T. Harv Eker - Millionaire Mind Intensive Seminar in Slovenia

T. Harv Eker - Millionaire Mind Intensive Seminar in Slovenia


I recently bought two of Harv Eker’s online programs at a global cost of around US$ 900. After a while I felt somewhat unconfortable about both of them: they quite simply did not agree with my style, or indeed with my expectations. So I wrote to Harv Eker’s Customer Service explaining that in spite of my attempts I could not see myself going on with these courses and asked for a refund. The answer, polite though it was, was adamant: the program comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and since my request for reimbursement came some 10-15 days after the formal expiry date embodied in their package they could absolutely not see their way to honoring the requested refund. I tried to get them around to showing a small measure of flexibility – in view of the considerable amount of money involved, for my pockets, that is - toward an unsatysfied customer, but all to no avail: they would not budge. Needless to say I'm very disappointed. I believe that a well-known and prosperous outfit such as Harv Eker should not behave the way they have and should rather show some sympathy for an unsatisfied customer, whose only sin was to ask for a refund a few weeks too late according to their inflexible policy. I think that prospective customers should be well served if, in view of Hav Eker’s company's behaviour, they thought twice before, or indeed refrain from approaching them and purchasing their services. There are plenty of consumer-friendly organizations out there: this one obviously does not belong nor does it seem to care. A policy they may regret.
Hello MMI's, because of challenging personal and family circumstances I have to sell my Quantum Leap package. If you are interested, please pn. 🙏
Muito obrigado acabei de terminar de ler o seu livro(mente milionária)e é maravilhoso desejo colocar em prática tudo que aprendi, continuarei a desenvolver mais meus conhecimentos e buscarei ajudar o máximo de pessoas,você é minha inspiração para ser o próximo milionário ou o futuro né obg. Meu nome é Thiago tenho 17 anos e procurarei a aprender Deis de ja, se DEUS quiser minha mãe que trabalha adualmente para colocar o que comer dentro de casa, vai está em uma mansão
Hi T.Harv Eker and every body! When you will come back to Spain Barcelona? I hope early in 2018! We are wating for you! Thank you, thank you thank you!

Millionaire Mind Intensive je uradna tridnevna delavnica, ki poučuje najuspešnejše T. Harv Ekerjeve strategije za ustvarjanje in vzdrževanje premoženja.

�� Meddnarodno priznana 3-dnevna intenzivna delavnica ★MILLIONAIRE MIND INTENSIVE★ PONOVNO V SLOVENIJI � 27 - 29 Oktober, Ljubljana Gospodarsko Razstavišče�. Znamenita delavnica, ki je ustvarjena po knjižnji uspešnici “Skrivnosti Miiljonarjevega Uma”, prinaša znanja in tehnike, ki jih ne nauči nobena univerza. To ni še eden izmed seminarjev "kako na hitro obogateti", ampak delavnica, ki razkriva nekatere najuspešnejše tehnike in skrivnosti, kako razmišljajo in delujejo bogati ter hkrati podaja preprosta orodja, ki jih lahko nemudoma vpeljete v svoje življenje in na ta način dosežete podoben uspeh tudi sami. Avtor T.Harv Eker je delavnico ustvaril na podlagi svoje lastne izkušnje kako priti iz revšcine do finančne svobode v manj kot 3 letih je obiskalo več kot milijon ljudi po svetu, tokrat boste imeli ponovno prložnost to doživeti tudi v Sloveniji. Če želite biti finančno svobodni je Millionaire Mind Intensive delavnica najboljše mesto za začetek. T. Harv Eker je ustvaril ta seminar z namenom, da pokaže način kako si lahko sami, korak za korakom ustvarimo prihodnost, ki si jo želimo in zmagamo v bitki z denarjem ter se naučimo ustvarjeno bogastvo tudi obdržati. Svoje mesto lako rezervirate na http://millionairemindslo.com/slo/

Mission: #ChangingLivesGLOBALLY

Operating as usual

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"When you need to conquer your fear, overcome it.

You need to have courage. Where you can find your courage?
Where do you look for it? How do you find that strength?

Courage it’s more than doing something in spite of fear.

It’s deeper, bigger and stronger. It’s connected to your inner power.
It’s true conviction.

Conviction in meaning love and passion for something good.

How you can find your conviction??
You need to dig deeper in sigh you.
Failure is not a status is a process.
In this process, you need the courage to keep ongoing, but it’s come from a conviction that this is not the end.

You will push thru, you will learn from this, you will get thru this.
Wiser, stronger, more proactive. Find your conviction and never give up.

Master your inner power and find your conviction during our final virtual squad, we will be giving away complimentary tickets to TONY ROBBINS's ""Unleash the Power Within"" virtual event (worth USD895) in a lucky draw.

Click here to join 🔥 https://sr-event.com/innerpowersquad-eu-fb 🔥

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Get access to your inner power

Access your inner power by trusting yourself. Trust in your ability to handle whatever situations arise in the moment.

If you trust yourself other people can’t hurt you.

Have some faith in yourself.

Stop worrying so much.

You were okay yesterday, you’re okay today and chances are you’re going be okay tomorrow.

Master your inner power during our final virtual squad, we will be giving away complimentary tickets to TONY ROBBINS's ""Unleash the Power Within"" virtual event (worth USD895) in a lucky draw.

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#inner #power #stress #work #life #balance #health #strength #sustainability #consistency #success #wealth #rush #exhaustion #goals #determination.

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I know it's hard, but isn't it time? Take it or leave it, do whatever you want.

Listen: Forgive and get out of your own prison!

I know what you'll say. ""I've suffered so much harm.""

Who are you really hurting?
Who's paying for this? You? Your loved ones?
Didn't you put them in this jail, too, by any chance.
Forgiveness doesn't make the other side right,
but it makes you free.

Forgiveness comes from inner power

Master your inner power during our final virtual squad, we will be giving away complimentary tickets to TONY ROBBINS's ""Unleash the Power Within"" virtual event (worth USD895) in a lucky draw.

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#inner #power #stress #work #life #balance #health #strength #sustainability #consistency #success #wealth #rush #exhaustion #goals #determination."

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Good wolf or Bad wolf??

An old Cherokee chief teaching his grandson about life….

A fight is going on inside me. – he said to the boy.

It is terrible fight and it is between two wolves.

One is evil, he is anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, self-doubt and ego.

The other one is good, he is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith.

The same fight is going on inside you and inside every other person too.

Which wolf will win? - The grandson then asked his grandfather

The old chief simply replied:
- The one you feed”

Which wolf do you feed?

To help you feed the good wolf during our final virtual Inner power squad, we will be giving away complimentary tickets to TONY ROBBINS's ""Unleash the Power Within"" virtual event (worth USD895) in a lucky draw.
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#inner #power #stress #work #life #balance #health #strength #sustainability #consistency #success #wealth #rush #exhaustion #goals #determination."

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And to celebrate your inner power during our final virtual squad, we will be giving away complimentary tickets to Tony Robbin's ""Unleash the Power Within"" virtual event (worth USD895) in a lucky draw.

Don't miss this chance to participate in Inner Power with Nick Vujicic, Kim Kiyosaki, Veronica Tan, Joseph McClendon, Alex Mandossian and Sandra Bravo completely on us.
>>> https://sr-event.com/innerpowersquad-eu-fb
#inner #power #stress #work #life #balance #health #strength #sustainability #consistency #success #wealth #rush #exhaustion #goals #determination #successresources #innerpowersquad #virtualevents #FTLTST #Riseabovefears #Bebold #Dreambig #Livehappier #Livehealthier #Happylife #Happyrelationship #Ownyourself"

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Have You Ever Applied This?

All of us has some kind of philosophy or code of life that we lean towards.

So how do YOU react when circumstances aren't that great or when 'bad luck' happens?

Rather than thinking life has good days and bad days, here is a life lesson that successful people tend to share

"Believe that everything happens for a purpose. It serves us."

Because everything that happens is a product of our own choice. Good or bad, you can allow it to hold you back or help you grow depending on what you think its purpose in your life is.

Sometimes that might be hard to do, but the great news is that this is something that can be trained.

One method is by developing the inner power within you to the next level and this is where you can do just that
🔥 https://sr-event.com/innerpowersquad-eu-fb 🔥

And to celebrate your inner power during our final virtual squad, we will be giving away complimentary tickets to TONY ROBBINS's "Unleash the Power Within" virtual event (worth USD895) in a lucky draw.

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Are you that one in a million that is dying to share a stage with Tony Robbins?
>>> https://sr-event.com/innerpowersquad-eu-ads

Are you going like “Me! Me! Me!” right now?

But another half of you is doubting yourself with thoughts such as...“I will get there someday.” “I am building myself first, but I am getting there.”

Many times we look at others and say “I can do it too” but do we really dare to make your life magnificent? It’s hard to deny but many of us don't.

Instead of saying “Next time I will”, Joseph McClendon said, “Fortune favours the bold.”

So, let’s just take the chance and be bold.

He took the chance on himself and with that, he is now living his dream-sharing the stage with Tony Robbins.

This is your last chance to adapt to Joseph McClendon’s methods to help you go further, faster and how you use the information in getting the very best of yourself.

Nothing is really impossible, all you need is that sense of magnetic pull in nourishing yourself enough in any environment.
>>> https://sr-event.com/innerpowersquad-eu-ads

What’s more… As this is our very last session we would like to give back to you. Yes, you!


You might be one of the lucky winners, all you need to do to qualify is show-up and participate.
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Keep In Mind It's A Marathon

Life's not a sprint

So how do you run the full race of life without burning out as the years go by?

You face the struggles, the challenges, the weariness head on ....

...by drawing upon the fire of your inner force.

And just like how you need to train to have the stamina for a long term race, you need to train the stamina of your inner power as well

Get the tips and useful advice from those who have successfully mastered their internal endurance levels during the Inner Power Squad 🔥 https://sr-event.com/innerpowersquad-eu-fb 🔥

And to celebrate your inner power during our final virtual squad, we will be giving away complimentary tickets to TONY ROBBINS's "Unleash the Power Within" event (worth USD895) in a lucky draw.

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Become the Master of your own Life! Many people do not know how to do this. In actuality, you already are! But if you do not have the results you are wanting, it is because you need to get out of your own way!

Your Inner Power is like a pre-set guidance system, a GPS, if you will. But you do need to turn it on and TRUST it!

And this is exactly where most people go off-course. Right when your GPS is telling you to move ahead or step on the gas or veer left or right, this is exactly when our "little voice" speaks up and tries to send a different instruction. And it would seem for some, that the Little Voice is louder or easier to follow than that of your own Inner Guidance.

How to recognise the voices and the source ... how to strengthen your ability to listen & follow ...Join the Inner Power Squad
🔥 https://sr-event.com/innerpowersquad-eu-fb 🔥

And to celebrate your inner power during our final virtual squad, we will be giving away complimentary tickets to TONY ROBBINS's "Unleash the Power Within" event (worth USD895) in a lucky draw.

So register to join us now!

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Vision & Momentum

As you walk your journey, you always want to keep your Vision out in front of you. This is why you get up each day and put one foot in front of the other, over & over again.

Notice when you first set out, once the initial jitters fade away, how confident & excited you are and these alone seem to power you along. You start to gain momentum.

Now it is critical to keep moving forward even when you hit a bump in the road. You do not know what lies just around the corner that you cannot see, that you cannot even imagine.

Because you dare to keep moving forward, you show the Universe your intent and suddenly Providence swiftly moves in to support - this is a Universal LAW, like Gravity, the Law of Attraction.

It is Co Creation between you & the Universe. Your Inner Power takes flight and you can achieve anything you desire!

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Tap Into Your Inner Power

To truly unlock your potential, you must claim and own your inner power.

Inner Power is a state of mind. It is a connection with your Highest Self.

It is not a power that can be abused; it is a power that can be "tapped" into, given only to you, for you, to guide you to living your fullest life potential, with all of your gifts and talents used and your dreams and desires realised.

If you're ready to get out of your own way, if you are ready for MORE .... join our Inner Power Squad. 🔥 https://sr-event.com/innerpowersquad-eu-fb 🔥

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Success Resources

Knowing Your WHY

Knowing & understanding WHY you want to achieve something will flip the switch on to you achieving it.

From your Why, comes your Purpose. And when your Being is fully engaged in the process, your Inner Power is ignited and everything seems to fall into place. It is a force of Nature, it will happen. You are that powerful!

Avoid the pitfalls of laziness, complacency & mediocrity. Don't listen to the naysayers. These only deplete your vital energy.

It might not come overnight or without some trial & testing of your resolve. Stay focused and committed.

With your "eyes on the prize" the obstacles & setbacks will fall aside.

Your Inner Power is the octane in your tank that will see you through the finish line.

Join our Special Guests for Inner Power Squad 🔥 https://sr-event.com/innerpowersquad-eu-fb 🔥

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Failure Leads to Victory

"What is Failure?"

Think of the trim-tab on a large vessel, making the slightest of adjustments unseen under the water to course correct the bearing of the vessel above the water, making sure it stays on course.

If only we could see our shortcomings in this way - not as failures, but rather as indicators of a needed course correction in order for us to attain our objective or reach our goal.

If Thomas Edison has stopped after his first "failure", we might not have the light bulb today. Every failure brought him deeper understanding and revealed more knowledge to him. He persevered, following a ""knowing"" deeper within, of a possibility just beyond his grasp in that moment.

And so it is with each of us in our pursuits - will we give in to Fear and give up on ourselves, or will we dig in and persist, allowing something much bigger than ourselves to guide us? What you think about, you bring about. If you can perceive it, you can achieve it.

Learn how to harness your Inner Power and let it guide you.
Join the Inner Power Squad 🔥 https://sr-event.com/innerpowersquad-eu-fb 🔥

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Phenomenal Force

When you bring your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual energies into balance and align them with your focus, be it an achievement or desire to be fulfilled, your Inner Power becomes a phenomenal force at work to bring this about, moving things from existing in your inner world (thought) to becoming a reality in your outer world (desired outcome).

There is no need for the magic genie in a bottle - YOU are more powerful than you realise!

Harness your Inner Power and direct it with focus and intent upon what you want to achieve. This is not wishful thinking. With time, patience and practice, this is strategic planning - Co Creation w/ the Universe!

Join our Inner Power Squad 🔥 https://sr-event.com/innerpowersquad-eu-fb 🔥

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"Light & Dark, Black & White, Good & Bad. We live in a world of duality.

If we could never experience Pain then we would not know the full extent of Joy.

Pain causes us to seek shelter & comfort. We might withdraw and batten down the hatches, holding on to something for fear of the unknown should we let it go.

Or we may be able to let go of something, and that release of guilt or shame or loss, leaves space for healing to enter and Joy to return.

Pain & Suffering can be a great Teacher, a Guide if you will, to bring us to a place of acceptance and perhaps greater understanding.

There is no substitute for Experience as we find our path. The Wisdom it brings is a priceless treasure.

Learn to transform your pain into your ultimate joy here 🔥 https://sr-event.com/innerpowersquad-eu-fb 🔥

#successresources #innerpowersquad #virtualevents #FTLTST #Riseabovefears #Bebold #Dreambig #Livehappier #Livehealthier #Happylife #Happyrelationship #Ownyourself"

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We all have fears. They serve their purpose. But sometimes we let fear steal away OUR purpose! We let it immobilise us.
When we act out of anger, jealousy, shame or guilt, we are living in fear. There is a resistance present that literally chokes off our ability to access our Inner Power.

The solution really is as simple as relaxing the mind, quietening the noise & distractions, and allowing ourselves to be. It is a choice, an attitude! You choose Fear or you choose Joy.
It may take some time for the shift to set in, but when it does, you will notice how you now see the things you desire, showing up in your outer world.

Learn all about this at our Inner Power Squad 🔥 https://sr-event.com/innerpowersquad-eu-fb 🔥

#successresources #innerpowersquad #virtualevents #FTLTST #Riseabovefears #Bebold #Dreambig #Livehappier #Livehealthier #Happylife #Happyrelationship #Ownyourself

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