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Hello everyone! Bread of Life has a new page here: We lost access to our original page and so begin anew in a season when the entire world is adapting to a new reality. Please visit and then ‘like’ the new page to stay in touch. On it we'll be sharing creative expressions from members of our extended community about the spiritual journey. In the kind of upheaval we are living, art dwells at the prophetic edge, and helps open us to deeper awareness and possibility. If you have something to offer, Lorna Sheveland ([email protected] ) will be our ‘curator.’ Let her know. Let us go forward together!

Cultivating practices that transform lives, organizations and communities.

Operating as usual


Many of us are or will be caring for someone who is experiencing dementia. Marilyn McEntyre will share and invite reflections on how to come alongside people with dementia- whether they are parents, partners, members of our congregations or friends- and care for our own spirits as we do so. Join us on zoom for this event, Saturday, November 4th at 1:00-4:00 pm (Pacific)

Brian McLaren: Contemplation Across the Stages of Faith 10/10/2023

It's not too late to register for this Saturday's event with Brian McLaren. At his point all registrations are going through Eventbrite. We hope you can join us for this online conversation!

Brian McLaren: Contemplation Across the Stages of Faith Join us for a conversation about Faith After Doubt and how an understanding of spiritual development can affect our contemplation.


Our writing group sessions begin this Thursday, October 12. We meet over zoom with guy howard klopp facilitating. Invite a friend to join you even if they live far away! Give yourself time to write from a prompt, share with a supportive small group and be present to your life. Registration is on our website!

Donate — Bread of Life Center 10/03/2023

Make a difference through a gift to our scholarship fund! We have applicants for our Spiritual Direction Internship and the Listen to Your Life program who need your support in order to take their next step. And we have exciting new ways for you to give monthly and walk with them through the two year program, or through Round Up giving. Share your "change" after a credit card purchase and your small gift will add up to changing a life!
Our goal is $5000- help us get there this week!

Donate — Bread of Life Center Support the Center

Summer Retreat 2023 — Bread of Life Center 06/22/2023

Our Summer Retreat August 11-13, promises to be a time for reflection, creativity and renewal. Join our Spiritual and Executive Director Jen Goto and Poet Brenda Vaca for a weekend at Mercy Center Auburn. Register through our website now!

Summer Retreat 2023 — Bread of Life Center This retreat is an opportunity for some time away to focus on your own spiritual path and renewal. We will create community for the weekend through shared rituals and meals. Our retreat poet, Brenda Vaca will lead us in writing prompts and reflection practices that will engage your soul and connect

Tending Souls in a Time of Deepening Shadow 2023 — Bread of Life Center 05/08/2023

Don Bisson and Sandra Lommasson are offering their course on the Deepening Shadow for the 3rd time beginning this September. This time, it is open to anyone who tends souls- pastors, social workers, therapists, chaplains, spiritual directors and more. Our hope is that this program will allow us to discover what this time asks of us and grow our collective awareness of how to participate in faithful, life-enhancing ways. Learn more on our website

Tending Souls in a Time of Deepening Shadow 2023 — Bread of Life Center We who tend souls when darkest shadow is being revealed need to prayerfully consider these loosed energies as they manifest in clients and parishioners, with others engaging like work. Essential practices for creating a container sufficient to process and encounter the presence of evil are spiritu


Writing can be a path to discovery, creativity and hearing ourselves more deeply. We have two writing groups beginning on Thursday, May 4.
Susan Flynn has practiced as a clinical psychologist in private practice for 45 years, is a poet, and a trained facilitator in the AWA approach to writing. She will be leading the Writing Group for Trauma Survivors. Susan considers her writing as part of a spiritual practice, and it is with that intention she offers this writing group. Come write with Susan on Thursday evenings 5-6:30 at Bread of Life. Register on our website


Bessel van Der Kolk’s best seller, The Body Keeps the Score, woke our nation to how trauma is stored in the body. Writing is one way to bridge our traumas from our bodies into language. The impact of one’s trauma can be underestimated; there are various degrees and types of trauma. For instance, the recent years of Covid illness and isolation have been the source of chronic trauma for some. The trauma that your body knows is the trauma that you will be invited to write about in our upcoming series with clinical psychologist, Susan Flynn.
Participants will be provided a safe space to write from prompts, or to write from internal direction, about their traumatic experiences. Each week the facilitator will provide a prompt inviting memory to shake loose images that may lead to words, captured in writing, in twenty minute writing sessions. There will be an invitation to read what has been written to the group, with no expectation that everyone will want to read. What is written, what is heard, will be in the confidentiality of the group. The group will be run in the AWA format, the method the facilitator is trained in.
Register on our website for this series that begins May 4th.


We are celebrating Bread of Life and the Sacramento Region's Big Day of Giving this year beginning with an Open House on Tuesday, May 2nd!

Doors open 4:00-6:00 PM with a program at 4:30-5:00 PM (Pacific). And you can join us online as well.

Those who gather in person will have the opportunity to connect with others at Bread of Life and also engage in Reflection Stations throughout the building.

We hope to see you there!
Tuesday, May 2nd
1260 Fulton Ave. Suite A
Sacramento, CA 95825

Contact us at [email protected] to get the zoom link to join at 4:30 PM (Pacific) if you cannot be here in person. We will have a shared reflection practice for about 30 minutes from 4:30-5:00 (Pacific) and look forward to seeing faces from many geographies.


Join us in the Garden! Pamela Dolan, author of "Contemplative Gardening" will be leading us in reflective practices while we enjoy the beauty of Table Farm in Sacramento. We will gather on Saturday, April 29 from 12-2 with our brown bag lunches and explore the theme of "Grounding our Bodies, Grounding our Souls: Spirituality in the Garden." There is an additional option to volunteer and get your hands dirty at the farm that morning. Register on our website


Join us for this free Introduction to Centering Prayer workshop on Saturday morning, March 11th. It's held over zoom frm 9:00-12 (Pacific) and includes teaching as well as two times to practice centering prayer and reflect on the experience. No previous experience required! Register and we will send you the zoom link.


We have an exciting event coming this fall with Brian McLaren. We are partnering with the Contemplative Center of Silicon Valley to host this online event. Mark your calendars now!


January 21, 22, 28, 29 9:00 am -5:00 pm
In person at the Bread of Life office
Jean Holsten returns to Bread of Life for two weekends of Dynamic Dialogue training in January. Jean created the DynamicDialogue™ program after training and facilitating other programs nationally and internationally for more than a decade. It is a framework of tools, skills and practices to provide experiential learning that illuminates the patterns of difficult conversations combined with practical application of more productive ways to engage. Dynamic Dialogue programs become practices which are deeply meaningful, challenging and life transforming when engaged in the supportive learning environment we offer.

You are invited to this experiential training focused on the transformative power of dialogue that helps lead communities through division into a common good. Participants will be introduced to tools and practices that can be used immediately.
Register now at


For 25 years, we have opened doors that invite people into significant exploration of the inner life for the purpose of freeing their gifts for service in the world. This vital, life-giving work needs your support.


The energy of winter is that of going within, where we can become aware of our soul’s yearnings and new inspirations can be born. Instead of fearing our own darkness as we often do, realize that darkness can be one of the greatest catalysts for personal growth and transformation. It is a chance to change the direction of our lives with intention as we move into the new year. So join us for this creative afternoon as we use images to explore the possibilities of this fruitful darkness. Join us for Collage for the Soul, Saturday, December 3rd. Register at


"The experience with Bread of Life allows me to live more freely and fully in my own personal life and to take more chances and live into being a little braver. " Lisa Sargent
While Bread of Life is an organization, it only exists through the people who participate, lead and contribute. We want to introduce you to some of those people. Today, meet Lisa Sargent.

Lisa is a current member of the Community of Practice and recently finished a term on our Board as Treasurer/ Secretary. Her involvement goes back many years as she has participated in multiple programs here alongside with her involvement in a local congregation. You can learn more about Lisa at
Or join Lisa for Simplicity through the Holidays beginning November 30th.

Simplicity through the Holidays — Bread of Life Center 11/17/2022

Simplicity in December- is it even possible?
Bread of Life is pleased to offer the Living Compass Advent program “Practicing Simplicity” this holiday season. The materials are developed from a Christian perspective and focus on the Advent season of preparation for the Christmas season. Weekly gatherings are open to all who register through out website or by phone.

Simplicity through the Holidays — Bread of Life Center The month of December can often be the hardest time to practice Simplicity because of the extra activities related to the holidays. This series will allow you to come together each week during this busy month and reconnect to the desire for simplicity. The materials are developed from a Christian pe


Sometimes when we try to pray, words fail us. A method of prayer grounded in silence could be the practice that will transform your life from the inside out. Join us this Saturday, November 19th for our online workshop, An Introduction to Centering Prayer with Daniel Daeseop Yi and Bob Mischke. Both are experienced teachers who have been practicing centering prayer for many years. Register here


For all of those who are eligible, we hope that you vote tomorrow. Our vision includes honoring the sacred in every person and all of creation. We hope that those values show in the way we vote as well as the way we respond to the results of an election.

May you make the space in the next days for the practices that ground you so that you can honor the sacred in every person and all of creation.


Are you tired of the way our public discourse shreds good people and pretends complex issues can be made simple by shouting? It’s time to move beyond blame and shame. It’s time to engage our best selves, together. Dynamic Dialogue allow cultivation of a creative common ground where our best thinking can emerge. This training is available at Bread of Life in January 2023. Learn more and register now for one of the 12 spots available!


As we remember those who have died on this All Saints' Day, we also remember those who grieve. If you find yourself alone in your grief, spiritual direction could bring you a companion to hold the loss with you and hear the unspeakable with grace and compassion.

Listen to Your Life — Bread of Life Center 10/31/2022

A gift received by one of last year's Listen to Your Life participants, Judy: "During the course of the program I was blessed with a very deep knowing, feeling, emotion that I was worthy. These were no longer words - they are in my cellular composition, deeply ingrained without any doubt that God made me as I am and loves me and I don't have to do anything for that. I don't have to prove, accomplish anything - but just BE and I am already worthy because God is in me and created me. One of the greatest gifts came to me during Listen To Your Life....I AM WORTHY!"
Find out more about how you can participate

Listen to Your Life — Bread of Life Center The next Listen to Your Life series begins in February 2023. It is a 5-month program that includes two in-person retreats, four monthly whole-group sessions over Zoom, and four small-group mentor meetings.


We're offering a Men's Spirituality Workshop for men who are looking for a place to uncover their emotions and get unstuck in feeling little or only being able to tap in to anger. Tom Morgan will lead this Sunday afternoon retreat on December 4th. Please share and invite men who want to go deeper than a surface level life.


Many of you have enjoyed Alexander John Shaia's teachings in the past. He reached out to let us know about a new free offering this week and we wanted to share it with you.


Norris Burkes is known locally for his column "Spirit Matters" in neighborhood newspapers. He will be joining us on Saturday, October 29 to share from his experience as a chaplain. The topic is "Meeting the Spiritual Needs of the Elderly and Terminally Ill" with a focus on addressing pastors, chaplains, spiritual directors, therapists and other who find themselves giving care. RSVP on our website for in person or to watch live on zoom.


This Saturday morning, October 15th Christine Jurisich and Darlene Carlson are leading an online retreat. "Seeking the Divine in Difficult Times"

How do we seek the Divine in the midst of the storm? How can we see the flower growing through the crack in the sidewalk? Sometimes it is clear and finding hope is easy. Other times it is hard to see where God is in the middle of a difficult time. You may even feel as if you are in a game of hide and seek, looking for the Divine with a restless heart, hoping to find a sense of peace or an answer to a tough decision.

If you are trying to make sense of the violence and suffering in the world or feeling frustrated with unanswered questions simmering within, we invite you to join us for a morning of reflection and prayer. Through reflections, journaling, song, and prayer ritual, you will be offered a sacred space to honor wherever you are on your journey and open yourself up to a God of Hope.
Join us!

Icon Painting Retreat — Bread of Life Center 10/06/2022

We are excited to announce an Icon Painting Retreat coming to the Sacramento area in February. Join us to paint a simple icon!

Icon Painting Retreat — Bread of Life Center Byzantine Iconography is a highly structured and disciplined art form which combines prayer and painting techniques to create serene images of Christ, Mary, the angels and the saints following centuries old guidelines. Peter Pearson has been studying and painting icons for nearly fifty years and tea


Our fall classes, groups and workshops are now live on our website. Once a month we will be offering a free workshop. In September that is an Introduction to Icons. Registration is open!


During Big Day of Giving, our region will rally around the nonprofits that make the Sacamento area our home—and that can use support, now more than ever. On Thursday, May 5, visit and give to the causes you know and love, and find a new one (or two!) to support, too.
Of course, we hope that Bread of Life is on your list! Your gift will contribute to our mission to offer community and practices that support the intentional spiritual journey toward fullness of life and the courageous offering of gifts to the world.

Every gift, no matter the size, makes a difference

AWA Open Writing Sessions — Bread of Life Center 04/28/2022

Looking for a supportive and creative group to write with? Or just wondering what it would feel like to write without judgment? The next session of AWA Open Writing with guy howard klopp begins in May. Registration is open now for this group that will meet over zoom.

AWA Open Writing Sessions — Bread of Life Center Discover your inner storyteller! Join us for an eight week series of writing and sharing in a supportive community environment.


Our Collage session went well and will be quickly followed by a summer session on June 4th. Save the date- registration opens soon!


Have the past two years left you wondering if your faith is going to stand against the pressures and complexities of this world? Listen to Your Life could be the community and course that helps you find new ground to stand on. If you are noticing that the role of a faith community, weekly worship attendance, or your assumptions about how God works in this world have shifted, you do not need to figure it all out on your own. Join others who are exploring new dimensions of themselves and how they are called to respond to the Holy in this world.
Registration for Listen to Your Life closes this Sunday, February 6th. We would love for you to join us!


Consider this your invitation to stop and reflect over the past year. What has surprised you? When did you notice the sacredness of others and yourself? What might be the next invitation for you to say yes to?
Learning to listen to what is sacred and meaningful in your own life takes practice, but we are here to accompany you. Maybe 2022 is the year for you to listen with intention to hear the sacred voice within you. Our course, Listen to Your Life, could be the right community for you. Applications are being accepted now.


As we approach the longest night of the year, you may have found yourself longing to slow down. Perhaps you are marking this season with lighting candles and reflecting on the presence of the Holy in your life. Have you thought about inviting a companion into the noticing of the Holy through Spiritual Direction? Bread of Life spiritual directors were in over 800 conversations in 2021 as companions listening for the holy together. Learn more about spiritual direction or sign up for a first session at

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