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SHE is Rising - women circles & ceremonies


Prekrasen zapis kot komentar na akcijo #prekinimotisino in zaljive pripombe moških porodničarjev, ki se pojavljajo v medijih...
News that Yazidi sex slave survivor Nadia Murad has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for her efforts to end the use of sexual violence as a weapon of war barely registered on the American media radar screen. Murad was abducted in northern Iraq in August 2014, when Islamic State (ISIS) jihadists took over her village. Nadia Murda. / AFP / Getty Images “At just 21 years old, she was kidnapped alongside an estimated 3,000 other Yazidi women and girls, traded as sex slaves from one ISIS fighter to another. She was forced to pray, dress up, and apply makeup in preparation for her rape, which was often committed by gangs,” Kelsey Harkness wrote for The Daily Signal on Oct. 12. Murad said: “My hope is that all women who speak about their stories of sexual violence are heard and accepted, that their voices are heard so they feel safe.”
... The important thing to realize is that “witches” were just women that men were either jealous of, felt threatened by, or didn’t like. In practice, those were the triggering conditions for getting tried as a witch. More simply, witches were just women. Potentially all women. To survive, women under the Inquisition submitted to isolating themselves away from the friendships of other women, and learned to be very good at making men like them. They taught their daughters to do the same. For hundreds of years, any woman could be taken away to jail to be tortured and sexually assaulted. Any women could be pornographically tortured in public before her execution, in front of her family if she had any. Why didn’t she speak up? That’s why. Why didn’t she stand up for other women? That’s why. European men ritually abused women for expressing any social solidarity with each other, or independence for themselves, for generations. Men forced women to testify against other women, even their own mothers, to live. Yet they still mock women as jealous and spiteful of each other, still joke about “cat fights.” The destruction of women’s history of community leadership, economic independence, and support for each other wasn’t so complete that there was no evidence remaining. But the living cultural practice of female solidarity was so utterly destroyed that it’s still newsworthy for us to talk about supporting each other.
Ste vedele, da je danes Svetovni dan menopauze? ❣💖

Rdeči Šotori s Suzano Grau je PORTAL namenjen navdihom, modrostim in lažji preglednosti dogodkov in novic povezanih z Ženskimi Krogi in Rdečimi Šotori.

Inspiration to hold Women Circles and Red Tents came as an echo of my attendance at the 13 Moon WildSong Camp in England. My first circle of Women. Carolyn Hillyer opened her space and 120 women from Seven countries gathered in Dartmoor Mists to unite in Celebration of our weaving voices, our drumming hands and our dancing feet. We dived into Songs for Ancestral Mothers, Earth blessing & sacred lands, Songs for integrity and change, Songs from islands and forest, mountains and tundra, Ancient Chants for weaving and walking, laments for our tears, musical ditties for our laughter... all infused with the rhythms of our hearts and sacred drums. Our Sacred Journey started with 'Blessed Be The Blood' song. Blessed Be the blood on your skirt Blessed Be the blood on your thighs Blessed Be the blood .... Blessed Be the blood .... ~ Carolyn Hillyer, Old Silverhead As Carolyn Sang and Drummed tears rolled my eyes. I didn't even know I missed being held in a Woman Circle, I didn't even know they existed, I didn't even know it was so nurturing, I didn't even know why I cried, but something released that night and opened my Heart to All Women in that Tent and to The Women in me. As days passed I heard Giggles of the youngest one - a 3 month Girl, as days passed I heard Women Stories of loss, abandonment and death, as days passed I heard Women Stories of vulnerability, as days passed I heard Women Stories of power, strenght and wisdom, as days passed I heard Women Stories of Grace and Determination. I listened deeply to those songs and stories of Girls, Mothers, Aunties, Grandmothers and Great-gran-mothers. They all felt my Stories. They all felt my Sisters. As they say in The Lakota's Way: There's only one Woman and SHE is all Women There's only one Man and HE is all Man. ~ Lakota proverb Having experienced the power of Women Circle I longed to share this experience with other women... and soon after the Gathering I held a Circle for Women who were part of my Life's Journey. A Gathering dedicated to the stories of GRATITUDE & HUMOUR. From there it naturally expanded and I am holding Circles ever since. In 2012 I Journeyed to The Southern Hemisphere, for 13 Moons. I walked the Land and listened to Her songs and stories, listened to Ancestral wisdom of Australia and New Zealand. Inspired by them I organised ONE BILLION RISING in New Zealand and started RED TENTS OF THE WORLD, a project dedicated to Bring Women Circles and Women Mysteries to the Communities I come across on The Way. My Intention is to Inspire Women to connect to their Womb Power, to their Cycle and Spirit. To revive Ancient knowledge of Women Mysteries and to hold Sacred Space for WOMEN to BE SEEN and HEARD. There is so much we can share by simply being ourselves - BEING A WOMEN. ALUNA TEMPLE 'Birthing Dream Seeds to Life!' Visionary and Artistic Creator Suzana Grau E: [email protected] * SKYPE: mysoulsingstoday * PHONE: +386 40 13 29 13 (SLO)

Mission: MOJA MISIJA JE NAVDIHNITI ŽENSKE V ZAVEDANJE, DA SMO KRALJICE IN DA JE ČAS, DA SIJEMO SVOJO LEPOTO, MODROST IN LJUBEZEN SEDAJ! Moja Misija in Želja je OPOLNOMOČITI ŽENSKE! Moja Misija Vas je navdihniti, da se ponovno povežete ali poglobite vedenje o Modrosti Menstrualnega in Življenskega Cikla, vam pokazati Lepoto in Ključe skrite znotraj Generacij, podeliti Znanje, ki stoji v vsakem obdobju Našega Svetega Življenja. Moja Misija je da se VSE ŽENSKE ZAVEMO LEPOTE in MOGOČNOSTI tega da SMO ŽENSKE! Moja Misija je, da Povežem Ženske v KROG SESTRSTVA, SPOŠTOVANJA in PODPIRANJA. Moja Misija je, da se Ženske ponovno ZAVEMO POVEZANOSTI z Mamo Zemljo, da se Zavemo, da SMO Zemlja!

Ancient Essene Wisdom for the 21st Century

7 things that affect your vibration frequency from the point of view of quantum physics.
Vibration in quantum physics means everything is energy. We are vibrant beings on certain frequencies. Every vibration is equivalent to a feeling and in the world "Vibrational", there are only two species of vibrations, positive and negative. Any feeling makes you broadcast a vibration that can be positive or negative.
1ST - * thoughts *
Every thought emits a frequency to the universe and this frequency goes back to origin, so in the case, if you have negative thoughts, discouragement, sadness, anger, fear, all this comes back to you. This is why it is so important that you take care of the quality of your thoughts and learn how to cultivate more positive thoughts.
2TH - * the companies *
The people around you directly influence your vibration frequency. If you surround yourself with happy, positive and determined people, you will also enter this vibration. Now, if you surround yourself with people complaining, gossiping and pessimist, be careful! Indeed, they can reduce your frequency and therefore prevent you from using the law of attraction in your favor.
3TH - * the music *
Music is very powerful. If you only listen to music that talks about death, betrayal, sadness, abandonment, all this will interfere with what you are feeling. Pay attention to the lyrics of the music you listen to, it could reduce your vibration frequency. And Remember: you attract exactly what you feel in your life.
4TH - * the things you look at *
When you look at programs that deal with misfortunes, dead, betrayals, etc. Your brain accepts this as a reality and releases a whole chemistry into your body, which affects your vibration frequency. Look at things that do you feel good and helps you vibrate at a higher frequency.
5TH - * the atmosphere *
Whether it's at home or at work, if you spend a lot of time in a messy and dirty environment, it will also affect your vibration frequency. Improve what surrounds you, organize and clean your environment. Show the universe that you are fit to receive much more. Take care of what you already have!
6TH - * THE WORD *
If you claim or speak wrong about things and people, it affects your vibration frequency. To keep your frequency high, it is essential to eliminate the habit of complaining and bad talking about others. So avoid drama and bullying. Assume your responsibility for the choices of your life!
Gratitude positively affects your vibration frequency. This is a habit you should integrate now into your life. Start to thank for everything, for the good things and what you consider to be bad, thank you for all the experiences you've experienced. Gratitude opens the door for good things to happen positively in your life.

We mustn’t forget the revolutionary roots of International Women’s Day International Women’s Day: a day, according to the UN, to “reflect on progress made”, to “celebrate acts by ordinary women”. Few would say that it fails to do this. Last year Google marked it with a doodle, and there were events from streets marches to window displ of Selfridges, who marke...

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Because its "Person of the Year" is often a man, Time has chosen 100 "Women of the Year" Michelle Obama was chosen to represent a pivotal year in American history, 2008 – and many other women are belatedly being recognized for their historic contributions.

Youth Mental Health Canada

Note: these are stereotypes that are used against women to diminish, trivialize, and judge.
Behaviors that are based on harassment are never acceptable in the workplace.
We need to empower female leaders in the workplace and society to be the positive role models for leadership that are possible, and not to emulate the worst examples we see of male leaders.

The greatest human rights violation on the planet is the harm men do to women The author has spent past two-and-a-half years investigating crimes against women. Now, moved by the murder of Hannah Clarke and her three children, he is grappling with the hatreds that possess violent men.

A Survivor of Teen Porn Trafficking Speaks Out on Pornhub - Exodus Cry I was trafficked in porn a few decades ago, long before anyone heard the term sex trafficking. Everyone thought that the porn life was the Playboy mansion and that the prostitution life was Pretty Woman. I had no grid for the possibility that my trafficking was not my fault even though I was 11-17,....

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The First Body-Positive Children’s Book Just Came Out, and It’s Exactly What the World Needs Now Bloggers Ady Meschke and Katie Crenshaw collaborated on "Her Body Can," the first book in a series of inclusive children's literature.

3 young ladies invented a straw that detects date rape drugs

Bravo!!! Girl power done in the best way possible - with the aim to save lives! They've just invented the Smart Straw The Straws are the brainchilds of Victoria Roc

Noelle Mirabella Photography

Just Because She Carries It Well Doesn't Mean It Isn't Heavy

I have been sitting here trying to find the words to pair with this image.... writing them out.... rewriting them. Deleting whole pages and starting over. All that remains is the lump in my throat.

This image was inspired by my life as a woman and a young single mother. I do not want to break down every detail for you. You can find the story, whatever it means to you.

Greta Thunberg Meeting Malala Yousafzai Is Exactly What We Needed Today The activist duo co-ordinated their calendars while in the UK – and shared a photo from Oxford University.

Woman plays violin during brain surgery to save her musical skills The 53-year-old violinist played her instrument so doctors could avoid damaging her brain while removing a tumour.

Exclusive: Chelsea become first club to tailor training to menstrual cycles


Really excited about this ground-breaking initiative at Chelsea football club, the first in the world to tailor their training programme around players’ menstrual cycles to enhance performance and cut down on injuries. Chelsea Women have become the first football club in the world to tailor their training programme around players’ menstrual cycles in an attempt to enhance performance and cut down on injuries, Telegraph Sport can reveal.

Why Trauma Survivors Shouldn’t Think They Are ‘Lazy’

"This is why people who have experienced trauma often burn out quickly. Their brains are working hard, and yet, survivors seem to carry a ton of guilt over the quantity and quality of their accomplishments. This is the nature of trauma that stems from narcissistic abuse, for example. The brain was tricked into thinking it’s responsible for things it is not. Many survivors had abusers who told them they were lazy, insignificant or downplayed their accomplishments. So naturally, when they struggle to complete tasks due to an overworked brain, those negative messages get reinforced.

We all have goals, and chances are we’d all like to accomplish them sooner than reality permits. For those with traumatized brains, it’s their number one job to heal. Rather than measure life in whatever external measures communicate success, whether that’s the number of laundry piles folded or number of sales closed, think about some internal goals. How many times did I catch my own negative self-talk? How many times did I recognize that my body was tired or hungry, and did I give it what it needed?

Shifting these priorities can make a huge difference, but it’s especially a challenge for those of us who cope by making ourselves too busy to face our trauma. When we take our own busyness away and replace it with really checking in with ourselves, it often means feeling uncomfortable feelings. It means tuning into body, mind and spirit that doesn’t feel so hot. That takes time and energy that our tired brains don’t have a lot of extra juice for.

Sometimes, it seems easier to push through because it numbs us from fully feeling our pain. The result is almost always an inevitable crash. And when we crash, we feel like we are being “lazy.” And so goes the vicious cycle. If this sounds like you, do yourself a favor: Give yourself permission to rest. Give yourself permission to daydream. Do something indulgent that is objectively and truly “lazy,” on purpose. Recognize and reward yourself for all your brain is doing to heal." "Let's expose that lie, shall we?"

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Elizabeth Gilbert


1. What’s that, my baby? You feel like you’re failing at life? But may I ask: By whose rules? And by what deadline?

2. Please stop looking for proof that you are wrong and bad. Don’t be in such a hurry to disown yourself. And please, for the love of God, stop trying to transform. Just sit here with me for a moment, and let me love you exactly as you are. And maybe get yourself a nice big glass of water. That usually helps.

3. You don’t need to show compassion or patience to the world right now. Why would I force that on you, when you don’t actually feel it? You don’t even need to be grateful right now. I love you so much, I will never ask you to do anything you can’t do. Just sit here with me, and know that you are loved, and let that be all we do right now.

4. Stop trying. Does that scare you? Do you still have trouble believing how loved you are—even when you are doing nothing, producing nothing, improving nothing, understanding nothing? Can you sit quietly with me for a moment and consider the possibilities?

5. Can you find the courage and curiosity to live one breath at a time? Can you breathe into this very moment, right now? Because “right now” is the only place I will ever be able to find you. So meet me halfway, dear one, by taking the next breath.

6. You are not crazy or broken, sweetheart, but you do have a mind that requires constant, tender, affectionate stewardship. Good thing you have me!

7. I see how you much you fear solitude sometimes, but trust me: This is your medicine. Also, I have a secret for you: You’re not alone. It’s actually not even possible.

8. If it helps, sweetheart, you can’t possibly do anything wrong. By which I mean—you can’t possibly do anything that will lose me.

9. I’m right here. I have always been right here. I will always be right here. And I’ve got nothing but time for you.

10. Don’t worry about how everyone else is doing it. There is no “everyone else”. There is only you and me. And my name is Love. And so is yours. So let’s just sit quietly now, and know this truth together❤️

Onward, LG

An Oscar Goes To A Documentary About Skateboarding Girls In Afghanistan The short documentary is called Learning to Skateboard in a Warzone (If You're A Girl. "This movie is my love letter to the brave girls of that country," says director Carol Dysinger.

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Big Boy Appliances™ for all the stay-at-home men in your life 😂

Dr. Shefali

What fear are you trying to overcome right now in your life? Share with me below.

Our fears of the future can prevent us from living and thriving in the present. We cannot overcome our fears without acknowledging and confronting them first. Let us learn to be present for today instead of consuming ourselves in worry for tomorrow.

In this video, I share what I tell clients when they come to me with this problem. I believe it may help you as well!

The year women became eligible to vote in each country Suffrage happened in 1920 in the United States, three years behind Russia but 91 years ahead of Saudi Arabia.

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There is so much more strength in unity.💛

Arrested rural midwife heads to trial on 95 felony counts: 'I don’t think Jack the Ripper faced that many charges' On Tuesday morning, Elizabeth Catlin entered a not-guilty plea to all charges, setting into motion what’s sure to be a complex and closely-watched jury trial.

The Cosmic Dancer

They told you about the contractions, but did they tell you about the expansion? Did they tell you how your body would open to make way for the whole universe to pass through? Did they tell you how your heart would explode with a love bigger than anything you’ve ever known as you pulled your baby to your chest?

They told you about the ring of fire but did they tell you about the crown of stars? Did they mention that there’s a moment when your baby enters the world and you leave your body and touch the heavens and become the light of a million galaxies? Did they tell you how the pain of stretching to receive your child would be more exquisite than any sensation you've felt?

They told you would scream but did they tell you about how would you roar? Did they tell you about the power that would rise up from your belly as you called your baby forth with your mighty voice? Did they tell you how you would embody the wild woman within you as breathe fire with your song?

They told you would bleed, but did they tell you how that sacred blood wouldn't scare you? How you would feel grateful for that magical liquid of life as it trickled down your leg - how you would honour its flow and how it would help you heal a lifetime of hating your body's bleeding cycle.

They told these stories and taught you to fear birth, to fear your power, to fear yourself. But you are stronger and wiser than that mama. You know that birth is your divine dance, your soul's song, your moment with God, and you walk fearlessly into her open arms.

~ Catie from Spirit Y Sol

[Art: Amanda Greavette]

Women of Appalachia Project

Layla B.

{english below}
Ljube Ženske, dober večer!

Let me take you on a journey, the journey of the Nafsa, the new mother...Watch with sound to learn how traditional Moroccan postpartum medicine was offered to new mothers and join our online training course if you feel the calling!

India’s First Female Superhero Takes On Sex Trafficking

India is a place of duality. There’s light and dark everywhere. I suppose you could say that about many countries. I have met Indian women who have experienced acid attacks and I have supported clients who have been raped and shunned by their families in my work as a sexologist. Women who for no reason have suffered great trauma, pain and rejection for no reason other than the fact that they were born a woman.

I am so pleased to read this and what a creative way to get this message across to the next generation who hopefully will feel self-empowered through education and opening up the conversations that are only talked about behind closed doors.

“I learned that most people do not want to talk about these topics. Rape, acid attacks and other gender-based violence issues are tough to talk about. But, structuring them around a superhero and in a comic book makes them accessible. That was the big breakthrough. Also, after the horrible bus gang-rape, there was a lot of focus in India about perpetrators and victims. But, there was very little being discussed about how society treats survivors and the burden of shame they put on women. I think the comic book helped start a discussion about this,” says Devineni. How to write about sex trafficking for pre-adolescents and teenagers? This comic book shows the way.

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Delavnica, kjer premikamo sive celice, se igramo v glasbenem peskovniku in si ogledujemo svet z ušesi. Kjer pečemo čisto lastno in čisto svežo glasbo!

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Specialized in E-learning topics, lectureas and workshops for empowering people to use internet positively, safely and effectively.
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Ljubljana, 1000 je spletni portal, ki ponuja najbolj praktične video priročnike za #Podjetnike ali njihove #Računovodje

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Dnevi industrijske robotike so dogodek, ki ga vsako leto organiziramo študentje Fakultete za elektrotehniko. Namen dogodka je s pomočjo zanimivih in inovativnih robotskih aplikacij študentom in širši javnosti približati industrijo.