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Putting together unique international events all over the world for language enthusiasts, academics, entrepreneurs, educators, businesses, translators, students and everyone who loves language.

Mission: Supporting the language learning community by sharing ideas, experiences and enabling everyone to learn languages



Be an example to follow! Languages can be the way to change your life and the lives of those around you! Ernestine shares her story: https://youtu.be/dZd0YeyPeJo



Alex Rawlings - Languages for a world without “Grenzen”

On the day #Brexit was meant to take place, Alex Rawlings offers us his insight into linguistic and cultural diversity, showing us how to climb out of our box: https://youtu.be/rIdUxWrLACg

In this talk Alex Rawlings, author of “How To Speak Any Language Fluently”, blogger and polyglot (15 languages) will point out that since time immemorial, an...


The man bringing dead languages back to life

One of our topics this year at the Polyglot Conference. What would you like to hear about?

bbc.com Ghil’ad Zuckermann has found that resurrecting lost languages may bring many benefits to indigenous populations – with knock-on effects for their health and happiness.



The Polyglot Conference is proud to celebrate 8th March by highlighting the many strong, brilliant women who talk at our event each year. Ophelia Vert spoke in Ljubljana about The Cathars and Occitan: https://goo.gl/f5bXh1


Call for papers - Polyglot Conference

CALL FOR PAPERS NOW OPEN! Do you have something you would like to present in Fukuoka this year? We'd love to hear from you! https://goo.gl/924ZAn

polyglotconference.com The 7th Annual Polyglot Conference: Fukuoka, Japan, 18-20th October 2019 CALL FOR PAPERS At this year’s conference, we will have four separate tracks for papers and presentations, three related to our overall theme of “Languages of Asia”, honoring our host culture and its region. I. Languages,...


Angelo DeLeo -An Anthropological Perspective on Language Learning: Whorf, Cryptotypes, & Relativity

Angelo DeLeo on stage in Ljubljana, taking on the linguistic anthropology and controversial linguistics figure: Benjamin Lee Whorf. Which side of the fence are you on? https://youtu.be/uexNBWq_7Jg

Benjamin Lee Whorf, one of the fathers of modern-day linguistic anthropology, has been an unpopular figure in linguist circles for arguing that language shap...


Polyglot Conference 2019 - Celebrating Asian languages and cultures

This year we'll be in Asia for the first time. We want to celebrate Asian languages and cultures. Which language will you learn to join us? How about Vietnamese? https://youtu.be/It15UmOpNBo

Polyglot Conference 2019 Fukuoka from 18-20 October celebrates Asian languages and cultures. Here is a great channel for you to learn Southern Vietnamese, on...

How about some Japanese learning, ready for Fukuoka? Are you in?

Are you learning Japanese? Stuck on a grammar point? Need some help? Our author of Complete Japanese, Helen Gilhooly, will be here on Tuesday 22/1, 1-2pm GMT, to answer any questions you may have about learning Japanese. Message your questions to us on here ahead of time, or post them below, and we’ll answer as many as we can during the hour. #polyglotconference #japan #learnjapanese #completejapanese

Planning to join us in Fukuoka for the Polyglot Conference between 18-20 October 2019? Get your flights at a discounted rate through this link: https://goo.gl/1XurfF


Super večjezičneži

What a pleasure to appear on Slovenian radio for us to really celebrate Slovenia, its languages and cultures.

val202.rtvslo.si "Z znanjem desetih jezikov si na poliglotski konferenci povprečnež. Average Joe, navadni Janez," pravi Francoz Emmanuel Ternon. Poliglotski zvezdnik Richard Simcott jih tako govori kar 25!

Polyglot Conference's cover photo

Polyglot Conference


This week we are talking “Diversity in Language” at the Polyglot Conference. We didn’t receive any proposals for sign languages this year, so we wanted to share this powerful message with you instead! #PolyConf18

He has a superpower, and it's not what you think... 🤟

Via Signs For Humanity

TED talk by Austin Vaday: bit.ly/AustinVaday


Christina Takouda - Is it “all Greek” to you?

Which language is all Greek to you? Christina Takouda talks Greek in this video! We like to demystify languages at the Polyglot Conference! Join us in Slovenia to celebrate its languages and cultures this month and see for yourself: PolyglotConference.com

This interactive presentation addresses the challenge of delivering the first lesson of Modern Greek to people who are not familiar with the Greek alphabet a...

Calling ALL language learners! You can be part of some important research! Professor Alexander Arguelles needs your help for his presentation in Ljubljana! Can you help? Here's his video about it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P6i3qvJdl48 and the direct link to the survey is here: https://www.questionpro.com/t/AOlXUZcwtw
Join us in Slovenia! PolyglotConference.com (PLEASE SHARE AS WIDELY AS POSSIBLE TO GET THE BEST RESULTS)



Bertrand Millet & Johanna Wagma look at how to bring fun into language learning with gamification!
See you soon in Ljubljana! Get your ticket at PolyglotConference.com!



Michael Levi Haris - Acting techniques to improve your polyglot skills

Michael Levi Harris shares how acting methods can help you become a better language learner! Find out more tips, tricks and techniques from our 10 successful language learning experts in Ljubljana next month at the Friday Language Learning Event (PolyglotConference.com)!

Ever wonder how your favorite actors and actresses play one type of character so convincingly and then seamlessly give an equally strong performance in a rol...



Happy European Day of Languages! We celebrate languages and language learning! Tetsu explains how he raises multilingual children in English, French, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese! https://youtu.be/CWFttoTu3zw Join us in Slovenia (PoyglotConference.com)! #EuropeanDayofLanguages




Languages combine with various fields and anyone can learn them! Benny Lewis is living proof of this:
Join our Diversity in Language in October in Ljubljana: PolyglotConference.com




One of the panel discussions from Reykjavik, led by Professor Arguelles. Which presentations are you looking forward to in Slovenia this year (PolyglotConference.com)? https://youtu.be/VoaPohUJ34g




We give a voice to minority and endangered languages and the issues they face. Check out Dr. Rob Painter speaking in Reykjavik: https://youtu.be/fEUw_aHIGTs Join us in Slovenia next month: PolyglotConference.com


The Friday Language Learning Event at the Polyglot Conference brings you a diverse group of successful language learners, so no matter your personality type or learning goals or style, there will be tips, tricks and techniques for you to learn language more quickly and effectively. Book your spot now at PolyglotConference.com/register


Arabic Script Hacking: The optimal pathway to learn the Arabic alphabet (Teach Yourself)

Learning Arabic Script? Meet the author of this new book and the publisher (our sponsor) @OpenRoad in Ljubljana! Buy a copy and get it signed there! Attend a presentation and workshop by Judith too (PolyglotConference.com! https://amzn.to/2Nok8wv

amazon.co.uk Arabic Script Hacking: The optimal pathway to learn the Arabic alphabet (Teach Yourself)


Are we there yet? The Social Element CEO says diversity in ads shouldn't be a 'stand-out factor'

At the Polyglot Conference we celebrate Diversity in Language. And languages can be used in diverse environments, as our sponsor The Social Element shows: https://goo.gl/2ee7K2

campaignlive.com Every week, we ask industry insiders across all job levels and titles to share personal stories about equality, diversity and inclusion in adland. We know we're not there yet, but we want to document the highs and lows as the industry slowly transforms for the better.. From Campaign US

The Polyglot Conference brings its speakers to the widest audience possible. Our Youtube channel just hit 10,000 subscribers! You can also be where it all happens by registering at PolyglotConference.com


The Mystery of People Who Speak Dozens of Languages

At the Polyglot Conference, you get to meet and learn from people mentioned in articles like this one. Have you got your ticket yet? PolyglotConference.com https://goo.gl/X2HZvW

newyorker.com What can hyperpolyglots teach the rest of us?

The Polyglot Conference shares language tips, tricks and techniques! Tita & Ana Beaven talk about the online community in Iceland in this presentation. This year we have a special day dedicated to the topic: The Friday Language Learning Event with many online language gurus involved. Tickets on PolyglotConference.com/register


JML Polyglot Competition

The Polyglot Conference gives you a chance to meet with our sponsors - the people who bring you the language learning products you love! @TYOpenRoad even has some free tickets to give away for Ljubljana! Check out the T&Cs and how to enter here: https://1.shortstack.com/Dp4SNC


The Polyglot Conference celebrates the host country's culture. Kristín Jónsdóttir, author of @EditionsASSIMIL's Icelandic course, did that for us in Reykjavik! Join us to celebrate Slovenia this year! PolyglotConference.com https://youtu.be/5O5qtNyN0dg

The Polyglot Conference is proud to have @Memrise as its Platinum Sponsor this year. Watch out for their Slovene course coming out soon! But tell us, how do you Memrise?

Za rezervacijo vašega mesta je vse kar morate narediti, da obiščete spletno stran PolyglotConference.com!! Veselimo se našega snidenja v oktobru v Ljubljani! :)


Feel inspired at the Polyglot Conference! Vigdís Finnbogadóttir & Sebastian Drude's welcome speech get us motivated for more in Iceland! Be part of it at PolyglotConference.com! https://youtu.be/DodLbJZRT1w

Modern technology, language learning & Greenlandic? The Polyglot Conference brings all sorts of interesting combos to you. Jared Gimbel in Reykjavik brings you up to speed and keeps you entertained! Remember to book your ticket at PolyglotConference.com! https://youtu.be/nm6XdyPV-rw

At the Polyglot Conference we celebrate local languages and cultures. In Iceland Guðrún Theodórsdóttir showed us interesting ways of learning Icelandic as a foreigner. Come and see how we celebrate Slovenia and its languages and cultures in Ljubljana this October - PolyglotConference.com! https://youtu.be/4h0aoyYAhuo

The Polyglot Conference brings you a wide range of language-related topics. Emily Canning spoke in Thessaloniki about language and conflict in Central Asia. Have you got your ticket for this year's event yet from PolyglotConference.com?

At the Polyglot Conference we bring together people like you, who love language. We pepper the programme with talks from speakers with broad experience in a variety of language-related topics. Helen Abadzi, a celebrated and successful polyglot, joined us in Thessaloniki!

Book your ticket for the Polyglot Conference in Ljubljana now at PolyglotConference.com to catch up live with inspirational people speaking on topics you will love, like Luca here in Thessaloniki! https://youtu.be/ERD05x0JWoI


Language Learning Event – Polyglot Conference

We're bringing you a diverse group to answer your diverse need at the Friday Language Learning Event on 26th October in Ljubljana this year! http://polyglotconference.com/ljubljana-2018/friday-event/

polyglotconference.com Language Learning Event On Friday 26th October we have invited a diverse group of successful language learners to come and share their techniques with you to learn languages as effectively and efficiently as possible. The speakers have various styles and reasons for learning languages, so there is s...


Speakers & Agenda – Polyglot Conference

Have you seen the confirmed speakers so far this year? Register and join us there! http://polyglotconference.com/ljubljana-2018/speakers-agenda/

polyglotconference.com Speakers & Agenda This year we will have a day dedicated to language learning called the Friday Language Learning Event in addition to the normal Polyglot Conference. This special day will run from 9am to 5pm for people interested in learning from language learning pros from the online language lear...


Ployglot Conference 2018 : entretien avec Alex Rawlings | Assimil

Check out Alex's interview with Assimil and get the lowdown on Ljubljana! Remember to get your ticket in time for the best deals and check out the speakers we have confirmed already!

fr.assimil.com Alex Rawlings est un homme très occupé. Quand il ne passe pas la majorité de son temps libre à voyager, à écrire des livres ou à apprendre de nouvelles langues, il co-organise la Polyglot Conference avec Richard Simcott et Alexander Arguelles. La Polyglot Conference 2018 pose ses valises dans...


Polyglot Conference - Languages of Slovenia Learning Challenge018

Join us in learning the Languages of Slovenia challenge! Here's a short intro to it with some links for further information and how to sign up in the description!

Ahead of the Polyglot Conference in Ljubljana this year from 26-28 October, we running a language learning challenge. Anyone interested in learning the follo...


Turkic Languages, Multilingualism and Polyglottery

Johan Vandewalle takes us on a fascinating adventure through the history of Turkic languages! https://goo.gl/5ztCy7

Johan Vandewalle - Throughout the centuries, Turkic languages (41 in number according to Ethnologue) have been spoken over a vast, nearly continuous area, st...

What do you want to know about Slovenia for the Polyglot Conference?


Registration – Polyglot Conference

Early Bird Ticket NOW on sale! Grab them before they fly off! :) http://polyglotconference.com/register/


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Daniel Tammet and our Adventure into Icelandic
8 Things About Bilingualism in Autism
Can Iceland be done cheaply?
How do you get to the Polyglot Conference in Reykjavík?
Who can come to the Polyglot Conference?




Other Education in Ljubljana (show all)
NAJ varstvo otrok NAJ varstvo otrok

Komisija za šolstvo Komisija za šolstvo
Ciril-Metodov Trg 4, P. P. 1990
Ljubljana, 1001

Komisija za šolstvo pri SŠK pomaga odgovarjati na različne izzive, s katerimi se soočajo katoliške vzgojno-izobraževalne ustanove.

Ljubljana, 1000

Evroštudent oz. Eurostudent je raziskava o socialno-ekonomskem položaju študentov, študijskih razmerah in mobilnosti.

Znanost na cesti / Science on the Street Znanost na cesti / Science on the Street
Teslova 30

Znanost na cesti // Science on the Street promotion of science https://znc.si Twitter @znanostnacesti (edited by members of the ZnC team)

Stevardesa AERO S.E.S. Stevardesa AERO S.E.S.
Trg Osvobodilne Fronte 13
Ljubljana, 1000

www.stevardesa.si Letalska šola za stevardese in stevarde AERO S.E.S. d.o.o.

Kulturno Društvo Srednja Pot Kulturno Društvo Srednja Pot
Tbilisijska 83a
Ljubljana, 1000

Predstavitev islama, islam v Sloveniji, Islamska predavanja, islamske publikacije, islamske knjige, islamski letaki, halke Kur'ana, Učenje arabskih črk.

Snježana Martinović Studio of acting Snježana Martinović Studio of acting
Waldorfska šola, Streliška 12
Ljubljana, 1000

Spodbujamo individualno rast vsakega posameznika, z razvijanjem njegove samozavesti, samodiscipline in ustvarjalnosti preko gledališkega medija.

Šola Ruskega Baleta Šola Ruskega Baleta
Ljubljanska Cesta 106a
Ljubljana, 1000

Leta 2012 se je v Ruskem centru znanosti in kulture odprla šola ruskega klasičnega baleta pod vodstvom Margarite Isaeve.

Društvo za Eno glasbo Društvo za Eno glasbo
Poljedelska 6, Eipprova 19, Kolezijska 4, Litijska 38
Ljubljana, 1000

One Music Society / Društvo za Eno glasbo

Hiška Smeha - varstvo otrok Hiška Smeha - varstvo otrok
Vižmarje, Tacenska 12
Ljubljana, 1000

Taisa - masaža, coaching, delavnice Taisa - masaža, coaching, delavnice
Hotel Lev, Vošnjakova Ulica 1
Ljubljana, 1000

Povezovalna komunikacija, coaching, svetovanje, osebni razvoj, terapija življenjske črte, posebne potrebe, integrativni in holistični pristop.

Alumni Škofijske klasične gimnazije Alumni Škofijske klasične gimnazije
Štula 23
Ljubljana, 1000

Klub Alumni ŠKG