International Sharing School - Taguspark

International Sharing School - Taguspark


Education is a lifelong process of exploring, testing, failing, and learning. Educational spaces should not only focus on what is learned but how learning happens in surroundings that stimulate curiosity and creativity. Our behavior and wellbeing are extremely influenced by the built environment. Learning spaces that provide its users with differentiated possibilities will meet individual needs in learning situations and teach learners to become aware of those needs.

A multitude of functionalities, spatial differentiation and stimulating design solutions can help improve the learning experience positively and children’s motivation to learn how they learn best on their learning journey.

Let’s articulate the impact of the built environment as a tool to support progressive educational transformation and development.


International Sharing School - Taguspark
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International Sharing School - Taguspark
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Children’s natural born curiosity forms the basis of their desire to play and serves as a primary driving force to learn. Through play, children investigate and discover the world, connect with other people and engage with their surroundings. Play is the most effective way for children to develop skills, retrieve knowledge, and explore their potential. And through play, they learn how to interact with each other. All children should experience learning environments that spark that curiosity and imagination.


Bilingual European School
Agora Madrid International School
GO! onderwijs van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap
International Sharing School - Taguspark

WAB - Western Academy of Beijing
Rosan Bosch
Novo parceiro do Clube Hajime! International Sharing School - Taguspark
Uma das salas da International Sharing School - Taguspark que se vai utilizar para o nosso evento este Sábado.
When we have fun, we are more motivated to learn and to act upon our individual potential as human beings!

Today is and we dedicate this day to learners across the globe in need of more playful and joyful learning journeys. Research reveals a decrease in the well-being and mental health among young learners. To prepare for the unknown challenges of the future, we need skills arising from social and emotional development, curiosity, imagination and creativity. Skills, you are more likely to develop and achieve when feeling safe, joy, motivated and empowered.

Let’s keep on playing and create happy learning experiences…

Rosan Bosch
International Sharing School - Taguspark
Take a look inside International Sharing School in Portugal.

Learning through sharing is at the heart of our design concept for the new International Sharing School. The IB school strives to foster open-minded, life-long learners through a supportive, respectful and caring environment promoting collaborative learning. Translated into three core values of caring, multiculturalism and hospitality, sharing defines the uniqueness of the IB curriculum.

Hear what teachers and students think of their new, shared learning landscapes.

Learn more about the project at
International Sharing School - Taguspark
Rosan Bosch
Learning through sharing is at the heart of our design concept for the new IB school International Sharing School - Taguspark in Portugal.

Translated into three core values of caring, multiculturalism and hospitality, sharing is an intrinsic part of the new school design and educational culture.

Curtains, foldable doors and movable interior enable change and adaptability to new learning situations. Shapes, tactility, and colors activate the senses and imagination making the school one big playground for differentiated learning.

Spatial flexibility empowers learners to become more creative, self-directed and agile - prepared for unexpected challenges as global citizens of the future.

Learn more about the project here

Rosan Bosch
Rosan Bosch is visiting the new International Sharing School in Lisbon prior to the official opening. The school is an innovative sharing community and a new learning hub in Portugal. International Sharing School - Taguspark

Meus melhores cumprimentos e calorosos desejos de Feliz Natal e Ano Novo! Desejo a toda a equipe da escola boa saúde, sucesso, prosperidade!
Today our Ms Jenie will talk live about the PYP: The First Step for Future Global Leaders 🤗

Tune in on International Sharing School - Taguspark at 5pm 🙌

International Sharing School - Taguspark is an international school who follows an international curr

Distingue-se por uma prática pedagógica ativa e rigorosa, bem como, pela oferta de equipamentos e instalações construídas de raiz de enorme qualidade. Desta forma, pretende-se que os alunos usufruam de espaços e ambientes únicos que contribuem para o seu desenvolvimento cognitivo, social e psicomotor.

Funcionando normalmente


Education goes beyond textbooks, and we’re excited to empower our students with a healthy menu providing a great healthy lifestyle every single day. Our students enjoy a balanced, specially curated school menu designed by a professional nutritionist.

We believe that a nourished mind leads to boundless possibilities, so we’ve collaborated with an expert to ensure our students get the best of both worlds – nutritious meals that children love.

Fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins are important for the young growing bodies and minds. That is why our school menu is carefully crafted to provide a balanced blend of essential nutrients while catering to diverse taste buds.

From colorful salads to healthy soups, each dish is a great combination of taste and nutrition. We’re dedicated to instilling healthy eating habits for life, promoting growth, focus, and energy in every student.

Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond the plate. We source locally whenever possible, supporting our community’s farmers and reducing our carbon footprint. Together, we’re nurturing both our bodies and the planet!

🔸 Learning Through Sharing


ISS CAS trip to Vietnam 2023 Documentary 11/10/2023

Good morning, dear ISS community!
Last week in the Nuleo Central hall we held the premiere of a documentary movie about the trip of DP1 students to Vietnam as part of the CAS program and now it is available for viewing on YouTube.

It was an incredible adventure about which a 30-minute documentary movie was made. This video is now available online. Link downbelow.

We are already preparing a unique trip program this year for DP1 students.
Enjoy watching!

ISS CAS trip to Vietnam 2023 Documentary Last April DP1 students from International Sharing School visited Vietnam and helped local community to build a road in a small village not far away from Han...


Monday PYP assembly is a beautiful start of the new academic week when we get together as a community to share and celebrate our students' learning goal and achievements.

The presence of our community during these assemblies is highly valued as it contributes to understanding of our educational approach and learning through sharing.

The objective of our assemblies align with the principles of the Primary Years Programme (PYP) in our school, where we:

1. Foster a sense of community.
We strengthen the bonds that connect us all by coming together as a school community. These assemblies are an opportunity for students, teachers, and parents to connect and celebrate our shared journey in education.

2. Promote inquiry-based learning.
The PYP encourages students to be curious, ask questions, and explore topics deeply. In these assemblies, we showcase how inquiry-based learning is integrated into our curriculum and how it empowers students to become lifelong learners.

3. Share student accomplishments.
We celebrate the achievements of our students, both inside and outside the classroom. This includes academic achievements, personal growth, and contributions to our community.

4. Emphasise values and attitudes.
The PYP strongly emphasises developing positive values and attitudes in students. During the assemblies, we highlight how we nurture qualities such as respect, empathy, and responsibility in our students.

We were very excited to see so many parents today, coming together as ISS community this Monday morning.

Have a great week!

🔸 Learning Through Sharing


Photos from International Sharing School - Taguspark's post 28/09/2023

Exciting News

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that our CEO of International Sharing School, Miguel Ladeira Santos, recently had the honor of giving an exclusive interview to a prestigious K12Digest magazine!

In this insightful conversation, Miguel shared his vision, passion, and unwavering commitment to providing exceptional education opportunities for students from all over the world. His inspiring leadership has transformed ISS into a hub of creativity, diversity, and academic excellence.

During the interview, Miguel delved into his motivations, experiences, and innovative approach to education.


We are opening this year students exhibition projects with an amazing MYP5 IDU where our students shared their fantastic presentations on how to reduce stress.

One of the skills that we use and teach our students at ISS is a skill of creating and delivering presentations. It holds great significance for our education and future careers, and here's why:

It helps us prepare for future careers. In a world where information moves at lightning speed, the ability to clearly and effectively present your ideas is a key competency. Employers value the ability to create presentations because it means you can communicate your ideas clearly.

It develops our communication skills. Our students learn to speak in front of an audience confidently and clearly helping them engage the audience and share their ideas.

It enhances our research skills. To create a good presentation, you need to delve deeply into the topic. This fosters the development of your research skills and deepens your understanding of the material.

And last but not least, it boosts our confidence which is beneficial in any area of life.

So, dear students, don't miss the chance to cultivate this valuable skill! Presentations can be fun and engaging, and they will definitely come in handy in your future. Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and showcase your ideas to the world.

🔸 Learning Through Sharing



After School Activities in ISS

We give our students the best education, but what if a particular subject is not included in the main program? That's right, it’s included in our After School Activities!

This year, with After School Coordinator Diogo Ramada at the helm, we have created the largest program we have ever seen. It includes school clubs that children can join in the school or activity, where children will be transported to by our convenient and safe shuttles. This allows children not only to explore new hobbies but also to spend more time with their friends.

Surfing, art classes, musical instrument lessons, photo club, padel, swimming, horse riding, chess club, climbing and much much more! We tried to reach the maximum possible number of activities that will be useful for the growth and education of your children.

This Tuesday, September 12, at 16.00, a fair of all activities will be held opposite our PYP school building. You will be able to learn more about all activities, and also meet the teachers who will lead them. We will be waiting for you, don't miss out!

🔸 Learning Through Sharing



We had the most incredible first day at ISS today! The schools was filled with young eager learners from around the world, and the teachers were so welcoming and friendly as usual. It was an amazing start of the new academic year!

But wait, there is more!

Parents, mark your calendars! This Friday, our CEO Mr. Miguel Ladeira Santos and ISS’ new Principal Mrs. Carlien Shelley will be welcoming all parents to the new school year at our official 2023/2024 Welcome ceremony at Tagus Park!

It's a wonderful opportunity for our ISS parents to have a chance to get to know Mrs. Shelley and learn more about what we have been working on during the summer, as well as the amazing plans for this school year.

Join us this Friday at Tagus Park. All the information will be provided in the upcoming emails.

🔸 Learning Through Sharing



Let the new 2023/2024 academic year begin!

Our amazing ISS team welcomes you on board!

We hope that both you and your children enjoyed a rejuvenating summer break and are now eagerly sharing in our enthusiasm for the upcoming school year.

Here's to a year filled with learning, growth, and unforgettable moments!

🔸 Learning Through Sharing



Just one week remains before we kick off the new school year, and we are thrilled to announce that all preparations for the upcoming year have been successfully wrapped up here at the ISS!

From decorating the classrooms to organizing new resources, our dedicated staff have been working tirelessly to ensure a wonderful learning environment for our students.

We're very excited to introduce new members to our team, as more professionals have joined us this year.

Our team of passionate educators is eagerly waiting to meet and welcome each and every one of our amazing students!

The excitement is palpable, and we're eagerly anticipating the week ahead. We hope that you and your children enjoyed a fantastic summer break and share in our enthusiasm for the upcoming school year.

Here's to a year filled with learning, growth, and memorable experiences!

🔸 Learning Through Sharing



💫 Exciting New Innovations at our International Sharing School!

We are thrilled to share some incredible updates and innovations at ISS. We have been working tirelessly this summer break to create a dynamic and enriching learning environment for our students.

Let's dive into the exciting new things happening at our school with Miguel Ladeira Santos from ISS Board of directors.

🔸 Learning Through Sharing



We love visiting our students’ exhibitions and showcases. They put so much heart, time, imagination, energy and effort in them, that we are truly amazed every time.

Today our PYP4 students have presented their amazing artwork, poems and symbols connected to Children's Rights at a Showcase for our community.

They were exceptional in expressing their messages about children's rights in their artwork and poems! They chose and sent so many important messages that we should all think about. Children have rights to speak their native language, choose their religion, eat healthy food, stay protected and safe - these are just some of the topics raised and reflected on by our PYP4 students. Thank you for your great work and effort!

🔸 Learning Through Sharing


Photos from International Sharing School - Taguspark's post 12/06/2023

Last week representatives from Imperial College London, one of the most reputed universities in the world, visited ISS to introduce and speak about their university to our students.

MYP5, DP1, and students from other International Schools attended this informative and engaging session to learn about Imperial College London and its programs.

Imperial College London is ranked 10th in the world, based on the 2023 Times Higher Education World University Rankings, and 3rd in the UK (just after Oxford and Cambridge).

As an important university for graduates, Imperial College London offers a range of academic programs across various fields of study, including business, engineering, humanities, and more. It is widely recognized for its commitment to academic excellence and growth.

This was a unique opportunity for our students to gather all the information they need to make an informed decision about their future studies.

We are very grateful to Imperial College representatives for coming to share all the important information with us. Here at ISS we provide our students with the best support in their present and future education and growth! 🌎

🔸 Learning Through Sharing


Photos from International Sharing School - Taguspark's post 18/05/2023

Dukes Education partners with ISS to deliver the best education experience to our community!

Our ISS community had the opportunity to meet the board of directors of Dukes Education Group in person during a presentation at Taguspark Núcleo Central yesterday.

Mr. Miguel Ladeira Santos from ISS board of directors spoke about a remarkable growth of ISS over the last 4 years and the need to consolidate the structure. He introduced Mr.Aatif Hassan from Dukes Education Group who gave an emotional speech to the ISS community about our shared values, vision and dedication to innovation.

Dukes Education will support ISS to become world class in its own domain by reinforcing the staff with the best teachers, outstanding outdoor facilities, education training programmes for the current teachers and career/university advice for our DP students and a lot more.

Dukes Education representatives assured that there will be no major changes in the IB curriculum, and that ISS will become more structured, consolidated and a stronger school than ever before.

We are extremely honored and grateful to this partnership and we can’t wait for all the positive changes that the future has in store for us.

🔸 Learning Through Sharing



We are very excited to share the groundbreaking news in the development of International Sharing School - Taguspark!

We have officially partnered with Dukes Education to support ISS-Taguspark in delivering the best educational experience to our community.

After just 4 years of existence, ISS is already widely considered as one of the best International Schools in Portugal, and we will now be able to elevate our academic performance and extra-curricular experiences to the highest levels with the support of Dukes Education Group.

As part of the Dukes Family, International Sharing School – Taguspark will be more structured, more resourceful and more capable. Academics, sports, creative arts, and an urban feel will continue being the core of ISS.

We are certain that the Dukes Family is now more complete with ISS joining this group of prestigious international schools, and we look forward to working closely with Dukes’ Leadership to quickly achieve and surpass the goals we set.

🔸 Learning Through Sharing



We believe that creativity is an essential part of education! That’s why at International Sharing School, we value the role of art and play in the learning process. 📚🎨

Through art and play, students develop their creative and thinking skills as well as express their emotions. They learn how to communicate and collaborate with others, which are essential skills for their future success.

Whether it’s painting, drawing, acting, or playing, we encourage our students to explore different forms of creativity and express themselves freely.

In one of our extracurricular design classes PYP students made their own tie-dye t-shirts. The result was remarkable.

Would you like to have it as our 2024 school uniform?😝

🔸 Learning Through Sharing



We would like to talk today about the importance of relationships and helping each other in our school and our culture.

Myp1 students have been working on a very interesting project last week. They were inquiring into and designing things that need to be done for our future PYP students to feel comfortable when moving from PYP to MYP building.

We all know that adapting to school can be challenging, whether it’s academically or socially. But did you know that having positive relationships with your peers and teachers can make a huge difference in school experience?

When we have strong relationships with others, we feel supported and encouraged. We have someone to turn to when we’re struggling, and we can also be there for others when they need us. This sense of community not only improves our mental health but also helps us perform better academically.

Moreover, in a diverse culture like ours, it’s important to embrace our differences and celebrate our similarities. By creating a culture of kindness and empathy, we can foster an environment where everyone feels welcome and valued.

We are very proud of our MYP1 students for their work and artistic approach.

In ISS we are building strong relationships, celebrating our differences and helping each other out. Together we are creating a supportive and inclusive school culture that benefits us all.

🔸 Learning Through Sharing



We are thrilled to announce that one of our MYP3 students, Roman Ryabukhin, has become a Portuguese national champion in chess! Roman’s hard work, dedication, and skill have paid off in a big way, and we couldn’t be more proud of him🔥🔥🔥

At ISS we strive to nurture and support our students’ passions and talents. We believe that every student has unique gifts and abilities, and we are committed to helping them realize their full potential.

We want to express our true admiration for Roman. His achievement is a shining example of what can be accomplished through hard work, perseverance, and a never-give-up attitude. We are honored to have him as a member of our school community and look forward to seeing all the amazing things he will accomplish in the future.

We have a chess club at ISS, if you would like to join, or you could always ask Roman to play a game of chess with you during a break time 😱👌

Once again, congratulations to Roman on his national championship win in chess. We are so proud of you and grateful to be a part of such a supportive and inspiring school community🙌❤️

🔸 Learning Through Sharing



📚 It’s PYP Book Week at our school, and we’re so excited to celebrate the joy of reading!

During Book Week, we’re taking some time to appreciate the amazing world of books and all the fantastic stories and characters they hold.

🌟We are very grateful to our amazing ISS community for engaging in lots of fun activities, like book fairs, book clubs, and book swaps. We had a lot of parents coming to school this week to read books to our students in many languages and it was incredible, thank you 🙌❤️

🥳Our PYP students brought their favorite books to school and enjoyed the Drop and Read activity, when after hearing a bell, they had to drop everything they were doing and start reading.

Not only is reading a great way to escape and have fun, but it’s also an essential skill that will help us throughout our lives. Reading can improve our vocabulary, increase our knowledge, and even boost our empathy and understanding of others. 🤝

So let’s take this week to celebrate books and all the wonderful things they bring into our lives. Share your favorite books with your friends, read something new, and let’s all come together to celebrate the joy of reading!

🔸 Learning Through Sharing



Happy first day of the final term of the year! 🥳

We are so excited to be back in school full of energy and motivation 🔋🔋🔋

We have so many exciting plans and activities, like field trips, guest speakers and new lessons. We have a lot to look forward to in the coming months.🙌

As we start this new term, let’s keep in mind the importance of staying focused and motivated. Let’s set new goals for ourselves and strive to achieve them with determination and hard work.

We also want to remind everyone to take care of themselves both physically and mentally. Especially, our DP students. Remember, we are always next to you and our ISS team is 10000% ready to help you ❤️

Let’s make the most of this term and continue to grow and learn together!🔥🔥🔥

🔸 Learning Through Sharing



The first ISS competition was a wrap!

This weekend we had the first ISS skateboard competition for our ISS community. More than 30 students took part in it with the youngest competitor being only 4 years old. Together with our partners from Bana skate school we did a great fun event for all our students and their parents.

The contest took place in 2 categories: ISS Rookie Fun race and ISS pro park in our skatepark of the MYP building.

Congratulations to all the risk-takers who participated in these events, we are so proud of you!

We want to thank all our ISS teachers and stuff who came to help and support the contest.

We have many amazing events in store until the end of this academic year, so stay tuned and we are looking forward to everyone participating.

Have a great week!

🔸 Learning Through Sharing



Last time when we interviewed Rosan Bosch, our school’s prime architect and designer, we asked her the most crucial question of all the parents and teachers, which is how can we create a better learning environment for a student at home.

This seems to be an easy question and we are probably creating a working space that we had when we were studying at school. However, our learning days took place most probably a quarter of a century ago and since then many changes took place.

Listen to what Rosan had to say on a modern approach to learning and creating a better environment for that.

🔸 Learning Through Sharing



We let our knowledge and passion lead the learning process here in ISS. Not only the teachers, but also our students are following their passion, like in a Personal Project Exhibition of MYPs.

Catarina Ribeiro, an MYP teacher says: “Our students worked very hard for this. A Personal Project is a mandatory component for MYPs. The students had to come up with an idea for their project of something they were passionate about to learn.” They inquired into it, created a project and presented it at the exhibition.

Sasha, a student from MYP5 says: “My project aims to convey the importance of Art Therapy. I believe Art therapy can help people to overcome anxiety or any type of depression”.

Santiago, a student from MYP5 shared his idea: “For my Personal Project I chose to do the chess club. I decided to teach chess, because it is something I can apply to life. I also decided to do the club, because I want to learn how to teach. I’m a bit scared of talking to public, so I decided to overcome my fear and start to know how to express myself in public better.”

🔸 Learning Through Sharing



📣 We're !
We're currently looking for a dynamic and passionate 🔢 MYP/DP Maths Teacher to join our teaching team. (Only EU Nationals)

You must send your job application to [email protected], including CV and motivation letter.

Taguspark Campus – Oeiras Valley, Lisbon, Portugal

Candidate Requirements
- EU Nationals (mandatory)
- Proven the IB experience as a teacher
- A passion for teaching and learning with a drive to achieve the highest possible standards
- A genuine interest in students, with a caring sensitive attitude towards them and to cultural variance
- Excellent ICT skills and a knowledge of their effective use to support pedagogy
- Excellent classroom management and organizational skills
- Excellent communicability and interpersonal skills
- Must be able to work as part of a team
- Well-organized and committed
- Creative and energetic

🔸 Learning Through Sharing


Hey hey hey, it’s New Year and a new beginning of the learning process for our students.

We hope that you had marvelous holidays and a great time with your families. We hope that you started a New Year full of energy and motivation, because we did.

We are ready to begin a new chapter of our academic year with recharged batteries and big smiles.

Wishing you all a fantastic year and a beautiful week. Bring it on!

🔸 Learning Through Sharing


Photos from International Sharing School - Taguspark's post 07/12/2022

We had a very special partner visiting our school this week: Rosan Bosch the world famous architect responsible for our school’s unique design that matches the visionary approach to learning. Rosan and her team came to give a series of workshops to our school's faculty.

We believe that constant collaboration between our teams will benefit and empower our ISS community to deliver the best education to our students.

Rosan Bosch shared with us: “One of the interesting facts about education and architecture is that it impacts our behavior. Architecture defines the way we communicate with each other and it also influences the way we feel when we come into a place”.

Rosan has shared many spectacular ideas with us, that we will post here very soon. For example, how to create the best working space for each student at home. Make sure you follow us not to miss anything!

🔸 Learning Through Sharing



The IB interdisciplinary approach to learning helps the students look at their subjects from a different perspective and bring their knowledge to a whole new level.

Recently our MYP 4 students organized an immersive performance as a part of their interdisciplinary unit (IDU), Microscopic Perspectives.

Students synthesized concepts from cell biology (biology), photography skills (visual arts), soundscape techniques (music), creating tableau imagery (drama), and scenic design and systems (design) which culminated in the immersive performance.

This performance was a unique experience for our students to learn the relevant academic content by combining different perspectives. They also honed their research, communication, and critical thinking skills.

“This performance helped me understand cell biology from a completely different perspective that I was not aware of”, - said one of the students.

Having planned the unit collaboratively, all subject teachers taught the unit from their own disciplinary perspectives and were able to build and integrate lessons on knowledge gained from the biology content.

This is why here at International Sharing School (ISS), learning through sharing is at the heart of the school’s innovative infrastructure and mission.

We are very grateful to our Arts, Science and Design departments, with special thanks to Margarida Coimbra, Mafalda Marques, Marco Fernandes, Susana Varum and Colleen Lambe for helping our students to make this project real.

You can find the full version of the article about this project on the IBO website:

🔸 Learning Through Sharing



Quer que o seu escola/colégio seja a primeira Escola/colégio em Oeiras?

Clique aqui para solicitar o seu anúncio patrocinado.

Our Story

International Sharing School - Taguspark, previously called Colégio Taguspark, is a school which stands out due to its active and innovative teaching methods, while supplying students with a wide range of equipments, with construction built from scratch for this exact purpose. It is so that we aim to share unique environments and ambiances with the students in order to develop their cognitive, social and psychomotor skill, following an international curriculum certified by the International Baccalaureate, followed by the best school across the 5 continents.

A International Sharing School - Taguspark, anteriormente designada por Colégio Taguspark, distingue-se por uma prática pedagógica ativa e rigorosa, bem como, pela oferta de equipamentos e instalações construídas de raiz de enorme qualidade. Desta forma, pretende-se que os alunos usufruam de espaços e ambientes únicos que contribuem para o seu desenvolvimento cognitivo, social e psicomotor, acompanhando um currículo internacional certificado pelo International Baccalaureate e seguido pelas melhores escolas no 5 continentes.

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Education goes beyond textbooks, and we’re excited to empower our students with a healthy menu providing a great healthy...
Monday PYP assembly is a beautiful start of the new academic week when we get together as a community to share and celeb...
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This week, Radio Comercial aired our students' contribution on their hilarious podcast "Eu é que sei". Students creative...
The PYP3 students had their super Role Models final exhibition work presented last week. All students worked very hard p...



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Oeiras, 2740

Escola Básica - pré escolar e 1o ciclo

APEE da Escola Básica Dr Joaquim de Barros APEE da Escola Básica Dr Joaquim de Barros
Oeiras, 2770-053PAÇODEARCOS

Na Escola Básica Dr. Joaquim de Barros existe uma associação de pais ativa, constituída por Pais

Colégio da Torre Colégio da Torre
Rua Carlos Vieira Ramos, 12
Oeiras, 2770-217

Colégio da Torre - Paço de Arcos - Creche - Pré-escolar - 1º Ciclo - 2º Ciclo

Centro Comunitário Paroquial Nossa Senhora das Dores Centro Comunitário Paroquial Nossa Senhora das Dores
Avenida Croft De Moura N. º 16
Oeiras, 2760-035

Explicações Filosofia e Psicologia Explicações Filosofia e Psicologia

Professora com muita prática dá explicações de Filosofia/Psicologia e prepara alunos para exame

Crescendo Escola de Música Oeiras Crescendo Escola de Música Oeiras
Rua João De Barros 10B/Quinta Do Marquês
Oeiras, 2780-119

30 anos a ensinar música...

Avenida Prof. Doutor Cavaco Silva
Oeiras, 2744-016

O N3E | Núcleo de Estudantes de Engenharia Eletrónica do Instituto Superior Técnico é a associa?

Escola de Condução Vila de Oeiras Escola de Condução Vila de Oeiras
Rua Carlos Vieira Ramos Nº42 B-C/Galeria Dos Poetas
Oeiras, 2780-201