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[10/30/20]   Test

Pi is Beautiful - Numberphile

With thanks to Martin Krzywinski and Cristian Ilies Vasile - cool visualisers of Pi. Pi Visualisations (you can buy them too): Images ...

[04/05/15]   Rešene mature:

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Math Jokes Explained - Numberphile

Some of your favourite maths jokes are dissected in forensic fashion. It is YouTube Comedy Week: Animation by Pete McPartlan - http:/...

Could We Stop An Asteroid? Feat. Bill Nye

Could we stop an asteroid on a collision course for Earth? Subscribe! It's FREE: Bill Nye Twitter: AsapSCIENCE Tw...

How Much Does Thor's Hammer Weigh?

Fun fact!

SUBSCRIBE: TWITTER: ***CLICK "SHOW MORE" FOR LINKS*** Veritasium's great video: Thor's...

Why Do We Kiss?

Le zakaj :)

The scientific study of kissing is "philematology" Follow Michael Stevens: Sources and links to learn more: Kissing facts: ...

What is Random?

There's more over on Veritasium! "What is NOT Random?": SOURCES AND MORE BELOW! My twitter:

Problems with Zero - Numberphile

Problemi s številom 0 :)

Dividing by zero, zero divided by zero and zero to the power of zero - all pose problems! Numberphile on Facebook: Number...

What if the Moon was a Disco Ball?

Zanimivo! :) Hmmmmm....

DISCO BALL MOON INFORMATION: The large mirror-tiles are 150km squared, and the small ones are 100km squared. They are all 10 km thick with glass (with an IOR...

What if Superman Punched You?

Gain more muscle with AsapSCIENCE: Subscribe! It's Free: *** CLICK "SHOW MORE" FOR LINKS *** DC Superman Wiki: ht...

E=mc² is Incomplete

You've heard of E=mc²... but you probably haven't heard the whole story. MinutePhysics is on Google+ -

Science, Religion, and the Big Bang

Zanimivo :)

Support MinutePhysics and MinuteEarth on Subbable - AND MinutePhysics is on Google+...

3 Simple Ways to Time Travel (& 3 Complicated Ones)

Pa gremo nazaj k poletju! :D

Thanks to Volkswagen for supporting this video - And check out Aatish Bhatia's excellent physics blog - ...

Anti-Gravity Wheel?

Neboš vrjel, kaj je mogoče...! :D

Explanation of gyro precession: More: Less Than: Equal To: Huge th...

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