Slovenian Aeronautical Academy

SAA is EASA ATO Approved Training Organization located in Portoroz, Slovenia, European Union. Experience of our personnel is spanning through all continents of the world from private pilot instructors to type rating instructor and examiners.

Dear fellow aviators and student pilots🛩,

It has come to our attention that unfortunately The Aviation School Aerocondor L3 European Airline Academy - located at the Ponte de Sor aerodrome, in Alentejo -
decided to terminate the contracts of 120 students who attended the ATPL Integrated course to become professional pilots.

With this in mind SAA Aeronautical Academy would like to invite all interested students that would like to continue and complete their ATPL integrated professional pilot course to contact:

SAA Aeronautical Academy Head or training Captain Blaz Berdnik ([email protected]) or SAA CFI Luka Gruden ([email protected]).

SAA will review and give credit for all your previous experience as well as considerable discount to all student effected by this unfortunate event. So, come
and complete your ATPL Professional pilot training at our beautiful location on the Adriatic coast.🌞

SAA Aeronautical Academy
HR and admissions department
Obala 55
6320 Portoroz,
Slovenia EU

It was a special day for Mustafa today, as he completed his first solo flight. He is our student from Libya, one of several nationalities that train at SAA. We at SAA team congratulate you and are happy to have you as our student.

Many happy landings in the future on your way to your goal 🛩👍

If you wish to join him feel free to contact us on [email protected] or through fb chat.

Have a nice evening.

Slovenian Aeronautical Academy's cover photo

Welcome to the newest member of our fleet S5-DDZ!
Yesterday we welcomed a new PA-38 aircraft to our SAA family.

Contact us for more information about future available training positions by sending an e-mail to [email protected] or drop us a message.


SAA is pleased to announce that due to increased operational and training requirements we are recruiting for
several open positions of EASA Flight Instructor training candidates.

Candidates that meet the following
requirements are invited to participate in the training process for the issue of initial FI(A) rating, followed by
Flight instructor experience under supervision, as required by EASA. After this period successful candidates
will have possibility to join SAA Flight Instructor team full time.
FI(A) Trainee Application minimum requirements:

IR(SE) rating
Min 200 hours of Flight Time
English ICAO level 4
Medical class 1
Right to live and work in EU

FI(A) Training in accordance with EASA syllabus will be performed at our beautiful Mediterranean home
base surroundings at Portoroz, Slovenia on our PA-38 and PA28R aircraft and by a team of highly experienced airline and professional pilot instructors.

The price of the course is 7.490,00 EUR

Applications for FI(A) course will be accepted until 05.06.2020. The course starting date will be announced
immediately after the initial selection is completed.
Please send your license, medical and on page CV (.pdf form) to SAA Chief Flight Instructor Mr.Luka Gruden
([email protected]).

Kind regards,

Admissions and HR Department,
SAA Aeronautical Academy Ltd
Obala 55
6320 Portorož
Slovenia, EU

SAA now offers PBN training.

Learn how to fly RNAV approaches and more with SAA PBN training on Piper Arrow! The training includes theoretical training and 2 hours of flight training on Piper Arrow.
Training course was designed by Cpt. Blaz and Cpt. Jaro to pass the knowledge of airline PBN operations to IR-SE holders and future airline pilots. Contact us for more information and pricing.

Note: PBN endorsement is mandated EASA by 25.8.2020 otherwise your existing IR rating will not be valid anymore.

Slovenian Aeronautical Academy is happy that things are getting back to normal in our neighboring country Italy, where the Covid-19 has taken a heavy toll on lives and economy.

We wish to invite you to take a look at our new Italian language home page that can be found at:

Wishing you all the best and speedy recovery to people affected by this terrible disease. Forza Italia !!!🛩🇮🇹❤️💚

A snapshot of our training at A320 level D simulator. The training helps to keep our staff proficient and ready to train our cadets at all times ✈👍

If you would like to join us, feel free to inquire about our next ab-initio group by sending an e-mail to [email protected] or drop as a message.

Dear visitors,

thank you for showing great interest in our academy at Berlin Expo, as always, we had found solutions to your specific requirements on flight training, conversions and the provision of complete training packages from zero to airline training.

SAA team

Today Mustafa had his first flight lesson. He comes from Libya and is one of several nationalities that train in the SAA.

Many happy landings in the future 🛩👍

If you wish to join him feel free to contact us on [email protected] or through fb chat.

Have a nice evening.

Trboveljčana urita pilote za potniška letala Airbus A320 in A330 | ZON

O naši letalski šoli na ZON - Zasavske onlajn novice 🛩👍 Doma Aktualno Trboveljčana urita pilote za potniška letala Airbus A320 in A330 AktualnoHrastnikRadečeTrbovljeZagorje Trboveljčana urita pilote za potniška letala Airbus A320 in A330 Avtor: Neža Grmšek - 30. januarja 2020; 9.50 Blaž Berdnik in Jaro Koritnik Morda kar presenetljivo, ampak Zasa...

Come say Hi to our crew at Pilot Expo Berlin which starts on 21.2.2020 in Berlin, Germany. We will be introducing our training programs and will be available to answer all the questions that you might have in person. Pilot Expo is the place to be if you are interested in Airlines and Aviation Training.

You can check more about the event at:

We are currently accepting application for our new Ab-Initio group in April 2020.

Looking forward to meeting you 😀🛩

SAA Team

Slovenian Aeronautical Academy's cover photo

A Tuesday hello from our HT (head of training) capt. Berdnik (A320 TRI/TRE) and SM/TKI capt. Koritnik (A320 TRI). ✈️🛩

We are offering a special price discount of 10.000 Euros for ab-initio training for application in our January - February 2020 group.

New price: 65.900 Euros, payment in installments.

Looking forward to hear from you on [email protected] or you can drop us a message.

Kind regards,
SAA team

Dear present and future SAA trainees,

SAA has the pleasure to announce that we are increasing SAA's already very high training standards in order to provide you with the best possible training quality and jet preparation for your transition to big jets and airline environment.

From 01.01.2020 on SAA Professional ATP training MCC Phase will be condutced on Airbus A320 Full Flight Simulator.

This means that the 20 block hours for MCC phase (Multi Crew Cooperation course) within SAA Professional ATP Integrated program will not be performed on a King Air 200 Flight Simulator but on the actual Airbus A320 Full motion, Level D, Full Flight Simuator.

With this we will achive the following: SAA trainees will get the best possible preparation for their Airbus A320 Type rating course as well as for their transition to jet line training.

With this SAA graduates will also receive an advantage over other graduates of other schools when applying for jobs or when being called for airline interviews. With this approach SAA graduates will cover Jet transition training and MCC in order to be best prepared for their future airline career.

The course tuition will remain at the same level and will not increase at all. SAA is commited in providing you with highest possible training standards, time and cost efficient flight training with no hidden costs.

All the best in 2020!

Captain Blaz Berdnik, TRE
Head of Training
SAA Aeronautical Acadamy

The year 2019 was a major upgrade to the new horizons of the sky. We are looking forward to 2020 and you can enrich your next year with joining us in our high-quality integrated training program. Wish you all the best in 2020!
SAA team💡✈👍
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Going Electric?

Our Head of Training, cpt. Blaž Berdnik talks about the future of aviation an how the aviation is reducing it's carbon footprint. ✈🛩

You can read his blog at Going Electric? By Captain Blaz Berdnik, TRE / December 18th, 2019 There are many variations of what the future will bring in aviation and hundreds of opinions. Most of us agree on the fact that the current model of mass air travel is environmentally unsustainable and that something has to be

Mixture rich, propeller forward, 3 green... Before landing checklist completed 👍😉😎 our Arrow is ready for you!

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Our PA-28 IV went through extensive upgrade and is now ready for IFR and complex training. 🛩👍

Hoa hậu Quý bà Amy Lê Anh lần đầu tiên trải nghiệm lái máy bay trên bầu trời Slovenia

A short while ago we were delighted to have our friends from Vietnam visit us and enjoy a panoramic flight over the seaside. 😊

The event was also noted in the Vietnamese press. You can see the article in the link. Sáng ngày 22/11 giờ địa phương, Hoa hậu Amy Lê Anh cùng các thành viên, nghệ sĩ của Queen and King Media Global, cố vấn cấp cao của L.A Group, đã được đoàn phi công của trường đào tạo phi công tại Slovenia tiếp đón nồng nhiệt.

[11/20/19]   Signing up for: PPL(A) €9900 & ATPL theory €3000 make your dream ✈👍.
Training location: LJPZ Portoroz ⛱😎.
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Ab initio pilot group 2020 has only a few places left. Apply today and get yourself a student pilot seat ✈️💺😎.

[10/26/19]   Training our next generation FI(A)s 😎👍

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Aviation evening, train with our school! 🛫📸👍
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Today Mr. An had his first solo flight, bravo 🥳🇰🇷✈️ #atpl #integratedtraining #zerotoatpl #aviationacademy #flightschool #piper #pa38 #easa #firstsolo #slovenia #aeronatica #aero #sierra5 #studentpilot #newpilot #soloflight #lycoming #aviation #sloveniacoast #flugschule #airport #flightinstructor

Slots available from zero to Airbus A320 for January 2020 :D #typerating #airbus #a320 #atpl #mcc #integratedtraining #zerotoatpl #aviationacademy #flightschool #easa

Fleet & Airport

Arrow service is done, we are waiting for the Garmin glass cockpit upgrade now :D

Arrow service is done, we are waiting for the Garmin glass cockpit upgrade now :D

Piper PA-28R Arrow IV HA-TNX has arrived 😎!
After a month of work this Piper Arrow IV will be S5-DXA, our IFR trainer with full glass cockpit. We will keep you posted ✈!

Fleet & Airport

Arrow service is done, we are waiting for the Garmin glass cockpit upgrade now :D

Arrow service is done, we are waiting for the Garmin glass cockpit upgrade now :D

Our Academy Classroom

Our Academy Classroom

Slovenian Aeronautical Academy

Slovenian Aeronautical Academy's cover photo

Your decision on the fastest route to airline pilot

We have excellent geographical position (proximity to Croatia, Italy and Austria) and perfect Mediterranean weather with over 300 flying days per year. We guarantee to maximise training efficiency and produce excellent training results. One of the safest countries in the world in the centre of Europe. Become an Airline pilot with our integrated course, which will take you from zero to Airbus A320 First Officer with 500 hours on type.

Highlights: 1. One of the shortest course completion times in the industry: 16 months from zero to A320 type rating; 2. 500h of Airbus A320 line training with our partner airlines; 3. Competitive price, EASA training environment and standards; 4. Candidates will obtain unrestricted EASA ATPL frozen licence accepted worldwide; 5. Instructors with rich experience in all sectors of the airline industry; 6. Transportation provided

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Obala 55

Opening Hours

Monday 09:00 - 20:00
Tuesday 08:30 - 20:00
Wednesday 08:30 - 20:00
Thursday 08:30 - 20:00
Friday 08:30 - 20:00
Saturday 08:30 - 20:00
Sunday 08:30 - 20:00
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Portoroz, 6320

AIRTH - Alliance for Innovators and Researchers in Tourism and Hospitality

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Center za korekcijo sluha in govora Portorož is a specialized institution for children with special needs mainly for children with speech and hearing impairments.

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Potapljaška šola z kaj šola...več kot šola :-)

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Il Ginnasio Antonio Sema Pirano opera a Portorose fin dal 1992. Le lezioni si tengono in lingua italiana, alla quale è riconosciuto lo status di lingua prima.

Markairting: seminar Markairting: seminar
Obala 11a
Portoroz, 6320

Oportunistica, konferenca študentov UP FTŠ Turistica -19. - 22. marec 2017 / 19th - 22th of March 2017 -v prostorih Fakultete za turistične študije – Turistica, Portorož

Računalniški center 3XR Računalniški center 3XR
Obala 105
Portoroz, 6320

Računalniški center kjer za vsako težavo najdemo rešitev!

Ginnasio Antonio Sema Pirano Ginnasio Antonio Sema Pirano
Med V Rtovi, 8
Portoroz, 6320

Ginnasio sloveno con lingua di insegnamento italiano

North Adriatic Sailing Academy North Adriatic Sailing Academy
North Adriatic Saling Academy

Visoko kakovostno navtično izobraževanje za zanesljivo, svobodno in varno plovbo.

GEPŠ Dijaški dom Portorož, hostel GEPŠ Dijaški dom Portorož, hostel
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Med zelenjem in modrino. Dijaški in študentski dom z najlepšim razgledom.

Spinaker Spinaker
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Portoroz, 6320 je uveljavljen ponudnik navtičnega izobraževanja, izvaja tečaje za izpite za čoln, praktične tečaje na morju...