Language school for our youngest.

Tactile grammar learning 👐is employing hand-eye coordination which enables children to develop an understanding of abstract knowledge, which grammar is. You can check out for the use of flashcards on

There are different kinds of posters we use at C00lSch00l, but they all have one thing in common: the structure ( Can you see the intro, body and conclusion). It helps children organising their text, be that oral or written. Have you ever tried it?

V petek, 17.5., ob 9h začnemo s 16-urno delavnico 'Slovnica v vizualnih podobah'. Vizualni in taktilni pristop (hand-eye coordination) pomaga otrokom razumeti abstraktne pojme ... Za vse 'last minute' prijave, prosim pišite na [email protected].

Who can make the longest sentence? We're diving into tactile and visual grammar this Friday and Saturday. You can still join us at Ljudska univerza Celje by signing up on the link below if you want to try it out yourself.

Who can make the longest sentence? We're diving into tactile and visual grammar this Friday and Saturday. You can still join us at Ljudska univerza Celje by signing up on the link below if you want to try it out yourself.

Organising children with these medals is fun 🙂 and cool 😎. The teacher calls out the 'head of the group', who then gathers the rest of the members and gives each of them their role to play ...

Primary CoolSchool Students, year 2018/19, have successfully completed their programme. Congratulations! See you in October 2019!

Workshops for everyone who cares that children get their best opportunity to learn. Presenting the Project Based Approach (PBA) where English is used for creating joyful and playful learning environment for our young learners. Since we are human beings, we prefer social interactions (rather than apps) to teach children how to communicate. Check it out on

Literacy with the PBA: It all starts with storytelling 📖. Then it is spiced with social games that enable learning the language the story offers. Once that is covered, children create a picture story, present it orally and later learn how it is turned into a written text. Being familiar with the plot, learning to read becomes easier. At C00lSch00l, we do it regularly.😃

Learning the alphabet letters from A-Z and from Z-A using the activity that prepares the brain for its higher state of performance ... children love it! (Have seen it at Mike Shreeve's workshop.)

A glimpse into a 6-year-old ELL classroom, after completing one of their literacy social games ... Once the match was found, children put the cards into the Cool Alphabet House for safekeeping. Next time they need them, they can find them easily.

Yet another successful workshop. This time, it was about how to evaluate students' performance to get the information on what children have learnt in order to know what to offer them next ... You want to come to our next get-together? Check out our offers at

At C00lSch00l, we can get our students' best performance. Have a peek ⬇️⬇️ at what one of our 10-year-old students put together👏👏. With the right approach and a child's enthusiasm, everything is possible. ⬇️⬇️

At C00lSch00l we teach writing with the help of CoolTool flashcards. The CoolTool is designed to help children with spelling, word order, prepositions, articles, and tenses. Exploring possibilities in creating sentences, it enhances their creativity and divergent thinking ... Cool 😎.


There's a new topic discussed on the C00lSch00l blog post ... about learning by heart. Check it out! ⬇️⬇️ A blog about language learning. A blog about innovative language learning. A blog about young foreigh language learning. Mija Selič. Mija Selic.

Literacy starts with action. Have you tried playing 'drums' with syllables? It can be a real word or a nonsense rhyme, children don't mind ... as long as we play with sounds and beat the rhythm 🙃

It's such fun teaching real grammar through the PBA; it's action 🏃‍♂️, it's hand-eye coordination (tactile) 👀🙌, it's visual (CoolTool) 🖼, it's gamified 🙂🙃 and all wrapped in a context (from reason to rule). Children learn without even knowing it ... Do you want to see how it works? Sign up for our two-day workshop on the 17th-18th May 2019. ⬇️⬇️

Have you heard of C00lsch00l teaching aids? They are the teaching resources we use instead of textbooks in early language teaching (1st-5th grade). Here are some advantages of using them ➡

Which game shall we play today?
Our C00lsch00l children can never get enough of them and they are a great way to learn. Which are some of your favourite board games for use in ELT?

Grown-ups love activities with visual sentences as well. Join us at our seminars and we'll show you just how much.😎 Find out more on our website➡

[03/22/19]   C00lSch00l's April Saturday meeting is sold out. But, don't worry, we have a 3-day course at the end of August still open.

My family

Every year, C00lsch00lers prepare their own final show. This was the end-of-the-year performance 2 years ago, the topic was family, and the lines were made up completely by the children themselves. 😎💪

The C00lSch00l final show 2016-17. It's a quiz among 3rd grade children, who are looking for their best family members and the candidates for their family me...


Do you want to know more about the PBA approach, get new ideas for working with children or simply enjoy a nice read? Follow our blog ➡ A blog about language learning. A blog about innovative language learning. A blog about young foreigh language learning. Mija Selič. Mija Selic.

The Very Hungry Catterpillar 🐛 is almost a spring 'must-read', would you agree? For more Cool Doodles visit our page ➡

See what we did there? 😎😉

As the PBA approach is all about storytelling, our seminars also give you the opportunity to check out some popular children's books. For more info, visit our webpage

Our C00lSch00l house rules are clear. ☑ What are yours?

Animals are a popular topic in the first grade and every year at C00lsch00l we try to find new ways to create. Finger painted animals are just one of those. Have you tried it? 🎨


Are gap-fill activities even possible with young learners? With children who can't read yet?
Well, yes, they are. Read all about it in our new blog ⬇⬇ A blog about language learning. A blog about innovative language learning. A blog about young foreigh language learning. Mija Selič. Mija Selic.

Learning about shapes, colours and playing bingo at the same time- our C00l d00dles combine many elements and children love them. They are free for you to use here ➡

Movement is an essential part of C00lsch00l classes, we use it in all stages of learning with students of all ages- preschool children as well as adults. 👍

Finding grammatical items in a story we're already familiar with. Do you know Charlie and Lola? Our C00lsch00l kids absolutely love them 🙂

We're creating visual sentences and stories with our C00l T00l cards. If you're wondering what that is, you can check on our website ➡

It is easier for children to speak 🗣 when they are encouraged by the context of a story 📙 and with some pictures 🖼. The familiar illustrations help them put together meaningful information, like the one in the picture ⬇️⬇️ taken from the story One Winter's Day by M. Christiny Butler

Our winter holidays are over and we're back to playing games- it's a SERIOUS business!
Share with us some of your winter back-to-school activities in the comments ⬇❄❄


Have you ever played with the idea of how to tailor a gap-fill activity for young children? I have. You can read it in my new post ... Try it and tell me if it works with your children, too? A blog about language learning. A blog about innovative language learning. A blog about young foreigh language learning. Mija Selič. Mija Selic.


I think we really do, and at c00lsch00l we can teach you ⬇⬇⬇ Listening is the first skill children practice, no matter what language it is. Every parent starts speaking with their newborn the moment th...


Have you tried playing our c00lsch00l learning games? 🖥
We like to recommend them to our students for "homework" or just as a relaxing activity during lessons. C00lSch00l - language school for young learners. A Complete Didactic and Methodological Approach to Early Foreign Language Learning based on unique teaching aids. Fun computer didactic games for young English learners. IKT

Teachers having fun learning about teaching. 😁 That's what our seminars are all about!

It is not necessarily 'the big scale' recognition, like articles about your work in one newspaper or another, or getting the title 'the teacher of the year' that proves your efforts count. In my belief, the real worth is shown when you see your pupils (or students, or teachers ...) follow your example ... It's valour without renown but cuts much deeper and tastes sweeter...

A. H. came to me after the SUMMER Saturday's meeting. "It was worth it," she said. "In January, all the work I had put into socialisation paid off. My 1st graders started cooperating and show such great improvement! We have such great lessons now, and I love and enjoy it!"

I shed a tear reading the note on my messenger the other day ...

"... Drugače sem se pa sedaj lotila poučevanja prve teme v 5r brez učbenika in delovnega zvezka, čeprav jih imamo, in ne morem vam povedati, kako učenci uživajo v tem, da so aktivni, prav veselje jih je gledati. Hvala vam za vaše spodbude v to smer."

( ... I have started teaching without coursebooks and workbooks with my 10-year-olds, even though children have them. I cannot express my delight strong enough when I tell you how my pupils love it! They enjoy being active and it brings me such joy just watching them. Thank you for all your encouragement.)

It's called investment. It always pays off.

Wish you a lovely day.

This is an essential poster in our classroom- always on our wall. 💪 What is yours?

Finding verbs in a story we are already familiar with. This is an advanced assignment, but it can be adjusted for beginners and used with various words. Have you tried it?

The best way to learn is through experiencing it yourself. At C00lsch00l seminars we always give the teachers a chance to experience the activities before carrying them out in their classrooms. 👩‍🏫👨‍🏫

Project-Based Approach (PBA)

What is the Project-Based Approach and why use it in your classrooms?
Read all about it on the C00lsch00l website ⬇⬇ C00lSch00l - Teaching aids designed by Mija Selič as a support in a complete didactic and methodological approach to early foreign language learning. Seminars for English language teachers. Games based on flashcards.

It may seem a meaningless sentence at first sight, but at C00lsch00l we always put things in context. Usually, the context is a story. Can you guess which story this relates to? 📖

Brain gym is an activity we do at the beginning of every C00lsch00l lesson, to activate our brain and bodies before starting to learn. Do you use it in your lessons? 🙆‍♂🙆‍♀

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Visual sentences
Visual sentences




Cesta Na Ostrožno 13
Other Schools in Celje (show all)
Zasebno varstvo otrok  F E D R C A Zasebno varstvo otrok F E D R C A
Kocbekova 42
Celje, 3000

Celodnevno varstvo predšolskih otrok, popoldanska in večerna varstva po dogovoru, učna pomoč osnovnošolskim otrokom, inštrukcije iz matematike in angleščine za OŠ in SŠ, organizacija pravljičnega rojstnega dne, ustvarjalne delavnice.

Glasbena šola MMC -  Celje, Marjeta Glasbena šola MMC - Celje, Marjeta
Stanetova Ulica 3
Celje, 3000

Glasbena šola MMC (Modern music centre). Lokacije: Celje in Marjeta na Dravskem polju.

L Mark doo, šola vožnje L Mark doo, šola vožnje

Zanesljiva pot do samostojnega voznika.

Akademija LuxuryB - Tečaj za nohte, tečaji za trepalnice Akademija LuxuryB - Tečaj za nohte, tečaji za trepalnice
Mariborska Cesta 86
Celje, 3000

PROFESIONALNA ŠOLANJA za NOHTE vseh tehnik podaljševanja nohtov in nail art

Pro Model-Maketarski in modelarski tečaji-Savinjska regija Pro Model-Maketarski in modelarski tečaji-Savinjska regija
Čopova 16
Celje, 3000

NOVO ! NOVO ! NOVO ! MAKETARSKI TEČAJ NOVO ! NOVO ! NOVO ! Ponovno odpiramo vrata v svet maket

Ekonomska šola Celje, Višja strokovna šola Ekonomska šola Celje, Višja strokovna šola
Mariborska C. 2
Celje, 3000


Plesni val Plesni val
Trg Celjskih Knezov 8
Celje, 3000

Plesna šola in klub

Glasbena šola Celje Glasbena šola Celje
Slomškov Trg 10
Celje, 3000

Math - Matematika Math - Matematika
Miklošičeva Ulica 1
Celje, 3000

OFFilm School OFFilm School
OFFilm School
Celje, 3000

Stran je namenjena neformalnemu učenju in povezovanju filmskih ustvarjalcev na področju filmske umetnosti.

Tečaj za pasjega frizerja/ko Tečaj za pasjega frizerja/ko
Škofja Vas 30 F
Celje, 3211

TEČAJ NEGE IN STRIŽENJE PSA vse informacije na 031403685 [email protected]

Zrcalni Dvorani Zrcalni Dvorani
Ljubljanska Cesta 3a
Celje, 3000

Zrcalni Dvorani - dve dvorani z zrcali, kjer se izvajajo različne športno-rekreacijske in plesno-družabne aktivnosti ter različni tečaji in izobraževanja.