si. FB29 bo vedno eno ligo boljši od tebe. Kot bi zmiksali športni avto, terenca in en tank. Peljal se boš povsod ampak vedno bo ostalo še malo lufta za drugič...
Ima tudi eno slabo stran... Če ti že uspe...na noben način ne moreš kolesa okriviti za buške ki si jih fasal ko si zletel iz ovinka.
Tole ni reklama, pač pa izjava očividca, porojena iz izkustveno podprtega čistega navdušenja.

Pivot Firebird 29 testimony

The only thing that could prevent the Switchblade or the Spec Enduro to become the new crutch (until the inevitable transfer to E-bikes), was the emergence of Pivot Firebird 29.
If the Switchblade already ticks all the boxes, the FB 29 invents some new ones and holds a higher insurance policy for my absolute ridiculous and outright dangerous (read - POCar like) riding style and habits.
As you might have guessed this is a bike, that will save your ass more times you are willing to admit, while making you look like a pro you are not, while cruising downtown from one bar to another boasting about shredding blue level trails. It gets better. No matter how good you become. The FB 29 will always stay beyond your limits. Its like a unique fusion of a sport car, a Jeep and a main battle tank. A joy to ride no matter where you get lost.

This is no ad. Its a fact.

I always try to understand other people's tastes and opinions. Sometimes I even agree with them. With regards to one the best AM bike out there, it leaves me no doubt. I just hope soon to be able to try the latest updated version which ticks the few boxes of today's trends while keeping all the sweet intact.
The Pivot Switchblade with a more capable shock, 44mm fork offset, slacker HT angle and a 160mm FOX 36 by default on a 29 version.

My personal experience with the Switchblade begun as a surprise that it instantly won the comparative test of AM bikes. Out of the blue it blew away even my personal favourites and the bikes from "higher league". That the two day test impression wasn't a glitch has confirmed more than a year (and many ridden bikes later), when I got to ride it for a month while waiting for my freshly ordered rig, the Firebird 29. It was difficult to return it.

Before working at Pivot as its Media Relations and Content Coordinator, Ron was a long time test editor at Bicycling Magazine. “The best bike I ever reviewed and my favorite to this day is still the Switchblade,” he says. “It fits my riding style and terrain I like to ride perfectly. I can climb for hours to reach my favorite mountain descent, ride any trail in Moab or even do shuttle downhill runs with my buddies, and somehow the Switchblade always feels like the right bike.” To learn more about his build and thoughts on the new 160mm travel/44mm offset fork spec check out his bio here: https://www.pivotcycles.com/en/ron-koch


Unser Tourenprogramm für 2019 ist online! Neu für 2019: "Trans Friaul" die perfekte Tour für Fans von wilder Natur und einsamen Trails, sehr gute Kondition und Fahrtechnik vorausgesetzt!
Für alle Touren gilt wie immer: Individuelle Termine sind auf Anfrage möglich!

A textbook perfect job.
On paper.

A textbook perfect job.
On paper.

How a tolerant bunch of South African-American-Scotiish-Brits helped a lost Native guide find his ways around his homeland. 
Made it in two tries with some cheating.

How a tolerant bunch of South African-American-Scotiish-Brits helped a lost Native guide find his ways around his homeland.
Made it in two tries with some cheating.

The wish was there. And the mosquitos. And some spirit-lifted energy. There was no planning. Then, the angles came out too steep. Or to flat. The curves too tight. Or too straight. The berms too short. Or missing alltogether. The material unsuitable, the jumps blind.
The result is a slovenian highway.
Well this one brought a smile on our faces. And made me eat pizza with bare dirty hands.

Visit Tržič

Če si še niste zabeležili na koledarju zadnji septembrski vikend vas vabimo na pravo kolesarsko poslastico, kjer boste spoznali smetano tržiškega razkošja poti :D #visit_trzic #trzic #cycling #mountains #discover https://www.visit-trzic.com/prireditve/vtp.html

's cover photo

Freiraus Lucky 7 and Grateful 8

Freiraus Lucky 7 and Grateful 8

Trans Alp - Slovenia.
Another attempt to make it perfect was just short of meeting that objective. If we just didn't completely lost the way from the very beginning, destroyed a few bikes and missed just about every dinner time... And... of course... if we didn't end up in the Baltic instead of adriatic sea... Heck, we were speaking German all the time and simply didn't notice.

Gorsko vodništvo - Mountain guide - Anderle Aljaž

UIAGM mountain guide, MTB guide.
Outdoor guiding, lecturing, consulting

Gear of the year: Powder and touring
Mammut Alyeska

Another story that has fortunately kept evolving for the past 15 years or so - This year I have been demolishing my 5th generation of the Alyeska skiing outfit and after a couple years of pause, this again, is a keeper. Combined with the realization pants with in build climbing harness for those glacier travels and cliff rappels, the jacket got cleaner, lighter, roomier and less auspicious, which, in the times of everyone boasting for little reason, is a good news. Ah yeah, skiing... No counter indication whatsoever.

Footnote: amongst dozens of pieces, these are the ones, deserving to be brought forward, because they managed to amaze after a season of merciless misuse and dependency in all conditions. It is not an add. It is a testimony.

Gear of the year: Snow and ice
Mammut Nordwand pro jacket and pants. The progress at a level that is already high can only be slow, and that' s what I have been painfully observing for the last 5 years. Now it has finally come to a overall improvement of the favourite climbing outfit. There has never been so much comfort, protection, function and freedom combined and expressed when the going gets really tough. It is easy to shine on a calm sunny day.

A loooong missed piece has finally arrived. The Nordwand Thermo jacket. It is never too late, but this could get on board years earlier: The Thermo jacket is a technical, elastic, waterproof jacket with insulation. A piece to go for on all those February Norvegian ice climbs, Scottish blizzards and sitting on ski lifts when arctic air sets in. Funny enough, this year it came super handy in march, both for skiing and ice climbing at less than comfy temps and high winds both at home and in bavarian alps.

Footnote: amongst dozens of pieces, these are the ones, deserving to be brought forward, because they managed to amaze after a season of merciless misuse and dependency in all conditions. It is not an add. It is a testimony.

Gear of the year: ice
Mammut Nordwand Light Mid GTX
I never thought something as light will perform the way these winter mountaneering shoes do. Wide last, super grippy rubber, comfy lining, generous insulation, surprising stability. for: Ice and mixed climbing

Footnote: amongst dozens of pieces, these are the ones, deserving to be brought forward, because they managed to amaze after a season of merciless misuse and dependency in all conditions. It is not an add. It is a testimony.

Gear of the year: Ski
Elan Ripstick 106. Second pair and about 120 no-mercy days on snow, offer little room for second thoughts. Now with the G3 ion bindings, will remain the best ski in my quiver in the next winter.


#naverigi: po Šornu še en gorski vodnik, Aljaž Anderle pridno vodi tudi kolesarje. Gorsko vodništvo - Mountain guide - Anderle Aljaž


BBC Ski Sunday - JSMTW (Bav)

Transferring knowledge and experience to people, who will want to exploit it. A satisfying job.

Grab a brew and catch up on Graham Bell's visit to our Bavarian Wing. Shown on the 12th Feb 2017's episode of BBC Ski Sunday.


Der Winter kommt zurück - schon keine Lust mehr?
Dann am besten schon mal unser Trailcamp slowenische Küste&Triest buchen und auf den mediterranen Frühling freuen!
10.3. bis 17.3.2018
7.4. bis 14.4.2018


Ledene strasti ali Lekcije globalnega zmrzovanja | AK Ravne



Planinski vestnik

Maj 2015, Aljaž Anderle

New year. More and better. Experience Slovenia riding a bike.

Surprise your expectations.

[email protected]

Biketouren in Slowenien 2018

Eine weitere tolle Saison mit großartigen Tourteilnehmern geht zu Ende. Die nächste steht bevor! Wir haben nicht geruht und haben auch für 2018 wieder ein interessantes Programm mit neuen Touren zusammengestellt. Erstmals auch mit einem Angebot für E-Mountainbiker: Auf der Route der Transslowenien "light" von Kranjska Gora bis Piran, optimiert für e-Mountainbikes!

Für Trekkingbiker haben wir eine neue attraktive Route im Angebot:
"Transslowenien Tarvisio-Piran": In sechs Etappen durch tiefe Täler und über sanfte Hügel von den Alpen zur Adria.

Auch für Mountainbiker gibt es etwas Neues: Die "Best of Karawanken", eine anspruchsvolle 5-Tagestour mit super Trails im Grenzgebirge zwischen Österreich und Slowenien.
Nochmals optimiert haben wir unsere Tour "Best Singletrails", jetzt "Trailcamp Soča- und Vipava-Tal", eine Woche auf den besten Trails in den beiden Top-Revieren Soča- und Vipava-Tal.

Für alle Touren gilt: Individuelle Termine sind möglich, auch maßgeschneiderte Touren in ganz Slowenien. Teilt uns Eure Wünsche mit, wir erstellen Euch gerne ein Angebot!


Transslowenien "classic"
Unser „Klassiker“ in der neunten Saison! In sechs Tagen durch den reizvollen Westen Sloweniens von Kranjska Gora nach Piran. Eine abfahrtsorientierte Traumwoche für fortgeschrittene Biker.

Transslowenien "light"
Eine „entschärfte“ aber nicht weniger attraktive Version der „classic“ - die perfekte Tour für fahrtechnisch weniger versierte Fahrer.

Transslowenien Maribor -Triest
Eine einzigartige Kombination aus einsamen Trails, traumhaften Landschaften, lebendigen Städten und Meer. In sechs Tagen einmal von Ost nach West quer durch Slowenien.

Transslowenien selfguide
Für Gruppen bieten wir für unsere Transslowenien-Routen ein Selfguide-Package an! Ihr profitiert von unserem Know-How und erlebt eine Woche Abenteuer mit Euren Freunden.

Um den Triglav
Eine landschaftlich extrem reizvolle 5-Tages-Rundtour um Sloweniens Nationalsymbol. Die Mischung aus Schotterwegen, Straßen und leichten Trails macht die Tour auch für fahrtechnisch weniger versierte Fahrer zum Erlebnis.

Trailcamp slowenische Küste&Triest
Die schönsten Trails an der Küste - die perfekte Tour für den Saisonstart oder - ausklang.

Trailcamp Soča- und Vipava-Tal
Eine Woche Trailriding pur, die besten Trails in den beiden Top-Revieren Soča- und Vipava-Tal. Die perfekte Tour für Enduro-Fans!

Best of Karawanken
Eine anspruchsvolle 5-Tagestour im Grenzgebirge zwischen Österreich und Slowenien.

Best of Soča
Die schönsten Touren und Trails im Soča-Tal kombiniert zu einer 4,5 Tages-Rundtour. Eine perfekte Runde mit hohem Trailanteil.

Best of Soca selfguide
Auch unsere Soča-Rundtour gibt es als Selfguide-Variante! In 4,5 Tagen könnt Ihr mit Euren Freunden die schönsten Touren im Soča-Tal erkunden. Optional sind auch längere oder kürzere Varianten möglich.

Individuelle Touren
Für Gruppen führen wir alle Touren auch zu Wunschterminen durch, auch maßgeschneiderte Touren in ganz Slowenien sind möglich. Einfach anfragen!


Transslowenien light e-MTB
Auf den Spuren unserer "Transslowenien light" mit dem e-Mountainbike von den Alpen zur Adria.

Individuelle Touren
Für Gruppen führen wir Touren auch zu Wunschterminen durch, bzw. können maßgeschneiderte Touren in ganz Slowenien anbieten.


Transslowenien Villach-Poreč Trekkingbike
Eine Transslowenien von den Alpen zur Adria, in diesem Fall von Villach bis Poreč in Kroatien! In sechs Etappen durchqueren wir vier Länder, nach dem Start in Österreich geht es durch Italien und Slowenien bis nach Kroatien.
Auch als selfguide-Variante ab zwei Personen möglich!

Transslowenien Tarvisio-Piran
In sechs Etappen durch tiefe Täler und über sanfte Hügel von den Alpen zur Adria. Eine abwechslungsreiche Tourenwoche durch den Westen Sloweniens mit Tagesetappen von 40 bis 60 km und 500 bis 900 hm.

Weiterhin erhältlich ist die dritte Auflage des Tourenführers für das Soča-Tal. 30 spannende Touren zum Nachfahren in einem der schönsten Tourenreviere im Alpenraum.

Wir wünschen Euch allen einen schönen Winter und freuen uns auf eine gemeinsame Saison 2018 in Slowenien!

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Burja, snow, tight turns, steep drops, close calls, good food, speed tickets, trashed bikes, short days, big smiles.
Closing the season, making new plans, enjoying the nature and best trails, bust most importantly: meeting old friends.

day 1: "We dont believe in pedaling"
Aufgrund der staken Bora lieber im Shuttle...
day 2&3&4: "We do believe in pedaling!"

Best equipment for 2017 - First hand

1. Adidas Zonyk pro glasses
2. Mammut Barryvox S avalanche transceiver
3. POC resistance enduro MTB glove
4. Mammut Eisfeld Pants
5. Pivot Switchblade Pro bike
6. POC Tectal Race helmet
7. Garmin Phenix 5 watch

These 7 pieces were the most outstanding amongst other new products that have either been tested or used extensively during the season. They excel in design, function and quality. Please inquire for a detailed reference about any of these or other items you might get interested in.

All sortrs of trails, unique scenery, food & wine, history, well earned relax, good company..., Anybody can find a reason to come over. Nobody will regret it.

Die Saison geht langsam dem Ende zu - vielen Dank noch einmal an alle unsere Tourenteilnehmer und unsere Gastgeber in Slowenien und Italien!
Neue Touren und Termine für 2018 folgen in den nächsten Wochen!

Monty Python once said: ...and now, something completely different. Or, how a quiet, post-season idyllic ghost resort village, undergoes a zombie attack. If you're clean, you better stay clear.

Light. the warmth. The sight. The hope. The relief. The safety. The energy. The matter. The energy that matters most.
North and South, Trans Slovenia with Freiraus.de in 2017

Wind. The ally. The adversary. The chiller. The dryer. The painter. The movement. The direction. Keep it in the back, get out of its way if it's mad.

North and South.

Stone. The foundation. The obstacle. The sculpture of time. The builder. The marker. The beauty. And the beast. Depending on your attitude. And collision course.

North and South. Trans Slovenia. With Freiraus.de

Water. The source of Life. The substance of everything. The reason for joy. the cause for concern. The teacher of skill. The cleanser of dirt. Dive, sail, ski, jump, rip straight into it. Get ready, come along and expect lots of.... wet dimensions.

North and South. Trans Slovenia, with Freiraus.de

Bled Bike Festival


Vabljeni na Kolesarski festival na Bled in sobotno MTB turo na Kofce.

The largest bike festival in Slovenia with the toughest mountain bike race in the region of the Julian Alps. You are welcome to join us!

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in Trzic?

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Chen Taijiquan Slovenia is a martial arts school, dedicated to practicing, teaching and distributing chen taijiquan.

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Glavni cilj in namen Zavoda slovenski astronavt je spodbujati astronavte slovenskega porekla, njihove dosežke in motiviranje mladih za poklic astronavta.

Kinološko društvo Storžič Kinološko društvo Storžič
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