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#feellikeapro training camp 2020 🚵💪

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Olympia MTB bike camp 2019

The last mtb camp was held in Vodice, Croatia, hosted by the Hotels Olympia & Olympia Sky. The topic was technical training on bike, preparation of the rider and sports nutrition.

Two participants, Ivan Lalić and Robert Gelo, tell you more in the video below.

Cycling performance: Mitja Tancik, Gregor Dimic
Sports Nutrition: Nenad Bratković Nutricionist
Fitness: Šime Šunjerga

Congratulations to Marko Fržop for his excellent performance at 4 Stage MTB Race Lanzarote, where he finished on 7th place in the master category 💪👏🍾

Hard work pays off 👊

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Do you want to train for the next @4islandsmtb stage race edition? Or do you prefer to spend your cycling days training side by side with Mitja Tancik and Gregor Dimic? Don't wait too long, number of places is limited. 🚵‍♀️🏋️‍♀️ More info on our site: http://www.tancacoaching.com/feel-like-a-pro/?fbclid=IwAR3WBW3X9uzO0yQ4Nhmdut1lGuQAwu3YwQ3lcegaseEtGFgz8Fd2mKlANEU

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At the @4islandsmtb race, Mitja and Gregor were mentors to two young aspiring riders. 🚵
In the mix category, Mitja competed with @vita.movrin , who had no experience with this type of competition so far. Of course, we cannot say that there were no difficult moments and doubts about the meaning of participation. But Vita ended the race stronger and full of new experiences.

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It`s all about good training plan, dedicated work and you can hit that trails, race or a group ride with a smile and joy 😁😎

Fall is the time to re-think of yur goals 🏆 for next season and make changes.

We know how & what you need to do to improve in your riding & form.

There is no dought you can go faster, finish easier or win 🏆🥇.

Just conntact us and we will find solution for you at
📧 [email protected]

Tanca Coaching Energijateam.com Energija Bikes 4 Islands ADRIA BIKE

Track inspection 🚵 last ride before tomorrows race is done and is going to be a fun one! Our guys and gal are ready to give it all they have and have a blast doing it.💪😊 Good luck to every one on the start line.

KRKA Trophy II izdanje Energijateam.com

Final tranings for KRKA Trophy in next 2 weeks and then #raceistheplace see you all in Drniš 🤩
Check all the stuff organizers prepared for all of us

Energijateam.com Energija Bikes 4 Islands


Drage biciklistice i biciklisti!

Vrhunska usluga nam je najbitniji dio kod organiziranja Krka Trophy-a i zato smo bacili kocku te viknuli "ALL IN", nadahnuti vama kao pravim hazarderima. Jer za vas nema napola već idete na pobjedu, onu osobnu - pobijediti sebe, stazu, osvojiti Prominu, poderati trail dokazati ekipi iz kauča da se može.
Da bi uživali dok patite osmislili smo niz usluga, od profesionalnog tim hitne medicine, bogate zone okrjepa s Drniškim pršutom, strava segmente itd...
Provjerite cijeli popis na: https://krka-trophy.hr/pocetna/dogadaji-2 i vidimo se 28.9. u Drnišu.

KRKA Trophy

FEEL LIKE A PRO - Treniraj kao profesionalac, vozi kao profesionalac, osjećaj se kao profesionalac!

Dragi bajkeri, složili jednu nemoralnu ponudu za sve vas koji dolazite na Krka Trophy u vidu nagradne igre - FEEL LIKE A PRO.

Ukratko Krka Trophy 2019. vodi te na 4 Islands 2020. - jedinu profesionalnu, etapnu MTB utrku u Hrvatskoj!
Ne moraš, naravno, biti profesionalac da bi vozio 4 Islands, ali moraš nas uvjeriti da se tvoj tim iskreno i cijelim bićem želiš tako osjećati. Da imaš idealnog partnera ili još bolje partnericu s kojom češ trenirati, voziti, lomiti, i na kraju završiti svoju prvu "pravu" utrku - ako u tome uspiješ poklanjamo vam nagradni paket koji uključuje:
- Timsku startninu za Mitas 4 Islands MTB Stage Race 2020
- Hotelski smještaj na utrci (6 noćenja u 3&4 **** hotelima)
- Profesionalni program treninga i praćenje napretka by Mitja Tancik (Tanca Coaching)

Više detalja i prijave na donjem linku. Baci oko i vidjet ćeš da mislimo ozbiljno.


MTB Kamp za otroke

We will do something incredible for kids again 🤩, you can see check last years edition here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxSlkUe5z7Y&t=64s
Kolesarsko društvo Melamin Mitja Tancik Gregor Dimic Energijateam.com
MTB trail center Kočevje

kocevsko.com *MTB Trail center Kočevje* v sodelovanju s kolesarskim društvom *Melamin *organizira atraktiven, *letos že tretji MTB Kamp za otroke, *kjer se bodo otroci udeležili izobraževanja o kolesarjenju in se hkrati tudi spustili po zanimivih poteh MTB Trail centra. Prijetno vzdušje je zagotovljeno, za...

4 Islands

It's a new day on Cres😁 Epic stage is a head of us Tanca Coaching at 4 Islands, cross your fingers🤞 and cheer 💪❤. Lets go Vita Movrin Gregor Dimic Jakob Smolnikar David Ivartnik #markobalantic Marko Fržop

Energijateam.com Energija Bikes Tinex Banem šport d.o.o. Magnetna blazina Magus


Good morning.
Sun will be up in a few minutes time at 6:24. Current temperature at 8C on island Rab should reach about 11C during the day on island Cres.
Forecast? A bit colder day. With less wind than expected. There is a slim chance of a refreshing morning shower and a cloudy day ahead.
Have a look at the video to remind us all how it went yesterday. And have a nice and safe raceday today.

Training camp in MTB park Kočevje

The team was training at the MTB trail center Kočevje for the 4 Islands stage race, followed by the latest instructions from the coaches Mitja Tancik and Gregor Dimic.

MEN Gregor Dimic & David Ivartnik
MIX Mitja Tancik & Vita Movrin
MEN Jakob Smolnikar & Marko Balantič

Thx to all our supporters Energija Bikes Magnetna blazina Magus Tinex Banem šport d.o.o. Rasto Medved #kleparstvosoklič


MTB TRENING KAMP - Olympia Bike Camp

In colaboration with Hotels Olympia & Olympia Sky our knowledge & experiences are avalable to you on Olympia Bike Camp - MTB Trening Kamp
Welcome, we will all work hard to bring you a great MTB technical weekend.
Find out more https://olympiabikecamp.com/

Mitja Tancik Nenad Bratković Nutricionist Šime Šunjerga Gregor Dimic Marko Fržop Krka National Park Tourist Board Vodice, Croatia


Great conditions in our trainingcamp, Garmin showing 21°C today. Hard training done easy and with 😁😁. Summer vibes🤩
Energijateam.com Tanca Coaching
4 Islands

4 Islands is geting closer and closer ⏰ , we hope your training is going by plan 👍.
There are still 14 weeks to GO.
If you need a guidance with how to train, get in touch we have solution for you ➡️👍



A labyrinth, a bikers playground, and a Unesco cultural heritage.

“What in the world are these dry-stone walls we see all over the islands and what are they for?” is a question we get a lot from riders year after year. And we do mean A LOT.

Dry-stone walls are known to have been used on Adriatic islands since time immemorial to mark field and property boundaries. Since dry-stone was hard to build, they also sometimes served as a method of payment - you could trade a meter of the dry-stone wall for, presumably, quite a lot of olive oil, wine, figs or even gold.

Luckily, those days are long gone! This spring, these picturesque walls will be a unique labyrinth and backdrop for your racing across our 4 islands. Don't get lost - you still need to cross the finish line.
Race is the place.

consistency is a key to success 💪
Training plan is your map and it`s much easier to execute day to day workouts with it.
Get in shape, plan your training and start working 💪

check 4 Islands preparation page: https://4islands.hr/preparation
check: www.tancacoaching.com


Winter has rolled in and it’s easy to stay at home, in the dry and warm, but there are only some four months to go to and all the hard work now will pay off in April.

No matter what you want to achieve at Mitas 4 Islands - have a race pace or just become a finisher, pleasure is what we think should be a primary feeling and a right fitness level is the only must-have ingredient. Everything else can be replaced with the right amount of goodwill.

Our partners Mitja Tancik and Gregor Dimic are experienced trainers at Tanca Coaching and hardheaded mountain bikers as well as 4 Islands ambassadors. Both of them have been attending the Mitas 4 Islands races for a couple of years already, so they rode all the stages, know all the tricks and the terrain and are a very competitive duo who has worked with several teams already. In other words, you’ll be hard pressed to find someone more competent to help you with your training plan.

Let professionals guide you through your training activities and make 4 islands a great experience.
Race is the place

Get your training plan: https://4islands.hr/preparation/

When conditions get tough, competition is looking for excuses, but we just go out there and work hard ❤.
Consistency and executing the plan is a key factor.
-1c° raining 🙈🙉 3h

4 Islands

Second day on 4 Islands 2019 things get serious.
Better shape means grater fun on trails and better results 😎

Get in shape, plan your training and start working 💪

check 4 Islands preparation page: https://4islands.hr/preparation
check: www.tancacoaching.com

Stage 1 - I'm a rock-it man

After the prologue qualification stage, the next morning we will form up in our starting blocks in the old fisherman’s town of Baška and it will be time to finally get things going for real!

Previously, stage one was a circular type of track, starting and finishing in Baška. This year we did a serious change – the stage will begin in Baška again but about halfway through it will split off onto completely new parts of the island and finish in one of the most ancient towns in the Adriatic – Krk, the main settlement on the island, full of Roman ruins, medieval fortifications and other bits of Croatian history.

Race is the place !

More informations: https://4islands.hr/stage-1-krk/

One more stage makes 4 Islands even more extra fun & tuf race.
It's even more fun if you are in good shape and ready to race.
we know exactly how to get you fit & rested on a race day so you can have some fun!

start now get your training program and work hard when nobody is watching

check 4 Islands preparation page: https://4islands.hr/preparation
check: www.tancacoaching.com

PROLOGUE - Short and Salty

Ok boys and girls, it is time to finally start presenting stages for the 2019 Mitas 4 Islands stage race, and what better way to kick things off than with a bit of a short and salty Prologue.

This prologue stage is something we decided to go for as a way of giving the riders an action-packed short introduction stage which will also count for GC and for starting positions for the 1st stage. This way all riders will have a chance to warm up a bit and check some terrain before the real 4-day insanity begins.

30...seconds to go
Finally there you are with your partner, looking ready...heart pumping, adrenalin flooding all over you...
Hard winter and bad weather training, pain caves and endless intervals, all logistics and effort you put to be here...everything is behind you...

10...seconds to go
Click, the shoe is in the pedal... fingers are on the breaks not letting your bike start too early - 99,99% you are ready

3..2..1.. - Race is the place!

Check for more details about prologue:



We are cycling and coaching service unifaing 28 years of racing and coaching experience of head coach Mitja Tancik with young enthusiasm, energy & fresh ideas of Gregor Dimic. This combination gives you great opportunity to hire your new coaching team, make progress and race like a boss.
visit: www.tancacoaching.com



Energijateam | Transdinara MTB stage race 2016

An unforgettable experience that makes you better. 🚴‍♂️💪🦵

TransDinara MTB

Energijateam took part in Croatian Transdinara stage race in September 2016 with Mitja Tancik and Gregor Dimic on the bikes. The video shows the athmosphere ...

Energija Bikes

4 Islands 2017 is finished with the 4th stage on the island Lošinj.
Energija Bikes riders Gregor Dimic & Mitja Tancik finished close to podium on the final stage.
Congratulations to all the teams who finished the competition.
Big thanks goes to our sponsors, support team and friendly organizers who made 4 Islands 2017 a great experience for us!

Keindl Sport - Bike & Ski Kristijan Keindl Banem šport d.o.o. Magnetna blazina Magus Tinex Rasto Medved 100% Slovenija Air Cam

Energija Bikes

When everything goes wrong... Gregor Dimic and Mitja Tancik have prepared something special for you at the 4 Islands's 3rd stage on the island Cres!
Energija Bikes Keindl Sport - Bike & Ski Kristijan Keindl Banem šport d.o.o. Magnetna blazina Magus Tinex Rasto Medved 100% Slovenija Air Cam

Energija Bikes

Stage 2 at the 4 Islands was fast and our riders Mitja Tancik & Gregor Dimic did a great job on island Krk!
Here is the video report from day 2.

Energija Bikes

Energijateam is back at 4 Islands. Mitja Tancik and Gregor Dimic are taking you through the first stage on the island Krk.
Energija Bikes Keindl Sport - Bike & Ski Kristijan Keindl Banem šport d.o.o. Magnetna blazina Magus Tinex Rasto Medved 100% Slovenija Air Cam


4 Islands stage 4 was fast and furious. Our riders went full gas from start to finish and flew over the track like bullets. Had a tehnical problem but still managed to gain a couple of spots in the overall ranking. In the end they had fun all 40km. Thanks for the suport from our sponsors
Keindl Sport - Bike & Ski Magnetna blazina Magus Rasto Medved Hotel Resort Salinera 100% Slovenija Energija Bikes


4 Islands stage 3 on Island Cres by Energijateam.com.
Have fun watching our day on the race :)
Energija Bikes Banem šport d.o.o. Magnetna blazina Magus Tinex Rasto Medved Hotel Resort Salinera Keindl Sport - Bike & Ski mtb.si


4 Islands stage 2. on muddy Rab in havy rain 😂. Have fun watching.
Energija Bikes Tinex Magnetna blazina Magus Rasto Medved Keindl Sport - Bike & Ski
Hotel Salinera mtb.si


4 Islands stage 1. Mitja Tancik in Gregor Dimic v akciji, tokrat brez tehničnih težav :D

Tinex, Energija Bikes, Bane Bane Miloševič, Keindl Sport - Bike & Ski, 100% Slovenija, Hotel Resort Salinera, Magnetna blazina Magus, Rasto Medved, Tine Lenart mtb.si, Matic Šmon, Jakob Smolnikar

Tanca Coaching's cover photo

Our story in the picture.

Our story in the picture.



Designing a training plan and often neglected scheduling correct amount of rest, are two most important things a side of correct and precise execution of a training plan. Athletes, top level or amateur, carry a grand portion of motivation for hard work and success inside (inner motivation). There is not a training plan hard enough or pain strong enough to stop our motivation. We would cope with just anything in desire of progress that will get us to that success. That portion of motivation can get us in trouble on our path of progress to the desired level of fitness. With that motivation blowing in to our training routine we quickly end up with to hard training day in a training week that forces us to carry on with the rest day or an easy day in desire of progress there is another hard day in our bag… you know where that goes. That kind of unstructured and not wise combination of training loads it’s not effective, is a waste of our precious time and just not wise. Athletes trapped in that kind of circles make progress in the beginning but soon they end up hanging round same fitness level with lots of problems getting tired right when they should be rested for race.


A good training plan is based on an analysis of current condition, pointing out weaknesses, structuring training load and rest and that brings us to progress. All it follows is properly perform that plan, follow instructions and take care of good recovery strategies that will prevent injuries and possible illness that can be a step back in our progress to our goal. A coaches tasks are making a training plan, analyse it’s execution and corrections of the plan due to unexpected causes. What is most important is coaches objective, non emotionally led perspective on whole sport process? That is a huge difference and advantage to self coached athletes. I can assure you it`s worth giving coach a chance to change your training, on my one experience as a self coached athlete for more that 20 years, every year I wished for someone to objectively revise my training and make decisions on how to proceed for me, as I was always over motivated and subjective to myself, self-pressed with my goals and dreams of good results and subject to over training in that motivation.


It all starts with setting a goal and determination to achieve one. It all starts in you! When you have your goal and determination all set that’s the point where we come in your game!

There are several options to choose based on your time available and level of cooperation with coach you need.

The most effective choices are individual training approach or advanced-result orientated training approach.

whit individual program you get your personalized plan build up on an analysis of your training history, goals, weekly time available, weaknesses and preferences. This approach gives us an opportunity to put all our knowledge and experiences to your training plan and guide you trough it’s execution later on.

Advanced-result orientated approach is similar to an individual you get your personalized plan build up on an analysis of your training history, goals, weekly time available, weaknesses and preferences. We build your plan for a longer period and you still have monthly feed back and training plan correction from a coach.

Weekly hours based WHB plans are ready to go build plans based on time/week, gender, age-category and race type oriented plans. we have prepared for you to choose from: 6-8h/w plan 8-11h/w plan 11-15h/w plan woman specific 8-11h plan masters specific 8-11h plan

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Olympia MTB bike camp 2019
Training camp in MTB park Kočevje





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