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CryptoTradeAcademy (CTA) was born out of passion for cryptocurrencies. We are a team of experienced and dedicated crypto traders with a mission of empowering individuals to develop a competitive edge over other traders and investors through our comprehensive online course. The knowledge and expertise we share with our students is an outcome of years of successful trading in the volatile crypto market. Growing together with this market led us to develop and test new holistic strategies with concrete value for any type of students - from absolute beginners to already-proficient traders and investors.

I've been scaling into CELR for the last two weeks (mainly because of mainnet in Q2).

This rally came earlier than I expected and the price went straight into the 1st target, so I already sold some. But I'm buying back and planing to hold way into late june.

[05/22/19]   Hi guys, you haven’t heard from us in a while. Well don’t worry we're still here and kicking, there just wasn’t enough time be active on facebook. We were working on educational material, filming new videos and doing lots of research.

Of course we were also trading, to be honest we didn’t expect bitcoin to rally so hard and we moved to altcoins a bit to soon. But all in all the result right now is awesome - we have more bitcoin. Already took some profits and we’re still waiting for some to deliver.

We are still pretty heavily exposed though. However if btc doesn’t do any violent moves in the next day or so and lets alts breathe, everything should work out as planned. As always there is a plan B if things go south.

Later on today I’ll try to post some interesting charts I’m watching right now. Stay tuned!

#ZRXBTC: 0x calling me.
* price inside an ascending channel
* entry near support
* 1st target at the upper band of the channel
* 2nd target around 9400s

A 1000 dollar move - Bitcoin Update - Crypto Trade Academy

Bitcoin didn’t bother knocking, it broke the doors down with a 1,000$ green battering ram. We haven’t seen a 1000 dollar move since last November, when bitcoin broke the yearly support. However, it came back with a vengeance!

Comparing bitcoin cycles. Looking very similar for now. Not there yet, but It seems that we are pretty close to end this one. #bitcoin

Altcoin market cap testing resistance around $70B for the third time. Expecting sweet volatility if we manage to pull through.

$AGI 🚀🚀🚀

* bullish flag inside a rising channel
* S/R flip
* daily 50MA serving as support
* price above Kumo
* huge partnership announcement with Ping An Group
* entry on breakout, currently at 1320 sat
* 1st target just below channel resistance
* definitely buying if we get to the gray ellipse and 200MA

#btcusd update: Knock knock knockin at resistance!

#btcusd update: Not sure if we'll get into the green area, but that is the place where I want to to open a short - or a long - trade on bitcoin (or some other usd pair).

Here, mid-channel, I'll probably (very cautiously) stick to altcoin trading.

$TRX is nearing the sweetspot, marked with the green area!

- 62% fib retracement level
- in confluence with the 50 week MA

Keep in mind, it might rally before we get there. Am really eager to see how this will play out, #tron is a beast.

Looks like #FET found a local bottom.

It broke out of descending channel, it broke the inverse h&s neckline and started making higher lows. It just needs a volume push for a more significant move.

Hard to say what #xrp plans to pull of here. However, I suspect #ripple will provide some nice fireworks when this triangle breaks in either direction.

VeChain (#vet) broke out of the channel. First target top of Ichimoku cloud on daily time frame, second target next volume node at 160 sat.

As long as bitcoin doesn't do anything stupid, this market is sweeeeet!

Three golden rules of bankroll management - Pro Tip - Crypto Trade Academy

I'll be posting this regularly, because, f*ck it, this is as important as it gets... When trading crypto, there are three golden rules of bankroll management that you should always keep in mind. Never risk more than 5% of your bankroll...

#THETA update: this is how I plan on playing this.

- cup-and-handle breakout with strong volume;
- the uptrend is accelerating;
- former cup resistance should serve as support;
- I expect strong buying pressure around 3900 sat - 3800 sat area.

For those who already took profits or missed the entry, $KNC is making a bullish pennant ||| Entry at 8400 sat.

The daily chart for #THETA, these days a pretty volatile coin: a cup-and-handle (considered a bullish continuation pattern) could be in the making:

- daily RSI levels showing strong support at around 40, this could be the spot where retracement ends;

- entering when breaking above 4000 sat OR at the breakout of the bullish flag OR lower, near the daily RSI support.

Binance Coin (#bnb) has been on a rampage lately. Yet, I'd be very careful buying or holding it these days.

- strongly overbought levels on the daily RSI, this is the zone where a correction is just a matter of time
- round numbers (400000 sat) serve both as magnet and resistance (!!!)
- on a bullish note: 162 % Fibonacci extension level (550000 sat) is in confluence with the ascending resistance line.

Stay safe!

Become a Crypto Market Expert. Trade, Invest and Profit with Ease. - Crypto Trade Academy

The most exciting market in the world!
Here's how you do it: Become a Crypto Market Expert. Trade, Invest and Profit with Ease. Crypto Trade Academy’s trading course is a …

Crypto Market Trends: How to Recognize Them? - Crypto Trade Academy

The trend is your friend! Trends are a crucial thing to understand when trading. As they say - always trade in the direction of the trend! But how to recognize crypto market trends?

Crypto Trading Indicators: The Basics - Crypto Trade Academy

One of our old blogs, explaining indicators for charting cryptocurrency prices. A beginners guide to the most useful crypto trading indicators: how to use RSI, MACD, the Ichimoku cloud and confluence. A must in cryptocurrency trading.

Bullish sentiment - Bitcoin Update - Crypto Trade Academy

#bitcoin update: The market sentiment turned extremely #BULLISH after yesterday's move. A trend continuation is expected. However the price won’t just go straight up. The market sentiment turned extremely bullish after yesterday's bitcoin move. A trend continuation is expected. However the price won’t just go straight up.

Set Targets in Crypto Using Support & Resistance - Crypto Trade Academy

Introducing: support and resistance. Basic yet useful. Knowing where to set targets in crypto markets is one of the basic skills of trading. You can do this using just the concepts of support and resistance.

Best Cryptocurrency Charting Platforms - Crypto Trade Academy

Where to chart your crypto ideas?
(obviously, TradingView and Coinigy are the way to go) In this blog I will cover some basic questions regarding cryptocurrency charting platforms. You’ll get to know how to pick the best one.

Three golden rules of bankroll management - Pro Tip - Crypto Trade Academy

This one never gets old.
Protect your bankroll and live to fight another day! When trading crypto, there are three golden rules of bankroll management that you should always keep in mind. Never risk more than 5% of your bankroll...

BitTorrent BTT Airdrop Countdown - Crypto Trade Academy

#BitTorrent #BTT #Airdrop #Countdown

Strap in ladies and gents!

3 hours left and counting ⏳💣 BitTorrent BTT Airdrop Countdown. The TRON Foundation will distribute BTT at a 1:0.11 ratio (holders of 1 TRX will receive 0.11 BTT).

Bitcoin bulls charging - Bitcoin Update - Crypto Trade Academy

A new bitcoin update is here and there are two important things to know:
1. The time is not yet ripe to mortgage your house & buy alts.
2. Both the 1-day & 3-day Heikin Ashi candles turned green. Bitcoin bulls are back on the scene. The outcome of their charge remains to be seen, but the altcoin marketcap may have just broken the downtrend resistance.

Bitcoin’s slow decline continues - Bitcoin Update - Crypto Trade Academy

Still very little light to be seen at the end of the (descending) channel.

However, what we've got here is a falling wedge & bullish divergence VS macro trend; my bet is on the trend, but we'll see. Bitcoin’s slow decline continues. Until we get confirmation of a trend reversal, the descending channel pattern is still the name of the game.

CryptoDoctors Sessions - Ep2 - Crypto Trade Academy

SunContract is another Slovenian 2017 ICO we had a talk with. Looked promising, hope they survive this bear market and make their vision happen.

How is it going guys? SunContract and its energy token ($SNC) plan to disrupt the energy markets. Wa discuss this endeavour with SunContract CEO and founder, Gregor Novak.

CryptoDoctors Sessions - Ep1 - Crypto Trade Academy

Last summer we had a nice talk with Vasja Veber, CEO of Viberate. The project is quite ambitious and I'm pretty curious how this is developing. CryptoDoctors Sessions is the latest project Crypto Trade Academy team is working on. Through interviews and debates we’ll try to feel the pulse of the...

I think chances for #bitcoin going down are higher than going up.

I am always ready for both scenarios. But I don't want to go into new lows with bags full of sh*tcoins.

Already closed most of my longs and opened some shorts. Ready to add more.

Delphi Digital | Research & Consulting | Bitcoin

"The State of Bitcoin: Long-Term Value Potential & Analysis"
A great read. Premier research & consulting boutique specializing in the digital asset market.

What P2P Markets Are Better Decentralized? - Multicoin Capital

A rather fine text about the types of markets that
actually make sense to become peer2peer, crypto-based markets. Invest accordingly? This post originally appeared as a contributed article on Coindesk on December 27, 2018. Click here to read the post. Over the last 20 years, a lot of companies have built large online marketplaces to connect buyers and sellers. Amazon, eBay, Uber, and AirBnb typically come to mind as the most obvio...

ICXBTC retesting breakout. Looks like resistance flipped into support. In case $BTC doesn't f**k around to much, there is cause for optimism among ICX bulls.

Dreaming of an inverse H&S - Bitcoin Update - Crypto Trade Academy

Dreaming of an inverse head and shoulders - yet preparing for a dead cat! An inverse head and shoulders (or inverse H&S), is a chart pattern that is used to predict reversals in downtrends. One such a pattern seems to be forming on the bitcoin chart.

$ARN - a coin with lots of upward potential. Clear support, great risk to reward, 1st target 9000sat.

Let there be light or in this case white. Got tired of my black chart layout.

#bitcoin update

* RSI levels to watch: 55 neckline breakout, 43 support
* Strong resistance ahead, confluence with the 50 day MA
* Volume is discouraging and alts have cooled down fast

Home of Crypto Market Trading and Investing Experts

If your trading in 2018 was not profitable, you probably did something wrong.
In 2019, learn to do it right. 💪

This may help: Become a Crypto Market Expert. Trade, Invest and Profit with Ease. Crypto Trade Academy's trading course is a comprehensive guide to Bitcoin and altcoin trading and investing. It covers everything from cryptocurrency basics to advanced trade strategies.

The hashrate deep dive (1/2) – Ambroid – Medium

Testing the axiom: “hashrate follows price”. Could the opposite be true instead? Is there even any correlation? A remarkable trend has been happening in the cryptocurrency mining scene over 2018. With the prices diving the whole year, the hashrate…


Great reading about the state and the future of Ethereum.

Some days ago CFTC submitted a public "Request for Input" which asked for clarity and answers around Ethereum. The answers were developed on EthHub, an open source, community run information hub. The essential Ethereum information hub. Contribute to ethhub-io/ethhub development by creating an account on GitHub.

Bitcoin Bounce: Where Will it Go? - Bitcoin Update - Crypto Trade Academy

The bitcoin bounce - what do the indicators and price action tell us?

Well, there's reason to be bullish - and even more reason to be very cautious as we start nearing important resistances. Details explained below. There's always sunshine after the rain, they say. A bitcoin bounce has commenced. What are the charts telling us and what to expect now?

A simple diagram that explains blockchain fork.

FOLLOW THE LINE: What is a fork? 📜 #cryptobasics #blockchain

$EOS Block Producer Collusion: A Full Research Report (Part 1) - Zerononcense Blog

A three-part research report on $EOS block producers collusion. Curious, to say the least. $EOS Block Producer Collusion: A Full Research Report (Part 1) This research report was originally

An Honest Account of Fiat Money – Hasu – Medium

A surprisingly good and also easily digestible piece by Hasu and Su Zhu: "An Honest Account of Fiat Money | A Skeptic’s Guide to Bitcoin: Part I" A Skeptic’s Guide to Bitcoin: Part I

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Bodies Revealed

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Strokovna predavanja, kreativne delavnice, izobraževanja in potovanja za vse generacije. (Umetnostna zgodovina, glasbena kultura, tuji jeziki, foto...)

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Jezikovni tečaji v Sloveniji in v tujini z jezikovno središče MojMaestro! Štipendije za jezikovni tečaj v tujini. Preberite več na

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Tečaji risanja, slikanja, kiparstva. Priprave na sprejemne izpite. Likovne delavnice za otroke.

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Letošnji Kongres bo potekal 18. in 19. november 2017

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Naša stran Abeceda zdravja 1000 gibov je namenjena človeku, da spozna metode samopomoči pri različnih boleznih.

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International Tourism Institute aims to remain leading Slovenian research and development institute in leisure industry.