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11.sezona šole!!! 17 let s tangom + 14 let poučujemo argentinski tango, organiziramo mednarodni festival, milonge, delavnice tanga...

najbolj aktivna slovenska tango scena & šola

Mission: širimo strast... do tanga


Style Right VLOG No.9: An interview with world-renowned Tango Teachers Pablo & Sofia

Our maestros Pablo Inza and Sofía Saborido in interview.
Soon LIVE in Ljubljana - November 7-10.

What you are about to see in this post is the outcome of a year-long project. The project itself wasn’t hard or complicated, but the logistics and the fact t...

Feel Slovenia

SLOVENIA, country of 1000 springs! A smooth flow to you, dear dancers - see you in a month in Ljubljana!!!

We are super excited to announce our latest collaboration with @National Geographic 💚
We are taking you on a special trip to explore unique stories of #Slovenia's waters of wellbeing.💧
Meet the ambassadors and follow along ⤵️ https://ter.li/yig05a
#ifeelsLOVEnia #natgeo

Ljubljana Tango Festival

SEE YOU IN LJUBLJANA - November 7-10, 2019

Ljubljana Tango Festival

DAY ONE of Ljubljana Tango Festival. Tag yourself ;)
DJ Pablo Inza, THANK YOU for a WONDERFUL milonga.
See you all tomorrow at 5pm - DJ Joël Silva's just returned from Buenos Aires only for you. See you in Ljubljana!

Ljubljana Tango Festival

The onda master - his tandas make the athmosphre warm&intense&dreamy&deep. A Dj, a passionate tango dancer, a composer and musical producer.
Don't miss the sweet sunday loooong afternoon milonga with DJ Carlo. www.tangofestival.si/REGISTER

Ljubljana Tango Festival

DJ Sergio Piscitello - Friday, 9 NOV 2018 @ Ljubljana Tango Festival. IMPERDIBILE! Don't miss him.
During the night show of Noelia Carlitos.

Ljubljana Tango Festival

Smooth, energetic, sexy, creative!
Noelia Carlitos in Ljubljana: November 8 - 11
STUDY with them:

THU 8.NOV.2018
18:45 - 20:15 Flexibility in the embrace: Transition between close and open embrace, points of contact / All levels

FRI 9.NOV.2018
17:00 - 18:30 Milonga: containment of the movement to create accelerations / Intermediate

SAT 10.NOV.2018
12:00 - 13:30 Inertia: how to use the inertia of the movement to lead / Advanced
13:45 - 15:15 The ability to “correct and compensate” / Intermediate
19:00 - 20:30 Action and Reaction: playing with the roles for the understanding of follower's suggestion (back-leading) / Advanced

SUN 11.NOV.2018
12:00 - 13:30 The importance of the music for the connection. Being literal, melodic, rhythmic, details... Suggesting a musical idea. / Intermediate

Festival se pričenja čez mesec dni :)
V Slovenijo se vrača Pablo Inza, sedaj s partnerico Sofía Saborido, zopet z nami Noelia Hurtado in Carlos Espinoza!
8. - 11. november 2018

Ljubljana Tango Festival starts in one month. Meet friends from 30+ countries, learn from Noelia Hurtado, Carlos Espinoza, Pablo Inza, Sofía Saborido.
Nov 8-11, 2018 www.tangofestival.si/

Odprli smo prijave na festival :)

Registrations are now open.
Ljubljana Tango Festival, November 9-12 2017


Tango Isn’t for Everyone

Isn't? Isn't. ;)

karenkaye.net When someone expresses an interest in learning tango, I often hesitate. I know tango looks fun, sexy and beautiful, but it can be a serious commitment. It’s a hardcore pursuit. Yes, some peop…

Danes se odpirajo registracije za Poreč s posebnim popustom za paket vsem milong.

It is happening! Registration has started! CATCH THE EARLY BIRD - register in the first 48 hours for a crazy discount and join the biggest tango party of the summer! www.summertango.com

Timeline Photos


So, dance now and dance often :)

So let's get our bodies moving :D!!!
#�LifehackGoal is a free tool that helps you achieve goals in different aspects of life

Vamos >> Nick Jones & bandoneon - a special workshop on Sunday at 11th Ljubljana Tango festival!!

"Rhythm Divertissement WITH LIVE BANDONEON" - special class

Nick Jones is not only a superb dancer - he also plays bandoneon in the orquesta tipica which he established in 2009.

During festival's last class (Sunday at 15.15) Nick and Diana will CONNECT THE MUSIC AND THE DANCE in a deep, visceral, and entertaining way. No to be missed.

More >>

Nicholas Jones
Orquesta Director. Bandoneón

In 2009 Nick Jones formed the Orquesta Típica NaturalTango, in which he plays the bandoneon. Playing in and leading the Orquesta has given him a unique look into the inner working of tango music, and has greatly influenced his dancing, teaching and performing.

Nick first picked up the bandoneon in 2002. “From the first note, playing the bandoneon is a visceral experience. It is the only instrument I have ever played, that makes me need to play it.”

Initially using the instrument to improve his musicality in dancing tango, it soon expanded into playing live shows for other people to dance to. Over the years he has organized 4 different ensembles that culminated in the Orquesta NaturalTango. Since then he has focused on polishing the sound and building the repertoire of the Orquesta. “When the orchestra plays, I want the dancers to go crazy! Tango is fantastic, energizing, alive and dynamic. We often loose site of this when listening to the old scratchy recordings. The orchestra brings tango back to vibrancy.”

Nick carefully selects each song the orchestra plays for the ultimate dancing experience. While focusing on Golden Age tangos, the orchestra also explores the styles of the 1920’s and 1960’s. Some of the tangos are challenging to dance to, some are easy, but all are emotive!

100%TANGO >> VPISUJEMO v Tango osnove T1
termin: sreda, 12.oktober ob 18.30 >> do 20% popust še ta teden :)


8 Ways to Get Asked to Dance

Praktične veščine :)

karenkaye.net “I’m not getting asked to dance,” she said. And I could see why. She was a skilled follower and a beautiful woman with the warmest soul. But no one noticed because she sat buried …

[09/28/16]   Pozdravljeni!!

Nocoj imamo brezplačno predstavitev argentinskega tanga.

Zberemo se med 18.00 in 18.30 uro v kavarni Kult316 na Prušnikovi 74. Ko se spoznamo, se preselimo nadstropje višje v dvorano, kjer bomo zaplesali.

Za začetnike je prijava obvezna (http://www.100tango.si).
Zanimivo, poučno in zabavno bo. Tak je načrt.
Skupaj bomo do 20.00, tedaj se prične nadaljevalni tečaj.

Kdor utegne, vabljeni.

Primož & Janja

Early bird prices end on September 30. If you plan to take more classes or milongas, register now. http://www.tangofestival.si

Early bird prices end on September 30. If you plan to take more classes or milongas, register now. http://www.tangofestival.si

Ljubljana Tango Festival

Honestly, the question we keep getting is: who is the other couple? Fair enough. We knew we would have to introduce them. Glad you've asked.

Here are some quick facts:
- enthusiastic dancers, choreographers, performers, musicians, DJs
- experienced teachers
- intelligent, humorous, fun, interesting
- obsessively musical
- excellent dancing technique
- can dance and teach any tango style
- decades of experience

Nick dances since 1996. He was the 1st North-American to be invited to teach and perform at a festival in Buenos Aires. They work frequently together with Gustavo Naveira & Giselle Anne.

They are famous in the US, we are bringing them to the top festival of Europe. We’ll be writing about them frequently since we really want to introduce them as they deserve.

Meet Nick & Diana at 11th Ljubljana Tango Festival.

Fijuuu, še 7 dni za rane ptiče!

Friends! Amigos! Prijatelji!

7 days left of early bird prices - till September 30.

Especially convenient now:
- All Milongas package: 30 hours of dancing
- Big Festival package: all milongas + 4 classes

REGISTER NOW @ http://www.tangofestival.si

Spoznaj najlepši ples v paru - argentinski tango.
Brezplačna predstavitvena lekcij bo 28. septembra.
Prijavi se na www.100tango.si.

Spoznaj tango - spoznaj strast.
Brezplačna predstavitev argentinskega tanga in šole 100%TANGO.

Prijave obvezne :)


100%TANGO - največja šola za argentinski tango Ljubljana - 100%TANGO

MAJSKI TEČAJI >> vabimo novince in pavzerje v vpise in podaljšanje vpisov v skupinah:

- Nadaljevalni tečaj (prvi nivo) T2, ob SREDAH, 20.00 - 21.30
:: ZAČETEK 18.5.

začetniki (in pavzerji, poglobljevalci, piflarji...)
- Osnove tanga T1, ob NEDELJAH, 19.30 - 21.00
:: ZAČETEK 22.5.
Tečaj traja 4 mesece, v 4 enomesečnih enotah poteka. Vpis je možen za najmanj 1 mesec (4 vaje).

- Nadaljevalni tečaj (napredni nivo) T3, ob NEDELJAH, 21.00 - 22.30
:: ZAČETEK 22.5.

Prijava na izbrani termin: www.100tango.si

100tango.si tango šola Ljubljana - plesi in tečaji od leta 1998


Mariano Chicho Frumboli & Juana Sepulveda - Mantova Tango Festival 16/4/2016 - 3


Kako slišati besedilo in glas, čeprav ju v resnici ni

Eden od odzivov po koncertni premieri plošče:

sigic.si Album plesnih ritmov, ki izhajajo iz Buenos Airesa in Montevidea je zakrivil Jure Tori, harmonikar Orlekov. Gibljivim strastem tanga ga je primerno naslovil For one touch.


Tori Tango kmalu v ljubljanskem Kinu Šiška

Sam Jure Tori nas je povabil in omogočil skupinski popust za koncert! Zelo lepa gesta, podprimo domače umetnike! Vstopnica za nas (ki je še 3 dni po 13 eur, na dan koncerta v četrtek je 15 eur) je z 20%popustom: zaokroženo po 10,5 eur. Akcija :: do četrtka zjutraj nabiram seznam, pošlji ime v PM (Janja Frank). V četrtek po 19.30 se dobimo v baru Kina Šiška: prinesite točen znesek, jaz pa potem za vse prevzamem plačane vstopnice, ki nam jih hranijo na blagajni. Se vidimo! 

govori.se Po zelo odmevni mednarodni koncertni premieri zasedbe TORI TANGO, na kateri je slovenski harmonikar in skladatelj Jure Tori v prestižnem jazzovskem klubu Porgy & Bess na Dunaju 3. marca s kvartetom predstavil prvo slovensko popolnoma avtorsko tango glasbo in zgoščenko z naslovom "Za en dotik", s…

Poreč 2016, 6.- 11.julij
DANES JE DAN: odprle so se registracije >> za paket vseh milong je samo 14.3.!! specijalna nižja cena za: 70 eur oziroma le 67 eur s promotorskim popustom!!
Kot vsako leto, ob izbiri paketov le vpišete PROMO-KODO: janja frank (sistem na strani vas lepo vodi skozi proces) in dobite na nabrani znesek še dodatni popust.
Paketi in cene in popusti: http://www.summertango.com/contribution/

Kot 'promotor' vas vabim, da tudi letos izberete super milonge in odlične lekcije z vrhunskimi učitelji na poletnem festivalu v Poreču. Če želite pomoč pri osebnem urniku, sem na voljo s svojo ekipo :)

Time has come to jump in! :) Register NOW for the biggest tango party of the year! Visit www.summertango.com - happiness awaits ;)


Vaje v objemu - music by Tori trio

Šola 100%TANGO, z učenci in bivšimi učenci, sooblikovala film :) Ponosni :)

Vaje v objemu - music by Tori trio A film by Metod Pevec Featuring songs: One more quiet night, music by Jure Tori Val, music by Jure Tori For one touch, mus...

[03/11/16]   Vabimo v vpise in podaljšanje vpisov v skupine:
- Osnove tanga T1, ob nedeljah, 20.00 - 21.30 :: ZAČETEK 13.3.
Tečaj traja 4 mesece, v 4 enomesečnih enotah poteka. Vpis je možen za najmanj 1 mesec (4 vaje).
- Nadaljevalnoi tečaj (prvi nivo) T2, ob sredah, 20.00 - 21.30 :: ZAČETEK 16.3.
- Nadaljevlni tečaj (napredni nivo) T3, ob nedeljah, 18.30 - 20.00 :: ZAČETEK 13.3.

Pridite v dobro družbo :)

100%TANGO šola Ljubljana's cover photo


This is what sitting too long does to your Body.

Na noge, pa na tango ;)

thelifeisamazing.com If you spend a lot of time sitting down for your job, take a look at the specifics of how this can negatively impact your health, according to four experts in the industry.

100%TANGO šola Ljubljana's cover photo

[02/17/16]   Dragi člani 100%TANGO, danes in jutri ni tečajev, ker imamo šolske počitnice :) V nedeljo pa po urniku naprej!


100%TANGO - največja šola za argentinski tango Ljubljana - 100%TANGO

Ta teden novi vpisi v redne tedenske tečaje!!!
Srčno vabljeni v prebujajoči se pomladi na tango :)
Termini in programi:
- sreda ob 20.00 :: T2 nadaljevalno tečaj
- nedelja ob 18.30 :: T3 nadaljevalni tečaj
- nedelja ob 20.00 :: T1 osnove tanga >> za začetnike in utemeljevalce :)
Prijave na www.100tango.si (tudi urniki, programi, opisi, cene...)
Info na [email protected]

100tango.si tango šola Ljubljana - plesi in tečaji od leta 1998


Horacio Godoy and Noelia Hurtado performance 2/2

...oj, kolk muske!!!
* Noelia s Horaciem pred nekaj dnevi v Buenos Airesu - za inspiracijo in iskrivost in navihan odnos pred prihajajočo pustno milongo to soboto *

Horacio Godoy and Noelia Hurtado perform on 1/29/16 before they teach class.


Osky Casas y Tajana Burger Casas, milonga

Osky Casas & Tajana Burger Casas: nastop na milongi v Buenos Airesu 2015
Plešeta na zelo hiter ritem milonge! Strukture pa niso težke - nekaj njih bosta učila na delavnicah 'giro milonguero close embrace' v soboto, 27.2. >> www.100tango.si (program, cene, prijava...)
In seveda, brez skrbi: veliko počasnjene bodo zvadene in plesane. Čez mesece jih pa natreniramo in takole turbo po parketu zaplešete v poletje :)))

Milonga La Bicicleta, Buenos Aires, January 2015.

[01/06/16]   Dragi stoodstotniki: ta teden spet vsi tečaji po urniku. Komaj čakamo, da skupaj pretegnemo noge po doooolgih praznikih ;)

Tres cosas hay en la vida:
salud, dinero y amor.
El que tenga esas tres cosas
que le de gracias a Dios.
Pues, con ellas uno vive
libre de preocupación,
por eso quiero que aprendan
el refrán de esta canción.

Tri stvari so v življenju:
zdravje, denar in ljubezen.
Kdor to troje ima
naj hvali Boga.
Saj se z njimi živi
brez vseh skrbi,
zato naj vsak se nauči
refren te pesmi.

(glasba in celotno besedilo valčka so na naši spletni strani - https://www.100tango.si)


Dragi prijatelji v tangu,

lepo tango leto je za nami! Praznovali smo 10. obletnico Tango festivala Ljubljana - hvala vsem, ki ste se ga udeležili in tako podprlil dogodek, ki Slovenijo že desetletje postavlja na tango zemljevid sveta.

Dragi tečajniki šole 100%TANGO, hvala vam za srčnost, družabnost in študioznost. Vesela sva, da lahko z vami deliva svojo strast!

Vsem ljubiteljem tanga in tistim, ki se s tangom še spogledujete, želiva: naj se vam leto 2016 zavrti gladko kot nežen valček: SALUD, DINERO Y AMOR!

Janja in Primož

[12/19/15]   Dragi tečajniki, kot dogovorjeno: ob 17.30, uro preden se prične Milonga Alegria, se zberemo in si skuhamo eno vročo kombinacijo za predigro.

[12/09/15]   Dragi plesalci, današnji nadaljevalni T2 tečaj je POLN! Naslednja priložnost za prijave v skupine :: kmalu v 2016 ;) Ostanite z nami :)

Nocoj v naši dvorani!!

Today!!! First milonga of the festival with super DJ Goran Nikšić!!! Imperdibile!!! www.tangofestival.si

Ponosno v naš festival!

Meet old friends, hug new ones, dance, learn. 10th edition of Ljubljana Tango Festival starts today. Join us!

Ljubljana Tango Festival

We will close on-line registrations tomorrow morning. Two classes on Sunday have space for a couple or two, others are full. No need to register for milongas. Get ready! www.tangofestival.si

Od četrtka, 19.11. do nedelje, 22.11. ni rednih tečajev, ker imamo 10. mednarodni tango FESTIVAAAAAL!!! Pridite z nami PRAZNOVAT v studio 100%TANGO, v Festivalno dvorano in v hotel Union >>> program, urnik lokacije...: http://www.tangofestival.si/

FRIDAY NEXT WEEK - milonga with a show of Noelia Hurtado & Carlos Espinoza in a beautiful Festival Hall. Be with us!

Četrtkove lekcije, katerih program je prilagojen šoli 100%TANGO, so polne. Če si kdo strašno želi na te lekcije, naj nam piše: [email protected] :)

We're almost sold out. We can accept a couple or two on some classes, mainly on SUNDAY. http://www.tangofestival.si/register.
We will close on-line registrations on Monday. It is NOT necessary to register for MIONGAS, except for milongas package which is cheaper.

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in Ljubljana?

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Prušnikova 74

Opening Hours

Wednesday 09:00 - 17:00
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Higeja - Šola za maserje in terapevte Higeja - Šola za maserje in terapevte
Ptujska Ulica 19

Pred besedo je bil dotik.

Bodies Revealed Ljubljana Bodies Revealed Ljubljana
Gospodarsko Razstavišče Ljubljana

Bodies Revealed

Zavod RS za šolstvo Zavod RS za šolstvo
Poljanska 28
Ljubljana, 1000

Zavod Republike Slovenije za šolstvo je osrednji nacionalni razvojno-raziskovalni in svetovalni zavod na področju predšolske vzgoje, osnovnega in srednjega šolstva.

MLC Ljubljana MLC Ljubljana
Tržaška 207
Ljubljana, 1000

Fakulteta za management in pravo Ljubljana s poslovnim konceptom vsebinsko dopolnjuje ter nadgrajuje visokošolsko ponudbo. http://mlcljubljana.com/

Mednarodni inštitut za turizem / International Tourism Institute Mednarodni inštitut za turizem / International Tourism Institute
Vošnjakova 5
Ljubljana, 1000

International Tourism Institute aims to remain leading Slovenian research and development institute in leisure industry.

Igriva Arhitektura - Playful Architecture Igriva Arhitektura - Playful Architecture
Rimska Cesta 1
Ljubljana, 1000

IGRIVA ARHITEKTURA. Ozaveščanje otrok in pedagogov o grajenem prostoru. PLAYFUL ARCHITECTURE. Built Environment Education. www.igrivarhitektura.org

Varuška Živa - varstvo otrok in ustvarjalne ideje za otroke Varuška Živa - varstvo otrok in ustvarjalne ideje za otroke
Reboljeva Ulica 16
Ljubljana, 1000

www.varuska-ziva.si - Dnevno varstvo predšolskih otrok, popoldansko varstvo, likovne delavnice, nočno varstvo, varstvo na porokah...

DMFA Slovenije DMFA Slovenije
Jadranska Ulica 19
Ljubljana, 1000

Društvo matematikov, fizikov in astronomov Slovenije

Odbor za šolsko teraso gimnazija Jožeta Plečnika Odbor za šolsko teraso gimnazija Jožeta Plečnika
Šubičeva Ulica 1
Ljubljana, 1000

Skrbimo za eno izmed najlepših lokacij v centru Ljubljane, spremljajte nas in bodite obveščeni o naših dogodkih!

TIP &TAP so.p. TIP &TAP so.p.
Letališka Cesta 32
Ljubljana, 1000

TIP&TAP so.p., se je od svoje ustanovitve leta 2014, uveljavil kot eden izmed večjih dobaviteljev informacijske tehnologije v Sloveniji in eden izmed vodilnih zagovornikov krožnega IT gospodarstva.

Škofijska klasična gimnazija Škofijska klasična gimnazija
Štula 23

Amor magister optimus (ali: Ljubezen je najboljša učiteljica) Znanje, ki ga znamo uporabiti, svoboda za iskanje lastne osebnosti in odnosi, ki trajajo.

Komisija za šolstvo Komisija za šolstvo
Ciril-Metodov Trg 4, P. P. 1990
Ljubljana, 1001

Komisija za šolstvo pri SŠK pomaga odgovarjati na različne izzive, s katerimi se soočajo katoliške vzgojno-izobraževalne ustanove.