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Vedoželnji posamezniki, ki želite proaktivno razvijati znanja o javnem nastopanju, reotriki, krepiti komunikacijske ter vodstvene kompetence, vabljeni!

Vedoželnji posamezniki, ki želite proaktivno razvijati znanja o javnem nastopanju, reotriki, krepiti komunikacijske ter vodstvene kompetence, vabljeni!

Today’s winner of TT contest Blaz knows how to catch and ride a wave.🌊🏄🏻‍♂️

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Današnji zmagovalec tem omizja Marjan dobro ve, da je ljubezen tista, ki nas povezuje. 💗

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Today’s winner of TT contest is our guest Mitja!🎊 He won with his tribal vibe.✨

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Toastmasters International

Become a speaker. If you are afraid of public speaking, the best way to overcome your fear is by attending our Toastmasters meetings and making your mistakes in front of a supportive group. 😊
Join us every Thursday at 18.50 at ABC Accelerator! ✨

Forbes recommends joining Toastmasters in their article The Invisible Professional: How To Stand Out In Today's Job Market.

Become a speaker. Public speaking takes many forms. You can speak to trade groups, at conferences, be interviewed by others for their podcast, as well as for YouTube and LinkedIn Live. If you are afraid of being a speaker, the best way to overcome that fear is by attending local Toastmasters meetings and making your mistakes in front of a supportive group.
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Today’s winner of TT contest Katja knows that the heart’s energy is contagious. ✨

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Joining forces with Toastmasters Business Club Slovenia 💪
Mentorship is the key to extraordinary success! 💫

Joining forces with Govorništvo - Toastmasters Ljubljana for training new mentors.

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Winner of TT Tjasa knows which bridge to cross and which to burn.🔥🌉

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Toastmasters International

Toastmasters and Rotary partner to help members grow professionally and make a difference in their communities.

“The strategic alliance with Rotary is exciting and allows both organizations to leverage our unique and similar strengths,” says Deepak Menon, Toastmasters' 2019-20 International President. “We look forward to providing our current and prospective members with ongoing additional offerings that meet their evolving needs.”

To learn more about the partnership visit
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Zmagovalec tem omizja pravi, da je cona udobja super tukaj in zdaj, kar velikokrat pozabimo, ko zremo v prihodnost. 🎉😊

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Just because the dates change, does not mean you have to change. The continuous path towards self-improvement is a timeless process. Give yourself the gift of pure joy, and share that joy with those you love the most.

Let all the failures of your past year be your best guide in the New Year!💫🥂🎈

Happy Holidays and a successful 2020!🥳✨

The winner of todays TT says that you miss 100 % of shots you don’t take.🎉🙌

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Vani nas je navdušil z zgodbo o avanturi kisanja zelja na Hawajih 🥳

Zmagovalec tem omizja

Miha does not need a Christmas present because he already gave himself the biggest one -> New home. 🏡 Congrats to TT winner!🙌🎉

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Casual Thursday's TM meeting. 😁

Simon Sinek || Performance vs. Trust

Performance vs . Trust. Do you agree?☺️

We are hardwired to protect ourselves. We avoid danger and seek out places in which we feel safe. #TheInfiniteGame #TrustingTeams KEEP START YOUR DAY RIGHT !...

Fear less, live more!🤩

Autumn TM Speaking Marathon FEAR LESS, LIVE MORE!

Autumn Speaking Marathon - Fear less, Live more!

Autumn Speaking Marathon - Fear less, Live more!

Another annual speaking marathon behind us. No words to describe such a positive energy, amazing speakers and workshops! Jessica thank you so much for visiting us and our beautiful country for this special event!
Thank you all for being a part of this Fear less Live more story. ✨
It’s never too late to make a change and step out of your comfort zone! Fear is only temporary, but regret lasts forever.🙌☺️🎈

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Yesterday’s speaking marathon Fear Less, Live more!🤩☺️

Working in pairs really works! ✨
Together they won a TT contest! Slovenian mountains truly inspire everybody who visit Slovenia!🏔🎊

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Toastmasters club Ljubljana | Where leaders are made

Navdušeni smo nad novo spletno stranjo! Check it out! 🤩

Maja Blejec knows how to face the fear! It’s never too late to step out of comfort zone, face the fear and rise! 🦄 Congrats to today’s winner of TT contest!

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Halloween and why this night belongs to women. 🎃🧛‍♀️Congrats to winner of TT contest Tjasa!🎉🥳

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[10/31/19]   Are you ready to Fear less and live more?🦄 Join us at our Annual Autumn Speaking Marathon! 😊

Do you want to improve your public speaking skills from the comfort of your own home? Check it out! 😊

Do you want to improve your public speaking skills from the comfort of your own home? With the Public Speaking Fast Track, you will learn tips to improve your public speaking, develop skills to write speeches, and gain self-confidence and self-awareness all from the comforts of your home. Visit to start lounging and learning today!
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Charming Meta winner of the TT competition! 🎉☺️ Congrats!👏

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Build a better you.💫
Tudi mi smo se udelezili maratona pozitivne psihologije! ☺️🎥

Toastmasters hiking adventure 🌄🤩

TableTopics contest is always something special! Congrats for the amazing unprepared speech!🎉👏

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Every Thursday many guests come to our meetings..and they simply win TT contest! Congrats!🎈🎉💪 We are so excited to announce that anybody who wants to step out of the comfort zone is welcomed to join our amazing team.

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Maja won yesterday’s TT! Congrats!👏🎉
Stretch your comfort zone and join us every Thursday in ABC Accelerator! 😊
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Yesterdays winner of TT was a guest! 🎉💫 All guests are welcomed to participate in TT contest. Congrats!🎈

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V današnjih nepripravljenih govorih je zmagal Matej s svojo zgodbo o številki 0. Kako izgledajo nepripravljeni govori si lahko prideš ogledati vsak četrtek v ABC Accelerator.
Čestitke Mateju za zmago na današnjem srečanju.

How to Prepare a 7-Minute Speech in 5 Minutes or Less

Tips for how to prepare a 7 Minutes speech in 5 Minutes or less 💪😊 Think of your audience. If you have just 5 minutes to prepare, chances are you’re in the room with them already. Look around. Decide what you want to tell them. Add 3 stories relevant to your…

Todays winner of TT is Jana Sav!👏🎉
Cartoons and Pink panter in the house!

#cartoons #publicspeaking #contest #toastmastersinternational

Imeli smo dva super finalista Daliborja in Majo v nenapovedanih govorih. Na koncu se je tehtnica z glasovanjem prevesila na Majino stran.
Če te zanima, kako biti prepričljiv in uspešen v nepripravljenih govorih, se nam pridruži na prihodnjem srečanju!

Zmagovalka Toastmasters srecanja v nepripravljenih govorih je Nina :)
Njen govor o tem iz kje izhaja zlo je pustil obcinstvo vec kot navduseno. Bravo Nina!

Danasnji nepremagljivi zmagovalec tem omizja! Dragan Bekcic🎊🎉Cestitke!
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Today’s winner of TableTopics ~ Brigita Tomas congrats!🎊👏
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Danasnja zmagovalka tem omizja olimpijskih iger Nevenka! 🏅🏆Cestitke!🎊
#publicspeaking #toastmastersinternational #whereleadersaremade

Utrinki iz današnjega Toasmasters srečanja

Today’s winner of TT! Suzana Salinger! It’s all about summer hiking! 🌞🏔Congrats! 🎉👏

#publicspeaking #tabletopicscontest #toastmasterinternational

Zmagovalec tem omizja Vani! 🤩🐒🎊Cestitke!

Toastmasters club Ljubljana

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From USA to Slovenia for victory!
Zmagovalka nepripravljenih govorov Brigita Tomas
Za pest domišlije
Jernej Pavlič, zmagovalec tem omizja 31.5.2018
Zmagovalka nepripravljenih govorov na Toastmasters srečanju 24.5.2018
Winner of Unprepared Toastmasters speeches
Zmagovalec nepripravljenih govorov 10.5.2018
Zmagovalka tem omizja na Toastmasters srečanju 26.4.2018
Winner of the table topics on thursday, 29.4.2018- Nuno
TT winner from 5.4.2018- Pauline Harb
Tanja Šket




Gosposka 15
Other Education in Ljubljana (show all)
Kvarkadabra Kvarkadabra
Ljubljana, 1000

Bojana Zmazek Make Up Artist Bojana Zmazek Make Up Artist
Dunajska 56
Ljubljana, 1000

Profesinolno ličenje je moje delo že 17 let. V tem uživam, je moja strast. Na strani delim z vami svoje delo, tečaje in nasvete. Pridružite sem mi .

Vino se rado druži Vino se rado druži
Ljubljana, 1000

Vino se rado druži... Vino je kultura, ki jo lahko raziskujemo z razmišljanjem, moramo jo okušati z usti in vohati z nosom. Vonj zaznava vonjave, esenco nečesa. Ta esenca pride na plano družena s hrano, dobro družbo in zgodbami ob vinu.

Zavod RS za šolstvo Zavod RS za šolstvo
Poljanska 28
Ljubljana, 1000

Zavod Republike Slovenije za šolstvo je osrednji nacionalni razvojno-raziskovalni in svetovalni zavod na področju predšolske vzgoje, osnovnega in srednjega šolstva.

Claustra Alpium Iuliarum Claustra Alpium Iuliarum
Kersnikova Ulica 6.

Dežela kamnitih branikov je območje nekdanjega obrambnega sistema Claustra Alpium Iuliarum, ki so ga zgradili Rimljani za obrambo Rima.
Cesta Na Brdo 85
Ljubljana, 1000 je spletni portal, ki ponuja najbolj praktične video priročnike za #Podjetnike ali njihove #Računovodje

Aromainštitut Aromainštitut
Maroltova 2
Ljubljana, 1000

Poslanstvo Aromainštituta je dvig nivoja kakovosti aromaterapevtskega znanja in širjenje zavedanja o široki uporabnosti aromaterapije.

Naravni kotiček Naravni kotiček
Brnčičeva 21
Ljubljana, 1000

Dišeča izobraževanja ter negovalne delavnice izdelave naravne kozmetike. Z ljubeznijo do narave. Vabljeni! :)

Shape your future Slovenia Shape your future Slovenia
Vojkova 63

Vzemi življenje v svoje roke s Shape your future 2015! T1: 29. 6. -10. 7. T2: 20. 7. - 31. 7. PRIDRUŽI SE:

Akademija za politični menedžment Akademija za politični menedžment
Dunajska Cesta 106
Ljubljana, 1000

Akademijo za politični menedžment (APM) je leta 2016 ustanovil Inštitut za politični menedžment, in sicer z namenom integracije, razvijanja, širjenja in izvajanja izobraževalnih in raziskovalnih dejavnosti inštituta.

Sistemske postavitve, Postavitev družine Sistemske postavitve, Postavitev družine
Mencingerjeva 7
Ljubljana, 1000

Cilj sistemskih postavitev je prepoznavanje globjih sistemskih signalov, ki vplivajo na vse naše odnose v življenju. Z njimi dobimo uvid v naše težave in probleme ter s tem lahko povrnemo harmonijo v svoje življenje ali ravnovesje v organizacijah.

Izbrana kakovost Slovenija Izbrana kakovost Slovenija
Dunajska 22
Ljubljana, 1000

Projekt upravlja Ministrstvo za kmetijstvo, gozdarstvo in prehrano Republike Slovenije. Znak "Izbrana kakovost Slovenija" na prehranskih izdelkih zagotavlja, da je proizvod certificiran, kakovosten, iz slovenske surovine, predelan v Sloveniji.