Alis Ubbo

Alis Ubbo

"Through oceans where none have ventured"
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There are some classic flavor combinations you just can't resist: cheese and wine, strawberries and cream... anchovies and jam?
Everyone has an improbable pairing they champion and we want to hear yours! The rules are simple: present your pairing to the world (as a photo or video), and use the hashtag to share it with us on social media (don't forget to tag us .eht !). Bonus points if you film someone tasting and rating your combo 👀
There are no wrong pairings, just misunderstood combinations - now is your opportunity to let them shine!


As intrapreneurs we are driven to look forward and promote positive change, but we can't help build the future if we aren't conscious of where we are today. We wanted to put our finger on the pulse of the hospitality industry and give voice to its professionals, so we asked a simple question: what do you value in a job/workplace?

With this idea, our campaign was launched, so that companies and individuals alike can be aware of our



It's official: we have a new logo and motto! After some tweaking and fine-tuning we bring you a fresher Alis Ubbo, one that takes inspiration from the past to propel us into the future. Portuguese sailors were the forefathers of globalization, taking to the seas to pursue the promise of a more connected world. They were one of the first entrepreneurs of their time and we follow in their footsteps in our unwavering commitment to do things differently and defy conventions. Our motto "Through oceans where none have ventured" refers to the portuguese epic poem "Os Lusíadas", and underlines the idea that we can only find a better way by being brave enough to travel uncharted waters.

So let's all board this intrapreneur ship and make our way to Maastricht together!



Divided in space but united in our intention! Alis Ubbo is a multidisciplinary team with representatives from both EHT Porto and EHT Lisboa, connecting both cities in the goal of representing Turismo de Portugal's schools in the . It's the first time our institution is invited to this competition so it's added pressure for our team members - but we're ready to handle that heat 😎 So who's on board for this maiden journey? Come meet the team!

Bárbara Marafona: EHT Porto - Hospitality Operations Management
Catarina Jorge: EHT Lisboa - Food and Beverage Management
José Sousa: EHT Lisboa - Management and Kitchen Production
Sofia Ramos: EHT Porto - Cultural and Heritage Tourism

We hope you're as excited as we are, and for our competition... See you all in Maastricht! 🙌🇵🇹


Alis Ubbo is a team created for the 14th edition of the international competition "EMCup" happening in Maastricht in the 13th and 14th of February 2022, with the theme "Intrapreneurship - the salvation of our hospitality DNA". To embrace this challenge, Turismo de Portugal created a team with representatives of 4 different courses (Management and Kitchen Production, Hospitality Management, Tourism and Cultural Patrimony and F&B Management) coming from two different schools (EHT Porto and EHT Lisboa). This competition will feature 104 other teaching institutions from 26 different countries, that in the coming months will have their knowledge and skills tested in the dispute of the title of the biggest entrepreneur in Europe. From our end we're prepared for the challenge and ready for this fight, but we can't do it alone! Follow us on our social media accounts to get to know our team, be up to date on our activities and show your support!

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