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Try this as a warm-up or to get some movement in. Your body will thank you 🙏🏻

Repeat 5x


Try this and comment if you do 😁



If you’re short on equipment and time, give this a try!

3 sets:

1️⃣ Reverae Linge > OH Press (5/side)
2️⃣ 1/4 Turkish Get up (5/side)
3️⃣ SLDL High Knee > Forward Lunge (5/side)


Do it for yourself 👋🏻


Try these 3 activation drills before you get into more conplex drills to get the right muscles to recruit and get the most out of your workout!


‘When you love the journey, the goals just happen!’ - I’ve always believed that. Even as a professional athlete 🏀 I loved practice just as much as games, if not more.

I remember one time in college me and my teammate were late for practice because of class and I was running to get to practice asap and she was all surprised why I didn’t want to go slow and get there as late as possible and my answer was: ‘but I love practice!’

I did. I still do. I mean games are fun and exciting (just like goals), but I really loved the process of practicing all the drills that were making me better and preparing me for games.

It’s still the same for me today when I workout. I just love to do it, without any specific goals. My only goal now is to feel good and healthy. I noticed whenever my goal was anything else than that, I would feel pressure and resentment and eventually my body would just start to resist and feel tired even before the workout.

As a coach I try to also pass this on to my clients- fall in love with the process of being present in your body when you work out and aware of the feeling after and between the workouts and the goals will happen…or they will suddenly feel unimportant, because you would already feel good.

The thing is, we usually set goals for one reason only- to feel good when we’d achieve them.

So why not feel good right now?!


You don’t need complicated moves or much time to get some movement in. Use this 2 simple moves for your spine and shoulders to get your morning started and feel good.

Do 3 rounds and 5 reps of each movement and let me know how it felt 😁



Let’s push our joints’ range of motion slightly beyond limits and explore how to control our body in those positions while activating muscles around those joints

❗️Make sure you slow down and perform this in controlled manner❗️

3-4 sets of:

1️⃣ Knee-over-Toes Split Squat (5/side)
2️⃣ Squat > Crab Reach (8x)
3️⃣ Plank Knee Tap > Scorpion (4/side)
4️⃣ Sprawl > Jump Squat (10x)


💛Small Steps Each Day💛



This one works on strength, stability and mobility… Go for it 💪🏼

3-4 sets:

1️⃣ Double Pump Air Squat (10x)
2️⃣ (Kneeling) Push Up (10x)
3️⃣ Single-Leg RDL > Staggered-Stance Squat (8/side)
4️⃣ Climber > Front Kick (5/side)
5️⃣ Front to Back Lunge (6/side)



For those who can’t find time or motivation for some movement ➡️ here’s 4 SIMPLE mobility exercises that only take 5 MINUTES of your time.

Sometimes that can be enough. And if after those 5 min you feel like you want more, feel free to continue with any of the appropriate workouts on my profile.

Invite or share with a friend too, it’ll be more fun 😉

2-3 sets:

1️⃣ Kneeling Spine Wave (5x)
2️⃣ Kneeling Climber w Reach > Ham Bow (5/side)
3️⃣ Table Top (10x)
4️⃣ Deep Squat Routine (10+5)



Your nervous system plays a big role in your overall health as well as in your ability to cope with stress. So it’s important to take care of it.

Besides proper nutrition, sleep and breathing, movement is one of the best ways to take care of your nervous system.

Movement allows us to deal with the stress in our life in a healthy way. It stimulates our nervous system in a healthy as oppose to unhealthy way.

How? By gently stretching/moving or taking a walk, we allow our body to take on more and more stress & our nervous system responds by activating.

Then when we are done, we’re allowing our body & heart rate to calm down. This is important because we return to a peaceful base where our nervous system is no longer activated.

Over active nervous system can put a lot of wear and tear on our body, causing it to age more quickly and making it more prone to illness.

Bottom line, movement heals…in many ways🙌🏻

Don’t you just want to move now?! 🤗


Gym lover?

You don’t need to go to the gym or do intense workouts to see progress and feel fit. In fact, nowadays most of my workouts are moderate home workouts with minimal equipment, which leave me feeling energized instead of exhausted. But I love the gym and the variety of equipment and here and there I still enjoy doing something more intense.

If you’re also a gym lover and already experienced, try this spicy finisher in your next workout 🔥

3 sets of:

1️⃣ Slam Ball 10x
2️⃣ Heavy KB Swing 20x
3️⃣ Rope Waves 20sec
4️⃣ (Modified) Burpee 10x



Here’s a video of when I first started recording my workouts - can you tell? 😂

It’s also one of my first workouts after a long period of not working out due to some health issues at the time.

So even though I’ve been an athlete my whole life, I know how it feels having to start over. I had to get back to basics and slowly build my way back. Not back to where I was, as I’ve learned a thing or two about my body on my journey, but back to commitment and daily movement to feel good and strong again.

There’s nothing wrong with basics. In fact, basics are essential and necessary. They may look boring but are very efficient and definitely detrimental to progress in the long run.

So here’s a simple beginner/basic workout if you’re just starting or starting over.

Do 8-10 reps of each exercise and 2-3 sets.


The best workout? The one you actually do and enjoy!

I don’t always have a planned workout. Sometimes I just improvise on the spot. I didn’t want to miss this beautiful sunset on the beach 🌅 but I also wanted to work out. And turns out those are the workouts I enjoy the most 🙌🏻

So here’s my improv BODYWEIGHT beach & sunset workout you can enjoy too…but you don’t need the sunset or the beach 😉 just do it anywhere.

Slides 1-4 = 1st circuit (3-4 sets, 8-10 reps)
Slides 5-7 = 2nd circuit (2-3 sets, 8-10 reps)
Slide 8 = for my soul 😊



Here’s 3 ways to warm up before your workout or if you just need to move and loosen your body for the day.

Btw if you decide to do this outside in the sun ☀️ like me I recommend putting sunscreen on! I definitely didn’t and got some sunburn after only 10min 🙈



I love mobility warmups, especially with beautiful views and nature sounds like here 😎

I always spent 10-15min warming up with mobility work before workouts. It increases my blood flow, prepares the joints for the workout & forces me to be present (my favorite).

Don’t move fast through these though, use it as an opportunity to check in with your body, slow down and really focus and feel each move. Go only as far as your body allows you and just breathe through it.

Give it a shot & let me know how it feels.

Enjoy, get mobile & get present!


💪🏼My workout today: short & effective💪🏼

Workouts don’t always have to be long to be effective. This one had me work on strength, mobility and stability at the same time.


9-min Follow Along Full Body Stretching

Here’s an easy any-time-of-the-day stretching video to loosen up your joints...just to feel better or warm up for a choose!



For MOBILITY/CORE only workout do only circuit 1 (3-5 sets)

For SHORTER/LESS INTENSE workout do only circuit 1&2

Also, listen and pay attention to how your body feels that day and adjust sets/intensity accordingly.
Some movement is better than no movement but no need to exhaust yourself and not be able to get through the day.

Focus more on how your body feels than how it looks —-> Beyond Body ❤️


❤️ Yes You Are ❤️


Use this as a MOVEMENT PREP for your workout or as a 10-MIN MOBILITY SESSION for feeling awesome 😁

1️⃣ Walkout > (Kneeling) Push Up > Climber+Reach+Ham Stretch 2x > WalkBack (5x)
2️⃣ Pigeon Pulses (10/side)
3️⃣ Scapular Push Up (8-10x).

Keep it slow and controlled (this is a sped up version)

2-3 rounds as movement prep
3-5 rounds as mobility session


Beyond Body by Po's cover photo


Beyond Body by Po


Power Plate Educator Summit 2019


Power Plate Slovenia

20 let.... 20% popust! 💪🤩👌👏🥳

Power Plate praznuje 20 let delovanja. Ob tej priložnosti Vam ponuja do 20% popusta na najboljše naprave za domačo uporabo.

Power Plate My7 …-20% popusta
Power Plate Move …- 20% popusta
Persopnal Power Plate ….- 10% popusta + vibracijski valjček v vrednosti 100 EUR po Vaši izbiri.

In ker se je poletje že zares poslovilo in zima že trka na vrata, hitro izkoristite super popuste, da se boste še pravočasno pripravili na zimske športe.
Smučanje, tek na smučeh, bordanje, zimski pohodi.... vse to zahteva kondicijsko pripravo, če želimo v teh športih uživati in ostati nepoškodovani, ter po športni aktivnosti ostati brez bolečin v mišicah, za kar pa bodo poskrbeli naši novi vibracijski pripomočki.

Akcija traja do konca leta 2019.

Več informacij in rezervacije na:
[email protected];
[email protected]

Tel: 051 860 958
051 420 805



Poletje je pred vrati, vsi bi bili radi fit, super, oh in sploh. Nikoli se nisem poistovetil s klasičnim fitnes razmišljanjem, vedno sem stremel k nekaj več. Iskal sem odgovore kaj je tisto, kar dodatno lahko ljudem izboljša kvaliteto življenja. Verjamem, da ima zelo velik vpliv na kvalitetno življenje psihološki vidik - način razmišljanja, odnos do sebe in drugih.

Pred leti mi je bil eden izmed glavnih fokusov moj izgled. Poleg tega, da bil bolj samozavesten, sem avtomatično mislil, da bom bolj srečen, ne bom več imel problemov s počutjem, ker bom dobro izgledal.

Nekaj kritičnega razmišljanja:

Najprej - kritično ocenite, ali je resnično res, da boste dober izgled povezali z stanjem biti vesel, in če boste imeli odvečno maščobo se boste počutili nesrečne?
Naslednje - kritično ocenite, ali je resnično res, da morate biti konstantno pod stresom in se obremenjevati s tem kako izgledate? Ali je bolje to vzeti, kot življenski slog in posledično dobro izgledati = brez stresa in ne razmišljati toliko o hrani.

Veliko ljudi ni zadovoljnih s svojim telesom. Konstantno so pod stresom in jih skrbi, kako postati in ostati fit. Posledično to vodi v prenajedanje, pretirano treniranje, stradanje, občutek krivde, depresijo.

Ni edina stvar v življenju izguba maščobe, pridobivanje mišične mase, ubijanje na treningu, super izgled. Verjetno se boste strinjali, da bi se morali v življenju osredotočiti tudi na druge stvari, ki vam bodo povedale, ali ste lahko srečni ali ne. Pavzaprav ne dovolite nikomur, da vam govori na kakšen način ste lahko srečni. VI ste šef vaših misli, ki odločajo o tem ali boste zadovoljni in srečni, ne glede na to kako izgledate.

Težava je, da telesna podoba ali hrana, ne sme biti odgovorna za vaše občutke in čustva.
Namesto tega se je treba zavedati, da gre samo za misli in lahko prevzamete popolno odgovornost za to.

Samopodoba, obsesivnost in nadzorovanje - izvira iz tega, da želite nadzorovati svoje misli in občutke, ki jih ustvarjajate.

Nobena hrana ali makronutrient vas ne bo ekstra zredila. En ekstra obrok, ki odstopa izven vaše prehrane, vas ne bo ekstra zredil. Ljudje se zredijo, ker konstantno jedo kalorično bogato hrano, brez gibanja in urejenega življenskega sloga. Tega se je potrebno zavedati.

Načrt prehrane je samo zemljevid, ni teren. To pomeni, da lahko uporabite zemljevid za navigacijo, ko pa ste na terenu, boste morda morali izbrati različne poti, ki niso zapisane na zemljevidu.

Ko ste v resničnem svetu, obstaja veliko načinov, kako sestaviti obrok, in na koncu - to je vsota vseh živil, ki jih jeste, v primerjavi z vsemi porabljenimi kalorijami, ki določajo končni rezultat.

Poleg tega bo aktiven življenski slog, dobro spanje in manj stresa, poskrbelo za to, da se bo hrana bolje shranjevala. Že pomankanje spanja vpliva, kako se bomo počutili in kakšno hrano bomo izbrali.

Večkrat sem že zapisal, da če boste uživali v procesu, boste na koncu bolj zadovoljni kot pa če se boste osredotočali le na končni cilj. Konstantno razmišljanje o tem kako izgledate in ali je ta hrana ok, imeti v glavi perfekcijo - vas bo naredilo nezadvoljne. To je velik paradoks - neskončna skrb o “popolnosti” je točno tisto, kar vas naredi nesrečne.

Torej povzetek je: Nehajte dajati toliko poudarka na nepotrebne stvari in konstantno misliti o hrani in telesni maščobi, zavedajte se da gre le za vaše misli.

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