Love, Movement & Balance with RivaJazz

Love, Movement & Balance with RivaJazz


#TCM 🙏🙌💗
An honour to know Chris Leong and see his brother Erik Leong side by side. #BoneSetting #Osteocare #CLM #TitTarMethod
This is essential for us therapists and i often mention this with my clients in session. No more no less, ground your self, bathe your self with sea salt or with sage! 💪🙏🌠😉❤🌟🌟 #CleansingNegativeEnergies #Cleasing #Clearing #HowToCleanse #DivineProtection
Fascia - again the subject that some of us don't know what it means and what it's for.
Abraço imenso. Que tudo flua.
Kidneys and its importance: check the main factors to help get better life and and better kidneys ;)

Hi! I am an LMT in Raynor Massage. This is a very deep tissue massage that helps in many conditions. Other treatments are also available: Quantum Healing, Oracle Readings, Spiritual Coaching, Pilates,

Welcome. This is a Mobile Service where you only provide the space for your treatment. If you need more details, contact me via email. Thank you.

This page is solely for the Practice of Raynor Massage Therapy, Spiritual Coach and other Holistic Therapies tailored to help others improve their wellbeing.

[04/30/20]   Let's start some exercises to do at home - remember to be gentle with your body and focus on your breathing.

Less is more and so you are precious my lovely!

#staysafe #quarantineYoga #KeepYourBodyMoving

Instituto Van Nghi Portugal

Mental Activity and Will in the process of empowering your Immune System!

#covi19 #Kidney #WillPower #Immunity

Dr. Tran Viet Dzung, falando de Imunidade.
Jing Shen Zhi

The Inner Voice Path with RivaJazz

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Dear Souls,
Free Meditation today at 11.11am GMT.
Join us here.
Much Love, Riva


🙋‍♀️🌟🌏❗️ ❕ ‼️💗Dear Souls ❗️❕‼️ 🌟🌏

Following the 🌟🌏 global alert on the #Covid19 I invite you to for any #consultation online!

🤗 We welcome those who:
- Wish to gain some insights on what is happening;
- What can be done whilst at home;
- Lower the stress and fear in their bodies;
- Seek help on emotional and mental stress;
- Be guided to a general sense of calmness;
- Gain Positivity in the middle of a crisis.

🌸I am offering #Coaching Sessions by donation of here: - Each consultation will last 30mins only so we can help others.

🔮#Tarot & #Oracle Readings will be reduced to 25minutes each and with a total cost of €/$/£15

Yoga & Pilates Therapy Exercises to recover your body posture are now facilitate online too. with a 40mins(1st apt and 30mins for follow up apts). All online sessions can be done via WhatsApp/Skype/Facebook videocalls. Payments are made via paypal.

Share this as much as possible with your friends and family.

In the event you wish to receive personal development at this stage you can still do it as normal by booking your first 5 sessions in advance and schedule your coaching this way.

Any other therapy that requires physical contact, such as massage, shiatsu, moxibustion - are now postponed until further notice. Thank you for your understanding.

Stay safe, nourished and #WeAreOne Love, Movement & Balance

Dear Friends and Souls!

Create a moment in your sacred space to relax and remove any Fear, any drop of worries and transmute it to the Highest Good of All! This is Simple and Effective. You only need to slow down and not follow the mainstream of news and whoever is engaging in the lower frequencies.

Remember to Be Gentle, Be Kind and Be You (Your Higher Self!!)

Much Love, Riva

These types of pains are directly linked with your emotions - Browse Feed

Emotions vs Pain what you can know and do about it. 1.       Pain in the head Everything is sometimes in the head right? Head pain often comes with increased stress. If you have so much stressful situations on daily basis the head pain eventually comes to you. You should take a break and become relaxed for a moment or two if you have head pain. 2...

Sharing the deep work with wonderful beings

Acupuncture 'lessens chemotherapy neuropathy' A trial found 68% of cancer patients who suffer with neuropathy saw their symptoms lessen.

The Inner Voice Path with RivaJazz

Happy SuperMoon everyone, this is a time for a few free readings, come and join me

The Importance of Dancing Like an Idiot One of the strangest but also most intriguing and redemptive things that humans get up to, in almost any culture one cares to study, is occasionally to gather in large groups, bathe in the rhythmic sounds of drums and flutes, organs and guitars, chants and cries, and move their arms and legs about i

0202 2020 – METATRON – EXODUS

Happy #Synchronicity dear Souls:

"(...)According to numerologists this particular date of 0202 2020 carries with it the feminine creative energies of manifestation and is a very powerful date giving us an opportunity to actually manifest what we want into our reality. This is a gateway that allows to envision the future not only for your own self and your family but for all of humanity! (...)"

Today is also the first day after the Imbolc - so much is going on already and much more will come, stay tuned. Greetings My Beloved Masters of the Universe! This is such an exciting message that I can’t wait to share it with all of you. You see on February 2, 2020 (0202 2020) we’re going to have a palindrom…

Manter a Fé em tempos de mudança - Isabel Angélica

Este vídeo surge como uma tentativa de sugestões para podermos alinhar o nosso coração de forma a acompanharmos a passagem de tantas Almas para o outro lado ...

"Depression" = I Pressed On

#Depression #Pressed

Are you travelling or living in Lisbon and need a Professional Therapist at your home/office?

Viaja ou Vive em Lisboa e procura um Terapeuta Profissional em sua casa ou escritório?

Contacte-nos! 933968980 e marque já a sua sessão

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Pregnancy brings a lot of pressure on your hips + other pains and aches. Come in for a Massage to help you release your tension and allow the baby to move even freer and let you sleep better. 🤰🤱
☎️ Book on 933968980

Any therapy is available at your home in Lisbon and Seixal Areas only.

🌐 for other therapies 💆‍♀️💆‍♂️

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May you feel blessed everyday dear Soul


For real, people. 🦵

Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do.
- Benjamin Spock – 1903-1998, Pediatrician and Author

Get your first holistic treatment with 15% discount.
Applicable for Lisbon and Setubal Areas only.

Thank you for the sunshine. - Lessons Learned in Life

#ThankYou 💗💗💗 To all the people who are loving and kind to me, thank you for the sunshine you bring into my life. ~Brigitte Nicole

The 3 C's Of Life

#MakeTheChange You want to see in Your Life

Choose a Coach "The 3 C's Of Life: Choices, Chances, Changes. You must make the choice, to take a chance, if you want anything in life to change."

[01/07/20]   As I grow older, I pay less attention to what men say. I just watch what they do.
- Andrew Carnegie – 1835-1919, Industrialist

Não é beleza que procuramos em alguém, mas maturidade e responsabilidade

Happy new Year dear Ones 💗💜🙏🌟 "É fácil achar alguém para curtir e passar um tempo junto. Difícil mesmo é achar alguém com papo interessante, ideias e opiniões valiosas que faz a gente perder a noção do tempo em uma conversa boa que flui sem precisar forçar."

Jeanette Wilson


This new year begins with the power and strength of the divine feminine aspect of the masculine First Ray, creating a powerful and balanced stepping stone from the old energies to the new year ahead.

Read more in my latest diary entry:

Mei-lan Maurits

Dear beloveds,

Today is a day for reflection, a mark in our lives that depict a closure of a full decade and I invite you to go deeper in your spirit and along with the music below you can resonate with the Love of your own energy to let go of anything you no longer need in your life and create space for the new things that will come to you in this next chapter of your life.
Breathe, Relax the mind and let go. Then smile :)

Wishing you all a beautiful exit from 2019 and a great entrance in 2020

Beautiful loves,

Thank you for joining me in this Angelic Sound Healing session. I invite you to be open and receive what Spirit wants to communicate with you.

Today’s session is an invocation for the new year. Surrender the past to Source and allow deep healing to take place.

For further support after this transmission, I’ve created this meditation, “Healing with the Angels”, to help you experience the break through that you are worthy to receive.
You can receive it here:

With all my love,

The Inner Voice Path with RivaJazz

This is my last session of the year 2019, getting ready for what is coming up, if not just join me here live!

A Special Live tonight:

- Changes for the YEAR 2020!
- Messages from the Great Spirit;
- Get your Reading for the NEW YEAR: donate here

💌 Be Specific with your Questions.💌

Oracles available tonight: #Universe #Kryon #MessagesFromYourAngels #Archangels #HealingWithTheAngels


The Inner Voice Path with RivaJazz

In just a few minutes I will go live.... stay tuned

Going live tonight here in Lisbon, will you join me in this deep rain?

+351 93396 8980


Wishing you a happy day

Just in case you're having a bad day 😉

[12/03/19]   New Moon in Sagittarius tonight!

Join me tonight for another special moment from the Spirit and Angels and Archangels messages.

Share and be kind. Let's be more open.


Welcome, dear One!


This is a complementary therapy service performed in the comfort of your own home.

Since 2012 I have been practicing Raynor Massage, with many success stories of recovery from pain and injury, insomnia, trauma, addictions, depression and lifestyle patterns, amongst other conditions.

In 2016, I had the most amazing volunteering experience at St Charles Hospital in central London. Where there was a fusion between massage and spirituality, getting really intense to the point of feeling that this is a gift that calls for me more everyday.

Over the past 7 years I also developed other works in conjunction with Massage such as Healing Touch, Oracle and Tarot Readings, Teaching Heart Meditation, Divine Love Female Practices, Moxibustion, Dorn Method and Breuss Massage, Spiritual Coaching , Reflexology, Pre and Post Natal Massage (Pregnancy), Quantum Healing, Exercises for Better Spine Health and Organs.

Since 2019, I have returned to Portugal and continue to develop my gifts to help even more.

  • Languages ​​spoken fluently: Portuguese and English.

  • Mobile service of complementary therapies in the client's home or offices: Includes Massage Table (table).

  • Serving the following areas of South Lisbon: Costa, Almada, Amora, Seixal, Sesimbra, Azeitão, Palmela, Sobreda, Aroeira, and also, Lisbon Center. Any other location other than those mentioned above will have added value of travel. For any extra info, contact us!
  • For Portuguese version reading further down ⬇


    Este é um serviço de terapias complementares realizadas no conforto da sua casa.

    Desde 2012 que pratico a Massagem Raynor, com muitas histórias de sucesso de recuperação de dores e lesões, insônia, trauma, vícios, depressão e padrões de estilo de vida, entre outras condições.

    Em 2016, tive a experiência mais incrível de voluntariado no Hospital St Charles no centro de Londres. Onde houve uma fusão entre a massagem e a espiritualidade, ficando realmente mais intensa a ponto de sentir que esse é um dom que me chama cada vez mais.

    Nos últimos 7 anos, desenvolvi outros trabalhos em conjunto com a Massagem, como o Toque de Cura, Leituras do Oráculo e Tarot, Ensinando a Meditação Através do Coração, Práticas do Amor Divino Feminino, Moxabustão, Método Dorn e Massagem Breuss, Coaching Espiritual, Reflexologia, Massagem Pré e Pós Natal (Gravidez), Cura Quântica, Exercícios para uma melhor saúde da Coluna e Órgãos.

    Desde 2019, que regressei a Portugal e continuo a desenvolver os meus dons para ajudar ainda mais.

  • Línguas faladas fluentemente: Português e Inglês.

  • Serviço móvel de terapias complementares em casa do cliente ou escritórios: Inclui Mesa de Massagem (marquesa).

  • Desloco-me nas áreas da Margem Sul: Costa, Almada, Amora, Seixal, Sesimbra, Azeitão, Palmela, Sobreda, Aroeira, e também, Lisboa Centro. Qualquer outra localidade fora das mencionadas acima, terá valor acrescido da deslocação. Para qualquer outra informação, contacte-nos!
  • Quer que o seu escola/colégio seja a primeira Escola/colégio em Seixal?

    Clique aqui para solicitar o seu anúncio patrocinado.


    Entre em contato com a escola/colégio




    Horário de Funcionamento

    Terça-feira 16:00 - 21:00
    Quarta-feira 16:00 - 21:00
    Quinta-feira 16:00 - 21:00
    Sexta-feira 16:00 - 21:00
    Sábado 10:00 - 16:00
    Outra escolas/colégios em Seixal (mostrar todos)
    Cooperativa Pelo Sonho É Que Vamos Cooperativa Pelo Sonho É Que Vamos
    Avenida General Humberto Delgado, N.º 115
    Seixal, 2840-254

    Cooperativa "Pelo Sonho É Que Vamos"

    RIVER - Academia de Estudo RIVER - Academia de Estudo
    Travessa Dos Lusíadas Nº6
    Seixal, 2840-535

    Apoio ao estudo desde 1º ciclo ao ensino secundário, transporte escolar, psicologia, terapia da fala, ensino especial, horário alargado, centro explicações

    Curso de Informática ESJA Curso de Informática ESJA
    Avenida José Afonso – Arrentela ( Bairro Das Cavaquinhas )
    Seixal, 2840-268

    Hello English Hello English
    Praceta Ema Reis
    Seixal, 2855-582, CORROIOS

    Explicações de Inglês para todas as idades e todos os níveis.

    Externato A Casinha Mágica Externato A Casinha Mágica
    Rua Almada Negreiros, 548-549
    Seixal, 2865-047

    Atelier Artes Multicor Atelier Artes Multicor
    Fernão Ferro
    Seixal, 2865-061


    Ti'Elsa Explicações Ti'Elsa Explicações
    Avenida Dos Redondos Loja 40
    Seixal, 2865

    Um novo sítio para aprender!

    Abecedários e Algarismos - Centro de Estudos e OTL Abecedários e Algarismos - Centro de Estudos e OTL
    Avenida Carlos De Oliveira, Loja Nº30 A
    Seixal, 2840-215 SEIXAL

    O Abecedários e Algarismos é um espaço de âmbito escolar que pretende dar continuidade ao trabalho desenvolvido nas escolas dos nossos alunos.

    Colégio Quinta do Pinheiro Colégio Quinta do Pinheiro
    Avenida General Humberto Delgado 127
    Seixal, 2840-254

    Experiência,Dinamismo,Profissionalismo e Competência são a chave para crianças motivadas, criativas e felizes. Venha conhecer-nos. 212211330

    Team Value Team Value
    Rua Dos Ciprestes 14A - Vila Chã
    Seixal, 2840-011

    Team Value - Formação, Gestão de Recursos Humanos e Consultoria Lda.

    Sala de Estudo / Planeta dos Miudos Sala de Estudo / Planeta dos Miudos
    Fernão Ferro
    Seixal, 2865

    Positive Kids Positive Kids
    Seixal, 2855-157

    Acompanhamento escolar Para ter sucesso escolar, é preciso equilíbrio e normas de boa conduta no decorrer do habito de estudar.