The HAND in HAND programme’s overall goal is to contribute to the building of inclusive societies by improving the social, emotional and intercultural competencies of students and school staff – the whole school approach.

HAND in HAND is an Erasmus K3 policy experimentation project lead by Educational Research institution (Slovenia) in cooperation with 8 partners: - MESS - Ministry of Education, Science and Sport (Slovenia), - MIUN Mittuniversitet - Mid Sweden University (Sweden), - DIPF German institute for International Education Research (Germany), - TUM - Technical University of Munich (Germany), - ISRZ - Institute for Social Research in Zagreb (Croatia), - Via University College (Denmark), - NEPC - Network of education policy Centres. The HAND in HAND project will develop an open-access systemic policy tool – an EU-based SEI (social-emotional and intercultural) learning programme: the HAND in HAND programme. The HAND in HAND programme’s overall goal is to contribute to the building of inclusive societies by improving the social, emotional and intercultural competencies of students and school staff – the whole school approach. The whole school approach engages the entire school community (in our case: students of one class, their teachers, counsellors and principal) in a cohesive, collective and collaborative effort. Even though the SEI competencies have proven positive effects on individual-level and school-level outcomes, so far they are not explicitly included in all national education systems across Europe. The project aims to change the role of SEI competencies in educational settings. The project’s aims are to: - develop valid and reliable SEI measures for students and school staff - prepare an SEI HAND in HAND programme for students - prepare an SEI HAND in HAND programme for school staff - test the HAND in HAND programmes’ effectiveness using a quasi-experimental design across partner countries - develop HAND in HAND guidelines for both policy and practice The project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

Mission: KEY MESSAGE of the project: Every young person should have equal access to participate and benefit from high-quality and inclusive education. Further increasing school staff’s dedication and improving the classroom climate’s inclusiveness may be considered a strategy for ensuring social well-being and overall positive growth. Fostering SEI competencies and the relational competence of school staff and students is an important first step in creating caring and inclusive environments in which all students receive the individual learning support they need. All learners (both students and school staff) and their various needs should be at the centre of education. They should be leaders of their own learning, supported by appropriate policy actions and services coherently organised at the system level. The HAND in HAND programme aims to develop a systemic tool to help address these key priorities across Europe.

Last weekend "International Psychological Applications Conference and Trends" took place in Zagreb, where ERI presented some analysis from the Hand in Hand pilot.
Read more about “Empathy and classroom climate as predictors of student’s well-being: An international pilot study”

Join the webinar "Discrimination in the School Context: Perspectives from Germany" on May 15 2019 at 12:00 (noon) CET

Registration still open for NEPC and HAND in HAND webinar "Discrimination in the School Context: Perspectives from Germany" that will take place on May 15 2019 at 12 (noon) CET.

Insights from the HAND in HAND project are given as a possible approach to prevent discrimination. Participation is free of charge.

Register at [email protected]


Emisija 29.04.2019. :: Hrvatski radio

As participants of the 5th Annual Conference of School Mediation, Iris Marušić, PhD, and Ivana Jugović, PhD, presented Hand in Hand program in an interview for the Croatian radio show "Izvan okvira" (Outside the box). Find out more about "the body scan" exercise and other insights from the Hand in Hand project from minute 0:40:00. The interview is in Croatian language.

Institut za društvena istraživanja u Zagrebu

radio.hrt.hr Diljem Hrvatske uspostavljena je mreža volonterskih klubova zahvaljujući programu Foruma za slobodu odgoja - "Školski volonteri". Rezultate analize programa, ali i primjere dobre prakse predstavljamo u emisiji Izvan okvira. Vodimo vas, također, na V. konferenciju školske medijacije.

In April two Hand in Hand events by ISRZ (Institut za društvena istraživanja u Zagrebu) took place in Zagreb.

The Hand in Hand programme for school staff was presented through a workshop at the 5th Annual Conference on School Mediation held on April 5th, hosted by the Forum for Freedom in Education ( Forum za slobodu odgoja). Conference participants had the opportunity to experience a couple of the exercises from the Hand in Hand programme which were demonstrated during the workshop.

The ISRZ team also presented the Hand in Hand project through the contribution “Students’ socio-emotional competences and attitudes towards immigrants” at the 24th Days of Ramiro and Zoran Bujas, an international scientific conference held in Zagreb 11th-13th of April.

Join NEPC & Hand in Hand webinar "Discrimination in the School Context – Perspectives from Germany" on May 15th 2019, at 12:00 (noon) CET!

NEPC, in cooperation with HAND in HAND project, is organising the webinar "Discrimination in the School Context – Perspectives from Germany. The webinar will take place on May 15th 2019, at 12:00 (noon) CET and it will last for about one hour.

It will include a theoretical and practical view on discrimination within the framework of schools in Germany and it will be divided into three sections:

First, structural conditions that lead to discrimination in the school context will be identified. Thereafter, the most frequent categories of discrimination are discussed, through which individuals experience exclusion. Finally, insights and examples from the HAND in HAND project are given as a possible approach to prevent discrimination. Afterwards there will be the possibility to discuss the presented contents.

The webinar will be led by Albert Denk, social scientist and research associate at TUM School of Education, Technische Universität München ( TU München) and it will be joined by Ana Kozina, head of the Centre for Evaluation Studies at the Educational Research Institute ( Pedagoški inštitut/Educational Research Institute) and Hand in Hand project manager.

The participation is free of charge. To register, please write to: [email protected] .

Network of Education Policy Centers

We are very glad to present the NEPC Summer School 2019 «Emotions matter: Socio-Emotional Learning in Education» that will take place in Trakošćan, Croatia, from June 23rd to June 29th, 2019 (5 day program).

The Summer School will try to connect existing professional development with socio-emotional education while highlighting managing emotions and relational competences.

This year's summer school was inspired by the Erasmus+ HAND in HAND project and it hosts as keynote speakers and contributors, among other, Paul Downes, Associate Professor of Education at Dublin City University, and Helle Jensen, psychologist and family therapist, chairperson and co-founder of the Danish Society for the Promotion of Life Wisdom in Children.

Join us at the NEPC Summer School 2019! All info in the link attached.



You are kindly invited to read HiH Newsletter No. 6. In it, you will find information on what is going on in the project, a few suggestions of articles on the topic of SEL and a list of upcoming events, where HiH will be presented.

handinhand.si Publications Hand in Hand Newsletter No. 5 The newsletter presents project updates and information and a collection of relevant articles on the topics, with aim of contributing in the debate and in raising the awareness about the importance of socioemotional skills

HAND IN HAND is looking forward to being presented in great company discussing the topic of emotional intelligence. Check out the programme (in Slovene):

Zavod RS za šolstvo

You are kindly invited to Helle Jensen's lecture, which will be held in Zagreb in Europski Dom on Saturday, 23.3.2019, at 10.00.

Što kada više ne znamo kako?

Što možemo učiniti
kada više ne znamo kako se nositi
s djecom koju doživljavamo
neposlušnom i agresivnom?

Helle Jensen je, kao klinička psihologinja, radila u školi gdje se bavila djecom i mladima s "problematičnim ponašanjima", kao i njihovim nastavnicima (nisu samo djeca izazovna i "problematična", dodaje Helle u pripremi za najavu!)
Bliska je suradnica Jespera Juula s kojim je suautorica knjige "Od poslušnosti do odgovornosti".

Pozivamo Vas na predavanje na kojem će danska psihologinja i psihoterapeutkinja Helle Jensen govorit o nekim uzrocima agresivnih, kao i drugih ponašanja koja izražavaju međusobno nepoštovanje između odraslih, djece i mladih u odgojno - obrazovnom sustavu. Osim uzroka, govorit ćemo i o tome što kao odrasli možemo napraviti u situacijama konflikta te zašto je u sustavu odgoja i obrazovanja važna i ključna prevencija, a ne gašenje požara.
Predavanje je namijenjeno pedagoškim djelatnicima, roditeljima i onima koji su zainteresirani za teme očuvanja mentalnog zdravlja svih uključenih u području odgoja i obrazovanja.

Predavanje će se održati u subotu, 23.3.2019 u 10.00h u Europskom Domu, Jurišićeva 1., Zagreb. Cijena ulaznice je 80,00 kn. Osiguran je prijevod s engleskog na hrvatski jezik. Broj mjesta je ograničen.

Ulaznice možete kupiti:
- putem linka

Molimo Vas da svoju isprintanu ulaznicu pokažete na ulazu u dvoranu.

- na prodajnim mjestima Entria

Dobrodošli na predavanje!



Analysis — The Uncertain Future of Teaching: How Personalization, Specialization, Soft Skills, and a Talent Shortage Could Reshape the Profession

"Insights into the future suggest that teachers will need to understand how to build “soft skills” that prepare students to continually learn and collaborate with others"

the74million.org This essay also appeared in CRPE’s 25th anniversary collection, Thinking Forward: New Ideas for a New Era of Public Education Platitudes about lifelong learning are hardly new in education, but they seem especially urgent today. As Thomas Friedman writes, “When the pace of change gets this fast,...




In the last few months, the majority of the Hand in Hand field trial was carried out in Slovenia, Croatia and Sweden.

Find out more about the latest project activities and some other relevant news and upcoming events in the Hand in Hand Newsletter No. 5!

Pedagoški inštitut/Educational Research Institute, Ministrstvo za izobraževanje, znanost in šport; Mid Sweden Uni; Institut za društvena istraživanja u Zagrebu; DIPF - Leibniz-Institut für Bildungsforschung und Bildungsinformation; TU München; VIA University College; Network of Education Policy Centers

handinhand.si Publications Hand in Hand Newsletter No. 5 The newsletter presents project updates and information and a collection of relevant articles on the topics, with aim of contributing in the debate and in raising the awareness about the importance of socioemotional skills

Institut za društvena istraživanja u Zagrebu

Završen je "Hand in Hand" program u zagrebačkim osnovnim školama. Od rujna do prosinca 2018. godine u sklopu projekta "Hand in Hand" održano je 30 radionica s učenicima 8. razreda, 4 seminara za nastavnike i 2 seminara za ravnatelje i stručnu službu, s ciljem razvoja socio-emocionalnih i interkulturnih kompetencija na razini čitave škole. Slijedi evaluacija programa i definiranje smjernica za razvoj obrazovne politike i prakse.

The "Hand in Hand" programme in Zagreb elementary schools has finished. From September till December 2018 we held 30 workshops with 8th grade students, 4 seminars for teachers and 2 seminars for principals and school staff members with the aim of developing socio-emotional and intercultural competences by applying a whole school approach. In the next period we shall evaluate the programme and define the guidelines for the development of educational policy and practice.



Effects of the Hand in hand programme: Thank you present for the trainers from the students at one of the schools. They say is it for taking care of them so well. Heart-warming.

In Sweden, students were asked how they felt before, during and after a body scan exercise. This is three examples on how some students answered:
Student 1:
a) Before, I was tired.
b) I experienced it as something nice.
c) I feel energized
Student 2:
a) It was nice to breathe
b) I experienced it as something good.
c) After the exercise I felt good.
Student 3:
a) I felt stressed out.
b) I felt well-rested.
c) I feel calm and focused.

Tomorrow we will visit a school for the last Hand in Hand module for students in Sweden. 🙂

Today we are starting the last meeting with the teachers. Looking forward to two wonderful days!


Hand in hand student programme completed in Slovenia!

What an experience - a lot of gratitude and content. This round of workshops was much more challenging for various reasons - so proud we did it! Thank you to all the students - working and creating bonds with you is really inspiring.

HAND in HAND program for teachers in Slovenia: Module 3: Learning through experience.


HAND in HAND Newsletter No. 4 published

New HiH Newsletter is published!

handinhand.si You are kindly invited to take a look at the new HAND in HAND Newsletter: http://handinhand.si/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/Newsletter-HiH_4.pdf

Institut za društvena istraživanja u Zagrebu

Završen je program za ravnatelje i stručne suradnike koji se provodio u sklopu Erasmus+ projekta "Hand in Hand - Socijalne i emocionalne vještine za tolerantna i nediskriminativna društva (Pristup čitave škole)". Ravnatelji i stručni suradnici škola uključenih u projekt su pod vodstvom znanstvenica s Instituta za društvena istraživanja u Zagrebu radili na osnaživanju svojih kompetencija i osvještavanju elemenata projekta koji su u njihovim školama najpotrebniji, s ciljem izgradnje inkluzivnije i ugodnije školske klime za sve sudionike obrazovnog procesa.

A programme for school principals and school staff developed within the Erasmus+ "Hand in Hand - Social and Emotional Skills for Tolerant and Non-discriminative Societies (A Whole School Approach)" project is completed. Under the leadership of the researchers from the Institute for Social Research in Zagreb the principals and the school staff involved in the project were engaged in strengthening their competences and raising awareness about the project elements that are most necessary in their schools, in order to build a more inclusive and pleasant school climate for all participants in the educational process.


The Hand in Hand programme for students has started in Sweden!

HAND IN HAND was in a good company of Learning To Be Erasmus+ project: national conference on the promotion of social and emotional learning in schools. Together we are stronger. Pedagoški inštitut/Educational Research Institute Erasmus+ UTRIP Learning to be

Nekaj utrinkov z današnjega strokovnega posveta na temo socialno-čustvenega učenja v organizaciji UTRIP in Preventivna platforma s podporo Erasmus+, Evropska komisija v Sloveniji, Ministrstvo za izobraževanje, znanost in šport in Ministrstvo za zdravje. Minister Jernej Pikalo je uvodoma pozdravil udeležence z naslednjimi spodbudnimi besedami: "Socialno in čustveno učenje je eden od boljših preventivnih načinov, da preprečimo različne odklonskosti. Na ministrstvu zato z različnimi ukrepi podpiramo razvoj čustvene in socialne pismenosti v šolah". Podporo nadaljnjemu razvoju in promociji socialno-čustvenega učenja je v uvodnem nagovoru izrazila tudi Mojca Gobec z Ministrstva za zdravje. Povratne informacije približno 100 udeležencev posveta kažejo, da ima socialno in čustveno učenje tudi v Sloveniji veliko podporo in potencial ... Delamo dalje, Learning to be (foto: Utrip, MIZŠ in Tomas Rakovas) 🇸🇮🇫🇮🇱🇹🇵🇹🇮🇹🇪🇸🇱🇻🇪🇺😍👌


SCHOOL OF MINDFULNESS - Secular Culture of Consciousness in Europe

"The mindfulness programmes presented in the film combine meditative awareness training with critical engagement. This inner development should then enable young people to take responsibility - for themselves, their society and the world. This requires a global perspective; it requires creativity, openness and empathy. A new culture of consciousness is currently emerging across many parts of Europe: secular meditation classes are working their way into our education system."

Sehen Sie auch den Kinofilm: DAS STILLE LEUCHTEN - Die Wiedereroberung der Gegenwart Infos gibt es hier: http://www.realfictionfilme.de/filme/das-stille-leuchten/index.php?id=130 Es…


The rise of perfectionism is negatively affecting young people

The importance of teaching compassion and empathy

weforum.org A study suggests that levels of perfectionism have risen significantly among young people since 1989.


DAS STILLE LEUCHTEN | Trailer deutsch german [HD]

In the documentary Das stille Leuchten, the director Anja Krug-Metzinger deals with the question of which type of school education is the right one in the face of permanent overstimulation caused by social media and the internet. She puts particular emphasis on the topics of mindfulness, self-awareness and consciousness. Krug-Metzinger shows how a project called AISCHU (Mindfulness in School) started at the Frankfurt Elisabethenschule, where children learn to be especially attentive to their environment and at the same time to the regular school lessons. In Freiburg, on the other hand, there is a program designed to increase the children's abilities and resilience, while teaching them empathy and community skills.

http://youtube.com/vipmagazin | "Das stille Leuchten" (Trailer deutsch german) | Kinostart: 27.09.2018 --- Bitte ABONNIEREN/LIKEN nicht vergessen: • http://w...

BuzzFeed FYI

The power of acknowledgment - also an active ingredient in the HAND in HAND program.

How To Support A Friend Going Through A Difficult Time

The second two-day meeting with the Swedish Hand in Hand teachers took place last week. We also met the principals and the school counselors for their second and last day. It is wonderful to meet this engaged school staff! 🙂

Feeling proud and content - conducting Hand in Hand programme for students - workshop completed at half of the schools in Slovenia.

Hand in hand project is striving to make social, emotional and intercultural competences embedded in education systems across Europe. That is in initial and continuous teacher education, in school curricula, but most importantly in everyday life for everyone - students, teachers, administrative and auxilary staff, parents, unions, ministry...

Co-creating a different world.


Toolbox - Intercultural Learning

Check out the ToolBox of the Intercultural Learning for Pupils and Teachers Erasmus+ project. Some great ideas for the promotion of intercultural competencies on a school level. European Federation for Intercultural Learning


intercultural-learning.eu Toolbox The Toolbox is aimed at supporting teachers in including intercultural learning in any activity run in the school. Whatever the activity, what is most i

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ŠOLA VOŽNJE z dolgoletnimi izkušnjami. Naše odlike so; kvalitetno in strokovno poučevanje, prijaznost ter visoka uspešnost pri opravljanju izpitov .

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