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We are now on YouTube. Thank you so much for all the 💕 💕💕. Watch our new serial “Don’t Go Speechless”, appearing every 2 weeks with new and . See you on YouTube and pls continue to subscribe and keep loving 🥰 US. #Удачи 🍀 и 🤗бнимашки и Увидимся 😽

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Lo and behold, just imagine. Think about it, fancy that= подумать только. Have fun with it.
#Удачи 🍀 и 🤗бнимашки.

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С Новым Годом 🎄 друзья
#2021 **k2020
Went through some cool history of
Some typical seasons greeting cards
Behind the Iron Curtain that were manufactured on some really unique mediums.

#Удачи 🍀 и 🤗бнимашки.


A Story About Teachers

A Story About Teachers⬆️☮️💟☯️☦️☸️♋️
are the best. They are like family. They are like a Mom, they will teach you how to eat. They are like a Father and show you how to stop getting lost. They are like sisters and brothers that show you how to love other humans. They make history, religion, politics come alive. They guide you through the geography of our Planet 🌎 in places you never knew before. They make small places the biggest part of life and let BIG problems disappear. It is true- “Nobody wasted a moment on or . Meet our teachers or ask about our trips or enrollment. #удачи 🍀 и 🤗бнимашки!!!!!

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The Language of Laughter🤣. Learn to tell some Russian 🇷🇺 Jokes. If you have any of your own please- Make me Laugh and leave in comments below⬇️. Message me for classes. If you are coming to Russia, Don’t go Speechless 😶!!! 💟☮️🕉♋️ и 🤗бнимашки

1. Я отношу себя к хорошим людям, но они приносят меня обратно. The 1st part of the sentence is normally translated as "I consider myself to be a good person", but literally it is " I bring myself to the good people". That's why the 2nd part of the sentence "but they bring me back" starts to make sence))2. Think how much you could have done if not someone else's opinion.3. All these words came to Russian from English and we don't understand and don't care about their meanings. All these things are called Кофта. Forget about diversity in your wardrobe))))4. Do you understand me? Explain to me also.5. All kinds of things can be made in China! #мадеинчина There is one bad word, but we believe you already know what it means)))6. Do you know how Horses (Knights) move? In Russian this Chess figure is called a Horse (Конь). Also we have a phrase Ебись оно (все) конем - let it be all fu**ed by a horse! Meaning "Let it all go to Hell", "I don't care", "f**k it", "I'm done with it" etc. Now you understand the link between the tired woman's face and the chess figure)))7. Нажраться - (slang) to get totally drunk.

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Alita Pantalassa. She’s the best Teacher on the Planet!!! She can teach you English, Russian, design a video game, write beautiful music and write a Horoscope!!! The BESt!!!

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Horrible Scopes for Halloween 🎃. Here is your 🇷🇺 Russian Horoscope this week. Let’s get spooky this week. Translate your own horoscope below and let’s guess “What you Are!!” 1-2-3 Go!!!! Tap the link above and have a private lesson with ME!!! I will fix that awful tongue 👅 your Mama gave you!!!! Happy Halloween 👻 From Cyrillic House 🏠.



How is YOUR ACTION? 😘💦
In we have regular verbs but then we have verbs 💔 called . They mean that the is in a vector of motion. They are divided into 2 groups and the 1st group means the motion is taken only 1 time and the 2nd group means that you do the same thing only multiple times. Strange right? 🤪. The most IMPORTANT THING HERE IS TO REMEMBER THEY ARE REFERRED TO WHEN USING (КУДА) which means “where”. Oddly there is another word called (ГДЕ) which also means “where”.
Confused 🤷🏻‍♀️ yet? 🧐
Here is the key 🔐⬇️
Где= where for an object that is somewhere and is completed being there.
Куда= an animate object (yeah or a living thing) that is in the process of moving in a particular way- One of 28 ways!!!!🆒
They are
Идти- ходить
Бежать- бегать
Ехать- ездить
Лететь- летать
Плыть- плавать
Тащить- таскать
Катить- катать
Нести- носить
Вести- водить
Везти- вносить
Ползти- ползать
Лезть- лазить
Брести- бродить
Гнать- гонять
1st column- 1 direction action, 1 time action
2nd column- multidirectional action such as to and from or repeated regularly in a routine

So- bonus what famous Russian girl bands sing about the last verb of motion? And do you love this band? Do you love this song?

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Beware of the “Gender Benders”. 😂 Rules are made to broken and Russian Language is no exception. So I’m just gonna leave this ⬇️ here.
Exceptions: and most are logical other than the great Russian debate over Coffee
Имя name n
Время time n
Папа Father m
Дядя Uncle m
Дедушка Grandfather m
Мужчина Girl m
Кофе Coffee m
Юноша Youngman m

The feminine form has created the link above in our Bio.
Be a man about it and click the link in our Bio above.
Or if you wish to stay neutral and want nothing to change in ur life 🤓then don’t click
The link in our Bio above. ❤️Thnx
Увидимся 👫


Thanks and welcome to all our new members on the page. Although we ar primarily a Russian Language Club we are more of an international community for World Travelers and we love to Eat and Exercise. Pls share your world adventures and share our club with the international community and students alike. Спасибо 😉

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⬅️with a Prefix.  In there are a few common words and they get used all of the time.  A lot of wil drill word endings until you are sick🤮 (#тошнить) of it.  Root words or ( CASES) as they are called in have to do with the stuff we posted in the last lesson.  We want to try to lessons to build from, one at a time to get you .  In the last post, use the diagram to know how to change the ending of the root word when preceeded by the pronouns (also in that diagram 🤷🏻‍♀️DUH)).  In the post today we learn some .  #внимание‼️ (warning) PLS LEARN THESE MORE THAN ANYTHING‼️. Learning prefixes is the to listening 👂 to Russian Language.  Russian words have 3 parts a lot of the time: A Prefix, Root and Suffix.  You will hear the root or “middle” of a word over and over but it will mean many things bc of the prefix; and the language is fast so- 👍good luck at listening backwards.  👈And- the only memory techniques that will help you learn a language in another lexicon(symbol for alphabet) is to visualize 👁pictures bc like sounds in English will only go so far.  The charts will help you visualize “up, on, in, out, above, across etc.” while traing you to listen from the -start of a word/that is modifying the middle of the word/ and identifying it by the end.  Many 👨‍👩‍👧can speak 👄 Russian and even more can write✍🏻 and read it.  But this is the key to hearing🙉 it and eventually you can “Feel the Language.”  #удачи (good luck) 🙌

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“Stop Yelling😱, I can’t take it with your YELLING”. I hate to bore😭 with rules in . 🇷🇺 If you’re gonna study Russian your gonna need a lot of . This not a chart. It’s a “CHEAT👮🏻‍♂️SHEET” and it’s easier to remember bc it rhymes. Our last post was on alphabet. I wanna assemble this IG thing so there is always a to and use -logically and moving forward. You will ALWAYS use these pronouns in . Here is a list of SUFFIXES put at the end of root ending with (ать and ить). YOUR WELCOME( #ПОЖАЛУЙСТА). Ps. You can click on the link or just do whatever you want anyway😜

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“CYRILLIC HOUSE” is your new Russian Language Academic Source providing English students: Russian Tutoring, Travel Immersion and Essential posts which build a SYSTEM to learn by. SO, Let’s start with what it’s all about- THE CYRILLIC ALPHABET

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