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Putting together unique international events all over the world for language enthusiasts, academics, entrepreneurs, educators, businesses, translators, students and everyone who loves language.

Mission: Supporting the language learning community by sharing ideas, experiences and enabling everyone to learn languages



Our local co-ordinator, and fine host in Fukuoka, Tim Keeley takes us on a journey of learning, by sharing his experience and strategies for learning Asian languages.


At the Polyglot Conference we welcome academics, like Grigory Kazakov, to talk about their fields of interest and bring their work to a wider audience. Here Grigory explores audiolinguistics on stage in Ljubljana. https://youtu.be/DMiAedZs1Vo


D2T2 06 ANJA

Join us on a journey to Cholula with Anja and learn about our destination for the Polyglot Conference in 2020!

Two weeks ago we had a great time together in Fukuoka, Japan! Thanks for coming and making it so special! Looking forward to seeing you in Cholula in 2020! :)

Polyglot Conference's cover photo

Polyglot Conference

Polyglot Conference's cover photo

We are proud to be recognised officially as an event that "contributes to the implementation of the broader goal of the International Year of promoting, revitalizing and preserving indigenous languages." As such we're proud to use the official logo for #IYIL19 as part of our conference in Fukuoka this year!


Language Chats Ep #012 — Language Lovers AU

We spread the language love! We went to Melbourne to support The Language Event - Melbourne. It was, like all such language events, a wonderful experience to be with like-minded people, talking about our favourite topic. Very motivational! Hear this chat by Language Lovers AU about the event here and join us at a language event soon! The next such Language Event will be in Edinburgh 29/02-01/03 2020 (edinburghlanguageevent.com) http://tiny.cc/kvrpdz

languagelovers.com.au In this episode of Language Chats, we talk all about our experience of taking part in The Language Event - Melbourne which was held for the first time on 21st-22nd September 2019!


Hakata Dialect

Get ready for Fukuoka with @Memrise by learning some of the local Fukuoka lingo! https://tinyurl.com/y3he8c69 or (Romanji) https://tinyurl.com/y2q369nx

memrise.com Learn the local dialect of Fukuoka! Locals might speak Standard Japanese in formal or polite situations, but with their family and friends, they'll switch to Hakata Dialect. Often considered the most かわいい dialect in Japan, it might just be your ticket to free ramen if you say "ばりうま.....



What's your experience with Vietnamese? Gaston Dorren & Phạm Bảo Thanh Huyền explore the language and what it's like to learn it. https://youtu.be/A_xrUU3DIAE


Johan Vandewalle has won competitions and prizes for his language ability in over 30 languages! He is a fountain of knowledge. In this talk he shares his methods for language learning with you, building bilingual texts! Enjoy! https://youtu.be/ig65lqc6iZs


We're proud to have Memrise as sponsors again this year. But seriously, what does "wang" mean to you?

“Wang means something completely different in America” 😂

We filmed this at the Polyglot Conference last year, and we're proud to be sponsoring it again this year (that's 3 years in a row!) We love being a part of this vibrant and passionate community of language learners ❤️


Richard Simcott on the Polyglot Conference

Richard got to chat with Gareth from Howtogetfluent.com about the Polyglot Conference, its history and what you get out of it when you come! So are you coming? Register at PolyglotConference.com/Register

Richard Simcott, language learner extraordinaire and founder organiser of the Polyglot Conference, drops by to tell Dr P how the event got started, who it's ...



At the Polyglot Conference, we give you a place to find people who love and learn languages too, whether that's one language or 21 languages. Join us in Fukuoka to meet people, like Lydia (of Language mentoring), who can share their experience of learning multiple language with you in person! https://youtu.be/ZOA9siGtQbQ PolyglotConference.com/Register


International Year of Indigenous Languages — Tribalingual

Celebrate Indigenous Languages with us! This year we're partnering with Tribalingual, who have the only #Ainu course in English available! Win the chance to study Ainu with Tribalingual alongside Richard Simcott in November by entering here: https://www.tribalingual.com/iyil2019 Good luck! #IYIL2019

tribalingual.com Celebrate International Year of Indigenous Languages with us and the Polyglot Conference. Celebrate the Ainu and learn about their language and culture.


ポリグロット コンフェレンス - 福岡 2019


Join us at: PolyglotConference.com Facebook: http://fb.com/polyglotconference/ Facebook group: http://fb.com/groups/polyglotconference/ Twitter: http://twitt...



The Pirahã language from the Amazon, like many of our indigenous languages in the world, has its own particular and fascinatingly beautiful quirks. Pablo talks us through it all in this presentation. Can you share your knowledge of the uniqueness of other languages? #IYIL2019 #Pirahã https://youtu.be/wJlcPJA4EdU


Listening to great content. Hearing it in different languages. Getting together. Making friends. Talking about language learning! If that’s you too, you’ll fit right in! Join us in Fukuoka! 🙂

Retour sur la Polyglot Conference 2018 : l'émouvant et brillant plaidoyer d'Alex Rawlings pour un monde sans frontières à Ljubljana.

Get to know Tim! He is our man on the ground in Fukuoka. He is super friendly and approachable. He is an impressive language learner himself and he cannot wait to welcome you to Japan. Our sponsor, ASSIMIL, caught up with him for this interview! http://tiny.cc/3wysaz

Remember to register and join us there: PolyglotConference.com/register



Come possiamo proteggere e promuovere la diversità linguistica e culturale nell’ambiente globale di oggi? #IYIL2019 #IndigenousLanguages #LingueMinoritarie #SunsEurope #Friuliano



Rob and Xia's Lombard Challenge - Month 1

We started a language learning challenge series: one challenge per month (July, August & September). We said we'd love to see people take on Minority, Indigenous and Endangered Languages for it. Robert and Xia took on the challenge with Lombard. Then they produced this fabulous video: https://youtu.be/ggjGBCsXqFM

Join us on the challenge too! http://tiny.cc/zcgnaz #IYIL2019

Rob and Xia's Lombard Challenge - Month 1


Why cultural death is a shared loss | Inky Gibbens | TEDxCambridgeUniversity

Proud to be celebrating Minority, Indigenous and Endangered Languages this year at the Polyglot Conference in Fukuoka. 2019 marks the International Year of Indigenous Languages #IYIL2019 and we stand with our wonderful partners at @Tribalingual with Inky at the helm. She does a beautiful job here in explaining the situation: https://youtu.be/B1N0zFaELwo #IndigenousLanguages

By the end of the 21st century, little more than half of the languages spoken today are predicted to still be in use. By using technological innovation, we c...

What do you know about Braille? Ever considered learning it? Check out your knowledge with Iris as she explains more during her presentation on the topic at the Polyglot Conference: https://youtu.be/tyqmkBXDoCY


The Documentary - The Superlinguists - Monolingual societies - BBC Sounds

Do monolingual countries exist? What about dialects? Do they count on your tally of languages? In this episode of The Superlinguists @SimonCalder digs deep into the differences between languages and dialects. #IndigenousLanguages #IYIL2019 #MoselleFranconian #AVE #Ainu #Welsh #Cymraeg #Cornish #Irish #Manx #Scots #Gaelic https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/w3csz4px

bbc.co.uk Is there even something sinister and oppressive to the idea of monolingualism?



Gabriela Droga Mazovec fala sobre o bilinguismo e o multilinguismo. Mas quais são as vantagens de ser bilíngue?


La Ferpection

Ever wondered what a polyglot is? Or how many languages you need to speak to be one? Ed has all the answers after talking to participants at the Polyglot Conference in Ljubljana last year...or does he?

What do you think?

What is a polyglot?


Simon Ager - Diversity of Writing Systems:

The creator of Omniglot.com, Simon Ager, takes us on a journey through some of the lesser known scripts of the world: https://youtu.be/4RUtMxVOBFQ

There are many different alphabets and writing systems currently in use, and that were used in the past. Some, such as the Latin and Cyrillic alphabets, are ...


The Documentary - The Superlinguists - How to learn a language - BBC Sounds

More words from the language learning community on the BBC's series on how to learn languages! Spend time with us in Fukuoka, so we can share our passion for languages together! https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/w3csz4pv

bbc.co.uk Meet the people who speak many languages. How do they do it, and why?


Registration - Polyglot Conference

Check out our promo video to see what it's like at the Polyglot Conference: https://youtu.be/hZCPNXieKgM

polyglotconference.com Register Now


The Michel Thomas Method – The Natural Way to Learn a New Language

Pick up some Japanese and join us in Fukuoka with our sponsors Teach Yourself and Michael Thomas! Grab a HUGE discount of 40% on the Michel Thomas Japanese method today with the code POLYCON through their website: https://www.michelthomas.com

michelthomas.com The highly acclaimed Michel Thomas Method audio language courses let you learn a new language naturally – just as you learned your own


Alexander Arguelles - The Character Traits of Language Learners

Are polyglots really different from other language learners? Alexander Arguelles looks into this for his presentation in at the Polyglot Conference: https://youtu.be/IH4lZNJg_oQ

The Character Traits of Language Learners: How do Those of Polyglots Differ from Those of Average Learners? It is often repeated on the basis of scant circum...


The Documentary - The Superlinguists - The polyglots - BBC Sounds

Great to see the language learning community celebrated on the BBC in this wonderful new series! Come and be part of it too in Fukuoka! https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/w3csz4pt

bbc.co.uk Meet the people who speak many languages. How do they do it, and why?



Judith Meyer has written books on how to learn a new writing system. Here she shares her experience in learning new and exotic scripts with you: https://youtu.be/RqZhz6n-9rg



Fukuoka Language Learning Challenge - Polyglot Conference

Let's celebrate languages by learning them together! Extra points for learning #IndigenousLanguages #PolyglotConf2019 http://tiny.cc/0mye8y

polyglotconference.com Fukuoka Language Learning Challenge Q. How do I register? Click HERE to access the application form. There is also a link on the form to make payment of 25 Euros. Once registered, you will then be given instructions about making your introductory video. Q. Which languages can I choose from? Any lang...



Be an example to follow! Languages can be the way to change your life and the lives of those around you! Ernestine shares her story: https://youtu.be/dZd0YeyPeJo


Alex Rawlings - Languages for a world without “Grenzen”

On the day #Brexit was meant to take place, Alex Rawlings offers us his insight into linguistic and cultural diversity, showing us how to climb out of our box: https://youtu.be/rIdUxWrLACg

In this talk Alex Rawlings, author of “How To Speak Any Language Fluently”, blogger and polyglot (15 languages) will point out that since time immemorial, an...


The man bringing dead languages back to life

One of our topics this year at the Polyglot Conference. What would you like to hear about?

bbc.com Ghil’ad Zuckermann has found that resurrecting lost languages may bring many benefits to indigenous populations – with knock-on effects for their health and happiness.



The Polyglot Conference is proud to celebrate 8th March by highlighting the many strong, brilliant women who talk at our event each year. Ophelia Vert spoke in Ljubljana about The Cathars and Occitan: https://goo.gl/f5bXh1


Call for papers - Polyglot Conference

CALL FOR PAPERS NOW OPEN! Do you have something you would like to present in Fukuoka this year? We'd love to hear from you! https://goo.gl/924ZAn

polyglotconference.com The 7th Annual Polyglot Conference: Fukuoka, Japan, 18-20th October 2019 CALL FOR PAPERS At this year’s conference, we will have four separate tracks for papers and presentations, three related to our overall theme of “Languages of Asia”, honoring our host culture and its region. I. Languages,...


Angelo DeLeo -An Anthropological Perspective on Language Learning: Whorf, Cryptotypes, & Relativity

Angelo DeLeo on stage in Ljubljana, taking on the linguistic anthropology and controversial linguistics figure: Benjamin Lee Whorf. Which side of the fence are you on? https://youtu.be/uexNBWq_7Jg

Benjamin Lee Whorf, one of the fathers of modern-day linguistic anthropology, has been an unpopular figure in linguist circles for arguing that language shap...


Polyglot Conference 2019 - Celebrating Asian languages and cultures

This year we'll be in Asia for the first time. We want to celebrate Asian languages and cultures. Which language will you learn to join us? How about Vietnamese? https://youtu.be/It15UmOpNBo

Polyglot Conference 2019 Fukuoka from 18-20 October celebrates Asian languages and cultures. Here is a great channel for you to learn Southern Vietnamese, on...

How about some Japanese learning, ready for Fukuoka? Are you in?

Are you learning Japanese? Stuck on a grammar point? Need some help? Our author of Complete Japanese, Helen Gilhooly, will be here on Tuesday 22/1, 1-2pm GMT, to answer any questions you may have about learning Japanese. Message your questions to us on here ahead of time, or post them below, and we’ll answer as many as we can during the hour. #polyglotconference #japan #learnjapanese #completejapanese

Planning to join us in Fukuoka for the Polyglot Conference between 18-20 October 2019? Get your flights at a discounted rate through this link: https://goo.gl/1XurfF


Super večjezičneži

What a pleasure to appear on Slovenian radio for us to really celebrate Slovenia, its languages and cultures.

val202.rtvslo.si "Z znanjem desetih jezikov si na poliglotski konferenci povprečnež. Average Joe, navadni Janez," pravi Francoz Emmanuel Ternon. Poliglotski zvezdnik Richard Simcott jih tako govori kar 25!

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in Ljubljana?

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8 Things About Bilingualism in Autism
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Who can come to the Polyglot Conference?




Other Education in Cholula (show all)
Psicología Humanizante Psicología Humanizante
Camino Real A Cholula 4414
Cholula, 72760

Empresa dedicada al Desarrollo Humano. Nuestro objetivo es encaminar a las personas a ser mejores cada día, descubriendo su potencial y poniéndolo a flote.

Liga de Futbol Estudiantil Cholula Liga de Futbol Estudiantil Cholula
Calle 20 De Noviembre No. 56 Col. Ampliación Momoxpan
Cholula, 72766

La primera Liga de Fútbol Estudiantil, en el municipio de San Pedro Cholula....

Woodcock School Woodcock School
Avenida Torrecillas 910
Cholula, 72760

La mejor educación en Secundaria y Bachillerato, preparando a nuestros alumnos para los retos del futuro, ayudándolos a encontrar su verdadera vocación.

Leones de Rivadavia Leones de Rivadavia

Escudería de CECyTE Puebla plantel Cholula participantes del Desafío de Tecnología F1 in Schools México.

CURSO de vida CURSO de vida

CURSO de vida --> somos un grupo terapeutas profesionales, creamos talleres para ayudar a las personas a generar un cambio en su vida al corto tiempo (:

astromonos.org astromonos.org

Difusión de las Ciencia, Cultura y Educación en Latinoamérica. Cursos especializados y de regularización en todos los niveles. Campamentos astronómicos.

SG&K Group SA de CV SG&K Group SA de CV
Cholula, 72760

SG&K Group promueve eventos para propiciar en la gente la capacidad de ampliar su perspectiva como observador de sí mismo y de su entorno.

Butoh/Puebla Butoh/Puebla
3 Pte. 108 Int. B
Cholula, 72760

Creamos este espacio para aquellas personas interesadas en una experiencia que les permita reconocerse y reconciliarse con su energía corporal.

SMEC Cecytep SMEC Cecytep
Sta Barbara De Almoloya

Soporte y Mantenimiento de Equipo de Cómputo CECyTEPuebla plantel Cholula

Cafe-Internet Cafe-Internet
Calle Puebla Oriente Número 28
Cholula, 72760

Ven y disfruta de un ambiente sano, divertido.. si no sabes usar una computadora nosotros te enseñamos. Aprende ahora Aplicalo en tu Futuro!!!

Gimnasio Académico Gimnasio Académico
9 Poniente 1120 Int 1

Mujer Maternidad y Consciencia Mujer Maternidad y Consciencia
6 Poniente 707 Colonia Centro
Cholula, 72760

Beatriz Villafaña, psicóloga, y doula. Clases de preparación al parto y acompañamiento en la maternidad.