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houzEKO tiny house - SEXY | COZY | ECO Sexy and modern tiny house that you will be proud of Cozy and flexible interior that will feel as big interior in a tiny house Eco and healthy materials because we care of you and the nature

Zavod mOBILNO to go razvija samozadostne mobilne bivalne enote, solarne suhe sanitarije in avtomatizirane zimske vrtove. Vsi naši produkti slonijo na samozadostnih, trajnostnih in mobilnih enotah. Uporabljamo naravne gradbene materiale in obnovljive vire energije. Institute mOBILNO to go is developing off-grid mobile living units, solar dry toilets and automatic green houses. Our products are self-sufficient (off-grid) sustainable mobile units made of natural building materials with renewable energy technologies.

~ Because architecture can also be strangely sexy!
~ Everybody will envy your sexy attitude in our charming Tiny House!
~ See, try and adopt!
#houzeko is a fresh company producing Tiny Houses on wheels with a #sustainable perspective. Living tiny is the #newdeal and gives a good breath to our planet! Tiny but #sexy, #cozy and #eco!

~ Who says tiny doesn't mean cozy?!
~ Our Tiny House is personalized, YOU build your cozy nest!
~ Tiny, mali, petit, pequeña, piccolo, pieni... no matter which language, it sounds cozy!
#houzeko is a fresh company producing Tiny Houses on wheels with a #sustainable perspective. Living tiny is the #newdeal and gives a good breath to our planet! Tiny but #sexy, #cozy and #eco!

~ A movable Tiny House for an ECO vibe!
~ Made in Slovenia with local and natural materials for an ECO spirit!
~ For people who wanna kick, push, sweat, breath, give, share, LIVE a new experience!
#houzeko is a fresh company producing Tiny Houses on wheels with a #sustainable perspective. Living tiny is the #newdeal and gives a good breath to our planet! Tiny but #sexy, #cozy and #eco!

~ What is better than taking some time for yourself and read about our new article this weekend?? 💯
"Why a movable Tiny House seems to be a great solution to face our social crisis?" REALITY VS FICTION, let's dig out the truth!
~ Link right here :
#houzeko #realityvsfiction #globalcrisis #greenmatters #tinyhouselife #weekendtime #greenslovenia #positivevibe #tellthetruth #affordablehousing #foreverybody

Zavod Houzeko's cover photo

Cement and steel are among the most difficult emissions to reduce... and still primarily used as building materials. #houzeko is entirely made from wood 🔨 : a superior physical, environmental and economic building product!
〰️ robust alternative
〰️ CO2 emissions saver
〰️ durable and aesthetic

The future is now! See more details on our website 👀

#woodproducts #tinyhousebuild #conciousness #stopclimatechange #slovenia🇸🇮 #futureisnow #greenstartup @ Koper - Slovenia - EU

Many reasons push us to taste a different lifestyle, take a minute to know why a Tiny House can bring you new flavors!

#alternativeliving #houzeko #newstart #minimalism #greenstartup #slovenia #adventuretime #summer2019

Today we celebrate Slovenian independence! sLOVEnia is one of the most environmental friendly country in the world, no kidding! #houzeko has found it place to make our country a better place. Let's cheer to this special day with people we love. 🇸🇮 🌱 🍾
#independenceday #slovenia #holiday #freedom #greenland #positivevibes #circulareconomy #economygrowth #proudofourcountry #celebration🎉 #summer2019

Where can you park a tiny house? - HouzEKO

Age-old question: "Where can I park my tiny house?". However, before concerning the parking spots, several issues must be taken into consideration. And these would be addressed in this blog post. Check it out folks!
#houzeko #tinyhouseslovenia #tinyhouseeurope #sustainableliving When it comes to movable tiny house, the age-old question is always ‘Where I can park the tiny house’, isn’t it?. To your surprise, it can be parked in numerous places, including places that you are not even expected. Wait wait, do I miss something? Oh yes, before jumping in for parking, you s...

5 biggest benefits of living in a small tiny movable house - HouzEKO

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to own a tiny house? Here are the 5 biggest benefits of owning them from true tiny house dwellers: 1. Environment saver Going smaller helps you learn to utilize sources more efficiently including water for showering, cooking, toilets; heating system; no extra furniture; sustainable materials and the list goes on. You then gradually become aware of your own actions and their consequences. We all k...

First Slovenian tiny house on wheels: houzEKO - HouzEKO

We prepared a series of blogs about tiny houses. Here is the first one about my decision to build one. houzEKO is the fist slovenian tiny house on wheels. We develope and build a tiny house with modern design and natural materials. The best way to live.

Look! Isn’t houzEKO a good background for photoshooting?

HouzEKO is cruising around Slovenia 😎👍
Under the snow here goes HouzEKO!

New intern, Hang from Vietnam - Institute mOBILNO to go

It has been a while since the last blog post. We now come back with a new intern from Finland 😉😁
Hang’s blog post: Dober dan! Moi! Hi! Xin chào! My name is Hang Nguyen, 20 years old, from Vietnam, a new intern at Institute mOBILNO to go. I am  currently studying Energy and Environmental Engineering bachelor’s degree at Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK), Finland. I like orange color, cooking diffe...

First vlog about our tiny house - houzEKO the revolution of tiny living

Wondering what has happened to the tiny house recently?
Check it out the very first vlog of HouzEKO! Can’t wait to see the complete internal designing 😎
Please subscribe to the channel cause houzEKO needs you!

First vlog about our tiny house - houzEKO - the revolution of tiny living. houzEKO is the first Slovenian tiny house. It's made from local wood and has one o...

Institute mOBILNO to go wishes you an amazing, zero-waste and care taking 2019!

Ioanna, our new intern - Institute mOBILNO to go

A new intern came in Oktober, Ioanna from Cyprus. Read her blog post: Hello everyone!!! My name is Ioanna and I am from Cyprus. I graduated Mechanical Engineering in the University of Cyprus and during the last year of my studies I decided that I wanted to find a job abroad where I would be able to practice engineering and have the experience of living alone in a diff...

houzEKO...fresh photos

Like it if you like it ;-)

#HouzEKO #tinyhouseslo #mobilnotogo

#HouzEKO: posting new photos, again 😅
Who wants to be the first one to spend a night in the tiny house?
Made by Mizarstvo Kos & designed by CIVILUM
#tinyhouse #mobilnotogo

HouzEKO hiška počasi dobiva svoj zaščitni plašč. Vam je všeč?

HouzEKO tiny house is getting his protective coating. Do you like it?

Danes je svetovni dan zemlje.

How floating architecture could help save at-risk cities

Že od nekdaj me navdušujejo mobilne enote. Nič drugačne niso bivalne enote na vodi.
V prihodnosti napovedujejo dvig gladine morske vode, zato so plavajoči objekti lahko tudi del rešitve pred poplavami. Več v tem članku: Raftlike homes and buoyant buildings may be a fix for rising sea levels.

Vesele in naravi prijazne praznike od ekipe mOBILNO to go

The progress of the first tiny house on wheels in Slovenia, called houzEKO.

Anybody interested in a tiny house here is a nice initiative to put you on the European map.

Tiny House Europe hopes to build a growing map uniting a large variety of persons interested by the Tiny Houses movement.

This should allow to better know the European Tiny House movement and should help share informations.

With this map everyone will be able to locate the whole tiny house community in Europe. Some information about people and tiny houses will be highlighted.

If you are interested to appear on this map, please contact the administrator by private message or by email ([email protected]).

In your request, please specify :
-Who you are:
1. A professional builder
2. A self builder
3. A tiny house lessor
4. Someone who has space/ground for a tiny house
- The name of your company/of your building project/of your lease
- The full address (as you can find it on Google Map)
- A web page and/or a page
- A phone number
- An email address.

7 ways towns and cities are turning from grey to green

Greenification is a big challenge this days in big cities. Trees absorb pollution and produce oxygen. Nature also benefits to humans and animals living in a dense areas.
Check how big cities around the world are challenging this problem. Here are seven shining examples of how cities are learning to nurture plants and wildlife.

How to win twice at Podjetna primorska - Zavod mOBILNO to go

I've just posted a blog How to win twice at Podjetna primorska. Some insights of the competition, some tricks and more. Our institute participated last two years in Podjetna primorska and both years we won the first prize. In this blog, I will explain how we did it.

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Check this video. Food waste and hunger is a big problem in the world. Our latest project will fight this issue as well.

No matter how you look at it: this is our only home.

And it's threatened by climate change.

#COP23 Thomas Pesquet ESA - European Space Agency

David Kodarin

We won the first price in Podjetna Primorska 2017 in the category Navigator.
This year project was an Automated smart greenhouse developed with students and implementing already existing solutions on the market.
We are very happy. Next year again?

Our business idea of automated smart greenhouse was awarded on Podjetna primorska 2017.
Thanks to our team, mentors and Erasmus students.

Letošnji zmagovalci Podjetne Primorske: David Kodarin – Pameten zimski vrt (1. mesto Navigator), Karmen Koren – Reinkarmika (1. mesto Optimist), Peter Simončič in Leo Gombač – Pan map (1. mesto Rektorjeva nagrada), David Lakošeljac, Matic Rupnik, Davor Lonzarič – Tvad (2. mesto Rektorjeva nagrada) in Dane Podmenik – Istrski kulinarični zabojček (3. mesto Rektorjeva nagrada). Na odru z ministrom za gospodarski razvoj in tehnologijo, g. Zdravkom Počivalškom, prorektorjem za znanstveno-raziskovalno in razvojno delo Univerze na Primorskem, izr. prof. dr. Borisom Kavurjem in ekipo Univerzitetnega inkubatorja Primorske (Foto: Zdravko Primožič/FPA).

Help needed! 😎

Išče se pomoč pri montaži v ponedeljek, 2. Oktober. Predvideva se okoli 6 ur vse skupaj (prevoz + montaža). Plačilo po dogovoru. Več info na zasebno sporočilo ali 040159544 😎

Our new project. Tiny house on wheels. 20 square full optional and very good insulated house, with a functional bathroom, big kitchen and sleeping loft. The first model should be ready at the end of the year.
Who wants one? 😁


Trajnostne rešitve za zmanjševanje izpustov in onesnaževanja na področju bivanja. Nekaj podobnega nas bo nedvomno pričakalo v bodočnosti.

These amazing green-skyscrapers could all help tackle climate change? Take read of this latest 'Inspire' from Daily Planet and let us know which is your favourite!

Univerzitetni Inkubator Primorske

"Izmenjava" za bodoče eko podjetnike.

Prijave na Pioneers Into Practice so možne do 30.4.2017. "We’re looking for the next generation of climate innovators; could this be you?"

KAKIS positive sanitation

Iščemo nove angažirane sodelavce, ki se spoznajo na vitke metode podjetništva in/ali so željni spoznati več na to temo.
Sprejeti smo bili v Startupbootcamp iz Amsterdama, ki je eden izmed najboljših podjetniških pospeševalnikov v Evropi. Za ta namen potrebujemo dodatno pomoč pri administraciji, marketingu in prodaji. Prve tri mesece zaposlitve boste deležni vrhunskega izobraževanja v Amsterdamu. Po tem datumu, bo delo sledilo v Kopru oziroma omogočamo tudi možnost dela na daljavo. Pogodba bo sklenjena za obdobje enega leta z možnostjo podaljšanja.
Obvezno znanje angleščine, visoka predanost in želja po uvajanju ekoloških produktov v Sloveniji in Evropi.
Dodatno znanje v marketingu, prodaji, razvoju produktov, dodaten tuj jezik, itd. so dodatne točke pri izbiri kandidatov.
Pošljite kratko motivacijsko pismo in vaš življenjepis na [email protected]
Prosim delite naprej med ljudmi, ki so zainteresirani.
Se že veselimo sodelovanja z vami. Ekipa KAKIS

Reactive lignin for reducing the environmental impacts of wood products - Bio-based News - The portal for bio-based economy and industrial biotechnology

Podbno temo sem imel za prakso v Franciji. Takrat smo celotno stvar zasnovali na balah sena in poskušali iz bal narediti izolativne panele. VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has developed technology known as “CatLignin” to produce reactive lignin from pulp industry side streams to be used as a replacement for toxic phenol compounds in wood adhesives that are widely used in wood … Continue reading →

Utrinki iz današnje predstavitve naših sanitarij.
Na začetku so ljudje ugibali, kaj le bi lahko bila ta škatla. Ljudje pogosto pomislijo na savno. Lahko bi bila to nova tržna niša?!
KAKIS positive sanitation

Imate še slabi mesec časa za prijavo!
Mi smo našo idejo že spremenili v posel. Boste enako storili tudi vi?

Primorske Novice

Prijave so odprte za novi cikel Podjetne Primorske 2017. Prijavite se in spremenite vašo idejo v posel.

Začenja se letošnji natečaj Podjetna Primorska.

Smo veliki privrženci gradnje iz naravnih materialov. Ob mediteranski obali raste dosti kanel (lat. Arundo donax), ki so jih nekoč uporabljali pri gradnji in v kmetijstvu. Danes le še redki vrtičkarji jo uporabljajo za podporo paradižnikov.
Ali bi si tudi vi želeli kakšno moderno konstrukcijo narejeno iz 100% naravnih in lokalnih materialov?

Hola a [email protected]! Ya tenemos la programación de la cosecha y los cursos 2017!! (curso base + práctica base).

- COSECHA: 16-20 (No quedan plazas); 23-27 de enero, 13-17; 20-24 de febrero
- CURSOS: 30 en-03 febr (1º nivel)(No quedan plazas); 06-10 febr (2º nivel)
27 feb-03 marzo(1º nivel); 06-10 marzo (2º nivel)

La cosecha se realizará en Castelldefels en Enero, y en San Joan Despí en Febrero. Los cursos se impartirán en el campus de la UPC de Castelldefels. Por esta razón no ofrecemos alojamiento. Pero está situado cerca de Barcelona ciudad con fácil conexión a través del transporte públicos.
Por cada semana de voluntariado en la cosecha tendrás derecho a una semana de curso!! Para participar, solo tendrás que asociarte!!

Para más información, escribenos a: [email protected]


Eko-naselja oziroma še večja eko-mesta so definitivno prihodnjost saj zmanjšujejo izpuste, odpadke in skrbijo za lokalno predelano hrano. Naš inštitut dela v tej smeri, da bo v Sloveniji čimveč takšnih projektov.

Ecovillages are creating a new way to live.


Zanimiv kratek video o tem zakaj je biodiverziteta zelo pomembna. Ohranjajte naravo in njeno raznolikost!

Why should humans care about preserving biodiversity? We don't just affect the web of life—we depend on it.

More about living in the Anthropocene, the age of humans, from Smithsonian Magazine:

Ecosia is the search engine that plants trees

Pridružite se projekti Ecosia, kjer z zasluženim denarjem financirajo sajenje dreves. Tudi mi imamo vizijo sajenja dreves po svetu enkrat ko bomo postali globalni. Ecosia donates 80% of its profits to tree planting. With Ecosia, your web searches have a positive environmental and social impact.

Raj na zemlji....Žal poln smeti v določenem delu leta.

Sezona smeti, ki jih morski tokovi s pomočjo močnih vetrov naplavi na obalo Balija, traja od Decembra in tja do Februarja. Dnevno naj bi naplavilo po 20ton in več plastike. Plastična embalaža, ki doseže obalo na Baliju, priplava predvsem z dveh najbolj naseljenih Indonezijskih otokov, Jave (141 milijonov) in Sumatre (51 milijonov prebivalcev).
Na tej plaži na fotografijah, Pantai Jimbaran, nekaj ljudi veselo zbira plastenke in zamaške, katere kasneje prodajo za reciklažo, kar ostane, po večini so to vrečke in ostala embalaža, pa pridejo s tovornjaki in odpeljejo, ali pa lokalci zažgejo. Zažigajo, ker niso ozaveščeni o škodljivosti takega početja. Če plastiko sežigamo, nastane plin dioksin, ki je eden od dvanajstih za okolje najbolj škodljivih obstojnih organskih onesnaževal ali ‘POP’ (persistant organic polutants). Sežiganje plastičnih mas povzroča onesnaženje zraka, vode in hrane.

Nepredstavljivo, kako zasvinjan imamo naš planet.
Dajmo ga narediti sebi, sploh pa našim zanamcem bolj čistega.

Deli, komentiraj, karkoli, da doseže objava še koga. Bolje, da vas doseže objava, kot pa s časoma smeti, kot na fotografijah.

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Koper, 6000

STŠ Koper je začela z mednarodnimi projekti leta 2009. Projektov se lotevamo na večih ravneh, in sicer omogočamo našim dijakom mednarodno prakso v tujini, trenutno pa raziskujemo jame s slovaško SŠ.

Ovitko d.d. JA Slovenija Ovitko d.d. JA Slovenija

Pozdravljeni, smo skupina petih dijakov, ki je v sklopu projekta JA Slovenija odprla dijaško podjetje Ovitko d.d.. Delujemo v okviru projekta Moje podjetje. Naša dejavnost je prodaja telefonskih ovitkov po ugodnih cenah.

Osebni razvoj Osebni razvoj

Preoblikovanje osebnosti na CELOSTEN način, odpravljamo vzroke za bolečine, na čustvenem in fizičnem nivoju. SVETOVANJE, HIPNOTERAPIJA IN novi začetki....

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Dipartimento di italianistica della Facoltà di studi umanistici dell'Università del Litorale a Capodistria.

Fitmania Fitness Fitmania Fitness
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Fitnes center, aerobika, šport, hujšanje, zdrava prehrana, rekreacija, vadba, športna prehrana

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CVŽU UP PEF razvija in organizira neformalne oblike učenja za raznoliko ciljno populacijo.

Hairdressing Emanuel Hairdressing Emanuel
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- Striženje - Klasično britje - Urejanje brade

Inštrukcije Andreja Mrak s.p. Inštrukcije Andreja Mrak s.p.
Generala Levičnika 42c, Koper
Koper, 6000

Že vrsto let se uspešno ukvarjam z inštrukcijami za osnovno in srednjo šolo ter dodiplomski in podiplomski študij.

Ginnasio Gian Rinaldo Carli Capodistria Ginnasio Gian Rinaldo Carli Capodistria
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Ginnasio Gian Rinaldo Carli - Capodistria Gimnazija Gian Rinaldo Carli - Koper

Filozofija in teorija vizualne kulture (FTVK) Filozofija in teorija vizualne kulture (FTVK)
Titov Trg 5
Koper, 6000

Filozofija in teorija vizualne kulture - doktorski študijski program 3. stopnje na Fakulteti za humanistične študije Univerze na Primorskem

Konfucijeva učilnica Koper Univerze na Primorskem Konfucijeva učilnica Koper Univerze na Primorskem
Univerza Na Primorskem, Titov Trg 4
Koper, 6000

KU Koper je bila ustanovljena 25. novembra 2014. Njen namen je seznanjanje ljudi na Obali s kitajsko kulturo. Deluje v okviru Univerze na Primorskem.