Al-Madina Toastmasters Club نادي المدينة للتوستماسترز

Each week we practice public speaking and improve leadership skills
in a cooperative, supportive, and fun environment.

Al-Madina Toastmasters Club


We are part of a leading non-profit international organization for self-improvement in public speaking and leadership. Topics prohibited for presentations are political,sexual and controversial religious issues.

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Photos from ‎Al-Madina Toastmasters Club نادي المدينة للتوستماسترز‎'s post 19/01/2015

Photos from ‎Al-Madina Toastmasters Club نادي المدينة للتوستماسترز‎'s post

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Photos from ‎Al-Madina Toastmasters Club نادي المدينة للتوستماسترز‎'s post 06/06/2014

Photos from ‎Al-Madina Toastmasters Club نادي المدينة للتوستماسترز‎'s post

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Al-Madina Toastmasters Club نادي المدينة للتوستماسترز

guys don't miss the meeting today at 9:00pm at alazhari center... believe it's gonna a wonderful meeting!!!


guys don't miss the meeting today at 9:00pm at alazhari center... believe it's gonna a wonderful meeting!!!


to day at 8:30 don't miss the meeting and bring your CL manuals with you! see you at alazhari center!


are ready for the meeting tomorrow guys? i'm sure you are. there will be a project presented by tm kashef


it was a nice meeting yesterday we had a lot of great guests..the club coming to the top again...!☆☆☆


yesterday i was in the club. i liked the new guests and the energy of mohammed al najdi. thanks for all of dear members, but we still need more focusing and more attending. we can do better, let's do it!!


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The Importance of Public Speaking Will —

1.improve your self-esteem and confidence
2.develop leadership skills
3.boost your communication skills
4.improve your career opportunities
5.advance more quickly in your chosen field
6.become a better conversationalist
7.inspire others
8.organize your thoughts
10.improve your research skills
11.persuade people to your viewpoint
12.improve your listening skills
13.develop more powerful creative thinking skills
14.become a more effective writer
15.earn money as a public speaker
16.learn to be a more sensitive communicator
17.gain self knowledge
18.improve your emotional intelligence
19.boost your ability to focus and evaluate you to become a better interviewer and interviewee
21.give effective presentations to upper management
22.deliver workplace presentations and workshops
23.improve mentoring skills
24.increase your visibility doors to new opportunities


Interview with Brian James Olds:

1. Why did you join Toastmasters?

I joined Toastmasters after I learned a club was being formed at Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland which then became MSU Toastmasters. I transferred to Morgan in 2005 and was looking for a way to gain more personal confidence. I joined because I felt that learning to speak effectively in public should be a skill to learn before joining the professional world. I remember being asked to give presentations in class and being very nervous. Today, I often jokingly tell new members that before joining Toastmasters I could not lead two people in silent prayer.

2. How long have you been a member?

I joined MSU Toastmasters as a charter member in 2006.

3. Which club or clubs are you a member of and what do you like most about it?

Today, I am a proud member of three clubs. In addition to MSU Toastmasters, I belong to Maryland Advanced Speakers Club as well as the newly chartered Allegis Group Toastmasters Club. All three of these clubs are different and provide a unique membership experience. The thing I love the most about the Toastmasters program is the fact that it is a global organization. In addition to being in all U.S. states, Toastmasters has a presence in over 113 countries. This represents an amazing opportunity to build relationships with members all over the world and learn about different cultures.

4. What do you do for a living?

I currently work full time for a major staffing company called Aerotek. Aerotek is the largest privately-held staffing company in the U.S. and the sixth largest in the world. The parent company is Allegis Group. I work in Business Operations managing the billing for several of our National Accounts. I have worked at Aerotek since 2007 and I credit the skills I learned in Toastmasters with helping me in the interview process to be offered the position.

5. How have your leadership and communication skills grown since joining Toastmasters?

The leadership skills I have learned in Toastmasters are just as valuable as the communications skills. What most people may not realize is that all effective leaders must be effective communicators. In my opinion, Toastmasters is the perfect laboratory to hone both skills. If you want to learn how to be an effective leader Toastmasters is the place to do it. In my leadership journey, I have served a variety of club and district leadership roles including club president, area governor, division governor and now district public relations officer. Each of these roles have forced me to develop new skills sets such as learning to lead a team, time management, delegation, listening, event planning and many others. I have thoroughly enjoyed my leadership experience in Toastmasters and I recommend that each new member take their leadership growth just as seriously as communication.

6. How have these skills benefited your personal and professional life?

I believe I am just beginning to realize how valuable Toastmasters has been in my life. Personally, I have developed a network of friends and acquaintances that span the globe. My closest and most trusted friends are in Toastmasters. I even convinced (she would say forced) my fiancée to join and watched her flourish in the program. Professionally, Toastmasters has helped me tremendously. I jump at every opportunity to speak at my company when called upon to do so and I use the skills learned in the Competent Communication manual all the time. Additionally, when presented with the opportunity to charter a club at my company, this provided me with a unique opportunity to meet and work with employees from different areas of the organization, including senior leadership. Leading the charter process helped me to build key relationships while helping others gain the value of Toastmasters. I consider my involvement in the chartering process of the Allegis Group Toastmasters Club to be one of the most significant professional accomplishments in my career to date.

7. What are your goals in Toastmasters?

I have several goals in Toastmasters. In the educational program, my goal is simply to earn the designation of DTM (Distinguished Toastmaster) which is the highest level available. It did not start out that way; initially my goal was just to get through a speech without sweating palms! As I learn more about the opportunities in Toastmasters, my goals increase. Additionally, I now have a goal to be district governor, Accredited Speaker and perhaps International President one day. I will push to the highest levels possible because each goal accomplished represents a corresponding increase in knowledge, skill, relationships and confidence.

8. What is your favorite thing about Toastmasters?

My favorite thing about Toastmasters is definitely the people. In today’s society, we are inundated with information and technology. We can access entertainment, news and communicate with virtually anyone from almost anywhere. Nevertheless, the human experience is an element that cannot be replaced with technology. With each speech in Toastmasters, you are temporarily transported to a new reality and you share in someone’s personal experience. Over the years I have probably heard about 300 Toastmasters speeches and I have learned something from each one.

9. What surprised you most about Toastmasters?

The thing that surprised me the most about Toastmasters was that many younger people (18 – 30) did not seem to know about it at all. This was really disturbing to me considering the tremendous value that the Toastmasters educational program represents to this demographic. During my year as Public Relations Officer I learned that there are about 450 college based clubs around the world. I would like to see that number, as well as the overall number of members under the age of 30, increase significantly over the next few years. In fact, I have made it a personal mission in my district to leverage technology and the lessons learnt at MSU Toastmasters to put a successful Toastmasters club on every college campus. MSU Toastmasters is now celebrating its five year anniversary and I believe its model can be successfully duplicated on campuses across the country and around the world.

10. What’s next for you in Toastmasters?

Since joining Toastmasters, I have witnessed so many people join the program with little confidence and speaking ability and literally transform after a few speeches into dynamic and poised communicators. Seeing and helping people grow is certainly my passion and in Toastmasters. My goal is to help as many people as possible experience and maximize the value in the program offers.

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