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White Cow Gallery, Studios and Klub are art, photography and ceramics facilities for White Cow Klub members - see also FB Jon Hatfull Ceramics

White Cow Studios comprise a 20m³ ceramics workshop, with a kiln 40x40x50cm which fires up to 1200 degrees. Upstairs is a photo studio set up to photograph small scale objects from jewellery to ceramics, with WI-FI, toilets and even a shower! White Cow Klub members have low-cost access to these facilities, plus discount in White Cow Gallery. Open Studios between 7 and 9pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday are available for non-members to make anything in clay under supervision by Jon Hatfull. If you wish to be notified about White Cow, you can request to be added to Friends of White Cow. Just message this page for more information. White Cow 'never closes' - but a quick phone call is advisable to check if someone is here - 00386 (0)31 752 891 White Cow Studio sestavlja 20 m 2 velika delavnica s pečjo za žganje keramike v velikosti 40 x 40 x 50 cm, ki doseže temperature vse do 1200 °C. V zgornjem nadstropju se nahaja studio za fotografiranje manjših izdelkov, Wi-Fi ter toaletni prostori s kopalnico. Člani kluba White Cow imajo dostop do teh storitev po ugodnih cenah in popust v galeriji White Cow. Studio je odprt ob ponedeljkih, sredah in petkih od 19. do 21. ure za nečlane, člani klubapa ste vabljeni kadarkoli po predhodnem dogovoru. Z vami bo Jon Hatfull. Postanite naši prijatelji na Facebooku in vedno boste na tekočem z dogajanjem pri nas. Za več informacij nam pošljite zasebno sporočilo. White Cow je vedno odprt, le pokličite nas preden nas obiščete - 00386 (0)31 752 891.

In the gallery now ...

Latest experiments with terracotta and Galestro body ...

Jon Hatfull Ceramics

Still a bit chilly for the time of year, but the roses don't seem to mind! White unglazed vases: https://photos.app.goo.gl/gbAymYHCERoqajuT7

Spring is when the flowers come again - a fresh batch of vases at whitecow.org (jonhatfull ceramics)

Jon Hatfull Ceramics

Spring is sprung.

A few pics of the gallery this pleasantly warm Easter evening ...

A lovely warm weekend spring cleaning ...

Jon Hatfull Ceramics

Fridge Magnets. Handmade from my own photographs in most cases, 6.5 x 4.5cm glazed white earthenware - colours will never fade! Available Vipava TIC, Stanjel TIC, Osterija Branik, Vipavski Kriz, Hisa mladih Ajdovscina and direct from me for 4€ each. Individual photos at: https://photos.app.goo.gl/pmmTMkuvFSZYf2Gh6

Jon Hatfull Ceramics

January sale - https://photos.app.goo.gl/mbtdLeKu7c8quBjY9
these bowls, for example, black stained chamotte, matching pair (1705 + 2017) NOW 30€

Jon Hatfull Ceramics

Individual shots of yesterday's clutch of Piran houses - checkout whitecow.org for more details and other stuff

Presently available in the gallery ....

More stuff - go to whitecow.org - jon hatfull ceramics for info and individual pics

Jon Hatfull Ceramics

Autumn Discounts - castles for aroma oils, perfect for long autumn and winter evenings with your favourite scent! Plus many other pieces: https://photos.app.goo.gl/7JK8LoKcpL9LdiJV7

FACELIFT/NEW LOOK. Over the summer the gallery has had many changes and improvements, and to celebrate we are having an OPEN DAY - Saturday 29 September. Food and drink will be served plus SPECIAL ONE DAY DISCOUNTS/AKCIJA - things from 2018 - 10%, 2017 - 20%, 2016 - 30%, 2015 or before - 40%. Many smaller items are HALF PRICE! Open 10am - 10pm.

Jon Hatfull Ceramics

White Cow Gallery January Sale - 50% off everything!

Fattening the gallery up for Xmas! Quite full just now, and with Halloween + Day of the Dead in mind, I lit all the tea lights!

White Cow Gallery today ... (see also Jon Hatfull Ceramics)


It's an omen!

Коровы удивлены)))

Видео gypsyon_ с Instagram

Jon Hatfull Ceramics

Latest batch of stuff - mostly chamotte or terracotta ... a few more to come after a transfer/decal firing


exploring chamotte and colour -more bowls

Photos from White Cow's post

.... and this is how they came out ...

Jon Hatfull Ceramics

Drying out, in time for Valentine's Day - terracotta hearts and bowls

LAST TWO DAYS! Januarski Popust! January Sales at Stvari - soap dishes and small dishes, small containers for pencils or razors - even tiny jars for 'class A drugs'! 5€ or 10€ until 31 January. Also, long overdue prices rises coming from 1 February on almost everything else.

Januarski Popust! January Sales at Stvari - soap dishes and small dishes, small containers for pencils or razors - even tiny jars for 'class A drugs'! 5€ or 10€ until 31 January. Also, long overdue prices rises coming from 1 February on almost everything else.

The Cow says; "Mooo"

Jon Hatfull Ceramics

EVENT: Jon Hatfull will be joining 'English' houses Saturday 29 Oktober at Stvari, 32a Gregorciceva, Ajdovscina from 10am. All welcome.

The Cow lit up for the long winter evenings - 'always' open (for you!)

New shelves and new bowls and dishes ... see Jon Hatfull Ceramics ...

[01/15/16]   Evening classes/open studios start again next week - Ponedeljek, Sreda in/ali Petek - 19.00 - 21.00 (5€ each session).


VID 20151122 155523

The interior of White Cow studios, through the eyes of a nine year old boy ... https://youtu.be/Y7u8_MwQlkU

White Cow studios through the eyes of a nine year old boy ....

'Christmas is coming, The goose is getting fat, Maybe buy some gifts, From old Uncle Hat' - small things, from broaches at 3€, soap dishes and passport photo frames at 10€ to heart boxes at 15€. Special gifts from butter dishes at 25€, tea light houses/towers/skulls at 30€, bowls/dishes at 30€ to clocks at 50€. UK customers just read £ for € to include free P&P - but order soon for Xmas!

White Cow on the Road again, with Xmas colours - Bazart on Saturdays now from 10am - 4pm, still 6 - 9pm on Thursdays ...

Last night at Bazart, Ajdovscina.

White Cow takes to the streets! We will be at Bazart on Thursday evening (6-9pm) and Saturday afternoon (2-6pm) every week until Xmas - se videmo!

NB/. Days change: now PONDELJEK, SREDA in PETEK - dobrodosli!

White Cow has a baby sister! As superscript is tricky to find on keyboards (or even in programs) just cut & paste COW² into the FB search window to get to COW² page (and 'like' it, please), or go to whitecow.org and follow links ...

White Cow Road Show hits the streets of Koper on a warm 1st September evening ... (fonecamera only - sorry!)

a new slogan for the hand-printed t-shirts:

Close-up of the White Cow stand at Koper yesterday (forgot to include it in the post below) - thank goodness everything was in the shade, I think my ceramics might have melted out in the sun!

The White Cow roadshow continues - Koper yesterday, in crazy heat (mitigated in a life-saving way by a sea breeze and excellent ice cream nearby!)

Size matters! The biggest single item I ever squeezed in my kiln - over 30cm cubed - rolled with 8mm terracotta slabs did not quite work! Ho-hum - small is beautiful ....

introducing the DIS range of hand-printed t-shirts - 20€ inc. t-shirt - more variations soon, or choose your own words

ceramics for those special plants ...

White Cow takes to the streets! Koperski Talent (art market) on a blustery post-storm day. Lots of Norwegian, English and German tourists cruising the Adriatic - Iris Plesnar had her own table/stall further down the street.

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