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AYATANA je nov center dobrega počutja, ki svojo zgodbo piše na področju predajanja znanja o veganski in presni kulinariki.

AYATANA je doma v osrčju idilične gorenjske vasice Lesce, kjer na družinskem posestvu lastnice in ustanoviteljice Aleksandre stoji prenovljen skedenj iz leta 1614. Prav v skednju je svoj dom našla AYATANA - dom kreativnih okusov, ki svoj navdih črpajo iz zakladnice veganskih in presnih receptov. Od decembra 2016 so v AYATANI na voljo inovativne delavnice in drugi fini dogodki. Aleksandra, nosilka mednarodnega certifikata priznane veganske kulinarične inštitucije Matthew Kenney Culinary Academy, bdi nad kakovostjo in inovativnostjo predajanja znanja na področju priprave svežih, okusnih in raznovrstnih jedi rastlinskega izvora. AYATANA je prostor druženja in ustvarjanja. Ime AYATANA izhaja iz starodavnega jezika sanskrt in med drugim pomeni svetišče, prostor za počitek in skedenj.

Passion fruit goes well with absolutely every creamy dessert base. 🤩 Pies, cakes, plain cream, you name it. 😋 Not only does it taste amazing, it’s also incredibly healthy.
➡ High levels of vitamin C and vitamin A
➡ Rich in antioxidants
➡ Great source of fiber
➡ Low GI (great for diabetics)
➡ Filled with micronutrients that aid thyroid activity
So … what is your next dessert going to be? 🧐

Low-fat, high in fiber risotto of a daring red color will make your plate pop! ❤
Extra recipe: wild garlic oil. 🌿
Get both recipes at AYATANA website. ➡ http://bit.ly/red_barley_risotto

Who’d like to get the recipe for these wonderful mini lavender blueberry pies? 💜 Comment down below and tag a friend. ⬇ If there is a lot of you, we’ll publish it as soon as possible!

Keep calm and do yoga. Our advice would be to never skip on pranayama though.🧘‍♀️💆 It can do wonders. Here is a list of some advantages of doing breathing exercises regularly:
➡ Relieves stress
➡ Releases anxiety
➡ Improves blood flow and oxygen absorption
➡ You gain control over emotions
➡ Improved concentration
➡ Increased energy levels
And many more. 🌬 Jump over to our website for guided pranayama, meditation and yoga videos. ➡➡ http://bit.ly/lifestyle_content

Homemade plant-based cooking cream is a serious game changer and it’s crazily simple to make! 😍 Our favourite consists of pine nuts and cashews. You can use it for all kinds of cream sauces, dressings, soups, even desserts - anything you’d like. Just spice it to your taste. 💚🌿
Recipe with a video tutorial is available at our portal. ➡➡ http://bit.ly/cooking_cream

Homemade dressings are super easy to make. 💪 No need to buy heavily processed ones packed in single-use plastic when you can just make them fresh from scratch. 💚🙏 Here’s a list of some of the dressing recipes we love to use:
➡ Garlic dressing
➡ Turmeric dressing
➡ Sunflower seed mustard dressing
➡ Fresh basil dressing
➡ Lemony white dressing
➡ Asian miso dressing
➡ Hemp dressing
➡ Light balsamic dressing
➡ Green tahini dressing
And many more. Make sure you check out the culinary section at our portal. ✨ CLICK: http://bit.ly/ayatana_culinary_recipes

How does a green pizza sound? 💚🌿 This one is hands-down amazing! Dandelion pesto, asparagus, artichokes, radishes and pine nuts on pizza will make your heart beat faster.
Recipe is free for all, live at our portal. Link in bio! ➡➡ http://bit.ly/green_thin_crust_pizza


All you need to know about journaling

Today, Aleksandra is sharing her tips on journaling. Enjoy the video!

This short and sweet guide to journaling is perfect for beginners. Grab your journal and a pen and just start! ---- AYATANA started off as a small business, ...

Do we have anyone with a sweet tooth here? Or even better - chocoholics? 🍫 Raise your hand and tag a friend who can’t live without chocolate!
(Yes, everything in the photo is 100% plant-based 💚🌿)

This simple and quick to make green soup will warm you up and leave a nice flavour of fresh herbs in your mouth. 💚🍵 If the temperatures are higher where you live, let it cool down and enjoy it cold!
Recipe ➡ ➡ http://bit.ly/green_soup_recipe
Video ➡ ➡ http://bit.ly/green_soup_video

All of our team has been feeling the intense change of seasons. 🌦 The weather has been insane here. You never know whether it will snow or the sun will shine. In times like this, we like to get comfy and prepare our favorite buckwheat granola. 💗
Want to share the comfort? Get the recipe here (all you need to do is start your free trial) ➡ ➡ http://bit.ly/buckwheat_granola

Mediterranean tabouli (or tabbouleh) salad is a perfect side dish for everybody.
You will need:

➡ 1 small head of cauliflower, only use the florets
➡ 1 cup cherry tomatoes, halved
➡ 1 large bunch of parsley, chopped
➡ 1 handful of mint, chopped
➡ 1 celery stalk, cut into small pieces
➡ 2 spring onions, chopped
➡ 2 tablespoons hemp seeds
➡ 2 tablespoons almonds, coarsely chopped
➡ 5 asparagus, cut into small pieces and quickly roasted

See the full recipe with instructions and a dressing recipe at @ayatana.eu portal ➡➡ http://bit.ly/tabouli_recipe

This week, we'll dive deep into journaling again. 📚🖋 We've written about it before and there is also a short video covering it at our portal. For those of you who are already familiar with it - check out the new article: “7 self-reflecting journaling prompts”
➡➡ http://bit.ly/journaling_prompts


How to reduce caffeine intake

It's not easy to give up coffe, right? ☕ We know the struggle. This week, we're charing our favoruite healthy coffee swaps.

Ever wondered how to reduce your caffeine intake? Here we'll be sharing a few healthy plant-based coffee swaps. ---- AYATANA started off as a small business,...

A bowl of refreshing minestrone soup for spring and summer days that will make your heart (and belly) full. 💚 Full of green goods and nutrients. Can you guess the ingredients?
(Let us help, the recipe is here ➡➡ http://bit.ly/spring_minestrone)

Is it time for lemonade yet? Next time you make it, make it spicy as we do! 🥂
Recipe right here ➡➡ http://bit.ly/spicy_lemonade

Cranberries, pine nuts and wilted spinach? 🌿✨ Best combo ever! Pour over your favourite dressing and voila - summer salad is ready.
Recipe for wilted spinach ➡➡ http://bit.ly/ayatana_wilted_spinach

This green bowl will become your favorite work or office lunch. 🥗 It is perfect for meal prep since it will last for days and won’t lose any taste!
Main components:
➡ Quinoa with fresh spring veggies
➡ Matcha dressing
➡ Mix of nuts and seeds
Recipe at our portal ➡➡ http://bit.ly/green_spring_bowl

We’ve been adding more and more lifestyle articles to our portal lately. 🖋 Last week we shared 10 simple zero waste swaps for your home and self care. ♻ Today, fresh at our portal, is an article on training your empathy (which is actually a skill, not a trait!).
Jump over to the portal to read them.
Zero waste swaps ➡➡ http://bit.ly/zero_waste_swaps
Training empathy ➡➡ http://bit.ly/training_empathy

What about these colorful skewers with cauliflower rice? 💚💛❤ The secret to maing them perfect is an amazing veggie marinade and basil pesto mixed into cauliflower rice.
Recipe at our portal ➡➡ http://bit.ly/skewers_recipe


PROBIOTICS - fermentation, tempeh, vegan cheese ...

You wanted to learn about probiotics, fermentation, gut health, vegan cheese, all of that. And we heard it. Here is a short video explaining some tips and tricks for using probiotics. 💚

Tips and tricks on using probiotics - how to ferment food with them (think kimchi, cabbage, sauces), make vegan cheese, or even tempeh. Probiotics are amazin...

Which type of a toast lover are you? Answer in the comments! 💗🙏
➡ 1) Banana/peanut butter
➡ 2) Pomegranate/peanut butter
➡ 3) Raspberries/peanut butter

This light salad dressing with fresh basil will bring you a bunch of freshness to your salad. 🌿🍽
Tip: make it in bulk and store it in a sealed glass jar in a fridge for up to 5 days. Less work, more deliciousness.
Recipe ➡➡ http://bit.ly/basil_dressing

Matcha is a great way to reduce the number of cups of coffee we drink every day and it makes us feel like we are on top of the world. 🍵 Did you know there are two types of matcha - ceremonial and culinary? Do you know the difference? 🤔
Learn how to make matcha latte, matcha bliss balls and everything else you need to know about matcha here ➡➡ http://bit.ly/everything_about_matcha

Our Easter dessert looked like this - how was yours? 🐰🐣👯 Of course, none it would not be as good as it was without a great company. We are so grateful - not only for the full bellies, but on days like this, our hearts are filled with love. 💚👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Plant-based store-bought mylks can be expensive. 🙄💸 Even worse, you never really know how much sugar and artificial sweeteners are hidden inside - labels sadly don’t tell a complete truth. 😓 That’s why we LOVE making our own homemade mylks. 💚🌿🥛 It’s quite simple actually and once you try it, you won’t spend a dime on them at stores again. 🤑
We’ve written a whole e-book, a complete guide to making plant-based mylks. Get it for free by subscribing to our portal ➡➡ @ayatana.eu http://bit.ly/ebook_mylks

Another day, another e-book to present. 📚 AYATANA is more than culinary, more than diet, nutrition and food styling. 🙏 It is a way of living, a healthy balanced lifestyle and eagerness to feel life to the fullest. ✨ We believe that setting a wonderful morning routine is a first step towards that. In this e-book, which is FREE for our members, we’ll be covering that - everything from eucalyptus showers to journaling - and help you set your own routine.
Start free trial today and get this e-book at our portal. Link in bio ➡➡ @ayatana.eu http://bit.ly/morning_routine_ebook

Another brand new e-book we’ve published this week: Plant-based Sports Nutrition. 💪🌿🤸‍♂️ It will serve you well no matter how active you are or what your goals are. In the book, we’re covering everything from energy needs to meal planning. 🏆⛹️‍♀️
All of our e-books are completely free of charge for members of @ayatana.eu portal.
Start your free trial today and grab your copy. ➡➡ @ayatana.eu http://bit.ly/ebook_sports_nutrition

This is quite possibly the favorite breakfast of our whole family. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 There’s also a video available in which Aleksandra will tell you two ways how to prepare a perfect morning porridge and just yesterday, we have published an e-book “Buddha Bowls” where this recipe is featured among many others. 🥗 The book is divided into three parts - bowls for mornings, lunch bowls and evening bowls. 💗
Get it now by starting your free trial at the AYATANA portal. ➡➡ http://bit.ly/ebook_buddha_bowls

EXCITING NEWS ‼ We’ve launched an E-BOOK section, which is completely free for the users of our portal. 🌿📚 At the moment there are 5 e-books you can download and digest in your free time, but we’ll be adding a lot more soon.
➡ Plant-based sports nutrition
➡ 12 seasonal recipes
➡ Buddha bowls
➡ Plant-based mylks
➡ Morning routine for a balanced life
E-books like these usually cost between 10 to 30 € each - and more, so it’s a true bargain! 📕 With a (or yearly) subscription plan you get all the books, a bunch of premium recipes and lifestyle articles which we keep adding daily. Soon we’ll be adding a meal planner online system as well. Than one will serve you 21 recipes each week. 🤩
Enter AYATANA world ➡ http://bit.ly/ayatana_ebooks

It’s salad season! 🥗 And this lemony white salad dressing is one of our favorites. Lemon will give your dressing citrusy feels and almonds will tone it down a bit and make the flavor smooth.
Get the recipe at our portal ➡➡ http://bit.ly/lemon_dressing

A delicious bowl of goodness for every day of the week. 💚🌿 It consists of cornmeal mush, kale and tamari shiitake mushrooms. Pro tip: add some dried cranberries and chilli flakes to form an unforgettable meal! 😍
Public free recipe available here ➡➡ http://bit.ly/cornmeal_mush_bowl

April is all about self-love and spending time diving deep into the lines written by three authors of our choice. ✨🔮 Three books on the list are for healing our souls, and one is for the heart and those great evening reading before we switch off the lights. 💆💞 The offer still stands - if you have any suggestions of book that changed your life, and would like to share with the rest of our tribe, send us an email to [email protected] or tag us in your social posts using #AYATANAbookclub. We would love to add your ideas to the following lists. 📗
Full article is available here ➡➡ http://bit.ly/april_book_club

If these bean brownies with raw caramel had a slogan, it would be “When your favorite brownie becomes a guilt-free delight.” Tag a friend who needs to try those! ⬇
The recipe is right here ➡➡ http://bit.ly/bean_brownies_raw_caramel

This creamy mushroom soup is so good you will want to make it every single week. We like to leave some mushroom in the freezer just so we can have it throughout the whole year! ❤🍲 Serve it with some chopped parsley and you’re in for a treat!
Get the recipe ➡➡ http://bit.ly/mushroom_soup_recipe

These delicious homemade beetroot burgers with avocado and spinach will keep you drooling for days after finishing them! 😍🤤 Besides, these are super easy to make and the whole process will take you only 45 minutes - from preparing the ingredients to plating them to your guests. 🍽
So, when are you making them? Get the recipe ➡➡ http://bit.ly/beetroot_burgers

Plant-based food is tasteless and boring, moreover, the lack of nutrients is too big of a risk. Plant-based diet consists solely of lettuce, beans, and tofu - and one cannot be satisfied with a lifestyle like that.
All of the statements above are FALSE. ❌❌❌
If you want to learn how to make your meals delicious, unique and fulfilling each and every day of your life, read our latest myth-debunking article in the mythbusting section: “Plant-based food is boring”. 🌿
Click away ➡➡ http://bit.ly/plantbased_food_myth

Today we share 6 tips to stop emotional eating for good. 💪 Emotional eating or commonly known as stress eating is a way of using food in order to cope with negative emotions. Eating should not be a default coping mechanism, especially when it can result in damage to our well-being.
Read the article here and break the cycle today! ➡➡ http://bit.ly/emotional_eating_tips


Vegan winter wrap / sandwich recipe

It's true that it's not winter anymore... ❄️ but this recipe is suitable for every season.
Follow us on youtube channel, soon there will be more content: http://bit.ly/ayatana_youtube

This recipe is perfect for a quick snack or lunch on the go. It's super simple 100 % vegan wrap and a sandwich. ---- AYATANA started off as a small business,...

Mystic India in a bowl. Our favorite curry of all time. Heavenly creamy. Once you try it, you will want to have it every single day. 😋😍 Tag a friend who is a curry-addict! ⬇
Recipe ➡➡ http://bit.ly/vegan_curry_recipe

Shallow breathing has become our everyday norm due to a stressful and dynamic lifestyle. 🤯 However, if we don’t consciously try to fix it back to normal, we can put our health at risk. 🆘 Learn how to stop breathing like a robot and actually enjoy each breath you’re given in our latest article ➡➡ http://bit.ly/shallow_breating

A great and quick way to warm up your body: make this delicious romanesco creamy soup. 💚 Romanesco may look slightly alien, but it tastes like heaven. 👽 This soup will take you approximately 45 minutes and can last you for days! Which means more time to relax, spend time with your loved ones and do the things that you truly enjoy doing. 👪
Recipe (hint: start your free trial to get full access) ➡➡ http://bit.ly/romanesco_cauliflower_soup

Another video recipe now ONLINE: how to make 3 different legume spreads from one base - white beans! 💚❤💛 Such a simple ingredient, yet it’s possible to create a variety of spreads and dips out of it. Not to mention how refreshing those taste on bread. Or just dip in that carrot, you deserve it! 🥕
Click here to watch the video ➡➡ http://bit.ly/white_bean_spreads

Many people tend to miss cheese the most when transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle. 🧀 Are you among them? Raise your hand if you are! 🙋
For those of you who keep craving parmesan over your favorite pasta - we have a solution 🤩 Vegan parmesan sprinkle recipe is already at our portal. Visit it here ➡➡ http://bit.ly/vegan_parmesan

Vegan Cinnamon Rolls 😻 those are the best you will ever eat, we promise. 🙌💓 We usually make those during festive winter time, but since it’s been so cold for the past few days, we’ve decided to make them again. 🌧 Ohhh did it pay off.
Want some as well? Get the recipe here: http://bit.ly/cinnamon_rolls_recipe

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