The Heuristic Way

THW is a tuition centre focusing on Singapore primary and secondary school math using heuristic methods to solve complex questions. We excel in mathematics from Primary to Secondary level.

Our method is to help your child break down complex questions and using diagrams, charts and models to solve the questions. Contact us now and get a tailored program for your child!

Operating as usual

[11/13/17]   Good Monday morning students, how was your end-of-year examination? Did you do better than your term examination?

At The Heuristic Way, we believe in gradual grades improvement. If your grades jump from a D to C, we believe that you are getting better.

While it is not impossible for a student's grade to jump from D to A, it takes time and effort to make it there.

So, do not get upset if you did not score a B or A this examination. Continue to work hard and don't give up! 💪 11/10/2017

The ST Guide To... preparing your child for primary 1

Happy Mid-Week! Are you preparing your child for primary 1 next year? Here is a guide from Straits Times to prepare your child. Shortly after scrambling to get a place in a primary school, your next concern would be how your child will adjust to Primary 1. 04/10/2017

A little detour to her destination

To our students who are taking O-levels this year, choosing the next path on where to go next may not be easy. However, every path is an opportunity. Do speak to our teachers who had gone through the same experience before :) Is Kalsum thought that her education and career path ahead was clear, but the difficult decision to quit JC to study in a polytechnic ended... 27/09/2017

Homework Copying Turns As into Fs

At our centre, we do not look for perfect answers. We dedicate ourselves to ensuring that the children are able to solve the problem themselves. Help your child learn from mistakes and it will benefit them in the long run. When it comes to individual assignments, students need to DIY, explains retired principal Mrs Wong Bin Eng. 06/09/2017

Making reading a best-selling hobby

As we are half way through the September holidays, it's not too late to start making reading a habit now!

Building on your child's English Language does help them to understand the question in Mathematics problem sum. Understanding the question is important before the child can solve the problem. So start reading today 📘 How do you encourage your child to pick up reading as a hobby, and not just because he or she has to? 30/08/2017

Fake or real?

Children now live in a generation where they can easily access the Internet. There are many things on the Internet. Help your child know what is right and wrong by speaking out to you. How can we help our children stay vigilant against fake news? By teaching them to spot it… 23/08/2017

MOE releases 2018 school calendar

Have you checked the school calendar for The year of 2018 yet? Knowing beforehand when your examinations are coming will help you to be prepared mentally.

Also to plan your holidays too! We are reaching the end of the school term soon, students, hang in there! The school term next year for primary and secondary schools will start on Jan 2 and end on Nov 16. The school year will start on a Tuesday as Monday (Jan 1) is a public holiday, the Ministry of Education (MOE) said yesterday.. Read more at

[08/09/17]   Happy National Day Singapore! 31/05/2017

Spend the school holidays wisely | British Council Singapore

Holiday is here for the students! Don't spend your holiday away with watching television or playing on the iPad. Go out and have some fun! But don't forget to continue working your brains as well to keep them going before the next school term starts again. Happy Holidays! Don’t want your children to idle the holidays away? Convince them to put their time to good use and pick up some valuable skills!




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