Guardians of the Earth

Environmental organisation organising cleaning actions from Austria to China The environmental movement Guardians of Universe is uniting nature lovers, sportsmen, book authors and martial artists from around the world - in the quest to help children and nature around them.

Mission: Our mission is to protect children and nature worldwide. We do this by encouraging the youth to spend more time in nature, leading them through creative work to spread environmental awareness.

I admit, I was sceptic until March 4th 2020. Now I agree with my dear friend Greta. Our climate is changing, we're in the beginning of mass extinction, how dare we not protest while our house is on fire!
I became a fan because she is 100% right. Years ago, we only had one trashpicking season per year. Now - because our planet is rapidly heating - we already had three in the last four months!
Photos below: Our beach at river Sava, same 30 m after rain&high water on November 16th 2019, December 3rd 2019 and March 4th 2020.
Wake up guys, stop using chopsticks!!
PS: no diesel fuel was used to reach the trashpicking area.

#guardiansoftheearth #cleanrivers #cleanhearts #water #slovenia #sava #nature #pollution #wedarebecausewecare #trashbonding #river #pollutionisnosolution

Trashbonding strikes again😎
Cavers, outdoor enthusiasts and kids from 9 neighboring countries - best possible time in the most beautiful place❤️

#speleo #caving #guardiansoftheearth #cleanrivers #cleanhearts #water #slovenia #sava #nature #pollution #wedarebecausewecare #trashbonding #river #pollutionisnosolution #bohinj

Trashbonding strikes again😎
Cavers, outdoor enthusiasts and kids from 9 neighbouring countries - best possible time in the most beautiful place❤️

#speleo #caving #guardiansoftheearth #cleanrivers #cleanhearts #water #slovenia #sava #nature #pollution #wedarebecausewecare #trashbonding #river #pollutionisnosolution #bohinj

Guardians of the Earth's cover photo

Our cleanup action in China with 30+ countries is now moved to October. To follow our goal to prepare two such actions per year, we are now organising a similar, yet smaller action in Slovenia. It is planned for the end of March, when caving friends from CZ, PL, HU and HR will come to help Bogdi & Ras to clean a gorge in the Bohinj valley - one of the sources of pollution of the Sava river - and the Black sea.
Today Ras and I were checking the area to prepare the action plan. Because he fearlessly follows me everywhere, stupid me forgot his toes are not equipped with Adidas Terrex rubber as mine. He cut his toe on a piece of metal or glass and it was a challenge to carry a bleeding, 44 kg puppy out of the gorge. My friend Stane Klemenc helped me to find an animal's clinic in the area and a few hours later - after Ras took a nice long nap on the surgical table - we returned home with our ears and tails down.
Now we are both grounded for 2 weeks. Ras because his injury - and Bogdy because his stupidity. But then we'll be back. We are the Guardians, and the Guardians are unstoppable. Little crazy but unstoppable:).

#guardiansoftheearth #cleanrivers #cleanhearts #water #slovenia #sava #nature #pollution #wedarebecausewecare #trashbonding #river #pollutionisnosolution #bohinj #whiteswissshepherd adidas TERREX

Our next cleanup action in China is planned for March 28th. It is led by speleoclubs Križna cave from Slovenia, Planivy from Czech Republic, Papp Ferenc from Hungary and ZhongYuan Adventure Rescue team from China.

Together we are building THE BIGGEST POSITIVE STORY OF UNITING NATIONS TO PRESERVE NATURE ( - with outdoor enthusiasts from 30+ countries.

And the caving community is leading the way - to a brighter future! Why us? Because we can see in the dark. Like bats. And Batman.

And we old buddies are not alone anymore! I am 3H: happy, humbled and honoured to get the full support from:

1. UIS - the International caving federation
2. FSE - The European caving federation
3. AUS - Asian Union of Speleology
4. Chinese Committee on Speleology
5. Chinese Geological Society - and last but not least:
6. RAS - my White Swiss shepherd:)

PS: first circular on our website since tomorrow:)

Although my mother desperately tried to raise me as a good and obedient Christian, she failed.
Instead of going to Mass today and honour God who created Earth, Ras and I rather honoured his creation.
Hmmm, does that make as pagans??

River Sava, 4h, four sacks of trash, great feelings afterwards, still time for well deserved potica:)

PS to God: great work, never had a chance to tell you that. Just maybe next time, after creating animals on Day 6, stop right there and go rest earlier.

#guardiansoftheearth #cleanrivers #cleanhearts #water #slovenia #sava #nature #pollution #wedarebecausewecare #trashbonding #river #pollutionisnosolution

When your friends stop by on their way back from mountains on a cup of mulled wine - but you give them wetsuits and take them on a pleasant walk to the river.
No, it's quite the opposite of what you think!
They will come again🤣 Trashbonding is the best bonding💪
Read more about trashbonding here:

Guardians of the Earth's cover photo


Our fourth International cleaning action in Songshan mountains, China from 3-11. November has now GREEN LIGHT. The biggest, the best - and the only one of its kind in the world. Outdoor teams from Slovenia, Austria, Czech republic, Hungary and Bulgaria are already prepared and excited.
It's not jot just a world class story - but a positive story of uniting nations that the world needs.
It will be quickly followed by the fifth one in March 2020 when martial artists and outdoor sportsmen from 20+ countries will join us.
All materials are prepared, now finishing websites and films in English and Chinese and off we go:)

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A step by step guide for younger generations protesting on the streets

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What does it take to organise the biggest international cleaning action of 'Guardians of the Earth' in China in November 2019?
1. To travel 26h to China and 51h back to Europe
2. To eat with two giant sticks instead of forks
3. To communicate in a language you don't understand a bit
4. To write 20 pages of ideas during night
5. To have a meeting after meeting
6. To figure out how to involve sportsmen from 25+ countries ...
It will be great:)
With adidas TERREX, Geberit, sandiline
#caves #caving #speleo #speleology #zhengzhoucaverescueteam #shaolintemple #china #songshan #songshanmountains #henan #china
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A link to the fifth article about our cleaning action in China:
We got a new nickname - Dancers on the cliff.
And believe me - it's much better to watch us dancing on the cliffs, than in a disco. Especially in full outdoor gear.

With Ines Walch Katsching, Klaus Fank, FankySport, Nikon, Geberit, adidas TERREX, sandiline, Lupine, AUSTRIALPIN

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About Guardians of the Earth and our cleaning actions on Slovene national TV. In German with Slovene subtitles:

It starts at 5.27 - and my doggie Ras is the main star:)

With adidas TERREX, sandiline, Nikon, Geberit

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Nature in Croatia is just amazing (fact). The Adriatic is one of the most beautiful seas in the world (fact).

I know Croatia very well and just love the nature. That's why I started to follow the illegal dump sites on island Pag few years ago. Now some of them are covered with sand (good job Croatia), and some are twice bigger.

Why the f**k should I care? They are their islands, their water, their sea. Well, their water and their sea is connected to my water, and my sea. And yours. Water connects every living being on our Earth - and that's why I f**king care.

Now think. Croatia has more than 1.000 islands, of which 48 are inhabited. Have you ever seen a garbage truck on the ferry lines?
Just asking.

With adidas TERREX, Geberit, Nikon, Croatia Full of life

#guardiansoftheearth #trashbonding #croatia #beautifulcroatia #adriatic #islandpag #pollution

The first short interview about Guardians of the Earth, International cleaning action in China, pollution in Slovenia.
And yes, I told much more and yes, it's good to know some Slovene😅

With Ines Walch Katsching, Klaus Fank, Nikon, Geberit, adidas TERREX, sandiline, Lupine, Iztok Cencič, 王希国

#caves #caving #speleo #speleology #zhengzhoucaverescueteam #shaolintemple #china #songshan #songshanmountains #henan #china
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Thursday, March 7th. Cleaning two dry canyons in the Songshan mountains. Ines, Klaus, Ize and Bogdy from Europe and Wang and Chinese friends from the Zhengzhou and Dengfeng Cave rescue team.
From China to the world - a great story continues!

#caves #caving #speleo #speleology
#cleanrivers #cleanhearts #cleaningaction #china #songshan #songshanmountains #henan #china #shaolintemple
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Three days after returning from China I am on the road again. Another 2,000 km with car to join a cleaning action in Czech republic, to film the last video clips with Ines and Klaus in Tirol and to experience some snow storms in Hohe Tauern. Trashbonding rules:)

#guardiansoftheearth #trashbonding #fankysport #adidas #terrex #cleanrivers #cleanhearts #internationalfamily

Tiroler Tageszeitung just became my favourite Tageszeitung. An interview with Ines Walch Katsching and Klaus Fank which also explains the eternal question we all get: Why China if you can clean the trash (after us) at home?

#adidasTERREX, #adidas #austrialpin #lupine #sandiline #fankysport #guardiansoftheearth #cleanwaters #cleanhearts #china #dengfeng #shaolintemple #cleaningaction

On March 1st four friends - Ines Walch Katsching and Klaus Fank from Austria and Iztok Cencič and me from Slovenia are flying to China to help to organise and lead an International cleaning action, to show that water connects us all, and to make a model of cleaning actions for the whole world.
A BIG thanks to our sponsor Adidas Terrex who understood the importance of our mission - for the first time in years we will not be barefoot and naked:).
Although I am talking about and presenting this project in Slovenia for almost two years, we had to go just over the Karavanke mountains to get some support. The Austrian embassy in China reacted in 3 hours, Austrian media in five (Ines and Klaus already had two interviews), and the German company Adidas sent us 3 big boxes of the best outdoor and canyoning equipment in a few days.
At least they understood the big political credit they will get.

#adidasTERREX, #adidas #austrialpin #lupine #sandiline #fankysport #guardiansoftheearth #cleanwaters #cleanhearts #china #dengfeng #shaolintemple #cleaningaction

Now it's official! On March 1st two cavers from Slovenia and two canyoneers from Austria are flying to the Center of Heaven and Earth in China.

Why flying to China, you may ask yourself? Well, there are exactly two reasons:
1. because it's a little too far to walk:).
2. to organise and lead the biggest international cleaning action of Guardians of the Earth so far.

We will be joined by 40 cavers from China, CN media, hundreds of Chinese friends and thousands of Kungfu students.

1. To clean the mountain paths, vertical walls, rivers and canyons in the sacred Songshan mountains.
2. To set up a model of international cooperation.
3. To set up a trash free zone.
4. To make a film and book to spread the values of protecting nature to younger generations.

We make cleaning actions in our free time and on our own expense. But now we need some help. We are still 50.000 eur too short to make a professional film, the project book and complete all our goals.
If you own a company - or know somebody who does - please forward him this link with the PDF for sponsors:

Big thanks,
the Guardians team

#cleanwaters #cleanhearts #guardiansoftheearth #china #cleaningaction #waterconnectsusall #weneedsomehelp
#shaolintemple #dengfeng #songshanmountains #water

After waisting the whole week in bed due to strong flu, I finally managed to take my buddy - and my body - for a short walk by the river. What we saw was not encouraging. The recent flood water brought new trash to the banks we cleaned on Christmas - and spring came before the winter. Why do I keep posting such photos? Because of little peoples like the ones on the photo. A few more days (grrrr) in bed and then I start preparing the cleaning action in China with Iztok Cencič, Ines Walch Katsching, Klaus Fank and ... maybe you??

#guardiansoftheearth #cleanrivers #cleanhearts

Check our work so far & the upcoming international cleaning action in China:

I have heard a tale about a group of people ... ordinary people … from all walks of life: Explorer, Boat Builder, Computer whizz, Pianist, Electrician, Martial Artists, Teacher, Child, the list is long and growing every day.

These people have one thing in common, well actually they have more than one thing in common, but for now you only need to know about one of them, and that is;
Guardians of the Earth.

No its not a new film by Marvel.
Its older and more established than that, its been there in the underground, waiting for the right time, the right time to sprout up through the earth and show itself to the World.

That time is now, the Guardians are here. They have been working in the background, behind the scenes, grafting, dedicated, recruiting …

You should take a look, digest everything you see and read, think about it for a day or two then go back and look again ... You’ll see more the second time.

You may even come up with some questions, if you do, then ask them. Get everything clear in your mind before you decide to become a Guardian yourself.

​Peter Grant, UK

#cleanrivers #cleanhearts #protectingnature #water #cleaningaction #china #theguardiansarehere

I could keep posting beautiful photos of my beautiful doggie in our beautiful nature - to get nice comments.
And I will. Nice comments are cool. Everybody likes them.
Nowadays the social media - the only way to reach more
people - is overloaded with photos of sixpacks and perfect boobs, of your morning coffee and vacations. Nothing wrong with that (especially with boobs:), but from time to time I want you to also see the reality - and do something.
So, if you are a photographer - or have a good phone or any photographic skills at all, use them to also spread awareness about polluted nature. At least from time to time.
At first, it will not seem it helps at all (and you will get much less likes for sure), but every step counts.
Thank you.

#CleanRivers #CleanHearts #waterconnectsusall #guardiansoftheEarth #waters #cleaningaction #Iamnotonlywalkingaroundwithmydoggie #trashbonding

Coming soon on our new website

Our Story

An international family of outdoor enthusiasts and martial artists, organising cleanup actions from Europe to China. Our actions are known as Trashbonding, they are led by the caving community and supported by UIS (International Union of Speleology), FSE (European Speleological Federation), AUS (Asian Union of Speleology), Chinese Geological Society and Chinese Committee on Speleology.

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