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Here you will find current information about office hours and events organised by ESN ŠOUM, along with any information about events in Maribor.

Operating as usual

[11/28/20]   Sooo... here comes the second best video! 🤩 CONGRATULATION to Ukraine group! Вітаємо дівчаток! 🇺🇦🥳

As you know, last week we posted the first video that was among the top two videos of our »Online Cooking Lessons« competition. We hope you enjoyed that one because we surely did!

This video was made by Anastasia Sovhir and her friends. We hope you enjoy this one as well!

Thank you again to everyone who participated in our competition.


Croquetas de Iris

Croquetas de Iris de España! Increíble!Felicitaciones! 🇪🇸 💃🏻
As you know, we held a contest called »Online Cooking Lessons« last month, where participants had to make a video of themselves making one of their traditional dishes as well as talk a little about their countries culture. At the end of the contest, we chose the top two videos which will receive a special prize. 🤩🤩

So here is the first video that was among the top two! The video was made by Iris Catalán. We hope that you will find it interesting as much as we did!

Stay tuned because the next week we will present the second winner's video!! 😉

Stay safe and healthy!

[11/13/20]   Hello everyone!

We would like to inform you that we have reviewed the received videos of "Online cooking lessons" and selected TWO WINNERS who will receive a voucher for enjoying the culinary delicacies offered by the city of Maribor. 🎉🎉

The winners of the "Online cooking lessons" are (drum roll sound effect) 🥁 :
- Iris Catalan
- Anastasia Sovhir

We will share their creative culinary videos in the upcoming days. :D

Thanks again to everyone for your cooperation. We wish you many culinary experiences and of course to stay healthy!!

[11/09/20]   In case of any question, don't hesitate to contact us on this ESN ŠOUM page or via e-mail: [email protected] 😊

Have a nice start of the week! 🍀

[11/04/20]   Hey everyone! 😁👨‍🍳 We would like to inform you that the window for application for our online cooking competition is now CLOSED. We appreciate your participation!

The winners will be announced in 10 days after we review all of the videos. 🥳

Stay safe and healthy!

[10/29/20]   Hey guys! We would like to remind you that you still have time until 3rd of november to send us your videos for the »Online Cooking lessons« competition! 😁

As we have stated before, you can apply for this competition and send us your videos through the following form:

Hurry up because the time is almost up!! 😎


Masterchefs, just a quick reminder! 😎

We would like to remind you that you can still apply to our cooking competition called Online Cooking Lessons! All you have to do is record a maximum 5 minutes long video of you making one of your traditional dishes and telling us something about your country and culture. The top two videos will be awarded with vouchers for one of our finest restaurants in Maribor.
Each voucher is worth 20€! 🍽🥘

After you finish recording the video, send us your video through the following form:


MALA KUHNA: Traditional žlikrofi with a modern twist

Attention Erasmus masterchefs! 👨‍🍳We got a challenge for you! Gather your friends, make a tradicional dish from your country, film a short video and WIN TWO VOUCHERS for one of the restaurants in Maribor! 🤩

More info down below.

Slovenia is famous for its natural beauties, diverse landscapes, cultural heritage and the endless love we share for potatoes. In addition to our traditional Sunday meal, which we call – depending on the region, »restan«, »tenstan« or »pražen krompir«, we have another very special potato dish, written in our booklet with traditional recipes. The relative of the previously mentioned »pražen krompir« which is kinda like a sort of fried potato, originates from Idrija and is known as žlikrof.
Here is a video of preparing this traditional Slovenian dish! We also included the recipe for you in the description to try preparing it too :D
You cannot talk about culture, without mentioning the traditional culinary. With that in mind, ESN ŠOUM and the University of Maribor, introduce you the »Online cooking lessons«, in which you will be able to present your traditional culinary masterpieces, your countries own culture and share all the richness and goodness your culture can give. 🍽🥘

If you are an Erasmus student studying or working in Maribor, we invite you to participate and be a part of these entertaining online lessons. 🥳 All you have to do is record a maximum 5 minutes long video of you making one of your traditional dishes and telling us something about your country and culture. The top two videos will be awarded with vouchers each worth 20€! :D

After you finish recording the video, send us your video through the following form:
After we receive your filled in form, you will be notified by e-mail for further information. :)

Ten (10) days after the deadline ends, which will be on 3 of November, we will choose two of the best-submitted videos, by the organizers, on the basis of attractiveness, comprehensiveness in the presentation of the preparation of the dish, the country and their culture and the appearance of the dish.

For more information about participation, we include the general terms and conditions and you can also contact us at [email protected]

We are looking forward to your creative lessons and are excited to see what kind of culinary masterpieces you will prepare! 🍽🥘

Slovenia is famous for its natural beauties, diverse landscapes, cultural heritage and the endless love we share for potatoes. In addition to our traditional...


This is ŠOUM (Student Organization in Maribor)

Maybe you've already heard of us, maybe you didn't. 👀 Either way CHECK OUT this video and find out more about our Student Organization in Maribor! ⚡️ 07/10/2020

ESN ŠOUM mailing list

Hey guys, we would like to ask you to fulfil this form, so we can inform you about our events threw e-mail! 🥳
(it will take you just a few seconds!)

No spamming, we promise! 😁 With the e-mail newsletter, we will inform you about events and news related with ESN ŠOUM. Please fill in the form with your full name and e-mail address.

[10/05/20]   Check out this video with all the details about how to get your FOOD COUPONS step by step! 🍕

[09/28/20]   OFFICE HOURS! 🙋‍♀️
Every Monday and Wednesday (starting today).
From 11 am to 1 pm.

Our Office is closed for now, but you can call us on the following number: 02 228 56 25 ☎️

Call us and ask, we are here to help you! 😊


Two days have passed since we launched our "Erasmus fighting coronavirus" challenge and as promised we continue with new set of challenges. Take a look at the picture posted below and leave a comment. Stay posted!


We hope that you're all healthy, safe and despite the quarantine still enjoying your stay in our beautiful city. In Erasmus student network we came up with an idea to get you occupied for a little bit and we hope that you will participate in our "Erasmus fighting coronavirus" challenge! :D

So the idea is pretty simple; All you need to do is comment on the graphics with questions that will be posted every two days starting with this Monday. With this project, we would like to brighten up your day and get you something easy to do. Maybe in the future, you might get some useful tips about other things as well. Who knows 😄

Stay posted and join us in our challenge!


Katrina & The Waves - Walking On Sunshine (Official Video)

Dear Erasmus student! 🗣
We all hope you're feeling well! 🍀
☀️Spend your time in a relaxed mood but also be productive! There are still plenty things to do! ☀️

Official video of Katrina & The Waves performing Walking On Sunshine from the album Walking On Sunshine. Buy It Here: The video pro...

[03/13/20]   ❗️Attention guys❗️
Because of the current situation with corona virus (COVID-19) some restaurants, where you can use you food coupons, may change their opening hours or even close down!
Also the Info point (Gosposvetska 86) has change their opening hours.

You can check this webpage for more information:

AND ... try to stay at home! 😌☕️

[03/09/20]   ⚠️OFFICE HOURS ⚠️
Tuesday and Wednesday: 10.00 - 12.00!

[03/06/20]   Today your free recreation at Vrbanska is CANCELLED!
It's raining anyway so lets (Netflix and) chill for a while! 😎

More info at: Zdrava Zabava

[03/02/20]   ⚠️For anyone who still hasn't arrange their food coupons! ⚠️
Info point (Gosposvetska 86) is NOT WORKING TODAY! You can still go there tomorrow and days after!
P.S. Don't forget to bring all of the documents! 😉

[02/28/20]   Today's free Recreation at Vrbanska is cancelled! Enjoy this sunny weekend! 😁

More info at: Zdrava Zabava

[02/26/20]   Don't forget about our Office hours every day this week from 10.00 - 12.00😉!
Where? Gosposvetska ulica 83!


Check out the photos from WELCOME Party! 🤩

Erasmus Welcome Party


[02/20/20]   ⚠️Free Recreation at Vrbanska tomorrow is C A N C E L L E D!⚠️

More info at: Zdrava Zabava


✨love comes in many forms ✨

Happy Valentine’s day! ❤️

[02/09/20]   ⚠️Participants for SKI BREAK - Kope ATTENTION⚠️

Because of the bad weather forecast SKI BREAK - Kope event is going to be on 17th of February and not tomorrow! ⛷
Don't forget to tell your friends!

See you then! 😉

[02/05/20]   Student G I V E A W A Y is over!
🤩We got the Winners!🤩

1x Voucher for FREE Weekend Car Rental: Carolina Sousa Alves
1X Voucher for 30% discount: Mariana Silvestre
1x Voucher for 5,00€ discount: Steven Snijders
1x Backpack: Pablo González Fernández
1x Umbrella: Tomás Carvalho
1x Coffee Mug: Phoebe Paizi
1x USB: Ρανια Βλιωρα
1x Powerbank: Buket Pirci

All of you who got the Vouchers, send us a private message with your name, surname in e-mail adress.

The other prizes you can get at Info Point (Gosposvetska ulica 86 - next to PIP).


[02/03/20]   Don't forget about our Office hours every Tuesday and Thursday:
10.00 - 12.00 🗣

[01/30/20]   ⚠️This Friday (31th of January) your free recreation at Vrbanska is cancelled! ⚠️

More info: Zdrava Zabava


✨ Time for a Student G I V E A W A Y! ✨
Your Giveaway Mission:

What do you have to do?!
- Write the number in the comment below.
- Tag your friend.
- Like ATET rent a car page.

1x Voucher for FREE Weekend Car Rental
1X Voucher for 30% discount
1x Voucher for 5,00€ discount
1x Backpack
1x Umbrella
1x Coffee Mug
1x USB
1x Powerbank
1x Cotton Shopping bag

Winners will be anounced on 5.2.2020. Good luck! 🍀

All students who love to explore and travel also have a special welcome discount + other benefits at ATET Rent a Car, which you can check here:

[12/31/19]   Dear Erasmus students! 🥂
✨Give wings to your dreams and let them come true in 2020!✨

[12/23/19]   🎄✨ESN ŠOUM wish you all a merry Christmas filled with love and joy! ✨🎄

[12/20/19]   Free Recreation at Vrbanska today is canceled! 🗣
You can visit your Erasmus only Fridays again in January! 💪🏽

More info at: Zdrava Zabava

[12/19/19]   OFFICE HOURS 📯 are still open today from 10.00 - 12.00, then you can visit us again on 7th of January. ☺️

Enjoy your Christmas holidays! 🥳

[12/12/19]   ⚠️Attention! ⚠️
Free recreation at Vrbanska tomorrow is canceled!

More info at: Zdrava Zabava

[11/27/19]   ⚠️ ATTENTION ⚠️
Free recreation at Vrbanska (volleyball and table tennis) this Friday is CANCELED!

Please inform your friends! 😊

More info: Zdrava Zabava

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Croquetas de Iris
This is ŠOUM (Student Organization in Maribor)




Gosposvetska Cesta 83

Opening Hours

Tuesday 10:00 - 12:00
Wednesday 10:00 - 12:00
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Zeitgeist Desktop Server Zeitgeist Desktop Server
Žitna Ulica 1
Maribor, 2000

ZDS is idea to connect some of the best IT related OpenSource projects out there, and make coherent solution targeted to support Activists of TZM.

Inštitut Sofijin Izvir Inštitut Sofijin Izvir
Valvasorjeva Ulica 94
Maribor, 2000

ZamaMe ZamaMe
Barvarska Ulica 7
Maribor, 2000

Življenje po porodu je lahko drugačno od pričakovanega…

SŠGT MB - Unesco šola SŠGT MB - Unesco šola
Mladinska Ulica 14 A
Maribor, 2000

UNESCO ASPnet središče Srednje šole za gostinstvo in turizem Maribor.

CIVIS d.o.o. CIVIS d.o.o.
Tržaška Cesta 65
Maribor, 2000

Varnost in zdravje pri delu, uvajanje standardov, požarna varnost ter druge storitve za varno in kvalitetno delovno mesto.

TŠC Maribor - uradna stran TŠC Maribor - uradna stran
Zolajeva 12
Maribor, 2000

Tehniški šolski center Maribor Sodoben izobraževalni center, namenjen izobraževanju mladine in odraslih. Srednja strojna šola Višja strokovna šola Dijaški dom Medpodjetniški izobraževalni center

Poučevanje ukulele Poučevanje ukulele
Ulica Heroja Šaranoviča 23
Maribor, 2000

Glasbena šola Svet glasbe je šola z dolgoletnimi izkušnjami, ki se ukvarja z poučevanjem ukulele. Za vse generacije. Vabljeni k vpisu 031427988

Poučevanje bas kitare Poučevanje bas kitare
Ulica Heroja Šaranoviča 23
Maribor, 2000

Glasbena šola Svet glasbe ponuja možnost poučevanja bas kitare. S profesionalnim pristopom vam lahko pokažemo vašo glasbeno pot.

Šola petja Šola petja
Ulica Heroja Šaranoviča 23
Maribor, 2000

Glasbena šola Svet glasbe vabi k vpisu poučevanja petja in vokalne tehnike. Izkušeni in profesionalni učitelji vas bodo vodili na vaši glasbeni poti od želenih pesmi do profesionalnega glasbenika.

Dijaški dom Antona Martina Slomška Dijaški dom Antona Martina Slomška
Vrbanska Cesta 30
Maribor, 2000

Dijaški dom za dijake srednjih šol v Mariboru.

DOBA Fakultet Hrvatska DOBA Fakultet Hrvatska
Prešernova Ulica 1
Maribor, 2000

DOBA Fakultet je samostalni poslovni fakultet koji nudi modernu viziju, izuzetnu praksu na usmjerenim programima te fleksibilni i prilagodljiv studijski sustav koji vam omogućuje da steknete vrhunsku naobrazbu.

Poučevanje petja Poučevanje petja
Ulica Heroja Šaranoviča 23
Maribor, 2000

Glasbena šola Svet glasbe je registrirana dejavnost, ki se ukvarja s poučevanjem petja in vokalne tehnike. S profesionalnim pristopom vam glasbeno izobraženi mentorji z večletnimi izkušnjami pomagamo na vaši glasbeni poti.