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Haram Makkah

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Haram Makkah

❤️Jumma Mubarak ❤️

🌺Eid day in Madina munawwara🌺
Eid day in Madina Munawwara🌺🌺

📌Today Esha prayers in Makkah Mukarama📌 May Allah bless us from the month of Zil hajj..

The name Azaq is the well of Madinah Munawwara where prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h drank water from it and prayed with Sahaba...

🌺Solar eclipse in Madinah live prayer today🌺

May Allah give all muslims to get ziyarat of this city.
❤️Friday prayers of haram Madinah❤️Trial registration:

❤️My first prayer in Haram after lock down Alhamdulilah ❤️

❤️alhamdulilah after long time prayer in Masjid nabawi❤️

‪EMOTIONAL | RAIN IN MADINA | HD | 27 Ramadan 1441: Spiritual Rain-Soaked Mosque Of Prophet Mohamed (PBUH)Trial Registra...

Do these tips to make your last 10 days special.

Raining in Makkah yesterday in the night of Layla TUl Qadar...❤️subhan Allah ❤️

❤️O Allah pardon me forgive my sins❤️