Bio Tehna

Biotehna is a place where we spurr curiousitiy, execute experiments and investigate fascinating correlations between nature and technology. Here artists and scientists combine live materials using engineering solutions in a creative and innovative way.

Call for Papers: Arts in the Time of Pandemics

A call for articles that explore how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting, transforming and encouraging artistic practices and what cracks have opened up to rethink issues related not only to prevalent biopolitics or necropolitics, but also to possible post-pandemic scenarios. Artnodes is an e-journal promoted by the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya which analyses the intersections between the arts, sciences and technologies.

Paul B. Preciado

[ARTICLE] Originating from Foucault's biopolitics (there are no politics that are not body politics) and writing about immunity and border politics, Preciado concludes his thoughtful piece with the political strategies with Covid-19, when we are once more faced with the urge to invent new strategies of cognitive emancipation and resistance.

#biopolitics #foucault #biomoleculartechnologies #microprostheses #digitalsurveillance #sovereignty #neocolonialism #necropolitics #immunizedcommunities #closingborders #pharmacopornocraphicera IF MICHEL FOUCAULT had survived AIDS in 1984 and had stayed alive until the invention of effective antiretroviral therapy, he would be ninety-three years old today. Would he have agreed to confine himself in his apartment on rue de Vaugirard in Paris? The first philosopher of history to die from com...

Guided by Plant Voices - Issue 84: Outbreak - Nautilus

[INTERVIEW] 'We are surrounded by sound, so there are studies of plants moving toward certain frequencies and then responding to sounds of potential predators chewing on leaves, which other plants that are not yet threatened can hear. 'Oh, that’s a predator chewing on my neighbor’s leaves. I better put my defenses up.'
'Science is full of assumptions and presuppositions that we don’t question. But who said the brain and the neurons are essential for any form of intelligence or learning or cognition?'
(Monica Gagliano, Guided by Plant Voices)

From: Plants are intelligent beings with profound wisdom to impart—if only we know how to listen. And Monica Gagliano knows how to listen.…

Experimental Food Design for Sustainable Futures

[ONLINE WORKSHOP] An online workshop Experimental Food Design for Sustainable Futures is open to proposal, as a part of the ACM Designing Interactive Systems 2020 conference.

#CreaturesEU #futurefood #fooddesign #sustainablefood The two-day online workshop Experimental Food Design for Sustainable Futures experiments with food as bio-design material and socio-culturally potent, aesthetically rich starting point from which to critically reflect on social and ecological uncertainties. Participants will co-design scenarios, pro...

Arrows of Time

The elusive nature of time: what it is, how to record it, how it regulates life, and whether it exists as a fundamental building block of the universe. Our evolving understanding of time is also shown through a history of observations in biology. The human mind has long grappled with the elusive nature of time: what it is, how to record it, how it regulates life, and whether it exists as a fundamental

The A-Z of AI

About artificial intelligence in digestible blocks. Discover more about what artificial intelligence is, how it works and how it’s changing the world around us.

Interdisciplinarity and the Future of the Mind – Duke Kunshan University Humanities Research Center

[LECTURE] How can Buddhism and neuroscience fruitfully engage each other to deepen our knowledge of human consciousness? And what can we learn from this about how best to pursue interdisciplinary research? Posted on April 15, 2020April 15, 2020 by James MillerInterdisciplinarity and the Future of the Mind Thursday 23 April, 10pm Eastern / Friday 24 April, 10am China Zoom: 695-290-0771 Interdisciplinarity lies at the heart of Duke Kunshan University’s innovative curriculum for the 21st century. Recen...

Consonni cultura crítica

[BOOK] Donna Harraway's book 'Staying with the Trouble' tries to stir curiosity about connections among biological arts and sciences, multispecies and environmental justice and to to move them a step towards political activism.

Leer "Seguir con el problema" de Donna Haraway y volver a ver la entrevista que le hicimos en enero, nos llena de preguntas y de esperanzas. Cada día nos convencemos más de que es un libro fundamental.


Podéis ver la entrevista completa en nuestro canal de #YouTube, es una entrevista que le hicimos con motivo del cierre de la residencia de la radio de consonni en Azkuna Zentroa pero sigue siendo tan pertinente que no queríamos dejar de compartirla:

"Seguir con el problema" está disponible en formato digital o en papel en nuestra web, o en vuestras librerías favoritas, cuando vuelvan a abrir y nos podamos reencontrar #apoyaatulibreria

#nosquedamosencasa #habitacionconsonni #consonnigela #consonniradioconAZ #DonnaHaraway #leemosautoras #leemosconsonni #editamosautoras #feminismos

Renewable Energy from Evaporating Water

[INNOVATION] Capturing energy from evaporating water is also an option for moving simple devices made of bacterial spores.

Simple devices made of bacterial spores, glue, and plastic may allow capturing energy from evaporating water. This video explains the motivation behind our w...

The artist with the remote-controlled robotic body: 'I’ve made a career out of being a failure'

[ARTIST] Stelarc, not a stranger at Kapelica gallery. Stelarc has suspended himself from hooks and had an ear implanted in his arm. Now his 2020 Adelaide biennial work puts the audience at the helm

Autonomous | Annalee Newitz | Macmillan

[BOOK] In a world, where anything can be owned, how can we be free?
Sunday reading suggestion for biotech geeks 👽 "Autonomous is to biotech and AI what Neuromancer was to the Internet."—Neal Stephenson"Something genuinely and thrillingly new in the naturalistic, subjec...

Hashem Al-Ghaili

2 drugs for treating COVID-19 are entering the phase for human testing.

On our side, we are looking more and more in the direction of art projects that reconsider medical help from social perspectives (xeno, feminist...) and with the creative possibilities of biohacking in mind.

Coronavirus: Two drugs enter Phase III human testing to treat COVID-19

The Media Art Speaker Series | BioArt and Pan BioArt – With Exhibition Quasi-Nature as Case Study – Duke Kunshan University Humanities Research Center

[LECTURE] The second Zoom lecture of bi-weekly Media Art Speaker Series features Beijing-based curator Jo Wei and her curatorial work Quasi-Nature (2019), introducing important artists and their works in this field, in reflection of origins and historical development of the biological arts.

Friday April 17, 9am EST: BioArt and Pan BioArt – With Exhibition Quasi-Nature as Case Study Posted on April 6, 2020April 8, 2020 by Chi ZhangThe Media Art Speaker Series | BioArt and Pan BioArt – With Exhibition Quasi-Nature as Case Study Friday April 17 9pm China Time/ 9am EST Zoom Meeting ID: 873-243-562 The second Zoom lecture of bi-weekly Media Art Speaker Series is scheduled on Frid...

Art as We Don’t Know It

[BOOK] 'Disruptive artistic experiments are currently undergoing creation within the Kersnikova laboratories. Paradoxically these experiments try to transcend (sometimes with the aid of the same science and technology) the scientific determinism, which is–as a result of the constructed humanistic superiority–turning right in front of our eyes into an economic, social and ecological collapse of the era of the Anthropocene15.'
Jurij Krpan: BioTehna + Vivarium – Towards the Aesthetics of Artificial Life
(free download) What worlds are revealed when we listen to alpacas, make photographs with yeast or use biosignals to generate autonomous virtual organisms? Bioart invites us to explore artistic practices at the intersection of art, science and society. This rapidly evolving field utilises the tools of life sciences...

[CreaTures_EU] Art has the potential to step in our current world situation and help to change our culture. This is the leading idea of the ‘CreaTures: Creative Practices for Transformational Futures’, an EU Horizon 2020 project, which started in 2020. The transdisciplinary activities will highlight how the arts can contribute to addressing climate change and associated societal effects. We are happy to be a part of it!

#CreaturesEU #artforsustainablefutures #justintime

'Tip of the iceberg': is our destruction of nature responsible for Covid-19?

[READING] Planetary health is a new emerging discipline that focuses on the increasingly visible connections between the wellbeing of humans, other living things and entire ecosystems.

#coronavirus #biodiversityloss #extinction #masspandemics As habitat and biodiversity loss increase globally, the coronavirus outbreak may be just the beginning of mass pandemics

In Posse: 'Female' Semen

[ART PROJECT] This is a story about the making of 'female' sperm by artist Charlotte Jarvis. A small part of it was concieved in BioTehna Lab.

#CharlotteJarvis #InPosse #femalesperm Throughout history, semen has been revered as a totem of literal and symbolic gendered potency. In Posse aims to rewrite this cultural narrative; to use art and…

Coronavirus Evolved Naturally, and 'Is Not a Laboratory Construct,' Genetic Study Shows

The genome analysis below shows that #COVID19 is most probably the result of natural evolution, not of #bioengineering, therefore it denies the conspiracy theories about military #bioweapons. Analysis of public genome sequence data from SARS-CoV-2 and related viruses found no evidence that the virus responsible for COVID-19 infections was made in a laboratory or otherwise engineered

Skupnostna znanost in boj proti koronavirusu – Koronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19)

[CITIZEN SCIENCE] Skupnostni projekt, pri katerem lahko sodeluje vsak. Skupina znanstvenikov pod vodstvom dr. Črtomirja Podlipnika iz Fakultete za kemijo in kemijsko tehnologijo Univerze v Ljubljani je pripravila projekt, kjer lahko v boju proti koronavirusu sodeluje širša javnost. Njegov namen je analizirati molekulske spojine in pomagati pri iskanju zdravila proti...



EXTENDED DEADLINE: for the application of new artistic projects!

KonS is supporting innovative artistic crations, therefore you are kindly invited to apply until 8 January 2020. We will take into consideration the proposals of artworks, which, in terms of content and form, are measured on the discourse of contemporary society, quilted with modern technologies and their applications, which could be foreseen or predicted for the near future.

Partnerji #konS: Kersnikova, Aksioma, Projekt Atol, Cona Zavod, @ LJUDMILA, MKC Maribor, LokalPatriot, Akademija umetnosti Univerza v Novi Gorici, Mc Velenje

Understanding Living Culture

👾 YCAM BioLab, Hive BioLab, lifepatch, SymbioticA and BioTehna are having hot discussions on the use of biotechnologies in Yamaguchi (Japan) 👾 With a program that focuses on talk events, but also includes exhibitions, live concerts and workshops, this composite type event is an opportunity for visitors to learn more about YCAM’s research and development activities.

HUMUS sapiens retreat 2019

!!! Pledge and join! A highly recommended must!!! Open Soil Research: Forschung über die geheimen Zutaten, die Pflanzen glücklich machen. Lasst uns entdecken, was sich im Boden unter unseren Füßen abspielt. Mach mit und unterstütze uns!


[AI Lab] Earth Without Humans - On the Boundaries of Artificial Life exhibitions are still on display at Kersnikova: Mon-Fri / 10am-4pm. Till the end of next week!
Razstave pod skupnim imenom 'Zemlja brez ljudi: na robovih umetnega življenja' so na Kersnikovi še vedno na ogled: pon-sre / 10-16h. Do konca naslednjega tedna!

A brief video report from the exhibition opening of our Earth Without Humans - On the Boundaries of Artificial Life festival. Exhibitions still on view till August 23.

Cellular Life, Death and Everything in Between

'We now know that cells can flirt dangerously with the boundary of death — and perhaps even cross it entirely — yet regain their lost function.'... on shifting boundaries between death and life. The discovery that apparently dead cells can sometimes resurrect themselves has researchers exploring how far they can push the point of no return.

Kontejner visiting BioTehna!
Long time partners in crime 😎

Nešto se novo sprema! 🤸‍♂️ Naše kustosice Klara Petrović i Luja Šimunović danas su posjetile Jurij Krpan u Galerija Kapelica / Kapelica Gallery.

We are working on something new! 🤸‍♂️ Our curators Klara Petrović and Luja Šimunović paid Jurij Krpan a visit today at Kapelica Gallery.

ASSISIbf | Artificial Life Laboratory, Graz, Austria

Bees and fish learning from each other through robots - Thomas Schmickl will talk about artificial life project on Thursday at 7.40 pm at Kersnikova.

[AI lab] #EarthWithoutHumans                             EU FET-project: Animal and robot Societies Self-organise and Integrate by Social Interaction (bees and fish)

Cell sculpturing at Venice Biennale? 👾🤖

Charlotte Jarvis: 'In Posse: Making female semen' @Alive in the Universe

Projekt Atol

!!! just 3 more days to apply !!!

PIFcamp open call is closing on Monday (May 20th)! If you are still considering it, take a look at this years node holders and be convinced! --> #ferallabs

How a Software Founder Built the Chemistry Set of CRISPR-Era Biotech - Core77

How a software founder built the chemistry set of CRISPR-era biotech. Feles Bio brings tools for gene editing, biofabrication, paternity tests, and to your workspace

Robots Help Bees Talk to Fish

Biomimetic robots enable communication between bees and fish. Using robots as intermediaries, a school of zebra fish communicate with a colony of bees

the Bioart Society

!!! 'Bricolage' -> Biobot by Nathan Thompson & Guy Ben-Ary @ Bioart Society !!! Welcome to the opening of Bricolage, a prototyping exhibition by Guy Ben-Ary and Nathan Thompson on March 22nd, 17-19h at SOLU Space Luotsikatu 13, Helsinki.

For those who haven't seen the lip reading of plants yet: the exhibition of Špela Petrič: 'Nococeptor: lip reading' is open until the 1st of March. (Mon-Fri: 10am-4pm)

Za tiste, ki še niste videli branja ustnic rastlinam: razstava Špela Petrič: Nociceptor: branje ustnic je odprta še do 1. marca. (pon-pet: 10-16h)

Špela Petrič: 'Nociceptor: lip reading', exhibition @Bio Tehna Vivarium, until the 1st of March 2019

(Photo: Miha Fras)

Hens Engineered to Generate Human Proteins in Their Eggs | Genetics And Genomics

Chicken eggs have been used for over 70 years to produce vaccines. Now researchers have used genetically modified chickens to generate large amounts of human proteins in their eggs. This research could offer a cost-effective way to make certain protein-based drugs. Chicken eggs have been used for over 70 years to produce vaccines. Now they could be used to reduce the cost of making certain drugs. | Genetics And Genomics

Call for fellows – [email protected]

Center for Interdisciplinary Research looking for new fellows in fields of Open AI, Open synthetic and systems biology, Open phronesis, Open health and open learning ...

Art&science in flesh on 15th this month at BioTehna: we are witnessing the evolvement of our most intriguing projects at the moment and presenting them to public.
Mojca Založnik: Linear Entanglement
Zoran Srdić Janežič: FlaNeuron
Špela Petrič: Nociceptor: lip reading

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Complete financial environment which consists from: Tradebook (social network) where traders can connect to each other; Academy (educational portal) where we produce finest live-stream education; Trade (trading environment);

TBA, Teambuilding akademija TBA, Teambuilding akademija
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TBA, teambuilding akademija pripravlja in izvaja visoko kakovostne inovativne in trendovske teambuilding programe in izobraževanja.

Delavnice mestne Osrečevalnice Delavnice mestne Osrečevalnice
Mestni Trg 9
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Podrobne informacije o srečanjih-delavnicah, ki jih mestna Osrečevalnica organizira za vse, ki si želite biti bolj srečni. SREČA/n/JE BITI JAZ.

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Vino se rado druži Vino se rado druži
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Vino se rado druži... Vino je kultura, ki jo lahko raziskujemo z razmišljanjem, moramo jo okušati z usti in vohati z nosom. Vonj zaznava vonjave, esenco nečesa. Ta esenca pride na plano družena s hrano, dobro družbo in zgodbami ob vinu.

Hiša znanja dr. Sentočnik Hiša znanja dr. Sentočnik
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Kakovostne instrukcije in tecaji ANGLESCINE za vse stopnje Prevajanje v in iz anglescine Evalvacije programov

Naravni kotiček Naravni kotiček
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Dišeča izobraževanja ter negovalne delavnice izdelave naravne kozmetike. Z ljubeznijo do narave. Vabljeni! :)

4. A POP 5 4. A POP 5
Celjska Ulica 16
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Na naši strani boste lahko dobili vse informacije o dogajanju na šoli in športne rezultate sedanjih in bivših dijakov ŠC PET!

Joga Zasuk Joga Zasuk
BM Studio, Dunajska 63
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Igramo se v naravi Igramo se v naravi
Podutiška Cesta
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Preživljanje šolskih počitnic v objemu narave!

Govorništvo - Toastmasters Ljubljana Govorništvo - Toastmasters Ljubljana
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Vedoželnji posamezniki, ki želite proaktivno razvijati znanja o javnem nastopanju, reotriki, krepiti komunikacijske ter vodstvene kompetence, vabljeni!

Terry Troy Jackson s.p. Terry Troy Jackson s.p.
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Lektoriranje in poučevanje