A community of idea generators, creators and makers: ABC Hub! If you wish to kickstart your business, be surrounded with like-minded individuals and spend time in a beautifully decorated place, this is it!

ABC HUB is a temple of creative energy and idea growth. Learn, socialize, and even have fun—suddenly work becomes enjoyable and surprisingly addictive! A community of idea generators, creators and makers: ABC Hub! If you wish to kickstart your business, be surrounded with like-minded individuals and spend time in a beautifully decorated place, this is it!

ABC Accelerator

[VOTE] Who would you say is The Best Startup of the year?
One of ABC Startups? ❓Maybe someone else❓
- TransferHero,
- ExRey,
- SILEO doo,
- Carcohub,
- Companion,
- Stratio - LinkSquare - BeyonSense
- ... suggest yours

Vote for them in the comment and let us meet them. 😃

The Best Slovenian Startup will be announced at Podim Conference which will happen on 21st & 22nd of May in Maribor, Slovenia. More about PODIM is yet to follow - we are already feeling excited. 🙂 Stay tuned!

🚀Do you have the #talent, 💡#idea and the 🔋energy to become future global #entrepreneurs, and are searching for #funds & #mentorship for the finalization of your #MVP?
In collaboration with EIT Digital we are accepting applications from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia & Slovenia for a 6-week pre-acceleration program and up to € 15k for your #deeptech business ideas. Now you can develop your MVP and kick-start the entrepreneurial venture. Find more about the requirements and join Europe's leading innovation ecosystem

📢We’re excited to announce that from this week onwards ABC Hub has its own library.🤩
We would have not been able to create the library without our partners at Zavod Ypsilon who made it happen by donating over 250 quality pieces on business, copywriting and start-ups.
For those who find these kinds of books dull, we have also the entire Terry Pratchett collection and many other genres. 😉
We aim to create a coworking space where one has everything that one needs for successful business within reach.💪

Vabilo: Uvodni dogodek projekta VSI smo EU – Mladinska mreža MaMa Mreža MaMa v četrtek, 7. marca 2019, ob 11. uri, pripravlja uvodni dogodek projekta Vsi smo EU – Dialog mladih, ki bo potekal v ABC HUB-u v BTC City (Letališka 3 (pod Emporiumom), 1000 Ljubljana). Na dogodku se bomo skozi pogovor osredotočili na pomen družbenih omrežij pri spodbujanju mladih...

Apply | ABC Accelerator

📣We’re excited to announce that ABC Accelerator is accepting applications for its #9 BATCH - 2019 ABC Accelerator program!
Follow the link to find out if your startup is a strategic fit with one of our 5 main strategic partners, or if it falls under desired categories. ABC Accelerator's #9 BATCH program is designed to maximize your potential through our tailored approach, experienced mentors, access to funding and cross border acceleration.
Do you want to make the transition from startup to established company?
➡️ Twice awarded ABC Accelerator is the surest way to elevate your business to the next level. Grab your chance to increase revenue, grow, and reap all the benefits of the best acceleration program in the region. Applications are open until 17.3.2019.

ABC Accelerator

ABC is looking for new team members.
Positive work environment, constant learning, and interesting challenges are an everyday thing with us.
If you combine this with your high level of professionalism it will result in a great career.

What we offer:
Good compensation, ability to tailor tasks to your liking, taking a leading role on projects, meeting new people, traveling to conferences in EU.

What we expect:
Flexible working hours, general interest in business and entrepreneurship, will for business travel, positive work ethic, ability to make fast changes or decisions and execute.

More info: [email protected]
#job #offer #opportunity

INNOENERGY | ABC Accelerator

📢📢Wanted➡️ Early stage startups applying for Primer program.
Primer is a 2-4 week pre-acceleration program for teams at the beginning of their business path. To apply you should have a team, an idea at a mature stage (preferably prototype stage). Startups from all backgrounds are welcome to join, however, energy startups are preferred.
Next Primer program will be in February 2019.💪
Sign up to the program via: ABC Accelerator’s partners and supporters.

Startup Crawl

Startup Crawl is once again opening the doors of Slovenian Startup and Tech Companies. Startup Crawl is a great way to boost your network and meet interesting companies in their natural habitat, and an unforgettable opportunity to interact with new potential work environments and teams.
Our doors are open too, come and visit us!😉 Startup Crawl je odlična priložnost, da razširite svoje krog poznanstev, spoznate zanimiva podjetja in organizacije v njihovem vsakodnevnem okolju in raziščete nove priložnosti za zaposlitev.

Digital School Slovenija

[DIGITAL SCHOOL BTC CITY] Juuuhuu 🎉, za nami je uspešna uradna otvoritev učilnice v ljubljanskem ABC Hubu. Hvala gospodu Mihi Mermalu iz BTC City in Mateju Šošteriču iz Comtradea, ki sta nam pomagala pri tako pomembnem koraku, saj se vsi strinjamo, da so digitalne kompetence dobra popotnica za prihodnost. 👍

Tečaji programiranja za otroke od 7 do 15 let že potekajo, prve izkušnje pa kažejo, da imamo pri nas veliko talentiranih otrok. Naši upi za prihodnost so zelo optimistični! Več info in prijave ➡➡

There are days, especially Fridays, when one is sitting at one's desk waiting for the weekend to start.
That’s why last week we decided to call it a day and organised the ABC Hub Barbeque.😁
Special thanks go to Lokostrelski klub DLL-Potens for hosting us, Simon Kuzma& Jasmina Kuhar who took care that we all ended up with only minor injuries. 😉
And, of course, Ingenius Tihomir& Klemen Stibilj who went out of their way in organizing the event.💪

📣We’re excited to announce that ABC Accelerator is accepting applications for its #8 BATCH - 2019 ABC Accelerator program! Follow the link to find out if your startup is a strategic fit with one of our 5 main strategic partners, or if it falls under desired categories. ABC Accelerator's #8 BATCH program is designed to maximize your potential through our tailored approach, experienced mentors, access to funding and cross border acceleration.
Do you want to make the transition from startup to established company?

ABC Accelerator

💡💡The three Indiana Jones teams from last week's adventurous Hackathon "Adventure at your fingertips"!

Tomorrow, the finalist teams will be presenting their ideas at the "Days of Slovenian Tourism", a professional conference for tourism sector by Feel Slovenia.
They will pitch and battle for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize.

May the best team win! 💪
Photo credits: Siniša Kanižaj / ABC Accelerator

📢[Promo of the week]📢 Klemen Stibilj is ABC Hub's resource for anything related to promotions, social media, or any type of video production.😉
His company, Video Chef is truly a treasure of all sorts of promotions, with 666 videos and counting!💪
Video Chef's mission is to increase the growth of your business by engaging, explaining and selling your product or service through video.
➡️Their favourite type of client deals with anything related to blockchain, education and non-profit; also, they can't wait to get their hands on cartoons, 3D, live and other CGI production.
➡️➡️Browse through their portfolio and if you like what you see, get in touch with Klemen. The more passionate you are about what you do, the bigger discount you'll get.🤩

[Promo of the week] 📢This time we're happy to present Tihomir Matijevic and his society, Društvo za izobraževanje in razvoj podjetnikov (Society of Education and Development of Entrepreneurship). 😉
With his project, he aims to assist small and medium-sized companies in order to boost their sales and visibility on the web. His various methods include tools familiar to many, such as Growth hacking, Facebook and Google. His company, however, offers in-depth assistance in using these tools and furthermore, how to use them in the customer’s advantage when expanding into the international market.
His company has been involved in many successful projects such as BuWizz (which found its fortune on Kickstarter) and others like Tipla, Geopipe and Stireks.
Most companies share the goal of reaching new deals and boosting their sales over the internet; if your company shares this inspiration, then Tihomir is the person to turn to. He will go the extra mile to ensure that there’s a Better tomorrow😊

📢This week ABC Hub celebrated its 3-year anniversary!🤩
This proved to be an excellent opportunity for everyone to celebrate with coffee &cake.
Special thanks goes to Damir Lisica, who sang happy birthday, and to all of our users for being simply themselves.😉
In ABC Hub we believe that we have managed to create a wonderful community of entrepreneurs, where one always feels welcome and has everything that one needs for successful business within reach.
Thank you all for being a part of this wonderful story.😍

[Promo of the week] 📢Our users Vijay MK and Prabh Amar Deep Singh are really something special. Even though they had earned their living as entrepreneurs in the technology sector for many years, they decided to take a leap into the unknown and founded Gems And Vibes Crystal Water Bottles😀
They are on a mission to prove that everyday objects, like water bottles, can be something more than that. Check their special discounts on ➡️

Apply to CAB program 2018-19

📢📢📢Ste inovativno start-up podjetje? Želite pospešite svoje poslovanje?
V tem primeru je program CAB pravi za vas: prijavite se prek spodnje povezave do 31. avgusta!
Izbrali bomo 10 startupov in jim pomagali, da okrepijo svoje poslovanje na italijanskem in slovenskem trgu s pomočjo programa, ki bo potekal 3 mesece v Ljubljani in 3 mesece v Italiji (Udine in Benetke). Sodelujoče ekipe bodo imele dostop do mreže mentorjev in svetovalcev, predstavljene bodo mednarodnim vlagateljem in bodo lahko začele sodelovati z vodilnimi podjetji, kot so Danieli Group, Telekom, Irinox in drugi.😉

Več informacij na : Apply to CAB program 2018-19. Located in Ljubljana, Slovenia

ABC HUB, prostor za mlada podjetja in startupe-e (2. 7. 2018)

ABC Hub manager guessing the colour of the sofa correctly and speaking about his experience and everyday life in the Hub.😀 Brought to you by Ljubljana TV

Voditelj: Luka Korenčič Gost: Irenej Brumec, Acceleration Business City IZJAVA O AVTORSKIH PRAVICAH Izjava o avtorskih pravicah V skladu s členom 107 Zakona ...

Tokrat smo v ABC Hubu gostili dogodek JA Slovenija - Zavod za spodbujanje podjetnosti mladih. Predstavila so se dijaška podjetja Ljubljanske regije. Dijaki so predstavili svoje izdelke in nam povedali zgodbe za svojimi podjetji.
S skupnimi močmi za lepšo prihodnost 😊

Nazadnje so se še v Učilnici ABC Huba predstavila dijaška podjetja Ljubljanske regije. Dijaki so predstavili svoje izdelke in nam povedali zgodbo za svojimi podjetji. ŠC PET Ljubljana, Srednja šolaBiotehniški izobraževalni center Ljubljana - BIC Ljubljana

After a long winter sleep ABC Hub hosted yet another SloGameDev Meetup yesterday!
GG everyone!
SloGameDev March Meetup

Press 👍 if you're looking forward to the opening of Star Wars: The Last Jedi or a ❤️, if you prefer to follow StarTrek: Discovery

There's a nerd war going on in ABC Accelerator! 🐙
Half of the team is bingewatching Star Trek: Discovery ♥️, while the rest can't wait to find out more about Snoke in the upcoming Star Wars: The Last Jedi 👍
Which side are YOU on? 🚀

Team-driven Product Development

ProductTank provides an opportunity for Product Managers working in Ljubljana to exchange ideas and experiences about Product Management, Business Modelling, Metrics, User Experience and all the other things that get us excited.

Join us on 13th of December at 18.00 at ABC Hub, where Tech lead himself Sedim Đugum of Ministry of Programming will share his own insights and experiences. 💻

See you there!👋 12/13, 6:00 PM: We are thrilled to bring to Slovenia brilliant Sedin Dugum, Technical Lead building highly successful product teams. He is working at Technical CoFounder company Ministry of Programmin

FinTech? More like FunTech from our experience! 😄

From pitching to a party hedgehog in an elevator to innovating new ideas for improvement of Abamobi app & implementing PSD-2 legislation, we did it all 🦔🎉

Congratulations to the winners, you did an amazing job!

...aaand it's a wrap for this year's FinTech marathon - Abathon Hackathon! 🏦🦄

Abanka was super to-the-point this time around with one challenge participating teams were poised to solve: how to improve the Abamobi app to make it even more useful, and how to do this by implementing the upcoming PSD-2 legislation. In short, the teams explored opportunities brought by the possibility to access client account data, and how to make data serve their users.

What would you do if you caught a hedgehog in an elevator? Pitch, of course! To spice things up and recharge our minds, we held a nighttime pitching competition with an eminent guest star: the legendary Abanka mascot, the Hedgehog! 🦔

The pitch was on for real as the 36 hours of innovating drew to a close. In the end, however, there can only be one... well, this time, three winners. The Shape Labs team (#7) was the one to take home the grand prize of €5.000, while team bABA (#10) came in second place, winning €3.500, and third but not least, team Abatonius (#2) snatched the €1.500 prize. Congratulations to all participants for their razor-sharp, out-of-the-box ideas! 👏


Abatomniusevci so pripravljeni na osvojitev Abathona! Tako dobri, da se naježiš 🍎🍏🍐ABC Hub #Skupina2 😎

Ta vikend je v ABC Hubu potekal Lidl Hackathon, kjer je 76 inovativnih tekmovalcev shackalo maloprodajo! 💪

Več utrinkov o samem dogajanju si lahko pogledate v fotografijah spodaj, kjer smo ujeli vse produktivne ure razvijanja idej, ter vse zabavne vmes 📷🎉

Še nimaš planov za prihajajoči vikend? Pridruži se nam na Abathon Hackathonu za priložnost predstavitve svoje inovativne ideje na področju bančništva & mobilnih aplikacij ter se poteguj za hude nagrade!💰


Once again, we joined forces with Lidl Slovenija this past weekend to hack retail! 🛒

76 out-of-the-box thinkers gathered at ABC Hub for 36 hours of innovating, testing, prototyping and general fun. We worked hard and played hard - 13 princesses in carriages sang odes to Lidl Slovenija mascot Zdravko Lidl. After two days and a sleepless night, we finally listened to 13 excellent pitches for retail ideas out of this world! 💭

In the end, however, there can only be one winner... well, three of them! Congratulations to Team 3, LIVI, for conquering first place, Team Four - interestingly named Six - came in second, and winning third place was Team 7, Atomnius. Thank you Lidl Slovenija and all participants for helping us make Lidl Hackathon a success 👐👐👐


Atomniusevci so pripravljeni na osvojitev Lidlovega hachaktona! Li(D)L' changes, big results ABC Hub #Skupina7 😎

[11/14/17]   25 and 26. 11. 2017 ABC Hub will be hosting Abathon Hackathon 💪💻
Welcome all who are filled with good energy, interesting entrepreneurial ideas and creativity. The number of contestants is limited, so apply now & make sure you don't miss out ⬇️⬇️

#throwbackthursday to our last weeks Friday Brunch  where we united great food & great people 🥐 ☕

Photos by: Siniša Kanižaj

#throwbackthursday to our last weeks Friday Brunch where we united great food & great people 🥐 ☕

Photos by: Siniša Kanižaj

[11/08/17]   2 days + entrepreneurial ideas + innovation + fun with a lot of creativiy = Lidl Hackathon 💪🤓
Join us next weekend in ABC Hub, where you too can present your own formula of success and win some amazing prizes! 💰

[10/30/17]   Are you excited for the finale of League of Legends too? Join us this Saturday at ABC Hub, where you can cheer for your favorite team together with all the participants of Ogled finala League of Legends 2017 - By UVI CHAIR ⚔️

Prvi Bitcoinov bankmat je bil postavljen v Vancouverju, Kanadi, danes pa si ga lahko obiskovalci Bitnik učilnica: osnove Bitcoina ogledajo tudi v ABC Hubu 😎

[10/17/17]   SloGameDev Meetup October is coming back to ABC Hub on 19.10.2017 at 18.30 for all game developers around! 💻🎮 Join us at sharing some workflow experiences and various tips and tricks 👾

How To Stay Motivated Longer, With A Little Help From Science

Quick tips for this week's #motivationalmonday 💪 Staying motivated isn't easy, but a new study suggests we have more motivation available to us than we think — if we're willing to challenge our assumptions.

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Winning team walking on sunshine
ABC Hub Friday Brunch
Nina & Nina - InHubitants
Startup Mafia




Letališka 3, BTC City Ljubljana, Spodnja Etaža Emporiuma
Other Education in Ljubljana (show all)
Vodja Tropa Vodja Tropa
Ribniska 14
Ljubljana, 1000

Inštrukcije za lastnike psov

Ples Srca - Prayer in Movement Ples Srca - Prayer in Movement
Tržaška Cesta 128
Ljubljana, 1000

Prayer in Movement is inspiring people to consciously dance through life.

CoderDojo Ljubljana CoderDojo Ljubljana
Ljubljana, 1000

Brezplačen tečaj programiranja za otroke, mladostnike in mlade po srcu.

Claustra Alpium Iuliarum Claustra Alpium Iuliarum
Kersnikova Ulica 6.

Dežela kamnitih branikov je območje nekdanjega obrambnega sistema Claustra Alpium Iuliarum, ki so ga zgradili Rimljani za obrambo Rima.

Kreativni center V.I.B.E. Kreativni center V.I.B.E.
Celovška 175
Ljubljana, 1000

V.I.B.E. - KREATIVNI CENTER (Vesolje Idej - Bogastvo Energije)

GO - Tečaji GO - Tečaji
Dunajska 129
Ljubljana, 1000

Izvajamo tečaje programiranja, izdelovanja spletnih strani in uporabe raznoraznih programov za podjetja kot tudi posameznike.

Jardín Botánico de Liubliana Jardín Botánico de Liubliana
Ižanska Cesta 15
Ljubljana, 1000

SIM center SIM center
Metelkova Ulica 9
Ljubljana, 1000

SIM center ZD Ljubljana ponuja najsodobnejšo opremo za izvajanje naprednih simulacij v zdravstvu.

Alumni Škofijske klasične gimnazije Alumni Škofijske klasične gimnazije
Štula 23
Ljubljana, 1000

Klub Alumni ŠKG

Ad alti  livelli Ad alti livelli
Parmova Ulica 53
Ljubljana, 1000

Azienda che si occupa di organizzazione di eventi di altissimo livello in Italia e all'estero. Ha sede a Lubiana Cortina Sanremo Montecarlo Nizza e Dubai

Študentski svet ALUO Študentski svet ALUO
Erjavčeva Cesta 23
Ljubljana, 1000

Študentski svet Akademije za likovno umetnost in oblikovanje

Brainobrain Ljubljana Brainobrain Ljubljana
Šmartinska 152