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Instagram: @cpmcoach check my new post about recovery! leave a comment! 28/10/2021

Instagram: @cpmcoach check my new post about recovery! leave a comment!

Instagram: @cpmcoach

check my new post about recovery! leave a comment!

Instagram: @cpmcoach check my new post about recovery! leave a comment! Visit the post for more.

5 Healthy Tips 18/07/2021

5 Healthy Tips

to be healthy? Easier than you think Some time has passed since my last post, the truth is that I was feeling lazy until today, what has changed? Simple, dust on my computer. I can't stand a dusty computer, nor laziness, both together create an unhealthy mixure of feelings that must be tidy up as soon as possible, and about health is what I am going to write today....


5 Healthy Tips to be healthy? Easier than you think Some time has passed since my last post, the truth is that I was feeling lazy until today, what has changed? Simple, dust on my computer. I can’t stand a …



You can be mentally healthy, and put some work on yourself. I hope the heading was apropiate, I re-wrote a lot of times but still I am not sure about, I think was not perfect at all... I am quite bad at this things... Sounds familiar this speech? Exactly! it is one of the greatest ways to keep sabotaging your SELF....


SELF ESTEEM AT ITS BEST You can be mentally healthy, and put some work on yourself. I hope the heading was apropiate, I re-wrote a lot of times but still I am not sure about, I think was not perfect at all… I am qui…



How to motivate your team!


5 MOTIVATION HACKS Get your working pants and keep your team at the top of their performance

The best leadership skills… 08/06/2021

The best leadership skills…

...to master, before your team dies I am very happy to bring a second post about leadership. I believe if we all know how to be a better leader, our workplace, home, social environments... would improve positively. Always there is something to improve, people who know everything, learn nothing. Please download this infography, save it to your phone and share it wherever you want and if you would like give me a follow at my IG profile: @cpmcoach Love you!


The best leadership skills… Be the leader your team expects, before they die waiting! Leaders lead by example


Ilumination for your videos, tutorial

Ilumination for your videos, tutorial

CPM Training & Coaching updated their website address. 21/04/2021

CPM Training & Coaching updated their website address.

CPM Training & Coaching updated their website address.

Check my Youtube Channel 20/03/2021

Check my Youtube Channel

Check my Youtube Channel

Check my Youtube Channel Visit the post for more.


❤ Happy women day ❤

... to every women out there! 🦹‍♀️

❤ Happy women day ❤

... to every women out there! 🦹‍♀️



Happy with what is going on these days! We are closed but having a lot of fun and good ideas!

Want to learn Spanish? Well now is the opportunity to see if I am a good fit for you.

Send me a message and I'll send you links to classes!

Poslji mejl Carlosu direktno na [email protected] in poslje ti link za brezplacen dostop do skupinskega tecaja spanscine ze v tem mesecu. Dobrodosli vsi, ki bi se radi naucili kaj novega.


😄 Every day we are more. 😃

Would you like to try online #WORKOUT ?

Comment this post with "YES" and I'll send you the link to our next training on Thursday 12/10/2020 at 20:00 🏋️

See you!

coachingandpersonaltraining.wordpress.com 07/12/2020

Silent land

Silent land, it is a pot from my heart, because today writing and training is our real vaccine


coachingandpersonaltraining.wordpress.com it is a pot from my heart, because today writing and training is our real vaccine

coachingandpersonaltraining.wordpress.com 02/12/2020

How to learn Spanish faster than you think

A new post, just check it out and if you want message me to enroll yourself at Spanish lessons!

coachingandpersonaltraining.wordpress.com Do you know what I hate the most from books? When the author writes at the start: how to read this book, and then pages and pages of explanations. Most of the time I close and throw the book away. …



Learning spanish before 2021 was never so easy and fun!

20h training course promoted by animiraj.me!

Lessons will be in English


Učenje španščine s Špancem Carles Plata.
Learn spanish before 2021

Več informacij na [email protected]



coachingandpersonaltraining.wordpress.com 23/11/2020

7 reasons about WHY to learn Spanish


Brina Hodnik Carles Plata


coachingandpersonaltraining.wordpress.com Now you can learn Spanish language


We are just like everyone else, lockdown at our region, otherwise, we are doing just fine, who wouldn't with that views!


What did you do today?

Leave a comment I am very curious how are you doing during this crazy times!


Choose to have no time and your excuses will win.

Are you f%#@ng busy? and perhaps also working from home? That's great, we too.

Join Online Fit Camp, ask for information. Lots of possibilities are waiting to be taken. Personal training, group training, plans...

Keep all your fears away + increase your productivity + get fitter

#fitness #running #cycling #triathlon

Vesna Jere Fitnesshop Brina Hodnik Carles Plata Gorazd Špegel Mitja Lah Mojca Janc Mitja Tašler Tamara Ledinek Ray 'Trey' Currid Tina Špegel Milan Hodnik Radeiko Tetiana Rok Zaponšek Mojca Zaponšek Nina Mandelc Denis Vranjek Ernest Junyent Delgado Oscar Barniol


Make yourself a favor and choose health
WIll you join our online camp?

Like and share

#alwaysfit #joinandsweat #yourtime


Online Fit Camp, Tuesday and thursday at 20.00 from your home. Join & Sweat

#workout #joinandsweat #bodyweighttraining


Having crossed my boundaries made me feel great, not just because I have kept working during this harsh times, but because I jumped to the online world, finally! and, I love it!

I felt back into the time when I was leading the groups, working out with them and trying to give my best in every rep! Believe me, somehow I was missing this, the adrenaline before each class.

I will keep this way of training in my professional future, people from Spain, Australia, Serbia and Slovenia has trained with me online and a lot of people found this method a good resource when they are with no time for the gym.

It is amazing to be able to arrive to more people with just one click! #itrainonline

JOIN & SWEAT arrives in november, to stay.

Wanna join? Ask for more information amazing offers are prepared.

1st training is free!
Comment for the link

#bootcamp #tabata #workout #trainingideas #onlineclass #joinandsweat #weigthloss #nutrition


That is a very good stretching for tight glutes and squat syndrome!


#trxtraining #rehabilitation #fitness


If you want to lift weights, go and lift. If you want to do it properly focus on the real basics. Body weight movements first.

If you understand the exercises you perform, you will never have the feeling that to do hip bridge body weight is a waste of time.

Body weight Hip Bridges teach you a lot about lifting and how to hit heavy loads on Dead lifts, Squats, Hip trusthers, walking lunges, barbell rows, bench presses, and all dumbell/ kettlebell variations, all weightlifting moves and ofcourse about all silly and dangerous exercises you can see on the net.



#performbetter #lifting #weightlossjourney #training #workout #coaching #personaltrainer #bodyweightexercises


We must stay true to ourselves.

Listen to our gut and follow our dreams.


#morningvibes #motivation #monday #fitness #weightloss #fitclub24


Well...that is the only true effect of quarantenee... lost of physical condition.

Who said TRX is not a good tool for strength? Get to know TRX deeply and you'll see some of the moves are extreme, like those rows.

By the way, I believe that in order to make a profound change in our society polititians should be working as volunteers, no payed at all.

Have a nice week, and hit some online training


#trx #trxtraining #fitness #personaltrainer #onlinecoaching #herbalifenutrition


Another very good exercise for balance
#trx #workout #personaltrainer #weightlostmotivation


He is Denis.

Denis is brave. He believes that just consistent work will improve his back injury.
Denis avoids pills. Be more like Denis.

#personaltraining #backrehabilitation #discuscollapse #trx #core #plank #bravepeople


Erik teached me a powerful lesson at the start of that year and is to trust him without conditions.

Also, to trust his abilities and capacities and, respect his learning time to overcome the obstacles that life is putting on his path in order to grow up.

...the best is that works! He started to learn a lot of amazing things by himself so his self-confidence and, his emotional intelligence skills just boosted.

When working with kids, I keep in mind to trust them and, respect their learning time unconditionally, as erik thaught me.

The training time must be a safe place for them to learn and be themeselves and, to develop their athletic skills in a funny way.

Doing that, kids and people in general, will feel more appreciated, safe and confident enough to try new things without the overwhelming of being judged and then, we all win.


#coaching #cycling #triathlon #kids #nutrition


🔥 Fit club v dobrna 🔥

✏ Ob 18.00 trening + degustacija

💣 First FIT CLUB in the town!
Se vidimo!

#fitclub24 #healthybreakfast #workout #bootcamp #fun #fitness #nutrition #herbalifenutrition #weightlosstransformation #grouptraining #challenge


More info?
Like the page and message us
Se vidimo!


Hate it or love it!


Just STOP everything, breath and go

Thinking on a new challenge?

Changing your life?

Looking for a gym plan, personal trainer or online training, then go for it now,

what the heck you are waiting?
#weightlosstransformation #myjourney #foodstagram #gymexercises #fitnesworkout #exercisemotivation


[Sound on ] bo letos na Dobrni super dogodivščina. Nepozabne počitnice.

☆ Se buscan clientes, no hace falta experiencia, os esperamos! ☆

Za vec info animiraj.me



#dobrna #dopust #poletje #poletnovarstvo #visitdobrna

coachingandpersonaltraining.wordpress.com 29/06/2020

Make your Move

Super excited to announce this new program for #cycling #triathlon and all people in love with #running

Get in touch for more information!


coachingandpersonaltraining.wordpress.com A program that fits all runners, cyclists and triathletes. A complete approach to reach your goals, training, nutrition and more


What your people get by achieving their goals is not as important as what they become by achieving them.

Triathlon Velenje, we are active during all summer.

Sign ups are open at Dobrna and Velenje




#dobrna #velenje #triathlon #triatlon #triatlonslovenije #slovenija #kidstraining #personaltraining

My Story

I trained people all my life, since 14 years old, and I never had a plan to make training a way of living. One thing brought me to the other.

On 2017 I get a huge personal crisis, I decide to sell all my material and leave the business. But I failed on that. I just couldn’t.

After the crisis of Coronavirus, I decided to reinvent me, go back to my origins, training kids so I have started a triathlon group in Dobrna, from the hand of Triathlon Klub Velenje, and work on my field of maximum expertise, Running, Cycling, and Triathlon.

Here the program:

Videos (show all)

That is how we have fun during our trainings, transitions training. Put the shoes, and fly!....#tkvelenje#triathlon#vele...
Thanks to everyone who has made it possible.10 years in 3 minutes wasn't an easy task.@triatlon_lajf@brinahodnik@carlesp...
Trying to understand some people's behavior is like trying to smell the colour 9Music : @dani_macaco - bailo la pena.......
In kako vi preživljate vikend?😎💪
101 Thrusters, awesome challenge of 10'Give it a try and let me know if you manage untill the end👍💪#illbeback #commingso...
Not so bad, after this holidays in Slovenia an get some shape up, still we are able to perform, single, double and tripl...




Personal training
Cycling and Triathlon programs
Online coaching


Other Education in Celje (show all)
La profe Yanika - españolščina in druge ñolščine La profe Yanika - españolščina in druge ñolščine

Kot rojena govorka in profesorica španskega in francoskega jezika srčno opravljam svoj sanjski poklic na gimnazijah, osnovnih šolah, tečajih in individualnih urah.

Baletna šola Tamare Divjak Baletna šola Tamare Divjak
Stanetova 17a
Celje, 3000

Baletna šola Tamare Divjak

UM, FL, Laboratorij za informatiko UM, FL, Laboratorij za informatiko
Celje, 3000

Laboratory of Informatics, Faculty of Logistics, University of Maribor

Celje - Brezplačne angleške pogovorne skupine Celje - Brezplačne angleške pogovorne skupine
Prešernova Ulica 25
Celje, 3000

To je brezplačna služba ki jo ponujajo misijonarji Cerkve Jezusa Kristusa svetih iz poslednjih dni. Ni treba da se prijavite.

PUM Celje PUM Celje
Zavod Salesianum, OE PUM Celje, Don Boskov Trg 1
Celje, 3000

PUM ti nudi spodbudo in pomoč pri učenju in iskanju zaposlitve ter pri pridobivanju različnih veščin in spretnosti, uporabnih v vsakdanjem življenju.

Zasebni montessori vrtec Montessori Svet Celje Zasebni montessori vrtec Montessori Svet Celje
Medlog 8
Celje, 3000

zasebni montessori vrtec v Celju

Complementarium Inštitut za raziskave narave in razvoj okoljskih tehnologij Complementarium Inštitut za raziskave narave in razvoj okoljskih tehnologij
Lopata 60
Celje, 3000

Komplementarček organizira zdrave zabave in delavnice za vaše najmlajše v naravnem in varnem okolju. Inštitut Complementarium tudi ozavešča o problemih onesnaževanja okolja in pomenu trajnosti.

Interdent Slovenia Interdent Slovenia
Opekarniška Cesta 26
Celje, 3000

Interdent ranks among the best European producers of dental consumables. We have been keeping abreast with cutting-edge technologies for over 40 years, making sure our products are user- and environmentally friendly.

Inštrukcije iz matematike Inštrukcije iz matematike
Celje, 3000

Že več kot 20 let uspešno inštruiram matematiko in fiziko za osnovne in vse srednje šole.

Mediacija - Zavod ARSIS Mediacija - Zavod ARSIS
Ljubljanska C. 58
Celje, 3000

Izobraževanje, coaching, svetovanje, predavanja, mediacija, mediator, šolska mediacija, poslovna mediacija, družinska mediacija,

RŠS - mreža TVU RŠS - mreža TVU
Mariborska Cesta 7
Celje, 3000

Tedni vseživljenjskega učenja (TVU) so najvidnejša promocijska kampanja na področju izobraževanja in učenja v Sloveniji. Regijsko študijsko središče v Celju je tematski koordinator in povezovalec inštitucij v RŠS-TVU mreži.

Autocad EDU Autocad EDU
Ul. XIV. Divizije 14
Celje, 3000

AutoCAD EDU predavanja so namenjena podjetjem in posameznikom, ki želijo prilagojen program izobraževanja, ki ustreza Vaši stroki in Vašemu načinu dela.