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ABC HUB is a temple of creative energy and idea growth. Learn, socialize, and even have fun—suddenly work becomes enjoyable and surprisingly addictive!

Operating as usual


♻Do you aspire to contribute to the future of cleantech with your startup?♻

Do you seek opportunities for cooperation with other business enterprises and large corporations?🤓

Then you're in luck!🙃

Our Matchmaking Acceleration Programme within the InNow can help you achieve this win-win cooperation in the clean technology sector.

More info & application below↙️


We’re excited to announce that ABC Accelerator is accepting applications for its #13 BATCH - ABC Accelerator program! 🥳

Follow the link to find out if your startup is a strategic fit with one of our 5 main strategic partners, or if it falls under ABC Accelerator's industry expertise.😎

ABC Accelerator's #13 BATCH program is designed to maximize your potential through our tailored online approach, experienced mentors, access to funding and cross border acceleration. 💪

Apply in the link below👇 04/02/2021

Akademija projektnega managementa – Zavod Ypsilon

Being a project manager sounds like a great job title to have - regardless of the field.🥳

What is less clear, however, what the title actually means and the common obligations.😉

↘Join us with Zavod Ypsilon at their online academy of project management, where you will have the opportunity to meet some experts and pick their brains. Zavod Ypsilon pripravlja online akademijo projektnega vodenja v obdobju med 16.2. in 2.3.2021, kjer te čaka 5 srečanj s strokovnjaki na področju project managementa. Predstavili ti bodo različna področja vodenja in ti pomagali samozavestno vkorakati v svet projektnega vodenja.


Not only our partners at Zavod Ypsilon have changed their branding, they are always on the lookout for prospective members as well 😉

Thinking about joining them? 😁
With a bit of luck it's going to be free of charge↘️


Ker si v Ypsilonu želimo, da čim več mladih izkoristi svoj potencial, smo se odločili, da dvema izmed vas podarimo brezplačno članstvo. To letos prinaša še več ugodnosti in priložnosti.
Hitro obišči naš Instagram profil 👉 in se poteguj za brezplačno članstvo!
Pohiti, nagradna igra traja do 31.1. 2021. Srečno! 💡 06/01/2021

ABC Hub znova nagrajeni sodelovni prostor

Thank you Dnevnik for recognising our achievements in the past year. 😁
We'll always strive to help aspiring entrepreneurs to contribute to a fresh business outlook and the Slovenian ecosystem as a whole.🚀 ABC Hub, večkrat nagrajeni najboljši prostor za sodelo in inovativno večnamensko središče, kjer zagonska podjetja razvijajo svoje rešitve, se povezujejo in izobražujejo, je znova med nagrajenci Central European Start-up Awards (CESA).


We have done it- again! 🥳
ABC Hub has been recognized as the winner of People's choice category in Central European Startup Awards 😁
The award winner was determined by YOU – all the devoted people who made this possible by voting!🥳
We wish to thank you all wholeheartedly for rooting for us!🤩⭐️ 03/12/2020

ABC Accelerator - Startup Accelerator Of The Month

Mirror, mirror on the wall, which’s the best accelerator of them all?👑

Well naturally we would claim ABC Accelerator, and Vestbee would agree as they proclaimed it the start up accelerator of the month!🥳

⬇️Click below for an overview of the company, accompanied with interesting Q&A with Grega Potokar, CEO of ABC Accelerator. Get to know closer ABC Accelerator supporting more than 250 European startups in achieving scalable business models and reaching the global potential.


Wonderful news for a gray Monday morning😁
We have been nominated as a national finalist in the category of Coworking spaces by Central European Startup Awards

While the final result is determined by the international committee, public voting will influence the final winner😉

➡️Therefore, if you think we deserve the title of the best coworking, vote for us via the following link


📢We are super happy to announce that we have been chosen the best coworking space in Ljubljana and one of the 100 best coworking spaces in Europe by the team at Ridestore Magazine.🥳👏

The crew at Ridestore consists of around 200 remote workers spread out across Europe and the rest of the world. We are touched and honoured – our most sincere thank you 🤩☀️


Today ABC Hub celebrates its 5-year anniversary!🥳🤩

We believe we have created a wonderful community of entrepreneurs – a community where one feels always welcome and has everything a successful business needs within arm's reach.😁

Thank you all for being a part of this wonderful journey!
A heartfelt thank you to BTC City and ABC Accelerator for their unconditional support.👏


Do you claim to know Excel, but actually can only cope with ”Sum” functions in hopes that it doesn't go all wrong?😅

You are in luck as our partners at Zavod Ypsilon are organising a series of Excel workshops!👏

Sign up via the link below ↘️ 05/08/2020


Do you wish to achieve more than a perfect suntan this summer?😁⛱

ABC Accelerator is partnering with InNow project, so if you ever wanted to learn more about finance, investment & legal (among other things) – this is your chance!💡 The aim of the Business Support Package of the Interreg – InNow project is to provide learning materials and support services for startups and SMEs working in the cleantech field. If you want to develop your business register to the InNow Online Training today. You can indicate your preference if ...


Why are people who exercise more productive?⚽️🥅

Studies have shown that exercise on a workday not only improves well-being, but also increases productivity at work.👏

➡️When you find yourself at BTC, we recommend ŠC Millenium BTC , where all ABC Hub users receive a 20% discount on the monthly pass.😁


It's going to be a sunny Sunday in Ljubljana☀️💦

Would be a shame to miss the opportunity to cool down on the amazing water slides of Vodno mesto Atlantis, where all of ABC Hub users receive 20% discount on the daily pass👏 17/04/2020

🤖 Eden od naših InHubitantov, iz podjetja DWEB, je zasnoval portal, s katerim želijo na brezplačen, interaktiven in enostaven način približati informacije in morebitna upravičenja, ki vam pripadajo po novi Covid-19 zakonodaji 🕵️‍♂‍
Trenutno so na voljo trije interaktivni vprašalniki, ki se nanašajo na odlog in oprostitev plačila prispevkov ter pridobivanje temeljnega dohodka samozaposlenih oseb, s katerimi lahko te osebe preverijo, kako bo FURS obravnaval njihovo vlogo na portalu eDavki . 👨‍🏫

Portal je dostopen na naslednji povezavi:
🎯 Prvo interaktivno orodje za odkrivanje in uveljavljanje vaših pravic. 31/03/2020

Novo pri SmartNinji: Online tečaji!

If you ever wanted to learn about web development, Python or Javascript – this is your chance!💡

Sure, you could stream popular 90s sitcoms on Nextflix and wait out the current crisis.

On the other hand, this might be an opportunity to stream online classes and learn something new – like programming😉

This is why our partners at SmartNinja have moved their classes online from the Hub.💪

Don't forget to add your promo code ABC10 for additional 10% discount.👏 Zaradi epidemije novega koronavirusa se v digitalni svet seli vse, kar se tja seliti da. Med drugim tudi SmartNinja tečaji. Lekcije SmartNinja tečajev bodo tako inštruktorji izvajali preko t.i. video konferenc oziroma video klicev s tečajniki. Vendar pa epidemija ni edini razlog, zakaj smo se od...


Nowadays, there seem to be never-ending possibilities on what to do, when staying within the safety of four walls.
Smart ones, however, take the opportunity and use their free time to start a whole new project. 🙂

In this spirit we are happy to present the newest venture of our user Dean Habuš -

The project enables you to purchase everyday food items online and get them delivered the following day. At the same time, however, it also has a charitable note to it, as a part of the profits will go directly to Zveza prijateljev mladine Slovenije - ZPMS. 💪👏


🚀Do you have the #talent, 💡#idea and the 🔋energy to become future global #entrepreneurs, and are searching for #funds & #mentorship for the finalization of your #MVP?

In collaboration with EIT Digital we are accepting applications from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia & Slovenia for a 8-week pre-acceleration program and up to € 25k for your #deeptech business ideas.

Now you can develop your MVP and kick-start the entrepreneurial venture.
Find more about the requirements and join Europe's leading innovation ecosystem
➡️ 02/03/2020

Stories – the secret behind every great brand

Do you know how to tell a story that sells your product or a solution? 😏

Join us at ABC Accelerator's workshop, where we will learn how to apply storytelling to every aspect of communication for your business - pitching, creating one-pagers, PR and user acquisition.💡

The workshop will be led by Vesna Sodnik, a master communication skills trainer and coach.💪

Claim your FREE tickets here ➡️ How do we create a story that sells a product? With the help of Storytelling! 12/11/2019

Saša J. Mächtig, arhitekt in oblikovalec: Kiosk, ki potuje z duhom časa

It’s always nice to receive a surprise visit from Saša J. Mächtig, the creator of K67 Kiosk - one of which we have also at the hub.
He kindly took the time to share his experience with our users. 🙂
At ABC Hub we have always cherished a unique approach and out-of-the-box thinking that professor Mächtig clearly represents.👏 Konec šestdesetih let prejšnjega stoletja arhitekt in oblikovalec Saša J. Mächtig ni niti slutil, da bo ustvaril brezčasen warholovski kiosk K67, ki bo preživel več generacij, transformacij, tudi družbenopolitičnih, in se kljub vsemu globaliziral. V slabih tridesetih letih so jih v nekd...


We were chosen the Best Coworking space in Slovenia at
Central European Startup Awards 😁
Can we make it to the Best Coworking space in Central Europe at Central European Startup Awards Grand Finale ?😉
Only by expressing your support for the mission by voting:


ABC Accelerator

We are announcing the winners of Hackathon Moja Varnost in Mobilnost" soon👏
If you are interested in our hackathon ideas check out the video below 😉

We are only 3 hours apart from announcing the winners of Hackathon "Moja Varnost in Mobilnost" 🚀

If you are interested in our hackathon ideas >> check out our video

Video credit: Siniša Kanižaj


[Promo of the week] This week we are happy to present a DWEB digital agency owned by a group of users at the ABC HUB. With their project they aim to provide all of the services one needs in order to take a firm first step into the digital world. 😉
The company has been involved in many successful projects such as, and
That, however, as some of ABC Accelerator’s start-ups will tell, is not the only expertise they possess.
They are a team of passionate young, yet experienced developers and designers who welcome any challenge and will go the extra mile to ensure that there’s a happy ending to every project.👏


Zavod Ypsilon v sodelovanju s SAP pripravlja projekt I'mpowered for the future.
Pridruži se nam na brezplačnih delavnicah in se opolnomoči za prihodnost! 🚀
Več informacij in prijave na 👉👈


We were chosen as the Best Coworking space in Slovenia at
Central European Startup Awards. Recognition like this is a proof, we're on the right track, so thanks to everyone for their support! 🤩

Where to next? The second step is winning the regional contest and we need your help for that 😉


We have done it- again!🤩
ABC Hub has been recognized as the winner and best coworking space in Slovenia by Central European Startup Awards.💪
The award winner was determined by an international committee and on the basis of feedback from coworking space members and users worldwide. 😁

We wish to thank you all rooting for us!👏


Participate in HACKATHON - the technological challenge "Create new digital solutions in the field of SECURITY and MOBILITY" and earn a chance to win attractive prozes! 🏆👮‍♀️🚓

Don’t hesitate, apply and use your knowledge to help ensure greater safety FOR EVERYONE 👉 Hackathon "Moja varnost in mobilnost"(


Today ABC Hub is celebrating its 4-year anniversary!🤩

As usual this proved to be an excellent opportunity for everyone to celebrate with coffee &cake.😁

At ABC Hub we continue to believe that we have managed to create a wonderful community of entrepreneurs, where one always feels welcome and has everything that one needs for successful business within reach.💪

Thank you all for being a part of this wonderful success story.😉


Wonderful news for a rainy Monday afternoon😁

We have been nominated as a national finalist in the category of Coworking spaces by Central European Startup Awards.
While the final result is determined by the international committee, public voting will influence the final winner😉
➡️Therefore, if you think we deserve the title of the best coworking, vote for us via the following link


Zagotovo si se že znašel v nevarni situaciji, ki bi se ji z dobro tehnološko rešitvijo lahko izognil?🤓

Do 4. oktobra nam pošlji svojo idejo s področja splošne varnosti in mobilnosti. Zanimajo nas rešitve, ki jih kot državljani potrebujemo ali pogrešamo..😉

Hackhali bomo 5. in 6. oktobra v ABC Hubu!



Wooohooo ABC Accelerator is accepting new applications for the #10 and #11 Batch.💪
➡️Just this year during the course of the #9 Batch they have raised 1.1 M€ for their startups.


📢ABC Hub has been recognized as the winner of the Coworker Members’ Choice Awards 2019 for Ljubljana, Slovenia. 🤩
➡️As award winners were determined on the basis of feedback from coworking space members and users worldwide, we wish to thank you all rooting for us!💪👏 19/07/2019

EIT Digital Conference & Partner Event 2019

Come and meet more than 200 open innovation partners from business, research and academia! 👥

➡️Register now for the EIT Digital conference 2019 ‘For a Strong Digital Europe’! 💪 Join us to discover the power of the EIT Digital pan European ecosystem driving global impact of Europe’s digital innovation, fueled by entrepreneurial talent and digital technology.


Every day is #TakeYourDogToWorkDay at ABC Hub!😁

➡️Thanks to the policy of BTC City your furry buddies are always welcome to join you at our coworking.

P.s. Rumor has it that they are perfect for 1-1 meeting with potential clients🤩 03/06/2019

Digital Freelancers - Let's meet!

Freelancing can be very different from conventional employment. In order for freelancers to prosper they need to find a great balance between clients, their company and well-being.
➡️Join us tomorrow in ABC Hub at 18:00 and share your experiences with us.
We will be hosted by Klemen Selakovič ( ), an award-winning UI & UX designer. Sleakovič has consulted many international brands all the way from San Francisco, USA to China.

Together we will share ideas, establish new relationships and grow, both professionally and personally.😁 Tue, Jun 4, 2019, 6:00 PM: EN:The first meetup will take place in ABC Hub on Tuesday, June 4th at 18.00.Freelancing is very different from conventional employment. Freelancers need to manage the wellb

Videos (show all)

Winning team walking on sunshine
ABC Hub Friday Brunch
Nina & Nina - InHubitants





Letališka 3, BTC City Ljubljana, Spodnja Etaža Emporiuma
Other Education in Ljubljana (show all)
CFA Society Slovenia CFA Society Slovenia
Čufarjeva 5
Ljubljana, 1000

CFA Society Slovenia is a member society of CFA Institute.

Laboratory for ElectroCatalysis Laboratory for ElectroCatalysis
Hajdrihova 19
Ljubljana, SI-1000

Laboratory for ElectroCatalysis is a research group studying materials for renewable energy conversion and sustainable metal recycling. Using advanced techniques we are making exciting discoveries about electrocatalyst behavior at the level of atoms!

Center Motus Center Motus
Opekarska Cesta 11
Ljubljana, 1000

Smo zasebna ustanova z multidisciplinarnim timom. V središče strokovnega dela postavljamo posameznika (otroka, mladostnika ali starša/odraslega) in mu pomagamo pri razreševanju njegovih stisk in vsakodnevnih izzivov.

Svetovalno središče Ljubljana Svetovalno središče Ljubljana
Grošljeva Ulica 4
Ljubljana, 1000

Svetovanj in informiranje: - telefonska številka: 01 / 510 22 70 - e-pošta: [email protected]

Hiša otrok in umetnosti Hiša otrok in umetnosti
Komenskega Ulica 9
Ljubljana, 1000

Lutkovne predstave, Izkustveni labirint umetnosti, kamišibaj gledališče, plesne, glasbene in likovne delavnice, praznovanja rojstnih dni, seminarji za strokovne delavce/ke, lutkovni laboratorij za odrasle, festivali - PinkiKoncert, Pravljice nad mestom

Prva in najbolj obiskana spletna stran z izobraževalno vsebino v Sloveniji! Pobrskaj med šolskimi datotekami, srednješolskimi in študijskimi programi, maturitetnimi informacijami, aktualnimi razpisi in natečaji...

Video center Video center
Matjanova Pot 9
Ljubljana, 1000

Ukvarjamo se z izobraževanjem kadrov in svetovanjem podjetjem ter posameznikom (coaching).

Plesna Šola Diamant Plesna Šola Diamant
Šmartinska Cesta 130
Ljubljana, 1000

Dance School established by Tatsiana Lahvinovich Galchun, Zoran Plohl, Alexej Galchun and Lukáš Mušinka.

IOL 2012 IOL 2012

The 10th International Linguistics Olympiad, Ljubljana 2012

Ljubljana 5 - Ismet Blokov Ljubljana 5 - Ismet Blokov
Nove Fužine 23
Ljubljana, 1000

Skavti, steg Ljubljana 5

NLP Izobraževanja NLP Izobraževanja
Tacenska Cesta 117
Ljubljana, 1000

NLP je skupek orodij, zbirka tehnik, s katero si pomagamo odpravljati svoja omejujoča prepričanja, strahove, navade in razvade, odpravljamo škodljive posledice čustvenih travm, se rešimo raznih fobij ter spreminjamo vedenjske vzorce.

Aromainštitut Aromainštitut
Maroltova 2
Ljubljana, 1000

Poslanstvo Aromainštituta je dvig nivoja kakovosti aromaterapevtskega znanja in širjenje zavedanja o široki uporabnosti aromaterapije.