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Bayero Agency provides you admission into affordable universities in Ukraine�,Turkey� and other countries in the following field:Medical Sciences,Engineering
Social Sciences and Humanities
We also help in guiding you on scholarship applications.

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Are you ready to take your education to the next level and experience the world? Now is the perfect time to apply for a masters degree abroad! Not only will you have the opportunity to learn from top professors and institutions, but you'll also gain valuable cultural experiences and broaden your career prospects. Don't miss out on this chance to invest in your future. Start your application today! If you have any questions or need help with the process, just send me a message and I'd be happy to assist you.

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"Ready to study abroad on a budget? DM us now to learn more about these top 5 affordable European countries: Bulgaria, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, and Romania. "


Are you worried that studying abroad is too expensive?

Think again! There are many universities and programs that offer affordable tuition, scholarships, and financial aid, and that can make studying abroad more accessible and affordable.

Plus, studying abroad can be a good investment in your future, as research shows that graduates who have studied abroad tend to have higher salaries and better job prospects.

Don't let cost be a barrier –
contact me now and learn more about how to study abroad without breaking the bank.


Have you ever considered studying in Poland?

With world-class universities, affordable tuition, and a vibrant culture and history, Poland is a top destination for international students.

Plus, you'll have the opportunity to learn Polish, one of the most beautiful and challenging languages in the world. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity –
contact me now and start your journey to study in Poland! "


Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime? Studying abroad is the perfect way to explore new cultures, learn a new language, and gain valuable skills and experiences that will enhance your resume and career prospects. Plus, you'll make lifelong friends, create unforgettable memories, and broaden your horizons in ways you never thought possible. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity – start your journey to study abroad today and discover the world!


The Czech Republic by is one of the most affordable countries to study.
Here are 5 universities withh tuition between 2500-4000€/year.

1. Masaryk University (MU)

2. University of Ostrava (UO)

3. Technical University of Liberec

4. University of Economics, Prague (VŠE)

5. University of Hradec Králové (UHK)


Hello, it's scholarship season again!
Tooday we bring to you both scholarshipp and affordable tuition fees opportunitties to help you move to Sweden.

1. BTH Scholarships:

2. SI Scholarship for Global Professionals :

3. Chalmers scholarships :

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Apply to study medicine, engineering, aviation or any other social sciences today in Ukraine.

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Alberto Amaral
Outra Educational Consultants em Porto (mostrar todos)
Gabriela Medeiros - Formação e Consultoria Gabriela Medeiros - Formação e Consultoria
Rua Engenheiro Adelino Amaro Da Costa
Porto, 4430-194

Consultor de Formação na Multicompetências, Lda. mais informações:

Acceptance Letter for Study Acceptance Letter for Study

ADMISSION et INSCRIPTION dans les universités Portugaise. ACCOMPAGNEMENT des étudiants dans leur démarche administrative et autres.

beneMIND beneMIND

Conectando Sentidos

Comboio de Papel Comboio de Papel
Rua De Diu 414
Porto, 4150-272

Serviço clínico de apoio aos pais e famílias com crianças e jovens com necessidades específicas (perturbação do espectro do autismo, perturbações do desenvolvimento, dificuldades de aprendizagem). contactos 936756883



Easy Way Consultoria Easy Way Consultoria
Porto, 4150-743

Consultoria e planejamento para ingresso em universidades e escolas em Portugal.

Ruben Chester Ruben Chester

Informação sobre Construção Sustentável, Climatizaçao, energias renováveis e AQS em temas como Casas Passivas, Fotovoltaico, Solar Térmico, Bombas de Calor, VMC, Pavimento Radiante.

Ruben Sousa - Formação e Consultoria Ruben Sousa - Formação e Consultoria
Rua Augusto Lessa Nº 163
Porto, 4200-099

O Planeta Informático é uma entidade formadora certificada pela DGERT

Carta Condução Carta Condução

WWW.CARTACONDUCAO.EU +Fácil +Rápido +Eficaz Ensino a distância de 1 click

Centro Qualifica Comenius Centro Qualifica Comenius
Rua Hernâni Torres 197
Porto, 4200-320

O Centro Qualifica Comenius é promovido pela Rui Pena & Associados, Lda.

Ophiuko Ophiuko
Rua São Dinis
Porto, 4250-429

Somos un equipo de médicos migrantes orientados a la formación, asesoría y ayuda de profesionales de la salud que anhelen estudiar y especializarse en el exterior.

Academia das Flores Academia das Flores
Rua Calouste Gulbenkian, 237
Porto, 4050-145

Uma Academia cheia de oportunidades para quem quer ingressar ou se capacitar no mercado de trabalho.