Slovenia Event

16th - 19th November 2019, we will hold an international gathering, workshops and seminars in balloon decoration.

Very warm welcome to join the Slovenia Event in November!
Our team and teachers are already working very hard to prepare the program, which will be announced very soon!
You can also join the competitions, Jam room and the trip.

Join us with your registration here:

Who else is “Feeling sLOVEnia” ?

This great T Shirts will be available at the event shop in famous Qualatex colors Robins Egg and Wild berry!

And who is proud to wear this one? 😎

How your balloons can float longer with helium?
With a special treatment HI FLOAT!!!

We are happy to announce, that HI Float will be a sponsor at the Slovenia Event 2019! So check your Goody bag at the registration.

Teachers will use it on their clasess and give you all informations about this great product!

You can follow them on:


It is true!!! Chromes make a huge difference!!

Colin A Stewart, we are looking forward to have you teaching at Slovenia Event 2019!!!

#raptors #wethenorth #theballoonartstudio #championshiplogo we Love our Customers

Slovenia Event's cover photo

Magic Avgustino

Today we have a BIG "Throwback Thursday"!!

This year we are celebrating 10 years of our first Slovenia Event and the 5th one!! We are inviting you to look this beautiful video from our first event in 2009!!

We have to thank many people who was with us at the first event and on all others, we are sure you will recognize some of them on this video!

Special thanks goes to Pioneer Team who was always very supportive!!
And all teachers for all effort:

Luc Bertrand Cba
Sue Bowler
Alberto Falcone
Colin A Stewart
Nandor Schreiter
Nikita Fric
Olga Baranova
Olga Samoilova
Zsolt Dömötör
Andrea Németh
Romana Kolenc
Andrea Noel
Pieter van Engen
Maayan Guri
Canniballoon Didier Dvorak
Serena Balloons
Vladimir Mikek
Ori Livney
Azusa Ieizumi
Akane Shibata
... and many more

Thank you to all Qualatex distributors as Balloon Express Italy, Ballon AS Germany, RS Segelken Germany, Norway distributors Åse Marie Vabog and Petter Vabog, Portugal distributor Joao Laranjeira, Spain distributor Josemaria Alvarez, Belgium distributor Leo Verlinden and many many more AND special thank you to one of the Best support ever Balloon World Hungary Nikolett Forray!!

Thank you to all sponsors:
Premium Balloon Accessories John Bowler
Istrabenz for gasses

The list of all who was working and being with us is very very long, but we are really thankfull to all who was a piece of Slovenia Event puzzle!!

One more huge thanks to Avgustino Čoh & his team to made this great video with a fabolous memories!

Hope you feel the magic in this video!

With sLOVEnia hug from organizers Magic d.o.o.

HAAAAPPPYYY BIIIRTHDAAAy to this super funny Keith Stirman ⭐️⭐️
See you in November!!

A very nice reading we have for you today from Luka Fric who is living and working in New York. He is also a member of our Slovenia Event team and hopefully he will have time to be with us in November.
So what’s about this shoe, Luka has written this:
Native Shoes from Vancouver, Canada just released the world first 100% plant-based, biodegradable and compostable shoe, made by a small family-owned factory in Portugal. The outsoles are made out of natural latex derived from the virgin milk of the hevea tree, same as latex balloons! The process is long— it can take up to two weeks to create a single pair.

One more fantastic lady will teach in spanish style and she is Patricia Font Cervera CBA Spain

Patricia owned a party supply store in 2005 when she, by chance, embarked on her wonderful balloon industry journey. Balloons immediately became her hobby, but quickly turned into a professional career.

Patricia transformed her business into a shop-studio-workshop, exclusively for balloons and their accessories by 2010, and named it GLOBOLOKURA.
Then in 2011, she became one of the first people in Spain to receive a CBA certification.

Patricia maintains her continuous training (attended 29 conventions and events) to learn the maximum possible of techniques from different instructors. “Only in this way, I can have both decoration and twisting tools necessary to develop my own deco-twisting projects to satisfy my clients,” says Patricia and wisely adds:
“All professionals dream of making complex and amazing decorations, although the most usual thing that the average client is looking for are modest compositions on a limited budget. To earn money, we must concentrate on attractive, salable and profitable designs.”

2011 - 2nd place, Centerpiece, ONART Spain

2013 - 2nd place, Wedding Table Competition, Slovenia Event

2015 - 3rd place, Wedding Table Competition, Slovenia Event

Follow her work on

During the Gala Night dinner on Sunday bring your Hat and be part of the competition!
Hat can be made in your room or in a Jam room, so just have an idea and compete!
We prepared very great prizes!
Tag yourself on the photos :)

Slovenia Event

"Throwback Thursday"

Moving decor sculptures to the Pool place for an Opening Party!! This was FUN!!

This year we are planing an Opening Party again at the pools, so bring your swimming wear!!

What is going on?? 🎈🎈

Qualatex | Slovenia Event

How to find Qualatex Conventions, Training Courses, Trade shows, Workshops, CBA Exams,..?
Its all on the!!

And Slovenia Event is also there :) The Slovenia Event is a Qualatex sponsored event organised by the Qualatex Distributor Magic Doo. It is a great value international convention that includes 3 days of Education with Qualatex top instructors, competitions, hands on classes, welcome party, gala dinner and an awards ceremony.

We introduce you lovely Manola Mancini who won the Wedding table competition at the last Slovenia Event.
Did you know, that every time the winner is teaching at our Event? So this is how you also have a chance to try you out in teaching.

Manola´s passion for balloons starts in 2011 in Tuscany, Italy, there she have also her own balloon shop.
She became a CBA in 2013.
She specialized in weddings, fantasy flowers and in table decorations with balloons.
Her achivements are:
2nd Place with Barbara Biagioni in table competition in 2015 at BACI in Florence, Italy
1° Place in Wedding table competition in 2016 at Slovenia Event in Slovenia
3° Place in table competition in 2018 at OnArt in Spain.

She will have retail classes at Slovenia Event with special bubble tehniques, so dont miss it!

So let’s introduce the “Guess teachers”!!!
Miguel Rêgo and André Rêgo will join the team of teachers at Slovenia Event 👏🏻👏🏻
They are very busy brothers, as they run a party shop Casa de Baloes in beautiful Porto in Portugal and work as DJ’s!!
Follow them on social media and check out their great work 🎈🎈

Happy birthday to Renata Fric, who is your contact for the event and she will take care for all your special wishes 🎈🎈

GUESS WHO are this 2 special guests on Slovenia Event?? Just a tip that they are brothers 🎈🎈

We are all very excited about 7" chrome!!

Let´s make the Slovenia event more awesome with chrome balloons!!

Program with classes will be announced very soon :)

Terme Čatež - destinacija Čatež

You wanna see how you can enjoy at the event location Terme Čatež? And you know that the Opening party will be at the swimming pool area, so dont forget to bring your swimwear!!

Terme Čatež so kraj oddiha in zabave, saj poletna in zimska Termalna riviera ponujata zdravo vodno zabavo in sproščujoče učinke tople termalne vode kar 365 d...

Customers opinion worth always very much and here is one from Magic Avgustino team, who are one of our the best decoraters in Slovenia:

We are loving our job and Slovenia event is a big privilege for us because we get to meet new people, other profesionals and have fun while doing this right here in Slovenia. At the event, there are a lot of different seminars, where we get a lot of ideas for the decorations with balloons. There is also a competition in decorating a wedding table which is great for us, because most of our costumers are the people getting married and are deciding for a decoration. We are also amazed that we get to meet the best profesionals and decoraters from all over the world right here in Slovenia at Slovenia event.

We are definitely going to attend it again right because of meeting new people, because this is the best way for us to exchange our experiences and ideas in our proffesion.

We advise everyone that is going to attend Slovenia event to go there with passion for new knowledge and to ask instructors a lot of questions about ballons. This way their work will look profesional and will be respected much more by their costumer.

See you at Slovenia Event, hugs to all from

Avgustino & Mary

How much passion is on this fabolus photos!!
We just love to see all this happy and focusing faces willing to learn new tehniques!!
This is the point why to be part of balloon events!
Learn a lot, meet artists from all over the world and have a lot of FUN!!!

Did you watch the live Q Corner with Keith Stirman and Dominic Cassidy yesterday?
Who knows the answer when is the Early Bird for Slovenia Event?
If you miss it, you can watch it here:

Thank you to both for a great advices you gave to balloon industry 👏🏻

Our the youngest teacher at Slovenia Event will present ideas how to make this fabulous organic designs.
The frames will be available to purchase, so don’t miss the class with Nikita Fric 👌🏻👌🏻

QBN Beginners Guide

Are you still thinking to become a QBN member and a CBA?
Sue Bowler explains all about it in her blog 🎈
You still can be ready to make your CBA practical exam on Slovenia Event with Keith Stirman!!
Just let us know and be part of this incredible experience 🎈 A s with all skills we have to start somewhere. In the balloon world people 'find' balloons through different routes. Some through an alre...

Gala Night decor brainstorming is ON!!
The THEME will be revealed soon 🎈🎈

Whoop whoop its Federico´s bday today!!!
We prepared a special class for Slovenia Event, so dont miss it!! It will be awesome!!!!

The full registration package includes:

- 3 days of classes with TOP instructors
- Saturday Opening Party with dinner
- Sunday Gala Night dinner
- coffee breaks
- CBA exam (if you want to do your practical exam, please send email to [email protected])
- an unforgettable Slovenian trip on Tuesday!

More info on

Dont forget to book your hotel accomodation!
Your booking for 42 euros per night/per person include :
- breakfast
- lunch
- swimming pool
Beautifull Terme Čatež resort offers a buffet breakast and lunch, so all at one place!
Contact informations are all here:
If you look on the map, event, rooms and meals are all in the Hotel Toplice!

Are you ready to compete at Slovenia Event and win up to 1.000 euros?

Sign up for one or more competitions:
* Wedding Table competition
* Frame competition
* Hat competition
* 12 minute figure

More information here:
or just send an email to [email protected]

Today is your day Jonathan Garcia 🎈🎈 Happy birthday and to more events like this one 🎉🎉

There will be a lot of twisting going on with one of the best twisters in the world, Zsolt Domotor!!
Twisting Jam room will be open all 3 days during the event and you can try any kind of modelling balloon and learn from the best!!
Excited?? YES or YES?

What’s on your breakfast menu? ❤️

The youngest teacher at Slovenia Event is celebrating today! We are wishing you all The Very Best Nikita!

So great to see such a support from distributors around the world...
Thank you to Balões Fiesta from Portugal and OnArt from Spain 🎈🎈
We hope to see a lot of your teams at Slovenia Event 🎉🎉
Registrations are open on

Winner of the Wedding table competition at the last Slovenia Event got married ❤️❤️
Manola Menchini Cba and Alessio Binelli congratulations ❤️❤️
Manola will also have a special class this year, so let’s meet her 🎈

There will be fantastic classes, using all chromes 👏🏻👏🏻

Yesterday we had a fabulous class with Nikita 👏🏻👏🏻 She is preparing a lot of news for Slovenia Event too 🎈🎈
Registrations are open!!

[04/04/19]   I get a lot of questions about transfers from the airports.... So here it is an general answer:
You can choose or Ljubljana (Slovenia) or Zagreb (Croatia) airport, but Zagreb is closer to the Event place.
We will arrange transfers for reasonable price or let you know how to come to the place.
One very important thing: Croatia is still in the zone that maybe some of you need viza (Ukraine, Russia,...), so please check before you fly!!

Promoting Slovenia Event in Budapest with Nikolett Forray 🇸🇮🇸🇮

Two educational events start this weekend!
The first one is in Germany and second one in Budapest. Both of them have fabulous teachers!!
Renata and Nikita will join the Budapest event with Keith Stirman and Tope Abulude!!
Book your dates for the next event, especially for Slovenia Event from 16th to 19th of November 2019 🎈🎉

Slovenija moja dežela

Do you wanna know more about Slovenia?
We have beautiful nature, cousin, wines, lakes,...its a special adventure to explore our country and we wil take you to some special places on 19th of November.
So be ready to enjoy Slovenia Event and a trip with us!
Trip is included in a price 279,00 euros for the event, so book your dates now!

vir: Matador Network, Youtube

Today is celebrating our the best decorater in Slovenia and you always met her on all Slovenia Events having a class with table arrangements for a Gala dinner.... This year she will have a class again... we cant do it without her...
Romana we love you and we are happy to have you with so many smiles all the time... Have a great bday!!!

One special person is celebrating her birthday today! 🎈🎈 She is one of us three who are organizing Slovenia Event together 🎈🎈
If you still haven’t met Yulia Sidorova in person, come and meet her, as she is such a great person who is always giving a lot of ideas and helping in any situation.
PS. She is the blondie on the left 😉
Happy birthday Yulia Sidorova and lots of hugs and kisses 😍

And here it is!!
Federico Onida will be one of our teachers at the Slovenia event!!
So lets do it in italian style too!!
More about Federico on

Slovenia Event's cover photo

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