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Hamara Shanti means: My Inner Peace. My aim is to enhance your personal growth. "Our inner strength is our outer foundation" - A. Rufus.

I am Indra Rampertap, therapist. The main question for a purposeful life is: what do you intend to achieve, and what is your commitment in accomplishing your purposeful intends? On this path I will support you to define your goals clearly, and to help you find the tools to reach your goals. A profound talk, a listening ear, a mirror..... Counseling: your voice, your personal concerns, are important to be heard in a compassionate and confidential atmosphere. Together we will start this process, and it is essential to be a co-creator of this process. You will be introduced to some meaningful tools and techniques to explore your own life. Counseling sessions can be very liberating and life changing. The door to your personal growth will be opened. With yoga, Pranayama, Reiki energy, massage and Chakra healing we integrate the interpersonal connection between body, mind and spirit. This process results in enhancing the inner harmony. It is known that people, when facing stressful and mental hard times, neglect a healthy lifestyle. A good lifestyle means good nutrition, daily exercise and adequate sleep. I will guide you with my nutritionist and counseling skills through a tailor-made plan. Our aim will be: to reach a healthy relation with food, to do practical and workable exercises and last but not least a consistent sleeping pattern.


This Dutch Ambulance Grants Final Wishes


brightvibes.com The Ambulance Wish Foundation takes immobile terminally ill people with them on a final trip of choice.

FLOURISH: Based on positive psychology by Martin Seligman

Emotional intelligence is valuable.

Amazing Maya💚.

In solitude there is healing. Speak to your soul. Listen to your heart. Sometimes in the absence of noise we find the answers.

"Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change! J.Rohn

Every choice you make, makes you....

I do believe that this is reversible! At the end of the day we are all humans....we all breath, we all cry, we all laugh, we all love.

Sometimes we need to go deeper...

Coaching a Growth Mindset (from SportsPsychDunc)

5 question to develop a growth mindset
What did you learn from today's performance?
What steps did you take to make you successful today?
What are some different strategies you could have used?
How did you keep going when things got tough?
What can you learn from your opponent today?

5 feedback comments to develop a growth mindset
This will be a challenging concept to learn, but I believe you can master it.
You haven't got it yet, but you will if you keep working and thinking about it.
I really appreciated your effort today.
It's okay to take risks; that's how we learn.
Getting better takes time, and I see you improving.

Once the frog fell in a vessel of the hot water. The Water was still on a gas stove. The frog still did not try to jump out of the vessel, instead just stayed in it. As the temperature of the water started to rise, the frog managed to adjust its body temperature accordingly. As the water started to reach the boiling point, the frog was no longer able to keep up and manage its body temperature according to the water temperature. The frog tried to jump out of the vessel but with water temperature reaching its boiling point, the frog was not able to bear it and couldn’t make it. What was the reason that a frog couldn’t make it? Will you blame the hot water for it?
Moral: The frog couldn’t make it due to its own inability to decide when it had to jump out. We all need to adjust according to the situations but there are times when we need to face the situation and take the appropriate action when we have the strength to do so before it’s too late. Walk out before you need to jump.

Stress management: do not put your entire well-being at risk. Managing stress results in a happier and healthier life. In the end, you will be more resilient when facing challenges on your life path.

The four stages of competence. It is also called "conscious competence". These four stages are showing us how unconscious we are about our incompetence.As soon as we recognize our incompetence, we acquire a skill and use it consciously. Result: Progress!

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Do not ignore this whispering.....

World Economic Forum

Worth watching until the end...

Need a boost? This is the power of a walk among the trees. Read more: http://wef.ch/2nWtXUR

To all of you:

[02/14/18]   A nice writing about who we are and why we are here by Bob Edelstein.

The bottom line is that we exist – we are alive. The challenge of our lives is how do we choose to live our existence and how do we make meaning of our unique, individual journeys.
Here are some essential concepts that describe the perspective:
We stay open to the flow of life, its process and its content. Yet, within this openness, we take stands. We are an active participant in our life’s events. We live in the paradox that nothing is for certain. Yet, we do not let this deter us from consciously deciding our life.
We aspire to live a life of integrity and wholeness. If we feel split and fragmented, we listen and stay open to all of what is going on. We will then start shifting into clarity and a more unified understanding of our concerns and responses.
We believe in possibility and potential. Simultaneously, we acknowledge there are limitations to being human.
We are always both ‘being’ and ‘becoming’.
We are connected to the world, and everyone and everything in it. When we heal some of our pain, we heal some of the world’s pain. When we focus on healing some of the world’s pain, we are healing some of our own pain. We know that we are not separate from anyone or anything.
We believe there is something greater than ourselves. There is something greater than our personality or ego that it is important to stay open to.
We aspire to be open-hearted and clear-minded. We aspire to love every human being for all of who they are — all of their struggles and successes, all of their joys and pains. We aspire to love ourselves in the same way.
We intend to live in the present moment, for it is what we have. In this present moment, the past and future are embodied. We want to be conscious of how we feel, what we think, and how we act in the present moment. This makes life vital.
We intend to act from our authentic core. We believe that as human beings, if supported to be our authentic selves, we will ultimately act in the best interests of self, each other, our community, and the planet as a whole.
We intend to have relationships of honesty, openness, and mutuality. With this attitude, we believe fresh discoveries will be made, deepening will occur, and intimacy will happen.
We endeavor to embrace and honor our shadow-self as a valid part of ourselves. We explore and understand our shadow-self in an accepting, integrated, holistic way. We acknowledge that our shadow-self is an integral part of our human condition and take responsibility for it.
We believe that human beings are innately good. However, they need to explore and heal their wounds in order to actualize their goodness.
We believe life is an ongoing learning process. There are always further discoveries we can make about ourselves and the world. We are always evolving.
We believe we are constantly choosing our existence, whether we recognize that or not. We are the authors of our own life.
I hope these concepts will provide a better understanding of the Existential-Humanistic perspective. I also hope you can use some of these concepts to enhance your life.

A melting pot.
My wish for 2018 was (is) to get answers on:
Who we are and why are we here….
We are a melting pot of everything what ever happened to us and we identify ourselves with that.
Our concept of our personality is based on:
how we see ourselves, how do we feel about ourselves, how we see ourselves in relation to others, how do we see the world, how do we feel about the world.
Life brought us a lot of beliefs and perceptions. But is this really you?



Our true home is not in the past. Our true home is not in the future. Our true home is in the here and now.
Mindfulness is a tool to calm our mind. It helps us to recognize and connect with the harmony and happiness that are already present in our lives. Often our mind is caught in fears, worries, anger, sorrow, regrets, to do lists… etc. Actually, we are constantly jumping to the future worries or past regrets.
How does it work? While we are aware of our breathing, we connect body and mind in the present moment, without being judgmental. When our “inner talks” stop, we experience the energy of peace. The next step is that we start enjoying the moment of here and now, and the harmony from with-in. When we practice mindfulness, we experience our breathing more naturally.
Benefits of mindfulness:
It boosts our immune system, our concentration, reduces stress, we deal better with emotions, our senses are functioning better, we are able to recognize disturbing thoughts etc.
Mindfulness is also a bridge to meditation.
Some simple mindfulness exercises are:

1. Mindful breathing: Focus on your breath for one minute. Breathe in slowly and effortlessly through your nose and breathe out through your mouth. While doing this purposefully, observe and feel your breath leaving all thoughts behind.

2. Mindful observation: Choose an object from your environment (a flower, an apple, an insect, clouds, a tree etc.) and focus on watching it for a minute or two. Explore the object purposefully and involve all your senses. Concentrate on this as long as you can. This exercise connects us with the beauty of the things we often oversee in our rushing, daily lives.

3. Mindful awareness: This is mindfulness on a deeper level. This exercise cultivates a higher awareness and appreciation of things we take for granted in our daily functioning. It also helps us to recognize negative thoughts, and deal with them in a better way. For example: Think of something that happens every morning when you start the day, like starting your computer in the morning. Stop for a moment and be mindful of what is happening. Your arm moves towards the turn on/off button and your finger executes the turning on action. Now be aware of how your brain is facilitating your arm, hand and finger to execute this action. Think about how your mind opens to absorb the information that will come to you in just some seconds, how your brain is analyzing all these signals, how the information will affect your emotions…etc.
As mentioned before, if we practice mindful awareness on a regular base, we can recognize our negative thoughts and redirect them towards positive thoughts.

Mindfulness helps you to touch the wonders of life in yourself and around you.

Timeline Photos

OCD stands for Obsessive compulsory disorder….
OCD is a mental disorder in which a person feels the urge to check or to perform something repeatedly. Repetitive thoughts are crossing the mind as well. Some typical examples: Checking the stove, checking door locks and also washing hands often, touching something often, counting, and having thoughts that bad things will happen when we do not obey a certain thought. Often the person develops a tic too … This battle is ongoing in the mind, simultaneously the person has to function normal in daily life. Of course with this behavior life is effected negatively. The person feels often exhausted. They feel insecure and avoid social life.
What can we do: get diagnosed. In extreme situations people will get some medicine too. Often this drug is just for calming down, and not taking away the decease. Some useful suggestion to master OCD: Getting counseling therapy. Labeling the focused object as after checking it. For example: after checking the stove the first time just write a small note: “Done” or “checked”. When the urge to check it arises again, you will see the note with one blink of the eye. The same goes for the door lock. Handling the situation like this will help to control the mind. Another tool can be: create a picture in your mind that you have done it already, then when the urge comes, just visualize this picture and go on with other things.
Other advices : surround yourself with a support team. People who know and understand your OCD challenges. Stay positive. Keep a journal about what the complains are and what the emotional state is at those moments. Your journal will bring more clearness and more self-awareness.
Keep a quality daily routine. Stay positive and integrate relaxation techniques in your daily life. Yoga, Taj-chi, Pranayama etc. Being in the nature often helps a lot to pacify the mind too. Chakra healing, especially the Sollar Plexus chakra which balances the will power, manifesting the positive changes.
Kids with OCD: We can help kids with OCD symptoms by helping them, boosting up their self-esteem. We HAVE TO praise any good improvement.. Let them know that they are great kids and that it is not their fault that they act like this. A therapist can guide him gradually through a exposure therapy, and he/she will gain faith that he/she can fight the undesirable rituals.

[10/09/16]   Coming period I will write about different subjects from my practice and daily work. The idea is to share some useful information which can help you or people around you. I intent to write about: Mindfulness, Obsessive Compulsory Disorder, Social anxiety, Talking to our cells (healing), Are you a victim or a creator of life, Hunger of a uterus to carry a baby, Ayurvedic home remedies, The benefits of sun salutation and other yoga asanas, Listen to your inner voice, Positive thinking, How to manage our relation with our partner, Divorced…what follows after that, how to manage a disturbed relation with your child, etc.

Recently I finished writing about all the main chakras. Please be aware of keeping our chakras, our energy wheels in motion. The turmoil of life causes sometimes blocks in our chakras. We can balance our chakras by practicing pranayama (relaxing breathing exercises), meditation, mindfulness and grounding exercises.

As we know it is important to activate both parts, the upper chakras (the spiritual and mindful part) and the lower chakras (the earthly chakras). Both parts come together in our heart chakra. The heart chakra is the unique chakra where the world of spirit meets the world of matter. As the African wisdom states “Pray but move your feet”.

Dear travelers on “the path of personal growth”, at last I am writing about the final two chakras at the top of our energy channel, 6th chakra the Third eye chakra, and 7th chakra the Crown chakra. These two chakras are very connected with our spiritual growth. Our connection to our true selves and the universe.

Our Third eye chakra or Ajna, supports us shaping our life more consciously. The responding color here is Indigo or Royal blue. The third eye chakra helps us to transform the lower chakra energy to higher spiritual vibrations. While activating our third eye chakra, we will experience where we came from, where we are stuck and where we are going. We will learn to listen to our intuition.
On physical level this chakra is connected with our brain, pituitary gland, pineal gland, eyes, nose etc.
When our sixth chakra is blocked we tend to feel depressed, sad, lonely…
Food which are enhancing the energy here are: dark chocolate, curcumin and purple berries.
Also beneficial for this chakra are balancing yoga poses: downwards facing dog, thunderbolt and trataka (candle gazing). Breathing exercise: Alternate nostril pranayama.
Gifts of this chakra: be in peace with yourself and with the flow of your life: all is well. You are part of the Divine energy.

Crown chakra or Sahasrara is our 7th chakra. The colors for this chakra are white or violet. This chakra connects us with the universe and the Devine source. We experience serenity, joy and deep peace about life, energy and consciousness. Our ego is being transcended here. We sense a liberation of our spirit.
The intersection of time and timelessness, death and eternal life happens in this chakra. There is a strong connection between being open to the Divine source and being strongly rooted, because of the firm inner connection with the root chakra.
A blocked crown chakra limits us in our spiritual growth, which can lead to a more passive life.
When the crown chakra is in balance, we experience the gift of unity and mystical oneness with everyone and everything in the nature.

Speak your inner TRUTH with the throat chakra.
Our fifth chakra (Vishudha in Sanskrit, color blue and element is space) helps us to determine our inner truth, our “voice”. It is a delicate matter to choose between speaking up the truth and staying tactful and diplomatic. We often end up in a YES while our body language cries for NO.
We fear of not being accepted, or being judged…and we keep on going accommodating in life.
This chakra governs: throat, trachea, cervical vertebrae, neck, shoulder, arms, hands, esophagus, mouth, teeth, gums etc.
We can balance this chakra by starting to activate the lower chakras: first and second chakra will help you overcome your fear. The third chakra activates your will power. And the heart chakra will help you to feel what you really feel about a certain subject/case. You can visualize the throat chakra as a “chimney stalk”. What is “cooking, burning, digesting, piling up, inflamed...etc. has to come out through the “chimney stalk”. So our true desires, creativity, needs, opinion need to be communicated truthful and peaceful towards yourself and others. If this chakra functions in a smooth way we do not fear confrontations. Our communication will be more constructive and our self-expression will be enhanced.
We will listen more conscious to our self and others as well.

Do we smile at everyone we see daily, even if we do not feel like smiling…it is contagious…
Do we forgive and move on…
Do we give family, friends, colleague’s positive affirmations and feedback?
Yes, we are talking here about a balanced heart chakra. Our heart chakra, Anahatha (in Sanskrit) associates with green color and with the element air.
This chakra is also called the center of all chakras, because it connects the lower physical chakras with the upper spiritual chakras.
A balanced heart chakra allows a natural flow of love and compassion. We forgive and accept others and our self. Here we experience the feeling of completeness, wholeness, emphatic, optimistic, motivated, nurturing etc.
In case of a closed heart chakra we carry grudges, anger, hatred, jealousy, fear and betrayal. Old pains of past hurt by parents, siblings, classmates or lovers are situated in the heart chakra. We tend to experience difficulty with love, lack of hope, despair etc.
The heart chakra governs: heart, lungs, thymus gland, breasts circulatory system, esophagus, shoulders arms etc.
Chest opening Yoga poses like camel, cobra and fish help balancing this chakra. Breathing exercises like alternate nostril breathing, deep breathing pacifies this chakra too.

My Story

I am Indra Rampertap, Counselor&Coach. My focus is on: Burn-out & Stress Care, Relationship counseling, Grief to gratitude counseling. The main question for a purposeful life is: “What do you intend to achieve, and what is your commitment in accomplishing your purposeful intends?” On this path I will support you to define your goals clearly, and to help you find the tools to reach your goals. Counseling: your voice, your personal concerns, are important to be heard in a compassionate and confidential atmosphere. It is known that people, when facing stressful and mental hard times, neglect a healthy lifestyle. A good lifestyle starts with good nutrition, regular exercises, adequate sleep and avoiding the pitfalls what causes the mental disturbances. Together we will start this process and it is essential to be a co-creator of this process. You will be introduced to some meaningful tools and techniques to explore your own life. Counseling sessions can be very liberating and life changing. www.hamarashanti.com

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