ZNI - Zavod za Novodobno Izobraževanje / Institute for New Age Education

ZNI Institute for New Age Education was founded by Maja Kumperščak, it is a private non-profit, non governmental organisation from Slovenia, registered in Maribor since 2005. The Institute is a member of the Slovenian Network of Voluntary Organisations.

ZNI Institute for New Age Education is a private non-profit, non governmental organisation with a multicultural and global outlook registered in Slovenia. The Institute was founded in 2005 with the purpose to encourage and motivate individuals and various groups in the society to actively participate, engage, connect and cooperate with others regardless of their cultural, national, religious, and language diversity. At the heart of our work is the individual who is amongst many things shown the way to take initiative in and responsibility for his own life. By actively participating in various programs he discovers himself, his skills, strengths and weaknesses. Such individuals build the foundations of healthier, happier and more successful communities and society. With this in mind, ZNI has successfully designed, implemented and evaluated tailor made projects for various national governments, agencies and the European Union. Check them out in the Product section!

Mission: Encourage and motivate individuals and various groups in the society to actively participate, engage, connect and cooperate with others regardless of their cultural, national, religious, and language diversity

Feel Slovenia

❗️No panic
✅ Precaution

Health is the priority number 1! That is why at ZNI we are postponing all the planned mobilities for March and April. New dates will be settled in accordance with all collaborating parties.

🙏🏼Thanks to all local hosting companies and European partners for understanding these precautionary measures and for collaborating!

Hopefully the situation gets better soon. We suggest following the recommendations about hygiene and precautions here👇🏼

All you need to know about coronavirus and a situation in Slovenia #COVID2019
💡Here is some crucial information and advice on preventive action against coronavirus ➡️ https://ter.li/allyouneedtoknow-covid19

❗️ Gatherings of more than 100 people at indoor public events and of more than 500 people at outdoor public events is banned

✅Most public institutions are open as usual. Some museums are not receiving organized groups.

Follow our website and up-to -date information on the situation with coronavirus Nacionalni inštitut za javno zdravje - NIJZ Ministrstvo za zdravje



movingeneration.net VET SKE 2 HOW TO APPLY Projekt VET Skills and Knowledge Exchange 2 (VET SKE 2) bo 96 dijakom iz petih srednjih šol s področja Maribora omogočil, da v tujini opravijo tri tedensko praktično usposabljanje. S tem razpisom bomo izbrali skupaj 64 dijakov, ki bodo maja ali oktobra 2020 odšli na


✨Traditional event at World's Oldest Vine 👇🏼

Highlights of the day🌞

📍 41st Pruning of the World's Oldest Vine Ceremony in Maribor❣️

Tradition. Viticulture. Friendship.🥂

#visitMaribor #ifeelsLOVEnia #GreenDestination #StaraTrta Ana Protner - Mariborska vinska kraljica Stane Kocutar

🎊Celebrating successfully finished work practice for our participants from @semperavantiopole 🇵🇱

We are proud of our participants as we received positive feedback from their company mentors!💪

#znislovenia #maribor #slovenia #newexperience #challenge #internship

✨A wonderful welcome by the hosting company for our new participant from Ikaslan Erasmus+ 🇪🇸 on his international work practice 🥰 we are happy about such a great start 🙌🏼

Dnevi postajajo vedno daljši, zimska sivina se je umaknila sončnim žarkov in v Kreativnem inštitutu smo znova medse sprejeli pomladitev, ki s seboj prinaša španski melos 💃🕺☀️- Josu bo do konca maja v naših prostorih in v prostorih, kjer bomo izvajali projekte opravljal svojo mednarodno študijsko prakso! 👨‍💻Dobrodošel v Mariboru🙏

Our new participants from Activa 🇸🇪 had their interview in their work practice companies. 🏢

They are so excited in order to start as soon as possible and learn more about their field.✨

Feel Slovenia


We're proud! 💚
🥇Slovenia has won the 1st place in the category BEST IN EUROPE, the 2020 Sustainable Destination Awards! 👏 #ifeelsLOVEnia
GreenDestinations ITB Berlin

Good practises by Goodplace Bohinj Visit Maribor Miren Kras Visit Idrija-UNESCO, Slovenia Monstera bistro

Safety Course

From ZNI, we always promote a safety work practice for our participants. This morning our new participants from Activa have gone at IVD Maribor, where they have done a safety course.

📌Cultural part of the mobility with ZNI:

Our new group of participants from EuProjectsFactory 🇪🇸 has had its private visit at the National Liberation Museum 🏛

#znislovenia #maribor #slovenia #newezperience #challenge #museum #secondworldwar

Surrounded by nature 🥰

Top views of Maribor😍👌 What's your favourite❓

📍 Kalvarija Hill✅
📍 Piramida Hill✅
📍 Mestni vrh✅
📍 Drava view✅
📍 Pekrska Gorca Hill✅
📍 Pohorje Bellevue✅
📍 Meranovo✅

🌐 http://bit.ly/TopViewsOfMaribor

#visitMaribor #ifeelsLOVEnia #GreenDestination

[Positive effect of a mobility n.6]:
💡Being out of our comfort zone makes us realise many things about ourselves! For example❔What are the things that we are confident handling on our own and ❔which are our weak points, where there is still a lot of opportunities to develop. ✨

Feel Slovenia

Come and visit! 🇸🇮
💡Time to appreciate the natural wonders of this small but diverse country👇🏼

Feel Slovenia. Enjoy your urban retreat, get active in pristine nature, discover hidden places and pamper your taste buds with extraordinary cuisine. Visit Slovenia and make new memories. 💚


🎊Celebrating successfully finished work practice for our incredible intern Filippo from Kara Bobowski

We are proud of our participant as he has helped us a lot in the office.🏢 We have given him a present to thank him for his really good job. We hope to see you again, Filippo! ✨

This week ZNI have had a special visit of our partner Escola de Formação Profissional em Turismo de Aveiro - EFTA from Portugal 🇵🇹.

It has been a pleasure to meet her and prepare the mobility 🌎 for all the Efta’s participants who are coming in May.

During her visit, she has had the opportunity to visit some of the companies 🏢where the participants will work. Also, the opportunity to enjoy some cultural activities such as presentation of Slovenia🇸🇮, city tour in Maribor or a wine tasting tour.🍷

Visit Maribor

❗️Next level of experiencing our city 👇🏼

Looking for your next adventure❓

🍽Experience local cuisine, chat with locals at popular restaurants & explore the Old town of Maribor with Tasting Maribor ❣️😍

Your unforgettable experience starts HERE with the App #TastingMaribor 📲

#visitMaribor #ifeelsLOVEnia #GreenDestination #EuropeanrRgionOfGastronomy

Cultural part of the mobility with ZNI:

Our participants 🇪🇸 from EuProjectsFactory have had a city tour in Maribor. They have explored🔎 it a little bit more.✨

Our participant Kacper from Fundacja Semper Avanti Opole 🇵🇱 is working in the medical supply company CRI Celje.
During his work practice, he delivers nursing beds 🛏, wheelchairs and other medical care, supplies for customers.
Moreover, he helps with the renovation of the old and used beds and wheelchairs to bring them back to a new-like condition.☺️

🎊Celebrating successfully finished work practice for our participants from Uniser 🇮🇹. We are so proud of them as we receive very positive feedback from their company mentors. We wish you a great future, guys!☺️

[Positive effect of a mobility n.5]:
💡Staying in another country on your own gives you precious opportunity to meet 🆕 people - both friends and professional colleagues. Developing social skills is of great importance for successful personal & professional relationships in the future ✨

After a few weeks waiting, we can finally show you our 🆕 office! 🏢 And as it’s been carnival, today we have decided to celebrate it with our costumes.🎊


10 things about why I would repeat this experience by Filippo Fiorini

New post on our Blog❗️

Our new intern Filippo Fiorini 🙋‍♂️🇮🇹 from the project of Kara Bobowski has shared with us "10 things about why he would repeat this experience with ZNI".

zni.si Hi I'm Filippo, I'm 19 years old, and I come from Italy through the project of the Cooperativa Sociale Kara Bobowski. I've been working as ZNI intern during 2 weeks. Before finishing my work...

Meet Vasile, our participant from Uniser 🇮🇹. He is doing his work practice at Verus which is a successful marketing agency in Maribor.

In his work practice, he does market research 🔎 and he tries to improve our tourist products. Also, he translates some documents from Italian to English, and sometimes from Slovenian too.

Verus does many events and he is excited due to he went in some of them and one was in Ljubljana. In fact, he finished an event in a middle school where they wanted to let kids know that they should be proud of their green country.

He really enjoys working at Verus. His coworkers are really friendly towards him and he feels like he is doing it great☺️. He wishes he could work for a company like this when he finishes school!

Ptuj 2020

We had a great time during our special trip 📷 to Ptuj with all our participants from Uniser 🇮🇹, Kara Bobowski 🇮🇹, Semper Avanti Opole 🇵🇱 and Asociación Mundus 🇪🇸 .

Today we organised a special trip 📷 to Ptuj for all our participants from Uniser 🇮🇹, Kara Bobowski 🇮🇹, Semper Avanti Opole 🇵🇱 and Asociación Mundus 🇪🇸.

We cheered our participants up to join the Kurentovanje’s Carnaval 💃🏻 and some of them have brought their own costume and masks!! 🎊

We had a really great time! We can’t wait to come back there with our future participants next year!

🎊Celebrating successfully finished work practice for our participants from Pearse College 🇮🇪 We are proud of our participants as we received very positive feedback from their company mentors ✨

Last week one of our participants Marti from the project TLN of Asociación Mundus 🇪🇸 attended the Seminar “How to sell your agricultural products”. The article talks about the seminar and about Marti and his work experience in Mladinski dom Maribor and in Horticultural Society Maribor.

At ZNI we are very proud about this project 👏, so we translated the article. Check what the article says about the Seminar and our participant Marti!


The Maribor Development Agency is operating in the frame of Self-Sufficiency of region Podravje Project offering education workshops, which are done by Institute for Agriculture and Forestry Maribor.

Previous Monday Horvat farm from Dogoše hosted a seminar “How to advertise farm harvests to the final buyer”. Participants were welcomed by Danijela Kocuvan from the Maribor Development Agency (MRA), who is coordinator of Self-Sufficiency of Podravje Project, in the frame of which the model of cooperation between the public institution and the local providers was developed, so that locally produced food comes to kinder-gardens, schools and other users as much as possible.

At the seminar, which belongs to complex of educational workshops, there were two basic topics presented to participants: how will I find buyers and do I know how to sell. It was advised to keep an open relationship between providers of farm products and customers and stay connected, as this brings advantages. “It makes sense to first identify buyers, which we want to address, after that it is necessary to regularly communicate with them, also with the means of using new marketing ways and social media such as Twitter, Pinterest exc. This is a shift from traditional to digital marketing, which means the advertisement of product via digital or electronic media. This new way is offering possibilities to thoroughly determinate potential buyers and also to follow them. However, it is necessary to maintain classic ways of marketing and selling as for example appearance at open air markets and fairs” said Mrs. Kocuvan.

The seminar was attended by ZNI participant, a master degree student from Spain, Marti Cera Rull, who chose Slovenia for an Erasmus+ internship. He graduated from biology at University of Girona, now he is doing his master’s in Wildlife management. He was gaining working experiences in the area of exploring bat in the Museum of natural sciences, he was also working at the Barcelona Zoo and in Wildlife Ecology & Health Group, where he was observing mountain goats, GPS-following boars and monitoring necropsies of wild animals. His motivation to come to Slovenia was to acquire new knowledge in the areas of human-nature, water, effects of climate change and green areas planning. His hosting organisations in Maribor are the Mladinski dom Maribor, Horticultural society Maribor and other companies included in the program. Last year the Horticultural society Maribor and landscape bureau Plan-ka were hosting another ZNI participant, master student of environmental protection from Finland.

This week ZNI have had a special visit of our partner Activa from Sweden 🇸🇪.

It has been a pleasure to meet them and prepare the mobility 🌎 for all the Activa’s participants who are coming in a few weeks and will stay one month in Maribor.

During their visit, they have had the opportunity to visit some of the companies 🏢 where the participants will work. Also, the opportunity to enjoy some cultural activities such as presentation of Slovenia, city tour in Maribor or a wine tasting tour 🍷.



Our participant Mar from the project TLN of Asociación Mundus 🇪🇸 has shared her experience on a Photography Analog’s Session in a new post on our Blog❗️

“We will see, you never know” came up many times. And It’s totally true! You never know how the photo actually looks when you take it using an analog camera. That’s what I liked the most.

Maybe we can say something similar about mobility: You never know how it is actually going to be and that is the magic because it will surprise you in many ways!


zni.si ​ An international internship isn’t equal to just “work practice”, it is equal to meet new people, get to know more about the country you are living in and about their culture and...

Today is the first day of our new ZNI intern Filippo 🙆‍♂️ from Italy🇮🇹 through Kara Bobowski. He will stay for 2 weeks with his tutor Carla 🙋‍♀️ helping us in our office.

He loves doing sport and wants to become an administrator. 🗄🗃

Fun fact: He has been playing the drums for 5 years🥁

Our participants Miriam and Greta from Uniser 🇮🇹 are doing their work practice at MarTura which is a local tourist agency in Maribor ☺️

[Positive effect of a mobility n.4]:
💡Living in another country without constant parental or other support can be a challenge in the area of independence, as it includes handling finances on your own 👉🏼 development of this kind of personal qualities help to make you ready for the future ✨

Our participants Aurora, Pietro and Silvia from @uniser_mobility 🇮🇹are doing their work practices at @nanacoffeeandbistro . 🍽
Aurora and Silvia are helping the cooks👨🏻‍🍳 in the kitchen where they are learning about a 🆕 way of cooking. Pietro is taking the orders and preparing drinks. He is so excited due to he has learned how to make Latte Art ☕

#znislovenia #maribor #internship ##europeansocialfund #challenge #newexperience #newgoals
@ Nana

ZNI CULTURAL TRIP: Winter can also be a great time for traveling 🚌Polish group 🇵🇱from @semperavantiopole and Irish team 🇮🇪from @pearsecollege visited our capital city - Ljubljana. #znislovenia #ljubljana #slovenia #slovenija #travel #internship #erasmusplus #erasmus #internshipabroad #newexperience #culturalprogram @ Ljubljana, Slovenia

Beautiful surroundings of Maribor ✨ come & visit!

Trip idea💡: Church of Holy Trinity📍

This Baroque church is famous for its 3 bell towers & the view over Trojiško jezero Lake with more than 20 healing spots💒

Perfect for visiting in those warm, sunny days🌞

#visitMaribor #ifeelsLOVEnia #SvetaTrojica #GreenDestination

We believe Valentine’s day isn’t only about romantic love. It is also time to celebrate love between friends ❣️
Enjoy the day and spread love!

Safety is always the most important ☺️

Here participants from Poland sent by our partner Fundacja Semper Avanti Opole are learning how to extinguish the fire 🔥

Tymczasem u naszych stażystów...

Zajęcia praktyczne z BHP pod czujnym okiem opiekuna stażu, sympatycznej pani Katarzyny.

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Safety Course
Ptuj 2020
City Tour ZNI





Sokolska 45

General information

The Way We Work We have developed a special, innovative approach at ZNI, for activities BEFORE individuals start the mobility program and upon the COMPLETION. The preparation phase is very important in ZNI projects. The participants familiarise themselves with the wider meaning and purpose of EU programs of mobility. Moreover, they are given advice and instructions on how to capitalise and profit form this experience. Because of this, we actively integrate the participants in the actual work at ZNI during the preparation period and enable the individual to: - Discover himself, his personality traits and his skills & abilities - Meet, connect and cooperate with various groups of participants at work. They come from different cultural backgrounds, are of different age, have a multitude of different kinds of experience and professional skills. The participant keeps a diary from the beginning till the end, with thoughts, encounters and experience of significance to him. At the end of the project we all meet together with the objective to reflect on the experience and recognise what we have gained from it. We also share this with the new participants who are starting their mobility during their induction (preparations). ZNI will guide every individual through all the phases (stages) of the program and ensure the objectives of the program are met. At the same time, we will support every individual during the program.
Other Education in Maribor (show all)
Laboratorij za kemijo in okoljevarstvo Laboratorij za kemijo in okoljevarstvo
Smetanova Ulica 17
Maribor, 2000

LABORATORIJ ZA KEMIJO IN OKOLJEVARSTVO je eden od štirih laboratorijev Inštituta za inženirske materiale in oblikovanje na FS Maribor.

Čarobni otroci Maribor Čarobni otroci Maribor
Maribor, 2000

Čarobni otroci je program osebnostnega, psihičnega, fizičnega in čustvenega razvoja otrok. Namen je, da lahko vsak otrok izrazi svojo čarobnost! ;)

Mišnica GT22 Mišnica GT22
Glavni Trg 22
Maribor, 2000

Mišnica je fotografska temnica locirana v GT22. / Mišnica is a photographic platform/collective & darkroom located in GT22, Maribor, Slovenia.

Mikronis-IT Mikronis-IT
Jezdarska Ulica 3
Maribor, 2000

Vzdrževanje, prodaja in servis računalnikov, prenosnikov, strežnikov in povezane informacijske infrastrukture.

Enimation Enimation
Glavni Trg 22
Maribor, 2000

www.enimation.si // ENIMATION - education in animation is an international platform in the field of education through animated film. //

Student Cuts Student Cuts
Smetanova 17
Maribor, 2000

STUDENT CUTS international student film festival, May 31st & 1st June 2017, Maribor, Slovenia

IVEC profesionalna čistilna tehnika IVEC profesionalna čistilna tehnika
Ulica Heroja Šaranoviča 38
Maribor, 2000

IVEC d.o.o., je slovensko družinsko podjetje, katerega korenine segajo v leto 1983. Ukvarjamo se s prodajo profesionalne čistilne tehnike. Pri nas lahko dobite le najboljše produkte namenjene vzdrževanju čistoče.

Promotor - Srednja gradbena šola in gimnazija Maribor Promotor - Srednja gradbena šola in gimnazija Maribor
Smetanova Ulica 35
Maribor, 2000

Srednja Gradbena šola in gimnazija Maribor Smetanova ulica 35 2000 Maribor

Zadružništvo - Maribor  / Cooperatives - Maribor Zadružništvo - Maribor / Cooperatives - Maribor
Tkalski Prehod 4
Maribor, 2000

Vzpodbujamo zadružništvo, krepimo nove družbene prakse in povezujemo zainteresirane.

Ulica Kneza Koclja 9
Maribor, 2000

twitter.com/KIDKIBLA https://www.instagram.com/kibla/

Kreativni Inštitut Maribor Kreativni Inštitut Maribor
Koroška Cesta 21
Maribor, 2000

Kreativni inštitut je skupek izobraževalnih aktivnosti s sodobnimi vsebinami, ki jih prepoznavni mentorji podajajo s sodobnimi didaktičnimi pristopi