ICM Cluj-Napoca 2015

ICM Cluj-Napoca 2015

This page is to keep you updated with information about the 67th ICM which will take place between t


This summer, ELSA Cluj-Napoca is inviting you to Cluj-Napoca for a wonderful experience! An intriguing topic - criminal law, great academic programme and entertaining social programme.

Don't miss this opportunity and apply now for the Summer ELSA Cluj-Napoca Law School - Criminal Law

More info: http://lawschools.elsa.org/

The Additional Application Period for the SELS on Criminal Law organised by ELSA Cluj-Napoca is now OFFICIALLY OPEN! Don't miss out this opportunity!

More information is available here: http://lawschools.elsa.org/summer/cluj-napoca-criminal-law/

Apply until the 28th of May, 23:59 (CET) on http://lawschools.elsa.org/


Come back on the 30th of March, we have a surprise for you on the official Summer ELSA Cluj-Napoca Law School - Criminal Law page!
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ELSA Law Schools | Cluj-Napoca – Criminal Law 28/03/2018

Be curious, do something different this summer, choose to take part in our Summer ELSA Law School on Criminal Law!

More details can be found here: http://lawschools.elsa.org/summer/cluj-napoca-criminal-law/
Do you have any questions? Contact us and we will tell you more!

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ELSA Law Schools | Cluj-Napoca – Criminal Law Join us in Cluj-Napoca, one of the most beautiful cities of Romania. “With one of the most bright economies in the country and a population of around 330,000, Cluj, is today a vibrant cultural and educational city.”.

Mobile uploads 27/04/2015

For the first time in 10 days there is no one at the OC Desk. We are all dead-tired but it has been the most amazing time we had. Despite the lack of sleep, the stress and the worry it was all worth it. Nothing would have beeb possible without the most amazing team I could have asked for. We hope that you all had a good time, that you had fun and that you have gone back home with memories as beautiful as ours.

Mobile uploads 24/04/2015

Update on ELS and alumni programme!

Mobile uploads 24/04/2015
Mobile uploads 22/04/2015

The Mid-Plenary has begun! We're in for a 14+ hours long ride!

Mobile uploads 18/04/2015

Less than a day away!!

Party themes and venues 29/03/2015

Curious about the party themes?! Go ahead and check the link below and you can find out what we planned for you guys!

Party themes and venues ICM 67 Parties - Themes and venues - More information about what the themes for the parties are and the places they will be held will be announced soon!

Mobile uploads 17/03/2015

Dear Alumni and ELS,

Please find enclosed the Alumni and ELS programme for ICM Cluj-Napoca who will take place from the 19th to the 26th of April in the very heart of Transylvania. As you see, we have prepared a special programme for you from Thursday 23rd to Sunday 26th, but are happy to welcome you also prior to the event.

Application is open until the 27th of March and you are kindly asked to apply and submit payments individually – you don’t have to join the delegations joining the ICM from your country or the country where you are working.

Until the expiration of the application period, I will be your sole point of contact so I am hereby kindly encouraging you to address any you might have. Though, do not think that I shall be alone – I have a great team of eager and dedicated people who will ensure that your stay during the ICM - from landing/arriving by train up to the moment we say farewell – will be a pleasant one, and that you won’t have to worry about anything, but having a good time!

With your approval, we will publish the names of the applicants regularly, so that you can be updated all the time on who among your friends will be joining the ICM!

For any concerns, questions or queries do not hesitate to contact my at any time! I can be reached via phone: 004-0740-017-466 or e-mail [email protected]

Kind regards from sunny Cluj-Napoca,


Dear ELSAnians,
As you all already know, the deadline for your applications for the ICM 67 has passed.
However, if you didn't have the time to apply, we're bringing you some good news! We still have some free spots so if you're still thinking about coming to Cluj-Napoca but didn't find a spot or you didn't have time to fill in the application, now is your chance. All you have to do is contact the Head of Delegation for your country and make sure that we receive the new application until the 17th of March 23:59 CET. Until the same date you can also withdraw in case you will not be able to attend the ICM( we hope that that won't be the case for anyone). After that date, withdrawal is no longer possible.
We can't wait to welcome you all here.
Hugs from Cluj,
The OC


Our dearest ELSAnians,
It appears that there have been some erros with the applications. Please check you have sent the application forms via [email protected], and not another address.
We will return in the morning with more news.
Have a lovely night,
The OC


Dear ELSAnians,
You have one hour left to send in your application forms. We are waiting for all of them :)
The OC


Dear ELSAnians,
Don't forget! Today is the last day where you can send the application forms!! We will be waiting for them until 23:59 CET and more importantly, we are waiting for you in Cluj-Napoca.


Dear ELSAnians,
ELS - The ELSA Lawyers Society is once again extremely generously offering the ELS Scholarship for yet another ICM, this time in Cluj-Napoca. You will find their message below:

Dear ELSA friends,

on behalf of the Executive Committee of the ELSA Lawyers Society (ELS) it is a great pleasure for me to announce the CALL FOR APPLICANTS for 4 ELS Trust Scholarships towards the participation to the Cluj- Napoca ICM.

In recent years the ELS Trust has given many ELSA members the possibility to attend ICMs as "ELS Scholars" by sponsoring their participation fee. We are happy to again offer this opportunity for the forthcoming ICM.


The ELS Trust is set up as an instrument to pursue and implement the spirit and aims of the ELSA Lawyers Society as expressed in its Statutes "..... ELS strives as an independent organisation to support ELSA..... by contributing to its positive and qualitative growth, by means of fund raising, marketing and other activities....."

In managing the Trust, ELS strives to keep update with all developments and needs of ELSA at all levels of the organisation so to pursue ELSA's best interests in the allocation of the funds, while maintaining total independence from ELSA's Council, the International, National and Local Boards and any other executive and/or legislative body.


to promote the dissemination of the principles and the spirit of ELSA and ELS amongst all law students and young lawyers by fostering the participation of ELSA members to International Council Meetings and providing financial assistance to ELSA members who show potential and determination in personally contributing to the upholding and dissemination of these ideals.


The ELS Trust offers:

4 ELS Scholarships of up to Euro 203 each in participation fees at the ICM plus the Special Package including Gala Ball,Social Programme and Sightseeing.

This means that each successful applicant (or "ELS Scholar") will have the ELS Trust pay up to Euro 203 for his/her participation fee plus the Special Package fee directly to the ICM Organising Committee.

Unfortunately the ELS Trust cannot provide for travel expenses, which will have to be taken care for by the successful applicants themselves.

No more than 2 scholarships may be awarded to one same country.


1. Deadline for submitting Scholarship Applications to ELS is March 14th as per ICM application;
2. Announcement of results approx. 10 days after;
3. ELS Trust pays up to Euro 203 in participation fee plus special package
fee for each "ELS Scholar" directly to ICM Organising Committee;


When applying for the ELS Scholarship do not forget to also apply for participation to the ICM with the ICM OC.

You are required to follow all instructions set out by the ICM OC.

As an applicant for the ELS Scholarship, the OC of the ICM will put your ICM application on "HOLD" status. This is an exception to the general rule that once you apply to the ICM you are obliged to pay the participation fee whether you actually participate or not. "HOLD” means that in case your scholarship application is rejected by ELS - and you are not able to participate to the ICM after all - you will NOT remain obliged to pay the participation fee to the ICM OC.

This is valid under the following conditions:

1. You inform the ICM OC in writing that you are also applying for the ELS Scholarship;
2. your ICM application is made according to all requirements set out by the ICM OC;
3. the "Hold" status will last only until the results of the ELS Scholarship are announced;
4. after this date those who had their ELS scholarship application rejected must immediately inform the ICM OC on whether they intend to participate after all.
If they do not inform the OC of such intention their application will be considered canceled.


members from ELSA Member Countries, Observer countries or prospective National Groups (i.e. ELSA contacts in the process of becoming ELSA members) may apply.

Send an email to:

Pierangelo T. Graziani E-mail: [email protected]
Executive Officer ELS Trust
ELSA Lawyers Society

state your name, address, telephone, and email and state the arguments in favour of your candidature.

For your information some of the INDICATORS we will be watching in the decision making process include but are not limited to:

1. economic and social situation of applicant's country of origin
2. financial situation of the applicant, of his/her Local and/or National ELSA Group
3. availability of financial aid
4. past participation at ICM of applicant personally and/or of his National Group --(N.B. this is neither a "plus" or "minus", but serves together with the rest of the information to give an idea of the National ELSA group.)
5. growth potential of the ELSA National and/or Local Group
6. applicant's willingness to personally contribute to the upholding and dissemination of the ideals of ELSA and ELS

The managing Body of the ELS Trust, while remaining independent from ELSA, will strive to have all necessary input from ELSA at all levels and especially, besides the applicants themselves, from ELSA International and the ICM Organising Committee.


ELS Scholarships are not intended as "gifts" but as "investments" in individuals who are expected to do their best for ELSA. Therefore the ELS Scholar:

1. Is expected to make the best of the Council Meeting experience, actively participating in Plenary, Workshops, Conferences and any other working event as planned by the ICM Programme. Actively participating in the Social Programme is a desirable plus.

2. Within 6 weeks after the end of the ICM he/she will write a report to ELSA addressing his/her Experience at the ICM and plans for developing ELSA in his/her Country

NOTE: The report is a very valuable tool for ELS in monitoring how the ELS Trust contributes to ELSA and in evaluating how to best allocate its resources in ELSA's interest. Therefore ELS expects all ELS Scholars to take this requirement seriously and reserves the right to take actions against those Scholars who should not perform this essential requirement in the agreed manner.

For any further information please do not hesitate to contact me.

Looking forward to receiving your applications,


Pierangelo T. Graziani
Executive Officer ELS Trust
ELSA Lawyers Society

E-mail: [email protected]

Concerning visas 01/03/2015

If you want to come to ICM Cluj-Napoca but you are not sure whether you need a visa or not when travelling to Romania, we recommend that you check this section on our website.

Concerning visas Do you need a visa?The list of countries whose nationals must be in possession of visas when traveling to Romania:ArmeniaAzerbaijanBelarusGeorgiaRussiaTurkeyUkraine The list of countries whose...

International Council Meeting 67 13/02/2015

We know that it is Friday the 13th, but we hope your luck is about to change! :D
The application period for ICM Cluj-Napoca is officially opened!!

International Council Meeting 67 Are you curious about the place where the International Council Meeting will be held? Take a look at at a couple of photos of one of the most beautiful cities of Romania, Cluj-Napoca.


Hello everyone:) As you all might know, the spring ICM is getting closer. Well maybe not really that much, but you all get the idea. So,here we give you the official page of the ICM Cluj-Napoca. Make sure you follow us to keep up with all the latest news!

Cover photos 07/01/2015

Photo credits: Cristi Jora

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