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Kako bi bilo, če bi živeli bolj povezani z naravo?

What happens when we spend time in nature?

We took two people away from their ordinary day to see how their stress levels would react to being left in the middle of a forest.

Just one of the many reasons why we need to ensure that our forests are protected, forever.


Živali nas učijo sobivanja ... Kako? Preberi več in si oglej video:

"Animals help us learn that it is safe to coexist."
Click here to see more:

#nature #dinner #Tree

V srcu je vedno pomlad


Business Insider UK

Umetnost življenja - Naš (ne)vsakdanji kruh ...

This Slovenian baker makes beautiful artwork on loaves of bread. Video courtesy:

The Law Of Attraction

💙 🌟 💙

Power of Positivity

This gave me chills. What a beautiful lesson on attitude...


Here's 10 easy, low-carb veggie snacks to get you through the summer season lookin' & feelin' your best! 🍃

Power of Positivity

This story took less than 3 minutes and completely changed the way I feel about myself...

Lil' Luna - Kristyn Merkley

No, mogoče pa res ... ;)

Who else needs some VITAMIN SEA???


For more laughs and ideas follow Lil' Luna - Kristyn Merkley




Géométrie Variable


3eme petite vidéo, aperçu de ce qui est ressorti du laboratoire à 3 cette fois ci.


Dancers: Ammar, Zid and Sadeck.

insta : @ammardancer
fb : @Ammar dancer
mail : [email protected]

insta : @Zid_YZ
fb : @YZ - Yanka Zid
mail : [email protected]

fb page : @sadeck
mail : [email protected]
insta : sadeckwaff
youtube chanel : sadeck waff

Ma Ou

music: Ta-ku - we were in love

place: MH Danse & Forme

merci à Mugen KidComplikated pour les photos et Sylvain Soulier pour le lieu.

Ghetto-Style Movement World



Belas Imagens

Aprendendo a ser humano, com os animais.



This dairy-free blueberry lime "cheesecake" from Pretty Pies is DELICIOUS! 🍰 💜

Bored Panda Art

Incredible hand carved sculptures by Daniele Barresi

DW Global Ideas

If you had the chance, would you live in a treehouse?


8 ways to transform and upgrade your wardrobe

British Hedgehog Preservation Society

Ježek bežek ...

Hedgehogs are being brought into rescue centres very dehydrated. As you can see from this gorgeous video by Paul Bunyard, a shallow dish of fresh water is much appreciated by our prickly friends! Share to spread the word please, let the 'hogs have a drink on us!

Dr. Jane Goodall

Učimo se od narave ...

“There is still a window of time. Nature can win If we give her a chance.” - Dr. Jane Goodall

Tao & Zen

Modrost srca

Words of wisdom from Buddha, Jesus, Einstein, Lao Tsu, Thich Nhat Hanh, Rumi, Thomas Merton, Martin Luther King Jr., Mohammad, Maya Angelou, Brother David Steindl-Rast and others. Native American flute music by Coyote Oldman.

Garden Village Bled - Slovenia

NAGRADNA IGRA - Všečkaj objavo in jo deli na časovnici ter se poteguj za romantično večerjo na travi v Restavracija Vrtnarija.
Splošni pogoji nagradne igre:
Unique experience in Garden Village Bled!

Tech Insider

Hitrost ... kdo je najhitrejši?

These are the world's fastest animals.

Project Earth

Novo recikliranje ali Kako spremeniti smeti v obilje in srečo ... :)

Every country needs this, TBH.

Plastic Change International

Prazne embalaže ne odvrzi kjer koli ... Vse se vrne... ;)

Every year 10 million tons of plastic end up in the ocean. If we don't change our behaviour we might end up with more plastic than fish in the ocean.

Help us fight plastic pollution:

The Animation Workshop has produced this fantastic video. You should see this man as a symbol of consumers as well as industry, makers and politicians

Truth Inside Of You

Ženski in moški možgani ;)

Well, that explains pretty much everything! :D

credits: Mark Gungor
***Purchase entire DVD from 'Store' at***
edited by Truth Inside Of You


Mmmmmm ;)

This dairy-free blueberry lime "cheesecake" from Pretty Pies is DELICIOUS! 🍰 💜

Project Earth

Skrivni jezik dreves

You can't hear it, but trees actually are speaking to one another.

Elephant Food

Because of you don't, who will?

Elephant Food

Since 98% of all diets fail, maybe it's time to try something else?


Sledite svojemu smislu življenja in vedite, da imamo vsi svoje mesto v nečem večjem. Vsak šteje. Samo začeti je treba ...

"You are part of something bigger than yourself."

- Mark Zuckerberg, Co-founder and CEO of Facebook

Red and Howling

Na svetu nismo sami. Bodimo pozorni do drobnih bitij in jim pomagajmo, da se vrnejo v naravo ....

I've wanted to create this little video FOREVER*—I hope you enjoy it :). Most critters are harmless and simply want to live out their little lives in peace. Spiders are particularly special to me because they are truly magnificent and necessary creatures.

Without spiders, insect populations would explode, decimating our food crops, and ecological balance would be severely compromised.

6 Things you probably don't know about spiders:

Spiders avoid people and are much more afraid of us than we are of them.
Spiders are not bloodsuckers and they do not feed on humans.
The majority of spiders are not toxic to humans.
Many spiders are not capable of piercing human flesh.
Only about a dozen of the approximately 40,000 spider species worldwide can cause serious harm.
Spider silk is stronger than steel and more elastic than nylon. The ancient Greeks used spider silk to stop bleeding wounds.
Many scientists believe that without spiders, the human race would die within months because of lack of food and insect borne diseases.

Groovy tune by my hubby, Bryan Aspey !

* I am fully aware of the fact that mosquitoes and ticks can carry deadly viruses, fleas can make animals sick, and some spiders are very dangerous . I have killed quite a few ticks and mosquitoes out of self-protection. We all have limits and thresholds. My video's overarching message is simply To Be Kind and I hope that it will make people think before they mindlessly kill anything and everything crawling & flying in their house :).


Pomagajmo si ...

Ingenting er bedre enn et godt nettverk og nærmiljø. La oss hjelpe hverandre! Les mer på

Collective Evolution

Solarna roža

This new solar flower could power your whole household. Imagine never having to deal with a utility company again!

Smart is the New Sexy

Slikarski material za na pot ... 💗💞

Artists will find this to their liking for sure. 😊

David Wolfe

This Photographer Captured The Invisible Light Plants Emit

Positive Energy+

This story takes less than a minute and will change your thoughts right now...


6 skrivnostnih moči zvoka ...

Could sound be the medicine of the future?


"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration." – Nikola Tesla

Killuminati ∆

I have no words to say about this video. Watch yourself & feel.


Sveta geometrija - kvadratura kroga

Happy birthday, Leonardo da Vinci! Here's what made his iconic "Vitruvian Man" so significant (via TED-Ed):


No, pa smo pojedli zadnji regrat ... ;)

This little guy munching on a flower is all you need to see today 🐰🌻👌

Four Nine

Preprosto, hitro, ljubko - doma narejena marionetka ... :)

Try this creative DIY with your kids


Spirale v (v)etru

The art of red flower petals in the wind...

Nassim Haramein

Kimatika (Cymatics) - zvok oblikuje materijo

Cymatics in slow motion reveals some of the intricacies of the patterns that emerge when resonating water with sound...

Resonance Science Foundation • The Connected Universe • Resonance Science Foundation - 中文 • Resonance Science Foundation - Português • Resonance Science Foundation - Italiano • Resonance Science Foundation - Français • Resonance Science Foundation - Русский • Resonance Science Foundation - Romania • Resonance Science Foundation - Hispana • Resonance Science Foundation - Polska • Resonance Science Foundation - Deutsche • (post by Jamie Janover)

Magic & Beauty

Nedelja ...;)

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Srečno novo leto!
Klepet ob kavi - Metka Lebar: Sveta geometrija in arhetipi zav...
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Kristanova 1
Other Education in Ljubljana (show all)
Učenje v Rumeni hiški Učenje v Rumeni hiški
Ob Potoku 26
Ljubljana, 1000

Kreativno, sproščeno in učinkovito spoznavanje trikov učenja. Lea Čerin, univ.dipl. pedagoginja, Learning Coach, MISP inštruktor

Sugarcube Sugarcube
Masarykova 14
Ljubljana, 1000

Mlada ekipa kreativcev ponuja kvalitetne začetne tečaje na področju fotografije, videa, glasbene produkcije in animacije.

Ženevski klub Ženevski klub
Poljanski Nasip 2
Ljubljana, 1000

Uresničujemo ideje!

VIA MEA, Zavod za oblikovanje življenja VIA MEA, Zavod za oblikovanje življenja
Detelova Ulica 3
Ljubljana, 1000

V Zavodu Via Mea poskrbimo, da v svoje življenje vnesete več sproščenosti, miru in harmonije ter premagate strah in pogumno stopite na SVOJO pot.

SHE is Rising - women circles & ceremonies SHE is Rising - women circles & ceremonies

Rdeči Šotori s Suzano Grau je PORTAL namenjen navdihom, modrostim in lažji preglednosti dogodkov in novic povezanih z Ženskimi Krogi in Rdečimi Šotori.

VIBRA - International workshops & festival of contemporary dance VIBRA - International workshops & festival of contemporary dance
Parmova 25 ,Prijateljeva 2
Ljubljana, 1000

VIBRA - International summer dance wokshops Ljubljana

MUN Slovenia Club MUN Slovenia Club
Cankarjeva 1/II
Ljubljana, 1000

MUN Slovenia Club is a club of students engaging in reasoned discussions and other activities related to the contemporary international issues, with the aim of finding feasible solutions in accordance with the Charter of the UN and its spirit.

Tula Tempel Tula Tempel
Parmova Ulica 14
Ljubljana, 1000

“Naš najgloblji strah ne izvira iz lastne nesposobnosti, pomanjkljivosti. Globoko v sebi se bojimo svoje neomejene moči, bojimo se svoje neskončne svetlobe

Kreativni center V.I.B.E. Kreativni center V.I.B.E.
Celovška 175
Ljubljana, 1000

V.I.B.E. - KREATIVNI CENTER (Vesolje Idej - Bogastvo Energije)

Informacije Fitnes Balkan Informacije Fitnes Balkan
Ljubljana, 1210

Letošnji Kongres bo potekal 18. in 19. november 2017

Moj trenutek Moj trenutek
Ljubljana, 1000

Z unikatnimi izdelki ustvarjam priložnosti za čudovite medsebojne trenutke in pristna doživetja, ki se zapišejo v srce in telo. Ujeti trenutki, Dnevnik najinih doživetij je dnevnik zmenkov za pare. Zimske iskrice so družinske kartice povezovanja.

Tečaji krojenja in šivanja  - Kreativne delavnice Tečaji krojenja in šivanja - Kreativne delavnice
Litostrojska 58 C
Ljubljana, 1000

V hiši mode in kreativnih idej GALIA, ustvarjamo in se učmo osnov in nadaljevalnih tehnik šivanja ter krojenja.