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👉 Today we are sharing with you top 5 foods, which will boost you immunity: onions, garlic, cabbage, ginger, honey. 🍯

Today is St. Martin’s Day – the day when the must turns to wine. 🍇🍷

On this day, all over Slovenia there are celebrations🎉, offering typical St. Martin’s Day’s dishes🥣, such as roast goose or duck 🍗 with mlinci (thin dried flatbread) and stewed red cabbage 🥗, as well as pogaca 🥧, potica (nut roll) and other goodies. Of course, there is also a toast with the new wine. 🍷

Only in Slovenia you can experience a genuine celebration of St. Martin’s Day and taste the traditional dishes! 🇸🇮

🇸🇮 Let’s learn Slovene … 🍷

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Numbers, balance sheets, financial statements… 📈📊📉
The accountant ensures that the business operations are conducted in accordance with the rules. ✅

🇸🇮You can study accounting also in Slovenia! 🇸🇮

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24th Generation of Students Successfully Enrolled. Interview with Maja Peharc, the Head of International Office and Career Centre at GEA College ·

✍️ Read an interview with Maja Peharc, associate at the International office at GEA College. 📖


2tm.si GEA College has been operating within the Slovenian educational system for many years. This year, the educational institution has already enrolled the 24th generation of students. “Our mission is to offer practically oriented study programmes that help students master a profession, find work, or, ...

Medical physics experts are involved in the most technologically demanding medical researches and treatments. 🧠 🧬💊

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ℹ️ Short information after the lunch. ℹ️

Did you know that you have more options for successful enrolment, if you apply to an education institution within the first enrolment deadline? 📆
At that time, all places are still free.

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[11/06/19]   ❓ Questionnaire ❓
What do you read most on our website?

🌍 Responsible environmental management requires a professional approach; the latter is subject of environmental studies. 🌍

Did you know that you can study environmental studies also in Slovenia? 👩‍🎓
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🇸🇮 Today we are sharing with you 3 facts about Krka:

🔹 The Krka town belongs to the municipality of Ivančna Gorica and is best known for the Krka river. This green beauty, which rise to the surface at the spring below Krška cave, north of the Gradiček village, is, together with all its tunnels, 490m long and 30m wide.

🔹 Due to the popular Slovene TV series filmed at Krka town, the place is lately crowded with tourists.

🔹 The local community and its societies organize various events, the most famous of which is the traditional Kayaking and canoeing on the Krka river.

If you are studying in Slovenia, Krka is only a small step away! 👣

❗️ First enrollment deadlines for Slovenian educational institutions begin in February. 📆❗️

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✏️ Let’s learn Slovene … 📖

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ERASMUS+: The Right Pass to an International Career ·

📖 Check out this interesting article and learn something new! 📖

👉 https://2tm.si/blog/erasmus-the-right-pass-to-an-international-career/?lang=en

2tm.si When moving to another country to receive an international degree, applicants are guided by a number of reasons. Education abroad enables future specialists to gain strong knowledge and large-scale practical experience; provides conditions for the development of linguistic skills due to daily commun

Company 2TM regularly participates in various educational fairs, especially in countries of ex-Yugoslavia, Russia and Ukraine. 🌍

Click here 👉 https://2tm.si/exhibitions/?lang=en and find out when we will stop by! 🕵️‍♀️


A Boutique Business School That Teaches the Basics of Entrepreneurship, Management and Marketing: An Interview with Master Katja Kraškovic, the Head of the Faculty of Entrepreneurship at GEA College ·

✏️ Read an interview with the Director of the Faculty of the Entrepreneurship at GEA College. 🎯


2tm.si Since its foundation in 1990, the GEA College has been a synonym for business education in Slovenia with an emphasis on entrepreneurship and management. Initially, it was focused only on entrepreneurs, but later other study programmes were opened as well. Our journalist had a conversation with, Mas

Are you prepared for the scariest night in the year? 💀🧙‍♀️

🎃 Share with us your costume ideas! 🎃

❗️One piece of information after lunch … ❗️

The most important is the first application deadline, which begins in February. All the enrollment slots are free at that time! 📆

▶️ An educator is not just a teacher or kindergarten teacher. They are mentors and role models for younger generations. 👩‍🏫

In Slovenia you can study pedagogic, preschool education and many more similar studies. 👨‍🎓

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Rules of Communication with Slovenes: How to Blend into a New Country ·

❗️Find out more: ❗️


2tm.si Foreigners are often faced with the language barrier issue and with difficulties in adapting to a new country. This article explains the reasons and gives recommendations for resolving these problems. Photo: Unsplash/ There is a widespread belief that the best and fastest way to master a foreign

Civil engineering graduates can boast with wide theoretical knowledge and specific professional skills, which enables them independent and innovative pursuing of different tasks in the civil engineering area. 👷‍♂️👷‍♀️

Would you like to study civil engineering in Slovenia? 👨‍🎓🇸🇮

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Today we share with you top 5 masks for the Halloween
witch, ghost, Frankenstein, pumpkin, mummy. 🧟‍♂️🧙‍♀️


Tips for Students: Tutor Is Your Support in Studies! ·

Find out more about tutoring … 👨‍🎓

➡️https://2tm.si/blog/tips-for-students-curator-is-your-support-in-studies/?lang=en ⬅️

2tm.si It is always difficult to take the first step. It is much easier, if there is someone nearby who can help with the advice and direct you in the right way. During the studying period, a tutor is an important assistant for students, providing support in many issues related to studies and student life.

Let’s learn Slovene … 🇸🇮

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One piece of information after lunch 🗣

In Slovenia can also foreign students participate in the students’ exchange program Erasmus+ and others. 😃

Viticulture belongs to the most important and profitable agricultural branches. 🍇🍷

In Slovenia you can study viticulture and winemaking.

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[10/22/19]   Is Slovene language difficult for you?

Today we share with you 3 facts about Kranjska Gora:

✅Kranjska Gora is a village at the tripoint between Slovenia, Austria and Italy. It offers many possibilities for active leisure time in nature.

✅In the summer you can test your orientation abilities in Orientation park, you can go zip-lining, enjoy the ride on the 'Furious Pehta' summer sledge, visit the Land of Kekec, Land of Dwarfs, Zelenci natural reserve or one of the many lakes and waterfalls.

✅In the winter Kranjska Gora is a paradise for skiing and snowboarding. Skier and snowboarder can enjoy the ride on 18 ski-slopes of different difficulty levels. The system of 6 chairlifts and 13 drag lifts takes you over the slopes of Vitranc from Kranjska Gora to Planica at altitudes from 800 m to 1,215 m above sea level.

If you are studying in Slovenia, you can visit Kranjska Gora anytime. 😃

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✅ Culturology and Anthropology graduates can be employed in research, pedagogical, medical, social, media institutions as well in tourism and diplomacy.

👉 Have you known, that you can study Culturology and Anthropology in Slovenia as well?

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✅ Let’s learn Slovene …

MIZA = Table

👉 Would you like to study in Slovenia? Write us at ➡️[email protected]

✅ A degree in economy opens doors to the world.

✅ Let’s read more on studying economy in the

👉 In Slovenia you can study economy.

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✅ 2TM’s mission is to broaden the horizon to foreign students and help them make the right decision for the future.

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Trajče Andreev, a Macedonian Student from the Faculty of Economics of the University of Maribor: Slovenia Taught Me Composure and Better Understanding of Europe and the World ·

✅ “The quality of teaching is accompanied by excellent technical equipment and is at a high level. The faculty has a well-equipped library, which houses solid scientific works that help students deepen their knowledge and develop skills” - Trajche Andreev, Macedonia

👉 Read more what Trajche has to say about his studies in Slovenia on the link below ⤵️⤵️⤵️

2tm.si Trajče Andreev has long set himself the goal to study abroad. A few years ago, as a secondary school student, he first unveiled the life in the EU studying through the Erasmus+ school exchange programme in Strasbourg. For the young Macedonian Andreev, this experience became a strong base for enteri...

✅ In 1992 the General Assembly of United Nations declared this day as International Day for the Eradication of Poverty.

✅ Its’ purpose is to make people aware of poverty and to increase the number of activities preventing poverty.

✅ One piece of information after lunch …

👉 On base of the bilateral agreement, the studies in Slovenia are tuition-free for the citizens of ex-Yugoslavia .


Slovenia as a student destination ·

✅ Want to continue your education in Slovenia?

👉 Read below about the many advantages ⤵️

2tm.si Study programs in Slovenia are carried out at five universities, 48 independent higher educational institutions and 46 colleges in the Bologna program and all the study programs are accredited by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport. Photo: Designed by 2TM d.o.o. When looking into detai

✅ Today we celebrate dictionaries. 📚
✅ They are used every day by teachers, proof-readers and translators.

👉 Are you interested in studying translating in Slovenia?

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✅ October is the breast cancer awareness month and its’ international symbols are the pink ribbon and pink colour in general. 🎗
✅ Suitable healthcare and psychological support are of great importance for the patients with breast cancer.

👩‍⚕️ Studying nursing is interesting and nursing graduates are one of the most wanted in the labour market.

📍 For more information about the possibilities for studying nursing in Slovenia write us at ➡️ [email protected]

✅ Today we share with you Top 5 autumn sport activities:

1. Cycling
2. Hiking
3. Nordic walking
4. Jogging
5. Roller skating



Beginning of the Academic Year: Ten Practical Tips for Self-Management ·

✅ Want to be better at writing notes, preparing for seminars, or in general, at organising your study process?

Read the following article for some tips ⤵️⤵️⤵️

2tm.si The new academic year has started. We bring to your attention a selection of tips that will help you write notes, successfully prepare for seminars and, as a whole, effectively organise your study process. Photo: Unsplash/ 1. Do Not Neglect Routine Tasks The sequence of actions is the key to su

✅ Let’s learn Slovene 🇸🇮


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Study of law trains students for all sorts of legal professions and ensures knowledge, which lawyers need in the judicial system as well as in private economy and public administration. ⚖️

❗️You can earn the law degree at Slovene educational institutions as well.

For more information on studies write us at ➡️ [email protected].

2TM helps you at preparing and submitting the enrolment documentation and documentation for the recognition of the achieved level of education. 📄👌

Find out more on studies in Slovenia. Write us at ➡️ [email protected].

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SPZ - nacionalna zveza potapljaških društev in potapljaških centrov ZVEZA POVEZUJE - Pridruži se nam! ZA VARNO POTAPLJANJE! ZA ČISTO OKOLJE!

Образование в Словении Образование в Словении
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Иммиграция в Европу. Консультации по поступлению в университеты и социальной адаптации в Словении, получению ВНЖ, открытию компании..

IORSlovenia IORSlovenia
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Sovražni govor, nadlegovanje, varovanje zasebnosti, lažna identiteta na družabnih omrežjih. Razišči teme z nami!

rVision, Danijel Rumplin s.p. rVision, Danijel Rumplin s.p.
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Computer consulting and programming

Andragoški center Slovenije - Slovenian Institute for Adult Education Andragoški center Slovenije - Slovenian Institute for Adult Education
Šmartinska Cesta 134A
Ljubljana, 1000

ACS je bil ustanovljen z Odlokom o ustanovitvi z dne 27. septembra 1991. V letu 2012 zaokrožujemo dve desetletji uspešnega pospeševanja razvoja izobraževanja odraslih in sodelovanja pri uveljavljanju kulture vseživljenjskosti učenja v Sloveniji.

Mercuri International Slovenija Mercuri International Slovenija
Šlandrova Ulica 4b
Ljubljana, 1231

Podjetje Mercuri International je največja svetovalna družba na področju usposabljanja in celovitega izboljšanja uspešnosti v prodaji.

MCT- Master Change Training MCT- Master Change Training
Tržaška 2
Ljubljana, 1000


Karierni Plac - Karierni center za mlade Karierni Plac - Karierni center za mlade
Šmartinska 134a
Ljubljana, 1000

Karierni Plac - Karierni center je stran, namenjena šolajoči mladini med 6. in 19. letom, njihovim staršem ter strokovnim delavcem, ki delujejo na področju vseživljenjskega učenja in karierne orientacije za mlade.

ZrnoZdravja ZrnoZdravja
Dimičeva 9
Ljubljana, 1000

Dobrodošli na Zrnu Zdravja. Skrbimo za promocijo zdravja in stremimo k izboljšanju zdravja in dobrega počutja na delovnem mestu.

Студирај во Словенија Студирај во Словенија
Dunajska Cesta 106
Ljubljana, 1000

Студирајте во Словенија со 2ТМ! Ние им помагаме на идните студенти успешно да ја изградат својата иднина!

Agencija POTI - Z znanjem do cilja Agencija POTI - Z znanjem do cilja
Stegne 7
Ljubljana, 1000

Izobraževalna, svetovalna in založniška družba

Institute Imbia Institute Imbia
Šentviška Ul. 28
Ljubljana, 1000

Integration of Mind, Body and Inner Awareness.